Starting 11 Feb 2013

  • Also guys, is anyone on the protein shakes with this programme. I am debating some protein powder but i am so lost!! There are so many to choose from, how do i know whats right for me?

  • Levy501 - My favorite breakfast is egg whites mixed with homemade salsa or veggies and served on top of a slice of whole wheat bread. I just stir all the egg whites & stuff together in a skillet. I'm no chef, so others probably have much better ideas!

    Hi, Team February! So excited to join in. I would love to see your goals for this challenge so I can bug you about them. Here's mine:

    At the end of this challenge:

    I will be a size 6. Specifically, I will be wearing that pair of gray dress pants that have been gathering dust in my closet.

    I will be about 140 pounds. The number doesn't matter to me as much as the shape.

    I will be able to crank out 10 perfect pushups in a row. (I'm at about 1/2 right now...)

    It helps me to post my meals for accountability, but please don't feel pressured to read them:

    FEB. 12

    M1 - vegetarian chili (breakfast of champions)

    M2 - grilled chicken breast, veggies

    M3 - vegetarian chili

    M4 - EAS bar

    M5 - whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp. sunbutter

    M6 - didn't happen. was coaching a basketball game and got home late

    Water - about 64 oz.

    Workout - upper body


  • Oooooops! Messed up my dates - I wanted to sign on with a group starting Feb 18. Sorry! But good luck to all of you!

    Levy501 - I wouldn't stress over it (my theory is that stressing over "getting it right" is usually more detrimental than getting it a little "wrong"). Personally, for my first challenge I used EAS Soy Protein powder (chocolate) and Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein (also chocolate). My primary reasons were (a) low price per gram of protein - with two kids in college I'm watching $$ closely; and (b) easy availability - they can be picked up at WalMart. I have found that you probably won't want to mix soy protein in regular milk, or whey protein in soymilk. They aren't bad, but the taste is ... off.

    If you do use a powder and don't use a blender for mixing, I'd suggest a Blender Bottle (WalMart carries those too last time I looked). They mix really well, especially if the milk or soymilk isn't too cold (really chilly liquids tend to make the powders clump), and just rinsing them under hot water cleans 'em up nicely.

  • Hey, Billy Joe! How was your day today?

    M1 - whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp sunbutter

    M2 - vegetarian chili

    M3 - vegetarian chili

    M4 - orzo and black bean soup

    M5 - vegetable soup

    M6 - EAS bar

    Water: less than 64 oz. Will do better tomorrow.

    I've got to get more protein in here somewhere. I'm not much of a meat eater, unless it is a huge, juicy hamburger. So obviously that's out...


  • I'm in! Started today, 2/13. Let's keep our heads down and push on for the next 12 weeks!

  • How’s everyone getting on?

    Murph6 thanks for the info!

    Went for Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs (1 egg + 2 whites) and a small slice of wholemeal toast!! Was yumee!!

    Cooked some veggies in the oven last night with salmon so will use left overs in an omelette tomorrow morning :)

    Day 4 reached my 10 on cardio this morning, looking forward to lower body tomorrow. Think I can feel a change already after 4 days! May sound silly to some but I have noticed a 'better me' waking up in the morning, its getting easier!!

    What exercises are people using for upper and lower body?


  • Ohhhhhhhhhh. Salmon sounds good! Levy501, I swear I had a headache for the first two days and it had to be some kind of sugar withdrawal! Ha! Much better now. I'm sure you are a "better you" now.

    I'm total old school on upper and lower body. I do the most basic lifts, pushups, etc. Never could figure out the machines, bands, etc. UBWO: Push ups, inverted rows, bench press, biceps, triceps LBWO: Squats, step downs, pitcher squats, lunges. I usually add a couple of planks to each workout.

    Popo, how was your first day???

    M1: WW toast w/ sunbutter

    M2; vegetarian chili

    M3: vegetarian chili

    M4: EAS bar

    M5: vegetarian chili and grilled chicken breast

    M6: ww toast with honey

    Water: 64 oz.

    Dang, where the heck is the protein? Need to work on that.

  • I'm rollin' and feelin good, thanks for asking. I had a real high stress day today. This would usually make me hit the junk food but I stayed strong, ate good. I'm taken this 1 day at a time. As a wise man once told me, "We all in this together "

    Stay strong everyone

  • Levy501 I eat a bowl of instant oatmeal with cottage cheese mixed in on cardio days and an omelet made of 2 whites, 1 whole egg, a little cheese and some salsa on lifting days.  On Free Day we usually have Popovers with Bacon and a glass of juice.

    I use the Lean 15 powder or bar depending on day after my workout

    Lunch is usually a turkey sandwich with a salad or leftovers from dinner if I went out

    2nd snack I alternate between fruit with cheese stick or Greek yogurt with fruit or another lean 15 depending on convenience.

    Dinner varies widely because we eat out a lot but I look up the menus before we go and choose based on what has the right nutritional goals for me.  If a healthy portion can't be found I divide the meal into one and take the rest home.  I do eat a lot of steak and shellfish when I eat out.

    Last snack is usually a lean 15 shake but if I am in a dessert mood I do fruit with whipped cream or frozen Yogurt.  If my wife has baked I will sneak in a brownie or cookie once in a while and just train a little harder the next day.  :D

    I highly recommend the book "Eating for Life" and the magazine "Cooking Light" for nutritional preparations of more interesting food than plain chicken breasts.



    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • Thank you for the book reccomendations!  Our grocery list now always includes cottage cheese, cold cut turkey and frozen chicken.  The other biggest change we've made with preparing to eat and planning ahead is have an assortment of both fruits and veggies at any time.

    On protein powders- doesn anyone have input on whey vs. soy?  I'm a really big fan of protein bars vs. shakes my favorite options are Cliff Builder Bars any flavor(the plain cliff bars are way heavy on carb vs. protein), Power bar Protein plus chocolate brownie (old formula- the new power bars are a different consistency/texture that's like a cardboard 3 muskateteers filling), and of course the EAS bars(any of them).   I'm thinking the powder would be a little more pocket book friendly to fit into my daily menu at least once per day, so any suggestions are welcome!

    Keep it up ya'll!

  • I cannot be trusted on free days.

    I'll spare you the details, but I will admit that BBQ potato chips were involved. Geez.

    Back at it.

    Does anyone ever cook up ground bison?

  • Murph, not to worry, there's going to be a few missteps along the way. This time I'm determined not to quit just because I'm not perfect with my diet everyday, like I've done in the past. I'm thinkin more like 2 steps forward, one step back (on occasion.) I hope everyone is doing well and staying the course. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

  • I can say the first 5 days were good with food and workouts but we went out of town over the weekend... With the driving and road trip it was really hard to stay on track. We got back at midnight then up for work at six.  Tomorrow morning I'm gonna plan this week out better. I won't give up, just need to plan better... Tomorrow is a new day and I'm off to the garage for lower body :)  

  • Don't worry about overdoing it on Free day the first few times.  Once your body gets used to eating cleaner and smaller portions overeating on free day will give you a hangover feeling on Monday that will make you naturally start cutting back so you feel better.

    Just stay focused on making progress and don't feel like you have to start over because of a bad meal choice or two.  When I did my last challenge I had plenty of food mistakes, missed workouts and days I just didn't want to do it anymore but the next day I just pretended like they didn't happen.  My only goal was to finish the 12 weeks and actually submit my entry packet.  You can imagine how shocked I was to get the call that I won!  Never in a million years had that thought entered my head during the three months.

    I did the challenge while getting blood transfusions every two weeks due to a rare form of Leukemia I have been fighting for 4 years now.  If I could do it, I promise you can too.

    Brian Miller

    2012 Men's 30-45 Champion


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • Brian, your story is very inspirational. I know we all need inspiration, there will be good days and bad days. For a number of reasons it's really important that I stick with it this time out. I hope everyone else is staying on tract, if not, tomorrow's another day, get back on that horse!