Starting 2/18

  • Good evening everyone.  Welcome to all the new comers.  

    This is so awesome.  Everyone on here is suffering from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  Than can only mean one thing.  You did it right and your body is reacting/changing.  Congratulations on making it through your first week of weight lifting.  One more cardio session tomorrow and then free day.  

    I did a trial run last week, so this is technically my second week of lifting, but officially my first week of the challenge.  I can tell you all, the first week is the toughest on your body.  I was so sore last week.  Could not wash my hair, could not walk down a flight of stairs - up no problem, but down was terrible.  This week I am sore, but not nearly as bad as last week. and it is a different kind of sore.  I did the LBW today and was sore at the start, but at the end was loose and feeling good.  My muscles welcomed the work - it is like the fresh blood drove out the soreness.  At this point, I KNOW I can do this.  I have confidence that I can finish what I started and you will have that confidence too - if you don't have it already.

    Look for good things to happen next week.   If this week was perfect for you that's awesome.  If it wasn't perfect,  how can you do it better next week?  Small improvements result in BIG changes.  Many, many people have completed this program and are walking testimonials that it works.

    If you don't quit - you will get fit.

  • I've had a really good week so far.  I tried a new shake this morning, it was the Cinnamon Roll protien shake, very yummy!  However, I am struggling tonight.  I keep thinking "it's almost tomorrow (my free day this week) so maybe it would be ok to eat something I shouldn't". Trying to resist the temptation.

  • Well, I just finished my workout and feel great.  Not just because it was a great workout, but because I was about to push it off to tomorrow (double up) and relax for the evening in front of the TV.  Instead, I convinced myself that its an old habit that needs to change and as such, spent my friday night working out.  I know... what a crazy life... LOL  I normally work out in the mornings but today was a crazy day.  I made time for the workout and will continue to do so from now on.

  • Thank you mstickles. I will look into trying a lot of your suggestions in the hopes of consistently waking up early.

    ...Since everyone is discussing soreness I was wondering if any of you have looked into a foam roller? It's one of my favorite recovery tools and is like a poor man's massage.

  • Day 6 -CARDIO

    I put on my Army boots today and did a 2 mile trail run in the snow. Boy was it tough. Some of the trail was compacted from people walking, but a portion of it had 12 inches of untouched snow. Running through that got my thighs burning! Hence, why I was "running" a 10 min mile lol. That would be embarrassing for me if that was true. I finished in 23 minutes.

  • With no work on Saturdays, I'm usually with the family and not by a computer until evening.

    Yesterday and today made me realize that this program has truly already changed me. Last night, i helped my friend move- and it was painful (to say the least). I worked every muscle to fill three U-Hauls of stuff and take it up and down stairs etc. I barely slept last night because of how much my arms hurt, but it's because I worked it- and I'm thrilled with that.

    The other way i recognized change... Last night, he ordered pizza for all of us helping out. Everyone, including him (who showed me BFL and encouraged me to do it) tried to convince me that just one piece of pizza wouldn't hurt with all the work I did. In all reality, they were likely right. But I didn't want to give my body that satisfaction. It's had enough pizza! So I whipped out my turkey, lettuce and wheat bread sandwich and ate it with total satisfaction- knowing no guilt would ensue! Making a choice against pizza is something I wouldn't have- probably couldn't have- done before BFL.

    Congrats to everyone on the completion of Week 1. Only 11 more to go- and we'll be the champions we know we're meant to be!

    Today's scripture:

    Deuteronomy 28:8- "The Lord shall command the blessing upon you in your store house, and in all that you undertake." We're already sold out to BFL and doing the program in order to become what we know we should be. This program, for most of us, is an incredible undertaking- one that requires willpower, determination, and a strong mindset. But this verse says that the Lord will bless all that we undertake- which means I can count on His blessings to get me through this program! And I sure have to! At the end, I know, once again, that all the glory for any successes I have will go to Him- because I couldn't have done it without Him!

  • Shelly: I never heard of Cinnamon Roll protein shake, but sounds like something I need to add to my morning oatmeal.   Congrats on resisting your temptations.  Stick to your schedule.  When I feel like "cheating" I tell myself "wait until your next scheduled meal and if you still want that _____ then go ahead and eat it".  So far when the time came I no longer wanted that ______.

    Nick:  Way to go!  Remember no one ever regretted doing a workout afterward, but everyone regrets skipping a workout.

    Smswise:  Stick to your guns - you can have all the pizza you want in a few weeks.  Jesus was tempted by greater things than pizza, but thankfully he prevailed too.

    I feel great today.  A little sore so I'm going to walk around the block a few times and have one cheat meal, but otherwise stick to the food program.  I am excited to be a part of this group.  I know that together we can accomplish our goals. One week down and eleven to go.  In 11 more weeks we will all be in the better physical condition than we have been in a long time.

    Do(n't Quit Get F)it!

  • Well, I took my one week pics (will take them every week) and weighed myself this morning.

    Test Trial Week of BFL -- 17 February 2013 -- 335lbs to 328lbs -- 7lbs loss

    1st Week of BFL -- 24 February 2013 -- 328lbs to 322lbs -- 6lbs loss

    I had a personal trainer (a friend) run a bodyfat test on me in which I was attached to a bunch of little electrodes, and he recommended I get down to 255lbs or 15% bodyfat.  So I will adjust my goal to get to 15% and then shoot to get below that.

    Also, while today is a cheat day, I really don't have an urge to cheat at all.  I'm loving this program thus far, and for once I feel that it is something I can complete.  Unlike some of the other diet programs I've tried, I don't feel that I am starving myself or depleting myself of certain foods.  Well, the best of luck to everyone else and keep up the great work.

  • Well, week one is now in the books.

    Negatives: Did not have a single workout where I managed better than an '8' intensity. Missed workouts completely one day. Did not get enough sleep most days. My "free day" turned into more of a "free weekend".

    Positives: Mostly kept a positive attitude despite setbacks. Got workouts in creatively on two days where there was no time to fit a standard one in (it was a crazy week). Kept the nutrition plan strictly during the week. Was able to keep my weekend "binges" limited well enough that overall each day was not too far from plan in carbs, protein, calories, meal spacing, etc. Results were far better than I would have expected given the setbacks.


    Weight:  Dropped from 234.2 lbs to 230.8 lbs, a 3.4 lb reduction.

    Body Fat:  Dropped from 68.5 lbs to 64.4 lbs (29.0% to 27.9%), a 4.1 lb (1.1%) reduction.

    Lean mass: Increased from 165.7 lbs to 166.4 lbs, a 0.7 lb gain (I've had one-day water weight swings bigger than that, plus it's just within the uncertainty range of my measurements, so I'll need another couple of weeks to know if there's a trend here).

  • Day 8! Week 2! It's here!

    How did everyone fare for free day? I definitely need to re-work the way I treat it next time. I had mostly good foods, except for my wife's brownies and cheesecake trifle (she made it special for me, having made it through week 1), but the large portions and sugar really messed with my stomach. Perhaps I'll approach the next free day with more of a 'grazing' approach.

    Finished LBWO today- hit tens twice, nine on the other two, but I know what needs to be reworked for next time. Not going to let it get me down! My quads are still throbbing, so that's good.

    Got a busy next few days again, so all my meals are packed and ready to go. Been tempted to get bored with the food- but just reminding myself that I'm only eating it for the calories and nutrients, not for the flavors.

    Weighed myself yesterday and I was 3 pounds lighter than last Sunday, but after brownies etc. I was back a pound shy of starting weight this morning- but I'm forcing myself not to go by that. I had five people, including foure who see me consistently, say that I look like I've lost weight already. That was encouraging as anything. I am going to strive not to weight myself except once a week on Sunday mornings, and take measurements and photos every other week for a consistent approach to it.

    Today's scripture:

    Philippians 3:13- "Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended, but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before."

    I've read that week 2 is when the old you comes back to haunt, when the ways of thinking, lazing and eating try to return with a vengeance. I'm holding tight to this verse- forgetting the way I used to eat, think and act. Forgetting the way I viewed my body and what I could do with it. I'm pressing on, pushing through any obstacle to see this through. Reaching forth- and expecting success at the end of every day!

  • Hey all, I've been reading through the thread and am really excited to see such positive energy!

    Again, I started on the 21st so today is actually my 5th day. I haven't weighed myself - I promised myself I'll do that only once per week so I don't freak out and get depressed or too excited.

    The past 4 days:

    Day 1: Cardio with speed intervals for 70 minutes - 2 cardio machines, including treadmill walk at highest incline. Diet was my last sha-bang - had ice cream and pasta at dinner time.

    Day 2: Cardio with speed intervals for 70 minutes - 3 cardio machines, including treadmill walk at highest incline. Diet was zero added sugars and this will continue to be the case for the remainder of the 12 weeks; did have a glass of wine.

    Day 3: Cardio was 60 minutes of English riding (hunter jumper training).. talk about a butt and thigh workout.. I have ridden since beginning of December so I am SORE. Diet continued with no sugars, did have drinks but that was my last sha-bang. From here on out no more ETOH for the remainder of the 12 week program.

    Day 4: Cardio was 60 minutes of English riding (hunter jumper training)... INCREDIBLY SORE now between being sore from Day1 & 2 at the gym and then riding 2 days back-to-back. Diet was no sugar, no ETOH.

    Sooo... today is day 5 and I will be doing 70 mins of cardio, no sugar no booze. Still super sore and loving it!

    Thanks for being here you guys... keeping me stay on track and accountable :-)

  • Hi smswise,

    I promised myself only 1x/week weigh-in... it's so easy to get caught up in the fluctuations of water gain or loss - getting excited and then depressed over such.

    Free day: I really feel that a free day is going to destroy me.. I am actually scared of it. I am very much a give an inch and I'll take a mile type of personality... do you think it's a necessary component to the program? Frightened about it!

  • Nurse Anna-

    A few things... I hope this comes out right, but the workouts you posted, they aren't exactly BFL. Not even a little, really, except for the interval part. Have you read the book? I'm just curious on if you're trying out your own thing, or not sure on what the program actually entails.

    Regarding Free Day- in his book, Phillips' talks about Free Day being important not only psychologically but physiologically. From what I've read there and online, it gives you satisfactions to those cravings, but also acts as a sort of 'metabolic reset' to make sure your body knows it's not starving. I would say, if you know that you're personality may suffer from it, try to create a balanced free day. Instead of binging or going all out, give yourself an extra helping of something. The key is discipline and control, not so much just losing weight.

    Hope that helped!

  • smswise,

    Nope, waiting for the book in the mail. I ordered it this weekend so until I know what exactly to do, I am doing what I feel should help kickstart me until I get the book. I know that I NEED to cut out sugar and alcohol, so I did that. I know that I NEED to get into the habit of working out, so I take the evening and do what I know how to do, being cardio machines and speed intervals... incline also is something I know is good just because it helps tone and firm the butt and thighs the best out of any other cardio exercise. Equestrian training is a big part of my life and I do that with my daughter on the weekends, so in that respect, it is something that has to be a part of my 12 week challenge.

    The free day... I understand it tricks/restarts the metabolism, but this early on I am scared that I'll just fall back into old habits. I'll try the extra helping thing and see how that goes... maybe after a bit and after I'm feeling stronger on the inside re: tempatation I will have a nice free day


  • NA-

    Sounds like a plan! The book will definitely change some things, but if you know what works for you, then that's a good place to start! It should help clarify the free day too.

    All the best to you! You've started- that's the most important part!