Starting 11 Feb 2013

  • Good afternoon. I am starting tomorrow and welcome anyone that would like to team up.

  • Good Luck to you Billy. I will be trying the 12 week program starting tomorrow as well.

  • Okay I'm in too day one of 84 tomorrow at 4 am thenit will only be 83 ha

  • I'm with ya tomorrow!  Good luck!

  • I too am with you all:)

  • I am starting my 2nd challenge today.  Best wishes to everyone.


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • I got a head start yesterday, but would like to follow up with ya'll as there are no other 2/10 starters:)  I just couldnt wait until today(and it works better with my schedule:))!  I've done the challenge before but never really kept up with the online forum, so here goes!

  • I started this morning too. I feel great. Worked out at 5am, and I am excited to be here!

    Good Luck everyone.

  • I am STARTING today!! Glad to see there are other starters around this date!!  We can do it guys, we can do it !!!

  • I am starting today too! Im excited!!

  • Let's do this!!!

  • I did bfl back in 2001 and lost 50 lbs.  now 2 kids later, a divorce and a marriage, here I am again.  Can't wait to be 1 hot momma on our cruise this summer!!!

  • That's awesome!  I can only hope I'm gonna do as great as you did! :)

  • I'm in too! This is my second challenge, lost almost 30 lbs of fat in 9 weeks last year but got sidelined by really bad tendinitis, looking to finish the job this year. Tried several times to get going again but just couldn't hack it without a support group.

  • :) I started yesterday!!! Im in the UK so would love to hear other peoples ideas on food especially what you are eating for breakfast!! Good luck eveyone.