Question for all the moms out there...

  • I had my son about a year and a half ago and am still struggling to get rid of the baby belly. It seems like its just excess fat but its the only area on my body that I really dislike. I am pretty satisfied with my arms and legs...and booty! I am doing BFL just to firm up a little more. My question is, am i stuck with this belly or will it eventually go away? Any advise on getting rid of it? And I do realize the stretch marks are here to stay. I have come to terms with that. Thanks!



  • It really depends on what you mean by baby belly. If it is literally fat then with clean eating and exercise it can be worked on. You can't "spot reduce" but by working on your whole self that area will naturally improve. If we are talking about mostly lose skin then that is different. I've seen it get better over time but there will be limits to what you can do.Depending on genetics most of us are never really the same after :(  but with proper food and activity we can make things much much better :)

  • NO you are not stuck with the belly, you just have to understand that ABS are made in the kitchen.  

    Eat clean while doing BFL as written and if you don't have "stuff" to lose all over, you are ahead of where most folks start.  

    Just remember that the thing you want to change most is always the last to go.  Focus on how great your arms and shoulders and legs are getting and the belly will go.  No slacking on any part of the program because you "think" you don't need it.  Look at this years champ Steffany Hodges in the white swimsuit, she did BFL after having her child.  

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  • Hi semperfi-

    I can relate!  I have had 2 children - one c-section and one natural, so by stomach has been through a lot!  I am finishing week 12 and it took a while for the belly fat to be gone, but it has!  You really have to just stick with the program and be patient - it really does work!  I should be posting my 12 week pics soon so you can see for yourself,  but you can check out my before and 8 week pics on my profile page.

    Just keep with it - the results are worth it!


    "Without struggle there is no growth"

  • I was just going to repeat what Michelle said about "abs are made in the kitchen"...follow the BFL plan it will come...something else I think Michelle said on another thread was "the thing that you want to go the most will always be the last to go" I'm still waiting for my 3-kids stomach to go far far away!!

    Hang in there!  :)

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  • Champster: If abs are made in the kitchen...where are legs made.

    Just wondrin. :/

  • in the kitchen and your "torture chamber"! lol!  Hang in there Legsy! :)

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  • AhhhHHHHHhh I wanted a different answer. BOO!

    Step ups were definately leg shapers. One of these days I will just wake up like that green hulk and bust out of my flab. LOL.

    Checkered flag waving....rah rah.

  • umm yeah, about those step ups...60#???Holy hell woman! You are going to turn into a Hulk! Keep waving that flag...NO pit stops!! lol! :)

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  • My hubby always admonishes me that "Ab definition is a function of Diet," just as the ladies here have reassured. For me, I have to be really careful. Certain foods just bloat me immediately like some bad antacid commercial, but as long as I stick with whole foods, especially whole grains (and no dairy - I'm lactose intolerant), I do pretty well. The BFL plan, then, is perfect for me!

    It will go away if you keep at it. My boys are 14 and 7, and I've fought this for years, but at C1W4D4, I've already seen a huge difference! Keep the faith, my friend!! It works!

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  • I have a measurement of 36 around belly button... i started at 37.5. i am 2 weeks into this.. I have lost it b4 but gained it back cuz I did low fat b4. but my abs after 5 kids 2 c sections went down to a 34.5. i only had probs left in lower abs cuz of 2 cuts. I am sure you will lose it.. eat clean and do your W.O. i do all my crunches on a ball and I dont have a bench so my upper body is also on a ball. Less sodium no pop and drink lots of water.. as ur tummy tightens the stretch marks wont be as bad.. and they have good products to help there too. I wish you luck!!!!!!!