• Where does alcohol fit into this?  Do I have to give all of it up or is there something I can have?

  • Technically you can have it on your free day.  I choose to give it up completely while on contest because it really does hinder results.  Be mindful.  Be moderate. 

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  • I indulge on a free day. I have it inserted by drip! Haha

  • If the bottle is calling your name, have a drink or two.  It's far better than crashing.  

  • "If the bottle is calling your name", then seek help.  Hey.  I like to drink sometimes.  It's relaxing for me to have a happy hour with friends or a bourbon nightcap.  And if you want it on free day, then go ahead.  I don't do it because it does inhibit progress with the whole metabolic hold up.  It's just that it's good to detox and take some time to reset your body.  Crazy free days ruin BFL Challenges.  Give yourself a 12 week refresh.  

    And remember, free day only.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Clare...You crack me up!  I think you and I would get along really well!  haha!!!

  • Where does alcohol fit into this?  Do I have to give all of it up or is there something I can have?

    It doesn't. All kidding aside, if you really want to lose weight, particularly in your stomach, you'll want to consider ditching alcohol during your weight loss program. During football season, I made Sunday my free day and would drink beer and eat bar food. I didn't lose as much weight as I did in the spring and summer (when I drank only occasionally). There is something about alcohol and slowing down the metabolism.

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • The basic biology behind this is that alcohol co-opts your liver. It is toxic, plain and simple, and your body cannot store alcohol so your liver has to process it, and it ends up doing that and almost nothing else, until it's out of your system. So if your liver is busy processing that alcohol, which can take 1-2 days, then your liver is at the same time passing up pretty much everything else you're consuming. You effectively malnourish yourself because it cannot process nutrients, your metabolism slows because it knows your liver is slow too, and therefore sugars/carbs/fats you eat will be converted more or less directly into fat because your system simply will be unable to burn it or use it for energy. It will also affect your blood glucose levels and can cause crashes and hyper/hypoglycemia.

    In addition, alcohol dehydrates you like crazy which I think most people know. Even one beer or glass of wine can dehydrate your system significantly, and it may take you a solid day or more to catch up and get your cells back to normal hydration levels. Being dehydrated will also cause your system to not work as expected and not produce good results.

    Like ElleBlue and Jessica say, it's not really worth it. I also enjoy indulging but for my Challenge I didn't have a single drop. And you know, it was okay. It saved me money, it saved me worry about driving, and it saved my system a lot of stress. In the long term I have significantly cut down on my alcohol consumption and it's made a significant and positive difference in my life.

  • That's right, MW Seahorse. It does save money, not to keep alcohol in the house. Sometimes going out can be tough, because alcohol and food that's bad for us is the main focus (or at least part of the main focus). The holidays were very tough for me, not just turning down alcohol, but the delicious foods and desserts. Glad I don't have any upcoming holidays until Memorial Day. :)

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • Awesome, thanks guys!  FREE day it is.  So far so good.  (ok, it is only 3 days in....)  :-)

  • ...but if you must drink, drink low or no carb (vodka and soda is perfect).  I count all calories and keep it net-zero since I am now in a weight maintenance mode.  Drink one water extra for every drink you take.  

    As Bill says, "You can't drink a six pack each night and expect this to work".

    I have been on the BFL program since 2008, and can confirm that it is possible to lose and drink on this program.  Everything in moderation.  I have maintained my target weight for over two years.  My weight is down 11%, BF down to single digits/low teens, cholesterol is down 40% to 122, yet I consume 22% of my calories from "simplex carbs".