Starting 2/18

  • Week two is now in the books. The week was almost workout-free, but I did better with the nutrition end, limiting my free day to Saturday. Still need to work on drinking enough water on weekends.

    Looking back over two weeks of monitoring, I can see that my "checkpoint" last Monday gave me an anomalously high body fat reading compared to the days around it. This week's progress is counted from last Sunday instead of Monday to correct for that.


    C2 Start Last Week This Week Week 2 change Total change
    Weight: 234.2 lbs 230.8 lbs 230.4 lbs Lost 0.4 lbs Lost 3.8 lbs
    Lean Mass: 165.7 lbs 167.6 lbs 168.4 lbs Gained 0.8 lbs Gained 2.7 lbs
    Fat: 68.5 lbs 63.2 lbs 62.0 lbs Lost 1.2 lbs Lost 6.5 lbs
    Body Fat %: 29.3% 27.4% 26.9% Dropped 0.5% Dropped 2.4%
    Resting pulse: 72 ----- 72 ----- Unchanged

    I think my lean gain last week is inflated by water retention (had too much salt and not enough water over the weekend, which for me leads initially to water retention - I can feel the swelling in my fingers) and the real change was probably closer to zero. But still, I'm a bit surprised by the amount of progress so far. I have been trying these past two weeks to make my overall lifestyle more active - parking farther away from buildings, getting up and walking more at work, taking stairs instead of elevators or escalators, etc. Maybe I've been under-estmating just how much of a workout all that can add up to.

  • Monday Monday...

    Definitely had to push through a case of the Mondays today, but it went well. Did some Upper Body. I think (finally) I am at the point where I should be with weights. I was being a sucker to pride and trying to 'hold my own' in the gym by lifting more than I should have. My arms and muscles hurt, but my form was terrible. Today, I sucked it up and started with 15 lbs. on some but it felt good to nail each and every set the right way.

    Weekend was interesting... I took my free day Saturday, which I found out I don't enjoy. While it was nice for the foods that were served at our family dinner, my schedule was so off on Sunday I only got five meals in and drank MAYBE one or two bottles of water. Not my strongest day yet, that's for sure. I will try to always take free day on Sunday whenever possible from now on.

    Today's Scripture:

    Psalms 40:31- "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint." I took this to heart this morning when my body simply did not want to get out of bed. I just went and took some time to pray and wait on God, and be infused with His strength. We're two weeks in, ten weeks out now- another week or two for things to become habit for us. This is the crunch time when it's the last ditch effort by our bodies to revert back to the old ways but we can't let them win. I'll press on, tapping into that strength that comes from waiting on God, and see the results I know I want to see!

    Go get 'em team!

  • Happy Tuesday!  

    mstickles:  couple of questions.  How do you measure your BF?  I'm using skin calipers, but when I measure I am not sure I am getting an accurate reading.  I measure 3 spots.  chest, thigh and belly.  If I measure 3 times I get 3 different numbers - especially my belly.  Ughh.  Second question, how did you get that table to display in your last post?

    smswise:  sounds like you you're making good progress,  It took me a couple of weeks to figure out the weights too.  One trick I use is if I think the weight feels too light, I sloooowwwww down and that makes it much harder to get all the reps.  Slow lighter weights and good form beats fast, heavy weights with lousy form in my opinion.  At least that's what my muscles tell me the next day.

    Some quit due to slow progress, without realizing progress IS progress.

  • Jim,

    How do you measure your BF?

    A semi-custom method. It's based on a body-fat chart from Barry Sears' book Enter The Zone, where you look up weight along one axis and belly circumference minus wrist circumference along the other. I copied the chart into a spreadsheet and interpolated best-fit lines to make it a set of equations that I can plug weight, belly and wrist measurements into. Back when I first did it, I got someone to help me do skinfold calipers so I could compare the measurements. Over several months my chart was normally within half a percent of the calipers, and never more than one percent off. But that was for me - a friend tried it and if I recall correctly, I think it was usually two to five percent (or more) off the caliper results for him.

    My reporting probably makes it look more accurate/precise than it really is, but being "unjustifiably precise" is a psychological trick I use to help keep myself focused (even though I know that's what I'm doing, it still works).

    how did you get that table to display in your last post?

    Instead of using the quick reply editor, I clicked the "Use rich formatting" link to get the full version of the editor. On the bottom row of toolbar buttons, the second one from the right (just to the left of the anchor) lets you insert a table.

  • Jim-

    Thanks for that. I started to notice that the other day. It's hard to force myself to slow down, but I can definitely notice the results. Interesting question... does anyone know if we're supposed to not be as sore after lifting as when the program first started? I know that I'm pushing my muscles to failure, and hitting my tens, but I'm nowhere near as sore the following days as the first week and a half of the program.

    Today was cardio. I stayed home and did it on our elliptical at home, which is functional, just not as nice as the gym. I knocked it out of the park though! My old level 8 has become my current 5, all in about a month's time (I started the HIIT a few weeks before the challenge). Thrilled with those results!

    Today's scripture:

    Matthew 6:21- "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

    Today I stopped at the gas station to put some gas in the car, and as I was waiting in line I looked around and saw all the candies and goodies that I used to so desire- the Reese's eggs in particular. I saw the price said $0.75, and I thought to myself, "Why would I waste a dollar to stay fat."

    This program has changed how I handle our finances, in such a great way. I no longer want to spend my money on junk food- in working toward not wanting the food itself, I've been able to press into a new place financially and put my heart (and wallet) toward more important things. Being fat is a costly habit, and one I'm no longer going to fuel!

    Looking forward to doing some crunches tomorrow. I love feeling my abs burn!

  • Week Date Beginning Weight Ending Weight

    Lbs Lost

    Test Trial Week for BLF 17 February 2013 335lbs 328lbs


    1st Week 24 February 2013 328lbs 322lbs


    2nd Week 3 March 2013 322lbs 320lbs



    Goal 255lbs at 15% body fat

    The last week has been crazy which is why I haven’t posted much recently.  I did stick to the program, but only lost two pounds by the end of the second week.  As such, I’ve lost a total of 15 lbs thus far.  I don’t know why I only 2lbs this past week but hope to have a large number this week.  I also plan to participate more on the forum now that I’ll have a little more time.  


  • I tried to create a table above but it didn't work...  Better luck next time...

  • Actually, it did work - next time you do it and the box pops up to define your table, just set the "border" property to "1" and the table lines will be visible in your post (it defaults to "0" which keeps the lines invisible - sorry, didn't think about that).

    About to try my first full medicine ball workout (this week's plan is walking Mon-Wed-Fri and medicine ball Tue-Thu-Sat), we'll see how it goes. Hopefully within a week or two I'll be able to kick it up from walking to HIIT cardio, but one thing at a time.

  • Whew. Yeah, I think this workout is perfect for where I am right now. I should be nice and sore in a bunch of places tomorrow (or, as we called it in my last group, "the feeling of progress").

  • smswise:  You won't be as sore as when you first started.  I still get a little sore, but the soreness usually fades with the 1st or 2nd set for that body part, but nothing like the initial shock.  Most body builders change their workout routine every 12 weeks.  Your body will get totally complacent to your routine.  New blood vessels, capillaries etc will be constructed to allow more blood flow to the working muscles, which will allow you to add more weight or more reps and that alleviates the soreness.  :)  

    Big snow storm here last night, but the roads look clear.  I'm going to go for a run for some extra cardio.  No HIIT, just an easy jog - my legs are a bit sore.

  • Hello all.  Been out of the internet saddle a few days, but sticking with the plan.

    Today was cardio.  Hit some good peaks and really pushed through the last!  Eating plan still needs more discipline, but it is improving.  Like many of you, I get to my free day and really don't have the desire I once had.  It's a blessing.

    Scripture today may seem a little odd at first.  Matthew 28:51-53 - "And behold, the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. And the earth shook, and the rocks were split. The tombs also were opened. And many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised, and coming out of the tombs after his resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many."

    How many of us have spent years entombed in our own bodies?  God's plan is for us to live healthy and full lives!  Through this process, we will have a stronger "earth suit" in order to live longer and provide God more glory during our days.  I'm looking forward to showing my new and improved healthier body to others, so that when they ask how I did it, I can point to the One who gave me the strength and the motivation to keep moving forward.

  • Decent walking workout yesterday, despite the snow and slush. Good thing there's not much traffic in my neighborhood 'cause I did my walking in the road instead of on the sidewalks (sidewalks mostly were covered by 1-3" of slush, the road was mostly clean).

    My focus for this challenge has shifted a bit. In addition to my physical challenges, I realized I'm going to have two weeks where working out and following the eating plan will not be possible - week 5 (Clean Week, the first week of Great Lent) and week 11 (Holy Week). Clean Week is the strictest fasting period in the Eastern Orthodox calendar, and will leave me no energy for workouts; Holy Week is the second strictest and has the most services, leaving me neither energy nor time. But spiritual things come first.

    So, my focus this challenge is simply going to be getting my body in shape to do a proper challenge. Get rid of about 15 lbs of fat, strengthen my core, work up to being able to do serious exercise again. I'll end this challenge after week 10, have week 11 as my "week off", then start my third challenge in what would have been the last week of this one. That way I'll hit my 50th birthday during the latter part of week 12, which will line up nicely with my primary motivation - my "Fifty by 50" goal (lose a total of 50 lbs of fat by my 50th birthday).

    It still seems strange to me that, when I've accomplished that goal, my body fat will be around 13%, but I'll be the same weight I was when I graduated college - and I was around 32-33% body fat then (and looked fatter than I do now, 40+ pounds later).

  • Hi all

    Sorry for my absence yesterday... woke up feeling super sick, so I went to the gym anyways in an effort to 'push through.' Big mistake, i needed the rest. Spent the rest of the day with a fever and nausea and in an awful cold sweat. Oh well!

    I did sleep in this morning to rest my body, so no HIIT today. But it's alright, I'll make up for it another time, and one day won't kill me. I'm going to Indiana tomorrow, so an eight hour drive I'll need all my faculties about me for. I want to be 100%! Went shopping today to get all the foods for the trip, and planning on working out at the hotel. Probably won't be updating until next week.

    Today's (And yesterday's) Scripture:

    1 Peter 2:24

    "... By whose stripes, you were healed."

    I'm needing this right now! I refuse to let sickness get on me and knock me off this challenge. A little setback, but it won't stop me or my progress. I am healed, and I'll push through in faith to see my healing!

  • Good morning.  Upper Body today.  Really solid workout; not my best, but certainly feel the sore.  Eating improved as well.  Ready for another free day that will be a little less free!

    Mark 1:35 - And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.

    Don't forget to energize your souls for the day.  It is an awesome rush to follow a great workout!