Starting 2/18

  • Hello everybody!

    I'm excited to say that I'll be starting BFL on 2/18. It's my first challenge, and definitely much needed. I started at 305 last January, and I've been losing weight over the past year, nearly 60 pounds so far, but I want to kick these last 35 pounds out, and tone up. I'm getting a gym membership next week to get acquainted with the place and take the week to plan out all my meals etc., then going all out starting 2/18. Anyone want to team up on it?

    Looking forward to sharing the results in May!

  • Team-up it is. I'm starting the 18th also. This will be my second Challenge - I only made it 9 weeks into my first one before getting sidelined by serious tendinitis, but by then I had dropped 29 lbs of fat and put on 20 lbs of lean mass (OK, about 1/3 of that was probably water recovery - I was pretty dehydrated after the Lenten fast last year).

    This time around I'll be backing way off of the weights and increasing the cardio. I want to lose weight (not just fat) more quickly to take the strain off my structurally weak feet and ankles - I think the lean gains last time contributed to my tendinitis attack. I tried to start up again twice last year without a support group, and didn't make it more than three weeks either time, but the experiences did seem to show that pure cardio without weight training doesn't lead to lean mass losses for me. I'll be tracking that closely.

    I'm currently 234 lbs and 29% body fat. I've lost some but not all of the progress I made last time; I don't want to wait around until I lose the rest of it!

  • Sorry mstickles- didn't see this. Glad we're tackling this thing together- there's strength in numbers! I ordered some calipers to measure my body fat before I start, but I'm assuming it's going to be between 25%-30%. I've already started the HIIT cardio training, but had to wait the week for the supplements to come in. Some differences have already been noticeable, but I'm excited to actually start the program and go all out.

    We can do this!

  • Can I join you starting 2/18? I am new to this and will need your help!!

    I'm ready (I think :)

  • Hi - I'd love to join you all, if I may?

    I did around 8 weeks of the challenge 6 years ago and felt amazing.  A new gym is opening up near me, so it must be fate!   I've spent the day meal planning and organising my grocery list.  My husband is going to join in, too.  I have two little ones and I work, so I am preparing myself for 12 weeks of very early mornings (sigh).  Ultimately, we are doing this to regain our figures and to bring some self-discipline and routine back into our home life.  

    I would love to have some mates for support!  I'm currently 67kg (147 pounds) and I would like to get back down to 59kg (130 pounds) at least.  That's my happy, skinny jeans weight.

    Bye-bye wine, champagne and full-fat cheese.....

  • I'm thrilled to see this group growing already. I have spent the last two weeks psyching myself up for this. I believe that we've got to be fully convinced that this will work, and that we'll stick to it. I am ready for anything that's coming, no matter what, and I'm sure I'm going to finish this and come out a champion!

    Lori0h & jenfromoz- glad to have you guys on board. Let's knock this out of the park and let everybody know that the 2/18 group are the champions this year!

  • Is it too late to join your group?  I've been working out for about 6 months now but haven't been serious.  I think this challenge is just what I need (and a scheduled trip to Punta Cana in June) to get serious.  I read the book about a year ago, so I have a good understanding of the challenge,  I just need to get serious.

  • It's not the 18th yet- definitely not too late! Looking forward to having you on board, Jim746!

  • Super, thanks for having me.  Picture Day!  Taking pics and body measurements with calipers today.  Got to find a good website for the instructions for how to use the calipers.  Plan to read some of the book this evening, plan the first week of meals and then grocery shopping tomorrow.  I'm getting fired up - my goal is that in 84 days none of you will recognize me.  Oh wait, you don't recognize me now..., but you get what I mean.  Where is everyone starting on Monday?  Upper Body?  Lower Body?  Cardio?  I am so ready to get started.

  • Since there are 5 of us, does that make us The Fab Five?  






  • I just signed up to start on Monday, so sign me up for the group!

  • I would love to team up with you guys also!  I was going to start on the 17th but can put it off for one more day & start on the 18th.  I also work full time, am married and have 4 kids, so like everyone else I'm busy.  I've had a really hard time with my weight since childhood.  Currently, I have about 30-40  pounds to lose.  

    Looking forward to getting started, need lots of help & support from others that can understand & relate to my struggles.


  • Borrowed a friends Insanity workout disks.  I won't be trying that one just yet.  They named it correctly, cuz it's insane.  Ate fairly clean so far today even tho I didn't have to.  Cottage cheese and a peach for breakfast, oatmeal for mid morning snack (needed to add some protein somehow - have to work on that.)  Went to and searched for fitness motivation - found gobs of pics, sayings etc.  Downloaded a bunch of stuff and my 15 yo daughter made a collage and printed it out for me.  One for the bathroom mirror and one for the pantry.  I know tomorrow is the official start date - but it's game on right now for me!

    I see we got a couple new members to our group.   Guess we have moved right on up and became the Spectacular Seven.  Good luck to everyone - we can and we will do this!!!








  • I'm starting 2/18 as well. I still need to figure out how this website works, but I'm sure I will get a hang of it. Might just do the program without registering for the competition because I'm confused on how it all works. I've had the Body For Life book at my house for years and I'm finally going to give it a go. I have about 30# to lose. Is everyone going to keep posting on this forum discussion section for the duration of the challenge?

  • Good morning!

    Today is the day.  I weighed in at 146 pounds this morning.  Thought it might be nice to share our day 1 menu with each other, so here is mine:

    1 - Egg + egg white omelette with mushroom and baby spinach on 1 slice of rye toast, multivitamin.

    2 - Fat free vanilla yoghurt, low-fat cottage cheese and 1 peach

    3 - Tuna in springwater and tomato on 4 vita-weat crackers

    4 - 97% fat-free cheese with a banana

    5 - 1/2 serve Muscle Milk powder with skim milk (post cardio workout)

    6 - Teriyake salmon with sesame seeds, steamed asian greens and brown rice (leftovers will be lunch tomorrow)

    We can't buy a  lot of things those in the USA have access to, so I'll admit my menu will not be 100% approved.