Starting 2/18

  • Overslept this morning and was too sore for serious cardio, but I did squeeze in just over 10 minutes of step aerobics at warm-up intensity. That and some stretching helped loosen my cramped right calf a bit, but it still needs work. I'm planning another session like that this afternoon after work.

  • Finally!

    After seven weeks, I finally managed to finish a full HIIT cardio session. It was close - my legs gave out just as the high point minute ended - but I guess that means I probably hit my 10  :-).

  • Now we're getting somewhere. Good HIIT session today, don't think I quite hit my 10 but went the whole 20 minutes (actually 23) and certainly hit my sweat point. Pulse after the high point was 155 - not bad for being almost 50 years old.

  • Great 2-hour tennis game with my boys Sunday, which made up for missing my cardio Saturday. They didn't think the old man could move that well :-).

    Today's HIIT went great, despite acute tendinitis in both ankles and one knee I was able to keep going for the whole 20 minutes plus an extra 5 minutes of cool-down. High point pulse was 171, but I felt like I could have pushed a little farther if I hadn't had to slow down due to shin splints.

    The big thing today, though, I don't know how to put into words. During the last interval, something inside felt different, like a shift of some sort. That's all I can say about it right now.

  • Great progress!  Sounds like you've hit a milestone and it's done well to motivate you.  Keep it up!

  • I'm still here guys - I fell off the program but have been sneaking a peek in here to see how it is going for all of you.

    I haven't lost or gained any weight, so have done well to maintain during a difficult period.  I am starting again today - we have my husband's new job, my reduced work hours, the sale of our house to plan for, so I'd better keep to this for the stress relief factor!

  • Still here too.  Basically no program for me during the last 2 weeks during a job transfer and relocation.  Soon as I'm unpacked, I'll get to it.

  • Keep hanging in there! Persistence will win out.

    Good HIIT session today, though my hip gave out before I could quite hit my "10" (not an injury, fortunately). Pulse was up around 165, and sweat was dripping. Felt good. Found a good music mix - "Epic Music (The Best Of) Mix X - Epic Legends (I-IX)" - on YouTube, and the beat was just about right for the workout in most spots.

    Tomorrow will be tough - I'm working almost a double shift (6AM to 6:30PM) followed by a service at church, so if my workout isn't done by 5AM it probably won't get done. I'm planning a short core workout, plus maybe give the upper body a light workout (been having chronic shoulder and arm problems so gotta be cautious and smart about working them).

    Thursday will be an afternoon HIIT session, Friday another core workout, Saturday afternoon I'll do HIIT or other cardio, and then it's a week off for Holy Week and the end of this (slightly abbreviated) challenge for me. May 6 I'll start Challenge #3 which will end a few days after my birthday - gotta work on my birthday present to myself!

  • Hey everyone.... hope all is well!

    I can't be in denial anymore. I fell off the wagon. Got sick, got busy and I let it derail me. I avoided coming back to the site because I didn't want the guilt of it- but I don't want to go back to where I was more than I don't want to face this thing and beat it.

    I am going to return to the gym Monday morning, 4/29. I'm not 'starting over', but I am going to pick right back up and hit the ground running. We're expecting a baby in June, and I want to be healthy and in the best shape I can be by that time. How's everyone else doing?

  • I think you've got the right approach, smswise - get back on the horse that threw you and ride it 'till the buzzer sounds. Finish strong! That'll give you momentum to carry into the next challenge (or whatever you do to keep improving between this one and June). Will this be your first child?

    I'm finishing up just about right to start my third challenge on the 6th. I added an extra interval to my HIIT this afternoon and still couldn't hit my '10' - my aerobic capacity has improved sufficiently that I just can't step fast enough without overstraining my legs. Time to pull out the weighted backpack.

  • Thanks mstickles. That's my plan. I'm going to finish strong, and probably go until the baby comes before going on active rest until we're back on a schedule. This is our second, we have a two year old at home right now. It's been great so far though- I've had so much more energy to play with him. Can't wait to help my wife out as this one nears, and be ready to play with them both!

    So great to hear things have been improving for you, too. Did you go right into this challenge from your first?

  • No, I finished my first challenge back in mid-June of last year. I was trying to get in shape for a construction missions trip to Alaska. Had to bail out three weeks early with serious tendinitis in my feet and lower legs, couldn't do much of anything. Thankfully, it mostly cleared up in time for the trip and I was able to be productive. The delay from then to starting this second challenge was equal parts recurring tendinitis, ridiculous schedule, and flat-out lethargy. I did try to start one on my own last December, but only lasted a couple of weeks, didn't have the "oomph" to do it without support.

    Committing to start my third right after this one isn't just to make it line up with my 50th birthday. Mostly I don't want to continue my 20-plus-year cycle of do a program, fall off the wagon, do another, fall off, lather, rinse, repeat. I want the gains to stick this time. The older you get, the harder it gets to climb back up when you fall off - much better not to fall off. Anyway, I don't need my weight to keep climbing (in my "cycle", I gain lean and lose fat, then regain fat but don't lose much lean, so my body fat percentage always peaks at 30-34% but my overall weight is higher each time, adding more strain to my already weak ankles and knees).

    I remember having our second child - what a joy and a stress that was! (the stress came mostly from adding the parenting responsibility right after having been laid off, not so much from the new baby herself) Raising kids is tough sometimes, but a real blessing. We have six - the oldest two are in college now, the youngest is nine.

  • Six! Wow. We've entertained the thought of having a bigger family... but we're going to get to three and assess the situation before making any final calls.

    Got back at the gym today. Hit my tens on just about everything. I am actually really surprised at some things. For one, I didn't lose a lot of strength like I thought I would, and I'm actually three pounds lighter than when I stopped going. I'm sure some of that is muscle-loss, but most of my lifting was about the same as it was when I stopped.

    Looking forward to getting back on the eating routine today. I appreciate the structure, and it's good for me to be disciplined!

  • In our experience, three was actually the peak in parenting difficulty. After that it didn't get harder, because the first kids helped take care of their younger siblings. Yep, even at six or seven (our first five were all two years apart). One of my fondest memories was when my wife was seven or eight months pregnant with our fourth - I came home from work to find her laid out sick on the couch, but the two-year-old was happily picking up toys and things, the four-year-old was vacuuming the living room, and the six-year-old was making dinner (he did a pretty good job too). I wish I'd had a camcorder.

    Now, granted, it didn't get easier after three either, and it was a little louder and a bit more expensive :-). But not too bad though - all the kids share my and my wife's attitude of being fine with garage sale decor and thrift store and discount store fashions, plus we buy food in bulk and don't eat out much. I'm sure there are families with two kids who spend more than we do on six.

    My "off-week" (which really started Saturday) has been going far better than I expected. Since Holy Week is for fasting and prayer I haven't been doing any workouts harder than walking the dog and my protein intake is down, but my body fat is still going down a little while my lean mass seems to be holding steady. If that continues it bodes well for starting Challenge #3 this coming Monday.

  • That's great. We have some friends that have six kids. They are wonderful parents. Should we feel led that way, I wouldn't be opposed to it. But I'm not sure my wife would be on board yet!

    Hit my cardio today, and decided that it's time to really start stretching out again. I used to stretch more when I was only doing cardio, but stopped at BFL because the book never mentioned it. But I find I feel so much better when I do about ten minutes of stretching after cardio, so that will become part of the routine. Started going to the gym before my devotion time, rather than after, and it's been refreshing to be one of the 'early morning' crowd. I like not having it crowded for sure.

    Looking forward to eating well today, and fasting some this afternoon/evening. I'm filling in our pulpit for my Pastor who's away, so it'll be balancing BFL with my spiritual disciplines. Such is the life!

    Anyone else still around this group?