Starting 2/18

  • Hit the lower body, and hit it hard today. I was waddling to the showers afterward, but it felt good to have muscle pain again; I know I'm doing something!

    I'm focused on keeping my attention where it belongs this time. Of course I want to 'look good,' but more importantly I want to present my body as a living sacrifice (Romans 12), as a vessel unto honor. I'm excited for where God and BFL have brought me so far, and thrilled with where we're going!

  • Today was cardio day, and after a long night rearranging furniture I must say, OW! My quads were on fire, but again- it was good to have that pain.

    Excited for today- we're having a campfire tonight and I get to say no to s'mores. Yes, I'm excited. I like using my willpower, and building up that discipline to just say no to the foods that plagued me!

  • Was confused today - I've been having lower leg soreness and stiffness, but I haven't been working out during Holy Week, so I wasn't sure what could be causing it. Then I realized that it must be all the prostrations (Orthodox Holy Week services have a lot of those, where you start standing, bow deeply, drop from there to your knees and touch your head to the floor, then return to standing).

    When I look at my chart of total weight, lean mass and fat, there's almost no difference in the trend between last week (really good normal workouts) and this week. It looks like I should finish up my 10 weeks having dropped about 7-8 lbs of fat and over an inch and a half of belly while keeping my lean mass constant - given all the problems I had, that's not bad at all. And I feel in great shape for starting Challenge #3.

    This will be my last post on this thread - Friday through Sunday will be too packed for me to do anything online, and then Monday I'm starting C3 on another thread. Everybody keep trucking! You're almost there!

  • My legs are on fire. My arms feel like jello. I can barely walk to the drinking fountain.

    And I love it!

    Today was upper body day two, and I hit my tens, no doubt. But interestingly, I felt significantly weaker today than I did before. I'm sure there were a few factors. One, I failed the no-s'mores test last night. Failed miserably, actually. But it's a new day, and I'm not going to continue to beat myself up over it. I do think the sugar etc. played a part in today's weakness though. Second, I need more sleep, but who doesn't. Third, I did a lot of furniture moving and really pushed myself, probably too far. Still, my weights were only slightly lower than before and I still did all my reps today.

    Tomorrow is cardio, I need to mow the lawn. Trying to see how to combine those... I think it's possible! I usually sweat up a storm while mowing.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Going to keep posting, even if I'm the only one still here. At least until this challenge is up, then I'll figure something else out!

    Hit lower body today. Nailed my tens on abs and calves, probably 9.5 on quads and hams. I know what needs to be adjusted though, so Friday is promising a painful victory!

    Lost three pounds since last Monday's weigh in, thought it would be more but I'm guessing some of that is muscle. I'm excited for the point that the muscle begins to help devour the fat, and the pounds just fly away.

    Have a great week everyone!

  • Finished my 2-mile in 23:15 today. That's compared to 24:49 last Tuesday. I'm surprised at how quickly my stamina has returned from my hiatus, but not complaining!

    Tomorrow is upper. Will succeed in tens!

  • Oh. My. Goodness. My arms, back shoulders. Everything hurts. HURTS.

    Nearly succumbed to my first injury today. During Front Raises, I lifted wrong and my back spasmed pretty badly. I kept going, but I think some ice is in order for this evening!

    Here's the the pain! trusting it brings the gain!

  • Just wanted to drop back in with a thought from St. Peter of Damascus that, while intended for spiritual growth in its full form, I think in this edited form applies quite well to this kind of endeavor without changing the overall meaning.

    "... should we fall, we should not despair ... For if He so chooses, He can deal mercifully with our weakness. Only we should not cut ourselves off from Him ... nor should we lose heart when we fall short of our goal ... let us always be ready to make a new start. If you fall, rise up. If you fall again, rise up again. ... Wait on Him, and He will be merciful, either reforming you, or sending you trials, or through some other provision of which you are ignorant."

    To all who made their goals (or came close), congratulations! To those who fell short (like me), I echo St.Peter - "rise up again" (which I'm currently working on in C3).