First week of Body For Life and Insanity

  • Hey Mary!  Not sure if it will help your soda addiction but here is a bit of information that most of us don't think about.... When you drink soda the acids introduced into the mouth actually attack the teeth for twenty minutes each time you take a drink.  So if you take just one sip of dr pepper it will attack the enamel of your teeth for twenty minutes..... So stopping pop is the best way to protect your oral health as well as your overall health!  Be strong, Girl!  Way to go!

  • Thank you ElleBlue!

  • Thank you Cre8ing Smiles!

  • I am going to start a new thread for Lent...It will be my NO Excuses thread....everyone is welcome to join.  Here's a copy of the starting message.....

    Today is Ash Wed. For those that follow the different rules of Lent how about joining me and give up excuses for Lent. If you don't follow Lent you are still welcome to join  :)

    Think about all the things we can get done if we just do that one little thing.

    If you don't feel like working out it excuses allowed.

    If you want to justify why it's ok to have that french fry...don't have more excuses

    Don't like the way that healthy veg tastes? eat it more excuses!

    Lets get those counters cleared off, dishes washed, those clothes sitting in the laundry room that need to be put it! NO more excuses!

    Get that floor mopped, fill out those papers, get the last of the needed papers to file your taxes, no more excuses

    Lets get those things laying around the house resulting in endless clutter put in boxes and sell them on Craig's list or ebay or even donate them to a local more excuses

    what if you go to church but haven't had time to go on a long's time to return to your faith...NO more excuses!

    Are you in a bad toxic's time to do something about out help...go to whatever you have to to fix things or get out of the toxic relationship...if you are married...and you are not being hit...fix the relationship...if you are married and being hit...GET's time to leave! NO more excuses!

    If you are not married and you are in a bad relationship...GET OUT! You deserve better! No more excuses!

    Love matter what! No more excuses!

    Be the person you have always wanted to be! NO more excuses!

    Try it between now and Easter...see how No more excuses can change your life!

    Join me on this Lenten journey to find a better way of doing things and removing all excuses.

    I CAN do this and YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

  • Thank you ElleBlue!

  • 34 days closer to my healthy body!

    34 days closer to reaching my health goals!

    34 days I could have just done the same ole thing and gotten the same ole results!

    34 days I have taken my life by the horns and pushed and pulled and dug deeper than I ever thought I could.

    34 days!

    That's how many days I have completed in my workout program!

    Has my life improved...YES!

    this is a great workout and it's making me stronger and better than I thought possible.

    My pants are getting body is getting stronger...and my aches and pains...they are getting much better also.

    My neurophy isn't hurting as much. It still hurts to work out...but afterwards the pain is less then it was before working out...and each workout...I can tell the pain is less.

    I can do soooo much more each day pain free than I could dream being able to do 34 days ago.

    How much better can it get in the next 34 days?

    I don't know...but I do know...It WILL just keep getting better every day!

    I WILL get the healthy body I am working so hard to achieve. I will reach my dreams...and You CAN TOO!

    Lets get out there and move everyone! Don't let ANYTHING stop you! Get out there and just DO IT! :)

    AND real food! throw processed food in the trash and never buy it again :) you will save sooo much money in the long run...healthy people don't have as many medical bills!

  • thank you ElleBlue!!!!!

  • got an email that says I'm half through... I have gained a lot of muscles  :)  but not where I wanted to be at my half way point so I am going to tweak my diet and movement and see how I can improve over the next 6 weeks :)

    Still working with Insanity but have lowered it down to low impact.  

    It's not easy eating right and getting healthy...but it's very worth it!!!!

  • Insanity day 45...DID IT! I did not feel like working out today....just didn't feel like it....I almost skipped my workout...but my amazing friend Cassie PMed me and asked how my workout went today....I felt bad not having already I did my workout. :) THANK YOU Cassie for giving me the kick in the bottom I needed to get going!

    Today I took a plank challenge....the challenge was to stay in plank for 2 minutes....I made it 1 minute 11 seconds....How long can you stay in plank?

    I have soooo far to go....I'm thinking when I'm finished the 60 days of insanity I'll do more of the weight lifting and keep zumba for my cardio

  • I am soooo much stronger now compared to just a short 59 days ago :)   So glad I decided to take my health in my own hands and get fit :)  Yeah ME!!!!