12/31 Group Check-In - Wed, 1/30

  • Hi all! Been a while since I started the thread. How is everyone doing? I am doing well - can't believe we are in our 5th week. Workouts going well. I am finding that I don't get nearly as sore even though I am really pushing it with the weights. My clothes are getting looser. I did finally take measurements end of Wk. 4 so I can track better moving forward. I am not really craving sweets, candy. My eating isn't perfect but at least I am not turning to really bad things. A few wheat crackers is better than a pack of Twizzlers :) Today is LBWO and I have to do it later in the day as I have an early appt. today. Still doing cardio early a.m. - those mornings still feel tough to me but I am doing it and pushing myself. I can also hold my plank position 1 min. 20 seconds! Big improvement in a month.

    Tri, Loreia and everyone else - hope all is going well - please check in a post when you have time!

  • Hi, thought I'd stop lurking and start sharing.  I, my wife and our 2 daughters started our transformation journey with you all on the 31st and whilst I've been enjoying following the checkin threads I haven't been posting.

    For me, this is the first of what will be 4 to 5 challenges by the time I'm done - I have a long road to follow.  The first 4 weeks have been exciting though.  Personally, I'm refusing to buy into the scale and all my goals are based on measurements (doing them monthly).  Coming up to the end of week 4 I was sure I was going to see a nice change because I felt so much better and could feel my clothes hanging differently but was also a little scared thinking "what if the tape doesn't tell me what I hope it will".    Got my reward though - 4" off the waist and 1" each off chest, biceps and thighs.  The rest of the family (who have much shorter journeys ahead than me) also had very exciting measuring days.

    One of the things I've been working hardest on is visualisation.  I've been overweight all my life, and all that's varied is how out of control it was - so at the same time as visualising my 12 week goals I'm trying to build an image of what my final result will be and I've started to really build a mantra in my head that I thought I'd share:

    "I'm a sculptor building a masterpiece.  Day by day, workout by workout I am building a new me from the inside out and meal by meal I'm carving off the junk that doesn't belong from the outside in".

    Thankyou all for having the courage to share so far, I'm looking forward to reciprocating more.

    PS Have to say I hate Thursday on double LBO weeks - had to take my cardio minute by minute this morning I'd hammered myself so hard yesterday.

  • Hey Mark and 12/31'ers, it's been a few days since i have posted, too.  I am still going strong!!!  Sticking to the program 100%  Looking forward to week 8 (although this is only the mid/end of week 5) LOL.  Mark, i watched a really good documentary on Netflix called Hungry for Change.  Some of the things they talk about is a little extreme for me, but it is super interesting and very inspirational.  Check it out if you like those types of films.  Your comment about visualisation sparked my memory of that movie.  They talk about it and how it is important in weight loss goals!!

    Today was cardio - this is my double UBWO week.  =)     AND, i'm looking forward to Superbowl "FREEDAY" Sunday. LOL

    Everyone - Stay Strong!!!  

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  • Mark, thanks for joining in! Congratulations on your inches lost - that is AWESOME!! I too somewhat dread Cardio on the double LBWO weeks. It's tough. I may have to try some mantras for that...mental game as "this will refresh me! clear my head!" that type of thing and take the focus off the tired LB muscles.

    I will start a thread for us today. I love your Mantra! I am pleased I decided to read my goals daily. It is also a "mantra" for me. I put on jeans last night that used to be so uncomfortable and I went to dinner in them comfortably! I am also seeing changes in the mirror.

    Tri Tri great to hear from you and sounds like you are really on track!! I will definitely check out Hungry for Change. I'm not sure if you ever saw "Supersize Me" I think it's called. Where a guy eats nothing but fast food for a month. The documented BAD changes in his body's chemical makeup and actual organs (liver etc) was remarkable AND it was an entertaining movie. Make sure you watch the "Extras" at the end. Okay - up early today, off to start the tread for today/Sat!