Starting on 1/28.2013 Cant wait!!!

  • Day 4 cardio is done........  It was a lot harder after working legs yesterday!  

  • I agree with j_gilmer1979. My hamstrings are yelling at me.  Hope next weeks Monday legs workout goes a little better

  • Workout 5 is done!  I was already stronger on a few of my exercises.  I used to do upper body 3 times a week and think I wasn't getting enough rest.  The extra rest plus eating right seems to be working.  If I can tell this much difference in a few days I can't wait to see how much stronger I'll be when I get to week 12!  How's everyone else doing so far?  

  • Week 1 done and ready for week 2.  I know to stay off the scales this early but I have not.  I lost a couple of lbs and inches week one.  This might be just water weight, but that's OK.  I am ready to hit it hard this week.

  • Had a great LBWO today.  Last week I was sore by dinner and it lasted for days.  Today I feel great

    Hope everyone is doing well.  Let me know.

  • This has been a rough week for me.  I got flu symptoms on Sunday afternoon.  I got my lower body workout done Monday morning and have pretty much been in bed every since then.  I was finaly able to come back to work today, and I really want to try to get a workout done tonight, but I can barely breathe.  I've stuck with the diet though!  Hopefully this will end soon....

  • Keep going.  We are not looking for 100% perfection on the program.  No one can do that.  What makes the difference is what you have already accomplished.  You were able to stick to the diet when things got hard.  That is how you win. You rock  keep up the great work.  Now kick the exercise back in.

  • I was able to get back in gear this morning........  Still not feeling 100%, but got my UBWO done!  Still feeling way off balance.  Guess I have fluid in my ears or something.  Hopefully that'll get better before I have to run in the morning!  

  • Anyone else from our group still here!?!?!?

  • Awesome UBWO this morning at 5:30am.  I know its a great workout when I'm sore before I ever leave the gym.  My clothes are getting very loose so I'm going to have to dig some smaller ones out of the closet.