Starting 2/18

  • So I missed two workouts this week ,but It is fine because I have National Guard this weekend so I won't have a free day. I'll be working out both days pretty hard.  I'm still going strong neverthless.

    Week 1- 220- 213.6  - I know most of this was all water because after my cheat day this past sunday I weighed myself today on WE and I'm at 216. I'm just going to keep fighting the good fight. I hope everyone is is doing well.

    I have a question for everyone. If a bunch of y'all use MyFitnessPal would you be interested in starting a group on that site to communicate? That way we can break up each forum section week by week. Plus, I think it is easier to log food, exercise, and communicate all in one spot. Let me know.

    Edit note: Oh, and I crushed my chest today. I did 80# free weights for 6 reps today pretty easy. I'm hoping by next week I can hit 90# by the second upper body day!

  • DomFruch- I'm on MyFitnessPal, but I honestly haven't been using it much since I started BFL. But add me anyways! Having someone to keep in touch with on there might get me to use it more! I'm smswise on there too.

  • Mstickles it is great to see you continuing to find a way to complete the challenge and staying focused on your progress.  I had started and quit the challenge a number of times in the past for one reason or another but the underlying cause was that I was so focused on perfection that I let illness, injury or bad choices make me feel as if I already failed so there was no point in continuing.  I lost sight of any progress I had already made and just gave up until the next cycle when I would try again.  I wish I had thought as you did to at least make the changes in what you could control and then find a way to make the program work within your limitations.

    Last year I was finally able to do that myself.  I have been battling a rare form of Leukemia for about 4 years now and because I was so severely depressed I pretty much gave up on everything.  I was told by the doctors that I couldn't do any form of activity because of my low red blood levels.  To add insult to injury one of the treatments we tried was a high dose steroid.  The only thing it did for me was make me gain 80lbs in about 9 months.  Again if I had your foresight to just work on what I could control that might have been minimalized.

    In June of last year I decided to try and get my life back and as I had experience with BFL from past attempts I started the challenge again.  My only real goal was to complete the challenge and submit my entry.  I started out by walking on a treadmill for 10 minutes a day.  I never got over a 3.0mph walk but that was the limit of my capability.  The important thing was that like you, I found a way instead of an excuse.  By the end of the challenge I had lost 47lbs and had completely transformed my attitude towards my life.  I no longer let my illness dictate the terms of my life.  I am finding ways to push the limits of my capabilities and live my life.

    Best wishes in your challenge and for a speedy recovery.


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • I'm still here!  

    I may have fallen off the wagon but I'm still fighting for the rest of the 12 weeks.  I don't want to give up because it really is unlikely that I would ever have a perfect 12 weeks.   Most people won't.

    I think the most important thing to remember is that this is about retraining yourself  to cope with life.    

    Sickness, injury, family, too much work happens to most people at some point.  I'm definitely not giving up just because I had a few bad days.  I haven't lost any weight but I haven't gained any either, so I'm still on track.  I had to eat out for lunch today but I had a vegetarian burger (kid size - the only thing on the menu is burgers!) and then no afternoon tea.  You will still get results if you keep portion sizes in the back of your mind.  I have staff, so really could not refuse to go.

    Hubby travels a lot and I have to be at work at 0730 tomorrow (up at 5, so no workout) but I can still eat well.  Chicken breast, brown rice and salad for tea tonight.  The kids loved it, so an easy meal for the family.  If I can't get a workout in, too bad - I have kids that need to be looked after.  If hubby is away I simply can't manage it.  BUT that doesn't mean I have to quit.  Tomorrow night I'll hit the gym.

    Don't give up February peeps - don't quit.  Because life happens to everyone.  There is always a way to keep the BFL principles going in your life.  It's hard but it is definitely worth it.

    I can't buy eggbeaters here - or myoplex - or fat-free cheese, coolwhip,butter buds... but I do my best based on what I have access to.  (the kids are loving the cooked breakfasts!)

    To be perfectly Aussie - if you stuff up, don't give up.  Keep going.  Either that or fall back into feeling cruddy.

  • Spartacus2012 - Friggin' heck!  You are amazing!  

  • Thank you Jen.  It was surreal to get the call telling me I had won.  It still doesn't seem real.  All I did was the best I could.  I didn't get into bodybuilder shape like so many of the champions.  It is amazing what YOU can do if you just put your mind into it.  Even during this last challenge I had plenty of bad days but I started the next day like they didn't happen.  Bill used to always say, "Focus on progress not perfection."  Words to live by for sure.


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • Still here too.  I'm getting much better with the weightlifting.  Wasn't able to lift as heavy the second lifts - muscles were too sore I guess, but now back to my starting weights and then some on some lifts.  Feeling stronger than ever.  Cardio today.  I hate cardio, but like the HIIT.  I swear the timer is broken on the treadmill because there is no way that 20 minutes have elapsed when I am finished.  Does everyone stop at the 20 minute mark?  I find that hard to do.  I normally walk it out for 3-4 more minutes.  I don't like that feeling of running full out for that 10 and then stopping suddenly, so I walk it out until my heart rate comes way down.

    12 weeks will pass in 12 weeks.  Will you be in the same place you are now or will you move forward?  Even if you are only taking baby steps ie, making better food choices, establishing a workout habit - you ARE improving.  Soon those baby steps you have taken will become the foundation for taking your next steps!  Two steps forward and one step back is still a step ahead.  Take this challenge on the same way you would eat an elephant - one bit at a time.  DO NOT GIVE UP!

  • What an inspiration, Spartacus2012. Thanks so much for sharing that with us.

    Hit the elliptical today- and same thing for me, Jim746. 20 minutes flies by! My goal is to hit 2 miles, and it usually takes about 25 minutes with a slow cool down to hit that. I've also begun stretching out after HIIT days, I feel so much better for the rest of the day when I do. It's getting easier and easier to touch my toes- something I never even used to be able to do. So thankful for how far we've come!

    Today's scripture-

    Romans 12:1- "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God..."

    I know this verse may not be for everyone- but for my fellow believers it is a crucial one. What are the reasons you're doing this program? Vain reasons, to 'look good', won't cut it. It'll help fuel it, for sure, but it's an inefficient, nonrenewable resource to reshape your life on vanity alone. Look deeper than that. I am changing my body, changing this temple of God, so that when I walk before Him in Heaven I can say, "Look, God! Look! This was my temple. Wasn't it clean? Wasn't it taken care of?" I don't want to have to hide a dusty pile of fat from Him on that day!

    Lastly- a word of encouragement.

    I once heard about a study of a group of centenarians. The study looked to what they had in common- and it wasn't health styles, it wasn't faith and it wasn't relationships. The only thing they all had in common was that they had all encountered life altering situations- death, divorce, etc., and they made an effort to bounce back from it without letting it affect them. Their ability to handle failure was the reason to their long life. With each mistake we make on this program- each missed workout, each cupcake or cookie- remember that there are still 12 weeks that we can change our lives. Step by step and carrot by carrot- we'll tackle this beast and achieve the changes, however subtle or large- that we so desire. We can, and will, do this!

  • Just finished up Cardio today. To be honest I really haven't been following the running pyramid thing to a T. I am a very decent runner and lately I've been Trail Running up here in Boston with all the snow. I just put on my Army boots and run for about 25 minutes on the trail (which is hilly). Some parts of the hill I have to basically walk because the snow is so deep so I'm most certainly getting some HIIT. I think this lifting and cardio program is so good because I always try to too much the first couple of weeks when I get back to exercising ( i.e. Running for 60 minutes each day then lift) and I can't maintain it. Body For Life just lays out the foundation I need to get this extra weight off from the holiday season. Okkkkkaaaay I'm  done with my rant haha. Hope everyone is crushing it!

    --- Without Labor, Nothing Prospers.

  •  Does everyone stop at the 20 minute mark?  I find that hard to do.  I normally walk it out for 3-4 more minutes.

    Same here. Whenever I've done HIIT I need about five minutes of low intensity cool-down after the high point, plus a minute or two of stretching, otherwise I'll be fighting cramps and stiffness all day. I'll sometimes extend the warm-up minutes for an extra couple of minutes too.

  • 100th post! Go team. Thrilled to be a part of such a great group!

    Today was LB, and I cannot believe how much stronger I was today than on Monday. Things that nearly knocked me over Monday were a breeze today- which, of course, means I'll have to bump up my weights for next week because I know I didn't hit all my tens. Progress, not perfection!

    Changing up my free day tomorrow because we have some family birthday parties, but I'll still be working out tomorrow instead of Sunday, and just change around eating days.

    Tonight, we're taking our college group to Lasertag. Last time we went, I was about 60 pounds heavier- so I expect to do well tonight. My legs may be sore after this morning and the hills in the lasertag facility, but it'll be well worth it.

    Today's Scripture:

    1 Corinthians 9:27- "But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection..."

    Amplified knocks it out of the park: "But [like a boxer] I buffet my body [handle it roughly, discipline it by hardships] and subdue it..."

    I once heard it described like this- we are to treat our bodies like dogs. A dog can't eat when it wants, it can't go to the bathroom wherever it wants, and it can't yank the leash around wherever it wants. It has to follow the rules of its master. We are the masters of our bodies! My body can't eat what it wants, it can't sleep when it wants and it'll no longer do what it wants- it will do what I tell it, when I tell it! We are training for life, and a life to live well.

    Looking forward to a great weekend everybody. All the best to the 2/18 team!

  • Always good to do a cool down after the HIIT cardio or any HIIT exercise for that matter.  The stretching is also very important.


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • Got my cardio in today. I have National Guard tomorrow so no off day for me. I'll do a 60 minute workout tomorrow morning for PT and then it's Upper Body for Monday! Hope everyone is well.

  • Week 3 starts tomorrow.  I can't wait.  Only 70 Days to go.  I hope you are all doing well.  Keep Pushing.  Bill says Progress not Perfection!

    I had a Little Debbie cupcake today for free day.  wow!  How did I eat so many of those before?   I was literally dizzy from the sugar rush after eating that.  I didn't realize ow much effect sugar can have on your body.

    Even if nobody believes in me, supports me or recognizes my effort.


  • Spent the last few days going through various easier workout programs, and found a program which uses a light medicine ball that looked quite promising. At the lowest beginner level, the exercises from it that I tried challenged me a bit without overtaxing anything. Will start that in earnest Monday, and supplement with moderate to brisk walking. I originally thought Tai Chi would be my best bet, but I couldn't even get through the warm-up on my DVD without my legs collapsing.

    As usual, I seem to go through "plan B" and "plan C" and eventually wind up around "plan Q", but that's how it goes. The only real failure is to quit trying.