First week of Body For Life and Insanity

  • Tuesday.....finished day 2.....was it hard....YES!  Did I do it......YES!   I am so proud of me!! :)

    I just finished my 2nd day of the insanity workout.

    It was hard....very very hard but I pushed through.  there were many moves I had to change up a bit to get my over 200 pound body to be able to do the moves but I did it.  I keep moving it made it through!  :)

    The time was almost at 5 min. left and I wanted to stop soooo bad I had tears in my eyes....but I didn't stop...boy was I very very happy when 2 min later it was the final cooldown time and I know I had made it through.  yea me!!!!!

    right now my hands feel like little elect bolts are being sent through them due to my peripheral neuropathy  but I know that it will be fine.  My doc and I talked about it and if I don't move around a lot and do a lot there is no pain....but to lose the weight I have to move so I made the choice to deal with the hand and foot pain and move to get back in shape.  Once I am at a healthy weight I will decide with the help of my bodymedia fit band how much movement it will take to keep the weight off.  I know my hands will not hurt much then so till them I will just push through.  :)  My doc says being more healthy and at a lower weight could actually end up helping the peripheral neuropathy.  

    So I'm off to a nice cool shower and thanking God for giving me what it took to get through today's workout and looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.  :)

    It's very upsetting to me when I am trying to starch but can't do the move due to my very very large belly that keeps getting in the way.....gonna work sooooo hard to get my belly back to where it was 12 years ago when I was in great shape :)  and you know what.......I CAN do this!

  • day 3 insanity workout complete...  YEAH ME!  If my 200++ pound body can get out there and do this anyone can.  Come on people no excuses get out there and get it done!  Now off for some more helps keep the soreness away  :)

    I'm thinking eas myoplex carb control ready to drink chocolate will go nicely with my stretches :)

  • Good job, keep it up!  Just joined today.  Did it once before a few years ago, and lost 25 pounds and dropped BF 6%, so here I am again

  • So exactly what are you guys doing to mix Body for Life with Insanity?  Are you doing Insanity for the cardio days of BFL?  Just wondering how you're intertwining these two programs.

  • Mary, that is great! I hope the pain from the peripheral neuropathy doesn't stay intense for long. I'm glad you're doing this program and I can tell you, it does get easier. I started at 185 and lost 35 lbs. I keep a pair of "skinny" jeans hung on the back of my door on a door hook. I made a vision board with pictures of girls with a body that I would like to have. I use all kinds of encouragement tricks to get myself to the gym.

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  • Way to go bethmhardy!  Thank you!  You can do it again :)  You did it once and I know you can do it again.  :)

    Ag12thman....I have a ton of fat to lose and my PC doc loves the body for life program but feels due to my very large size it would be best for me to have at least 30 minutes of cardio 6 days per week.  So I am following the workout plans in the Body for Life or women but adding the Insanity program in on top of everything else.  I listen to my body and if a new pain comes up (not just being sore but an actually hurt that isn't relatied to my normal stuff )  I am to slow down and check in with my doc.  

    I also keep track of my calories not just my foods and using my bodymedia fit band to make sure I am in the limits my doc said is best for me and I'm not over or under eating for the amount of activity I am getting.

    Thank you Elle Blue!  Way to go on the 35lbs!  Great idea on the 'skinny' jeans!  I have a swimsuit on the frig door.  :)   The pain is getting better :)  There are moves I can still not do the way they are done in the books and DVDs but I am getting better.  I find while doing things around the house I am already able to handle more movement and things than I was a few weeks ago :)  Makes me soooo happy!  

    I've made it through day 9 :)  and it's only a matter of time till I will make it all the way to a fitter me :)  Oh yea!  Did I mention I lost 4 inches from my waist?! Yeah me!  :)

  • Glad your healing and movement is getting easier. Yeah the swimsuit is good inspiration too. Maybe I should try that. I could buy a teeny bikini and hang it somewhere I can see it everyday. LOL!

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • :)  It drives my kids crazy having a swimsuit bottom on the frig....but it keeps me from taking hold of that handle and opening it when it's not time to fix a meal.  :)  I have another one next to the calendar where I plan all the activities each remind me to make time to workout and fix healthy meals first...then I put everything else in around the 'time to get healthy' time.

  • Measurement day.....I now have less fat and more muscle :)  120.9 pounds of muscle and 101.3 pounds of fat.  It sure is nice not having more fat than muscle like I did just a month ago.  :)  I know by next weekend I'll have my body fat below 100 pounds :)  Yeah Me!  I can feel all these massive muscles under my fat just begging to be let out of their toxic cage.  It just makes me push harder and harder as the only way to free my muscles is eating right and massive cardio :)  The harder I work the faster my muscles will be free :)   Oh yeah....and day 12 insanity....I DID IT!  I'm doing my dance!  I made it through a dozen days and I'm still going!  Yeah ME!

    Once I am finished with my 12 weeks I'm going to have a ton of muscle at the rate it's building on my body.  I am gonna be looking totally fab like I was in my 20's.  :)

  • So I have been eating the BFL way and doing the Insanity program now for over 2 weeks.  I have stopped lifting weights as My muscle mass have reached 120+ pounds.  I don't want to build much more muscle that than so I am just doing cardio to get all the fat off the amazing muscles I have under this huge toxic layer of blubber.

    Today's insanity workout was the fit test to see how far you have come since I started the program

    This morning's workout....

    warmed up doing the cardio abs

    then on the to fit test.

    I am very happy with my results!

    I improved in everything.

    Power jacks are my best thing

    but most proud of myself for my improvement in my low plank obliques.

    Here's my results:

    According to my super cool armband the first time I did the fit test I got

    3 minutes of vigorous activity

    9 minutes of vigorous activity during the test this time :)

    Switch Kicks- was 44 Now 57

    Power Jacks-was 26 Now 33

    Power Knees-was 75 Now 105

    Power Jumps-was 14 Now 24

    Globe Jumps- was  6 Now 7

    Suicide Jumps-was  9 Now 12.5 (was half way through one when time ended)

    Push-up Jacks-was 0 Now .25  I was able to get into plank correctly and lower down about half way so I'm giving myself a .25 on this one...better than last time still not a full down 3 inches from the mat

    Low Plank Oblique-was 6 Now 37

    My weight has dropped below 220! Is at 219 but it's still below 220 :) I now don't have 100 + pounds to lose...I don't even have 100 pounds left to lose.  YEAH ME!

    Keep digging everyone!  Remember if this old fat gal can do it SO CAN YOU!!!!

    No excuses!  Lets DO this!

  • Way to go Mary! Wow you are really making things happen for yourself.  I have been trying to get started with BFL for a couple of weeks.... But it's official I put my embarrassment aside and had my husband take my before pics.  Talk about motivation!  We have been getting to the gym and I am working on our meal plan.  I have seen the infomercial for Insanity and have the opportunity to borrow it. Anyway, just wanted to say Great Job!  Keep up the good work!  

  • Thank you Cre8ing Smiles!

    Way to go on getting started!  Sometimes I think that is the hardest part! Once we get started as long as we don't stop we will get to the just keep plugging and you will reach your goal!

    when you borrow  the copy if you would like to join the free  facebook support group I am in just let me know and we can get connected on facebook :)

  • Food's NO laughing matter!

    If you have never had a food addiction or an addiction to anything you will sooo totally not get what I'm about to say.....I have a big problem with dr pepper...not any soda...just dr pepper. I haven't had any in a while but sometimes I just really really want one. This morning I was out my implant...then stopped at target to get bananas....really really really wanted to have a dr pepper.....My daughter was with me and kept saying, "No MOM! NO!" You don't want would rather be healthy!" It was really really really hard but I didn't get the dr pepper...but what I did do was when I got to the car I cried a LOT because I really really really wanted that dr pepper but I know it's just not good for me. It's very very hard having any addiction and trying to break it...having an addiction to food is no's hard very hard...but if you really really try super hard and keep pushing can win any addiction. :) I kicked my smoking I know I can win my battle with food!

  • On a much brighter note....I totally rocked day 16 Insanity!

    had my hubby set an alarm and he woke me up super early...I was sooooo sleepy! But I got me some water...pushed play and worked didn't take long to wake up :)

    Super happy with myself for getting it finished before having to be at the doctors office early this morning. I asked my doc to be very specific as to just what I am limited to over the next 3 days rather than (don't work out your lower body) he said no working out the glutes everything else is fine.

    SO anyone have ideas on things I can do to get in some cardio that doesn't involve the glutes?

  • Good job, Mary and Cre8ing Smiles! Mary, that's great your daughter is cheering you on and talking you out of drinking soda.

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