Starting 2/18

  • Keep it going everyone!

    I'm also using MyFitnessPal to track my food. Makes it much easier as I can log it right as I'm eating and can even scan labels if I have to! lol

    My Goals for this Challenge:

    Drop 30 lbs: 208 to 178

    Cut my bodyfat in half: 22% to 11%

    Wake up early every day and workout: Having trouble here with the waking up early but trying my best! Would appreciate any tips/suggestions

  • I use the MyNetDiary app to track my nutrition.  I love this app because it allows me to track nutrition values of created recipes that can be used repeatedly.  Tonight I had the Eating for Life Shrimp Scampi which turned out to be descent and I have the nutrition breakdown.  Another perk of the app is that it has a barcode scanner that permits me to scan food and instantly have the nutrition value of the food.  While it doesn’t track six meals, it does track breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

  • Good Day everyone.  So many new "faces" - this group taken off.  So glad to hear from everyone.  Although it is not a requirement, I too am using the MyPal fitness app on my phone.  I have tried several others and this one is the best - it has the largest database etc.  and its free!   I am eating about 1,500 calories per day.  I'm 6'2" and 187 pounds.

    I have been following the meal plan perfectly.  There have been temptations, but I tell myself and I have told my co-workers - I'm doing a challenge - in 12 weeks I can do whatever I want, but for now I'm staying disciplined.  I am hungry every 2 hours like clockwork.  If I get hungry before my scheduled meal, I drink some water and remind myself that I will eat when the schedule says to.

    HIIT cardio on the treadmill today.  My legs are more sore today that they were Tuesday.  Yay, It's working.  I did a trial run last week at the gym, so I think I got the weights dialed in now.  It took me a couple of workouts to find where I need to be.

    My goal is to go from 18% BF to 9%BF

    Body weight - I don't really care about.  If I stay at 187 that's cool - If I go to 175 that's ok too.  I won;t be using the scale for my measuring stick - skin calipers for me.

    Hardbody:  You can't wish for it, you have to work for it!

  • PushThePace - I can empathize. Last challenge I got up at 3:45 AM most days to start my workout at 4:00, which was quite a stretch for me (up until then I'd gone to bed after 4:00 more often than I'd gotten up that early). Here are four things I did that seemed to help:

    • Going to bed earlier. My most common sleep schedule was about 11:00-5:30, so I started going to bed around 9:15. That way I could get the same amount of sleep. Unfortunately, this wasn't always possible, but whenever I could, I did.
    • Moved the alarm clock out of arm's reach. Now I had to get out of bed to turn it off or hit "snooze", making it more likely I'd stay up.
    • Before going to bed, I would look at the time on the clock for a second, then for 10 seconds or so I'd intensely focus on my intention to get up at 3:45. Several times I forgot to turn the alarm clock back on at my work apartment after the weekend, but this would still get me up within a minute or two of the desired time.
    • If I was unable to get to bed as early as I wanted, I'd drink a little extra water just before going to bed. I don't care how tired you are in the morning - when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. It takes a little practice to get a feel for how much water to drink (so you don't have to hit the bathroom at midnight), but it works.

  • I'm loving this.. it's not even day 5 and we're already at 4 pages of forum. Glad to see so many people hooked up.

    Today... was hard. No doubt. I think I may have hit a level 11 trying to finish my cardio- and I still ran less distance than on Tuesday. My quads were hurting so bad from yesterdays LBWO, but as they say- no pain, no gain! I'm supposed to help someone move tomorrow, I'm praying for strength because my arms are still sore from Monday! Some things I've learned so far:

    -Eating. I need to work on my schedule for it. I'm not really hungry when it comes time to eat, but I know that I'm eating the right things. I think I was trying to fit too many meals into my workday since my evenings are usually busy, but I'll be adjusting it to make sure each meal is three hours apart.

    -Workouts. For the first two, I realized about halfway through some exercises that I was lifting the wrong ways. I adjusted at the end, and it should help me to reach my tens for next time. Trial and error!

    -Sleep. SO important. I've been incredibly exhausted throughout this, but I know it's just the start. Once my muscles get some experience, I'm sure I'll feel that thrive of energy that everyone talks about but for now- I need my Zs!

    Two more things... one- I found an awesome recipe (accidentally) last night for BFL friendly chocolate mousse. A great last meal before bed. Mix 1/2 c. plain non-fat greek yogurt with a serving of EAS Whey Protein powder, and add just a splash of cold coffee. It was fluffy and delicious, and met all the requirements. Use decaf if caffeine gets you!

    Last- today's scripture! 1 John 5:4. "You have overcome the world, and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith." For those of us leaning on the Word to get through this, our faith is the most important part of this challenge. I am sold out to the fact that, at the end of 12 weeks, I will look like the image that I've seen in my head. Our faith is the victory- the key to succeeding in this. I challenge you to grow that faith, to exercise it more than any muscle in your body. Through the muscle of faith, victory will come!

    See you tomorrow, BFL218rs. Stay Strong!

  • Hello all,

    I also started on the same date and would like to join this group.  I did the challenge before but never completed the whole 12 weeks.

    This time will be different.

    I'm 5'7, 194, 25% fat.

    Goal is 175, 15% fat.

  • Hi there, I know I'm a few days behind you guys, but I feel like I need to find a group of people to keep on track with, keep motivated, and for sure be accountable to.. do you guys mind if I join in?

  • Hi pal_bonds

    I started last year and then stopped... I was at my 7th week and not seeing any real results on the scale, then I read somewhere that the 9th week is really the turning point for many individuals.. so I am determined to do this whole 12 weeks!!!!!

    Stats: 5'11"   185   26 BMI

    Goal: 147lbs with a body fat% of about 12 to 14 or BMI of about 18 or 19

  • Nurse Anna and pal_bonds - welcome aboard! Seeing your goals reminds me I haven't put my goals out here yet (at least not in that form), so:

    Starting condition: 5' 8", 234 lbs, just over 29% body fat, 42-3/4" waist

    Goal this challenge: 207 lbs, 20% body fat, 38-inch waist

    Goal for my birthday: 188 lbs, 12% body fat, 34-inch waist

    My birthday (half a century!) comes in late July, so not quite enough time for another complete challenge after this one. I use that as my deadline instead of the end of another challenge since I set a goal last December of "Fifty by 50" - lose 50 lbs of fat by my fiftieth birthday. I don't want to give up the nice mantra :-). 12% body fat would be my lowest ever measured; previous best was my sophomore year of college, when I was around 14% and in the best shape of my life (so far).

  • Welcome Anna.

    So finished the cardio work out today and felt pretty good. I did the eliptical. Man my thighs have been tight from the lower body work out yesterday. I tried rolling the sh*t out of them, but nothing really happened.

    Nutrition- So I've been using MyFitnessPal and my calories to lose 2# per week is 1635. However, I'm going to start aiming for roughly 1900-2000 daily. I'm a 25 year old male who is 5'10"-220# trying to get to 190ish. I weighed myself the other day and so far I'm down 6#, which is all water....I'm trying to focus on the week ahead of me and not 12 weeks down the road. Often my problem is starting to work out too much and not eat enough that I just stop because it isn't feasable. This time I'm going to follow this program to a T and see how it works.

    Hope everyone killed it today!

  • Thanks DF!

    Happy to be here and to stick with it this time. I tend to gain and lose water weight like crazy. One morning I'll be 180, then literally the next morning Im at 185, then the next 179, then back to 183, etc. It gets very confusing and annoying. I'll get super happy, then super depressed. I think I should probably hit the scale 1x/wk and keep the sodium to a minimum.

    My workouts are typically 2 3 times per week just doing english riding hunter/jumper.. but I obviously need to make a 6 day/wk habit of 45 - 60 min cardio with weights as well in there to see any change.. that and quit the popcorn at night. WTH?!

    going to the gym at 330 today.. let's see what I can stir up

  • Hey everyone, I've been invited to join you guys by mstickles. I started my journey 2/18 just like all of you and I've read every post here. This is the support I've been looking for. So thanks mstickles and thanks to you guys for sharing your thoughts.

    I really hope everyone continues to be driven to achieve their goals. I have to follow through with this. Failing is not an option. I just wish following the healthy eating plan was as easy for me as the workout sessions. I LOVE exercising hard everyday so I have that part down no problem....I need to get just as strong with my will to follow the diet. Time for my muscles show!

    Talk soon

    Dr. tbz  

  • My husband and I also started on the 18th! I've started before but stopped around week 8 just due to burnout. I think we need some support! The first time I did this, I dropped about 15 pounds in those 8 weeks. I hit a plateau around week 6 and couldn't get over it. I was tired and probably needed inspiration!

  • Welcome to all our newcomers!

    Today was Day 5, and even harder than 4. Don't get me wrong- I knew this wasn't going to be easy, but I told my wife after that I realized I really never knew what it meant to lift or work out before this program. No wonder it never worked for me, I was doing it all wrong.

    My entire upper body seems to be rendered useless, but I know it's because I did everything right. I hit all my tens, and pushed through on each and every one today. I am so thankful to this program already for teaching me the right ways to eat and work out!

    I took some measurements last night, since I couldn't wait because I already knew there were changes happening. I started HIIT last week, but didn't do any lifting or change my eating too much (I was already at 3 medium meals and two healthy snacks). But, I've already lost three pounds (which I'm confident is not water weight, I was already exercising regularly and eating right for about six weeks), and lost an inch around my waist. I'm thrilled to see results like that already.

    Tomorrow is the last day- then the free day. I must say, I'm not so much looking forward to the food freedom on Free Day, but the exercise. Every muscle in my body is tingling and aching, I'm looking forward to the day of rest then getting back into it fresh and rejuvenated!

    Today's scripture- II Corinthians 3:17- "... where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." I believe that this, for me, is freedom from being owned by my stomach. Being led by whatever food tasted good, or whenever I was bored or upset and decided to eat. I'm free from living to eat- from this day forward, I only eat to live!

  • Today was upper body for me.  Whew!  You know you've hit your 10s when you can't even lift your arms to shampoo your hair!  What a great feeling, though.  

    Interested to know how others are handling their meals?  I work away from home Monday through Friday, so I try to do all my cooking on Monday evening and then freeze my meals.  Anyone have other ideas?

    Thanks to those who are posting the scripture references.  Love the mantra "Eating to live not living to eat!"