Starting 2/18

  • I would love to join this group as well! Just signed up for the Challenge with 2/18 as my start date. I can't wait for this 12 week journey to begin. Please count me in!!!

  • I'm putting my hat in the ring.  I'm starting my 5th challenge tomorrow, would love to join a support team.  I joined a team during my first challenge and haven't done so since, would love to have that regular support network again!



  • I am starting tomorrow as well!!  Care if I join?

  • Also starting tomorrow and I'm in! I've got 45lbs to go. I had my fourth baby in August and can't use the, "I just had a baby" excuse anymore. I lost 20lbs of the inital 60 I wanted to lose, but moved states last week and have put back on 5 just by eating out since the house is chaos. I'm ready to be on track and back to myself.

  • This is great! A big group means lots of mutual encouragement.

    DomFruch - " Is everyone going to keep posting on this forum discussion section for the duration of the challenge?" -

    That's the idea. We share how things are going with ourselves, take encouragement from everyone else's successes, and encourage them when they're going through a tough spot. Some folks post more often than others, obviously (I usually post daily, some people in my last group only posted once or twice a week), but we all do what we can.

    Oh, and eleighton - certainly you can join in!

  • So, I've filled out eating and exercise plan for Day 1 as well as my dreams & goals for this challenge in my Body For Life Success Journal.  I even took before pics and taped them in my journal (I've never done that before, always afraid someone might see them) as well as all my measurements.  Feels like I'm all set ~ Yeah!

    Although, I just found out I have to travel overnight Friday & return home Saturday evening so I'm already stressing about that.  It's just so early in this to have that challenge (I'm not a good eater or exerciser when I travel)

    But, at least I have a few days to mentally prepare & plan for the weekend.

    Good luck tomorrow everyone!  I know you will all do great!


  • Welcome DomFruch, Beckerbrood, Texas Brez, eleighton and mettaforlife.

    jenfromoz - you are off to a great start - meal plan looks wonderful.  What part of the world are you from?  

    Weighed in at 187 pounds and 18% body fat.  Goal is to get to 9% BF and see those abs that I know I have.  I've got my meal plan in hand and will do the Lower Body workout at 11:00 today.  

    Remember there are only 18 Upper Body, 18 Lower Body and 36 Cardio workouts.  That's not very many - so make them all count.  If you are just getting started;  finding the right weight to match the reps can be tricky - give yourself a couple of workouts to zero in on the correct weight for the reps for that set.

    Good Luck to everyone today - congrats on beginning the journey - there are many that aren't brave enough to do what you have set out to do.

  • Morning everyone!

    Here in Western New York, it was a chilly start but I did the Upper Body today! Definitely have some tweaking for next time- only hit ten once but I guess I'm stronger than I thought I was. Just downed a protein shake and a banana, and got my lunch all set in the fridge. Most of my coworkers know what's going on and thankfully stopped inviting me to order out lunches, etc. They've been great.

    My arms and chest are still quivering, but it feels so good.

    I'm not using this as a preaching corner, but I am fully relying on Scripture to help me get through this challenge. I've tried time and time again on my own and failed. But, I'm going to start posting a 'Challenge Scripture' every day. Feel free to hook up with it. I know I need the power of the Word of God to get through this! Today's was: 1 John 4:4- "You are of God, little children, and greater is He Who is in you, than he who is in the world." I spent so long serving food, living for food and everything it did for me. No more! I'm living solely for Jesus inside me, and only eating to live. This challenge will change my life for the better!

    Looking forward to the next 83 days with you guys. We WILL see the changes we so desire!

  • Morning everyone! I weighed in this morning and am set to go. Looking forward to it and getting to know you all. Good luck!

    - Lori

  • Greetings fellow 2/18ers.  I am excited to be among you. Started today and I can tell I am going to be soar tomorrow.....


  • I am new to the forum and this is my first time with the Body for Life program.  I did all the necessary planning last week and have my Success Journal, planned my meals for the week, and completed by Upper Body workout for today.  I’d love to join your group if you’ll have me.

  • Day one was an exercise in "life happens". My cardio got cancelled when I tweaked my knee this morning (not serious, but I know from experience if I stress it with more than easy walking I'll be sorry). Then I messed up calculating today's meals, so when I corrected my math my fat calories were just over 30% of total (I shoot for 15-20%). Finally, I figured I'd get a core workout in tonight to partly make up for missing cardio, but my commute to my work apartment took five hours (normally it's just under four) so I have to choose between core workout, meal prep for tomorrow, or sleep as to which gets cut - not enough time to do all of them in full.

  • Hi all.

    Day two is almost done.  I have been struggling with motivation to work out but have been doing it.  I need to stop thinking about it and just go.  I have just done my 20 minutes of cardio and I almost lost my afternoon tea on the treadmill.  Definitely hit my 10!  

    mettaforlife - I had my second child *THREE YEARS AGO* and I still haven't lost those extra couple of kilos!  

    Jim746 - I didn't realise there were only 18 Upper Body, 18 Lower Body and 36 Cardio workouts.  That makes it easier for me to stay committed.   I'm in Canberra, Australia.  Quite hot here today!

    mstickles -  My fat calories are always around 30% but I can't give up avocado and eat a bit most days.  I still managed to do well last time, so I'm sure you will too.  Tomorrow is another day and sleep is very important in this process.  You can only do your best!

    I had to go out for lunch today but checked out the menu last night and planned for it, so I ended up having miso soup, edamame and a plain salad.  Steak and a baked spud with a dollop of greek yoghurt for dinner...mmmmmmm!

  • Good morning!

    Day two has arrived, and I've dominated the morning. Ran on the elliptical and pushed harder than I have before. I was dripping, but grinning from ear to ear.

    mstickles- It can be so discouraging for Day One to be tough, but don't let it get you down. I say anytime 'life happens,' we learn from it and get the upper hand on life next time.

    jenfromaz- I tried to think of some quirky metaphor for the motivation situation, but without my morning coffee I'm at a loss. Other than just to say good job on days one and two. Looks like, being on the other side of the world, you're set to finish this a day before the rest of us. There's your motivation!

    Challenge Scripture for today:

    Mark 11:23

    "For verily I say to you that whosoever should say unto this mountain, 'be thou removed and be cast into the sea,' and shall not doubt these things in his heart, he shall have whatsoever he saith."

    One thing I love about this program, and the reason I know it's going to work for me, is the power of words that Bill Phillips uses in his book and around the challenge as a whole. Our words truly, completely do have the power to frame our world. Every morning, I have a list of 'confessions,' or things I say, about my body and this program. If I have what I say- I want to be saying the right things!

    Best to everyone today. Tackle day two, and make it sorry it ever messed with you!

  • Day 2 workout is in the books.  Very hard to run with rubbery legs.  (I did the LBW yesterday)  You will see what I mean on Thursday.

    So far so good, just following the plan.  Next meal at 11:00 chicken with broccoli.  I hate broccoli, but am forcing myself to eat it so I can learn to like it.  

    Today is Day2 of building your dream body.  Keep working hard, stay focused and you WILL get there.  You may have to go through some rough days to get to those Dream Days, but it will be worth it!