Started my program.

  • Started my 12 week program today and see if this program works as I am sceptical of these before and after pics.  I'll just train hard eat well and plenty of sleep.  

  • Hello,

    Congratulations on starting. I will be starting my plan on 2/11/13.  Are you following the book for workouts, meals etc?  I am starting my program late because I want to get all of my supplements/workout routines together.  How is yours going so far?

  • Hello

    So how's it going on your first week?   Yes I'm following the book for workouts and diet.  I'm on my second week now. It's going well so far.

  • Toffeeman? giggle,  Maybe ex toffeeman now?  Keep up exercise and diet and you will see amazing results.

  • Toffee -

    You were hesitant looking at some results from other programs.  Nonetheless, you started your own program, GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!

    It's been a few weeks now, how are you doing?


  • Hi Brez

    I'm doing fine thanks and finished my third week on BFL.  I'm doing ok and tomorrow is weigh day but I feel as though I'm losing fat.

  • Toffee -

    Good on you.  Keep us in the loop, plenty of support here among the forums.