Starting 2/18

  • I'm going to spend more time talking about the eating plan.  It's working out really well, usually.


    Oatmeal and banana


    Natural peanut butter sandwich

    meal replacement bar and apple

    turkey meat loaf and sweet potato (recipe on B4L)

    I'd be interested to hear what foods others are having.

  • Dinner tonight was probably the best B4L recipe I have found.  Hawaiin Pita Pizza.  It was really excellent.  Give it a try!

  • I want to join you too! I am doing pictures today even though I started yesterday!...I don't think I will be ready to look at them for a while though lol. I am have a lot of weight to loose. Starting with a 60 lb goal. I hope I'm not to late to join.

  • Good cardio today - incline jog.

    Breakfast french toast and turkey links.

    Lunch lean beef bbq

    Dinner  baked chicken and vegs

    Praying the lack of posts is due to forgetfulness and not failure.

  • LBWO today.  Still making strides.  

    Breakfast - Breakfast burrito

    Lunch - Healthy turkey meatballs

    Dinner - Baked chicken salad

  • Well it's been awhile!

    Took a vacation recently, and took some time off. Plus I was sick. But here we are, back at it. I will see this through to the end, and I will see results!

    Eating well today, must detox all the nastiness that I ingested over the weekend! Water and veggies as much as possible.

    See you all tomorrow!

  • I'm back! Hiatus completed, came out of the first week of Lent about in the same shape I went in (guess the activity reduction and food reduction balanced out almost exactly).

    Realized that a lot of my leg issues were because the support in my shoes was breaking down, so I ordered a new pair which came in last week. What a difference they've made already! My lower legs are feeling good enough that I've scheduled an HIIT session instead of a lighter workout for this afternoon.

    Between spending 5 hours in the office and 11 hrs driving, a regular workout will be pretty much impossible tomorrow. Tonight I'll plan some "quickie" exercises to do during stretch breaks (no way I can drive 11 hours without stretch breaks anyway, might as well get maximum use out of them).

  • Ran at home on my elliptical today. I was able to bump the level of resistance up a notch, while still maintaining the same RPMs. That felt good!

    Eating right, living right, being right. Today will be the next day of my success on this challenge!

    Today's Scripture:

    Hebrews 4:12- "For the Word of God is quick and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword, able to divide asunder even to spirit and soul, bone and marrow."

    I've noticed that on the mornings I don't get up early enough to spend time in the Word, I don't do as well on the program. I need to have that Word in me to help me stay strong, eat and do the right things. It's life to me, and health to all my flesh! Thank God for His Word!

    Stay strong 2/18ers. We've dwindled, but I trust we're still here.

    mstickles- great for getting back into it! That's wonderful news that it was mainly the pair of shoes that were causing the issues.

  • UBWO today.  Great burn, especially shoulders and triceps.  

    Nothing new on the food regimen.  Sticking with it and feeling good.

  • Cardio Day.  Felt really good at level 10.  

    Hang in there!  We're approaching the half way mark!

  • Good UBWO.  Happy Good Friday, all!  Keep improving those bodies in preparation for the perfect body you'll receive one day, as a follower of Christ!

  • How's everyone doing? Make it through Easter with success? I could have done better, but still thrilled with how far it's come.

    Changed my workouts this week finally. Nice to try something new, but I'm excited to see progress on the new stuff too. I admit, I haven't given it my all since coming back from vacation a few weeks ago, but I've still been treating myself a million times better than before I knew about BFL. I'm just going to keep plugging away, and trust that the results will speak for themselves. if I don't see as much off as I'd like, I've only got myself to blame- but I'm not giving up or giving in!

    Spent some time reading the Book of Jonah this week, and learning to be careful not to put my thoughts or desires in front of God's when it comes to getting control. I know I can be a better man of God as I put my body under, and I'm aiming to keep in mind that is the reason i'm doing this!

  • What a week. The HIIT session I'd mentioned in my last email never happened - I somehow managed to twist my knee while walking in a straight line down a level hallway. I figured I'd shift to an upper-body workout, but then I pulled muscles in my shoulder and back - while buckling my seat belt. No matter what workout I've intended over the last week, I've always managed to hurt something (usually in a similarly ridiculous fashion) that pre-empted it.

    While I'm certainly getting discouraged, the absurdity level has gotten so off-the-charts high that I just have to laugh as well.

    It's obvious that trying to do different types of workouts depending on my physical condition isn't working, and I can tell my determination is starting to slip because of it - it's even been starting to eat away at my dietary discipline. SO, I'm going to set my workouts in stone and only adjust the intensity. My current plan is to do 20-25 minutes of step aerobics (with a non-negotiable minimum of 10 minutes) daily, Mon-Sat, first thing in the morning (or immediately after Divine Liturgy if we have one that morning) - HIIT sessions when possible but not on consecutive days, assuming I ever have consecutive days where I'm capable of it.

    If I get leg cramps, I'll go slowly. If I have a twisted knee, I'll hang on to some kind of support. If I break my ankle, I'll hop on and off on my good leg with the aid of crutches. But I think it's gotten critical that I pick something and JUST DO IT no matter what. You could say this is my "line in the sand" - no more retreating.

    Unfortunately, I didn't make that commitment in time for this morning to be the first session - so, for today only, it'll be immediately after arriving home after work. No more delays, no more excuses.

  • Keep pushing on mstickles!  Nothing can stop a determined mind!

    Cardio this morning...strong and felt good.  Eating has been in the tank this week, as I am also moving, so I'm eating out of a lot of fast food bags.  But, I feel like I saw enough change to keep me movtivated when I get settled in.  

    Luke 4:30 - But He walked right through the crowd and went on His way.

    Jesus had ticked off a bunch of local leaders and they led Him to a cliff they were going to shove Him down.  What did He do?  Simply walked right through them, like they weren't even there.  

    That's what happens when we are in God's will.  Nothing and no one can stand in the way.  God's will is for us to live strong, healthy lives, so that we can do His work, for His glory!  Keep your mind focused on that.

  • Managed 12 minutes of cardio yesterday before my back couldn't handle it, and got in 11-1/2 minutes this morning before my leg failed. That was different -  I've had my legs go wobbly and unstable before when doing HIIT, but that's the first time I actually had one fail, the same way as what you push towards in strength training. I didn't think I'd managed nearly enough intensity yesterday to be that drained this morning, but I guess I was wrong.

    I also didn't realize how much the upper body can get involved in step aerobics. My arms and shoulders are actually more sore than my legs right now. Glad I've got a full 24 hours before my next workout.