Starting on 1/28.2013 Cant wait!!!

  • I did the challenge about 10 years ago.  It was amazing.  I ended up losing about 40lbs and felt and looked better than I ever have.  I stopped working out about 5 years ago after 2 beautiful kids came into the world.  I have packed on the weight again and I am so ready to get back into shape.  I have looked into all the new workouts.  They seem good but the results I got in 3 months on Body for Life were unbelievable.  I know this plan works if you work it.  Monday I am kicking things off.  Any support is appreciated.  It has been a while. I need all I can get!!!! 

  • I'm also starting tomorrow, never tried the challenge before. Good Luck! It probably seems a lot more complicated than it is. Am I right?

  • Good luck! I am in the group that started 1-21, but feel free to stop in, we have a kick-butt group and they are super positive and motivating.  

    BritoFred: it is not complicated at all. It's as simple as the workout, the 6 meals per day and a positive outlook.  

    I suggest checking out the book if you can, if not here's a great website that discusses the program and other basic nutritional and physical facts that might be helpful . The guy who maintains that website, has all the info there for free, just as Bill Phillips does.  He may be a former BFL'er I'm not sure, but he has a wealth of knowledge.

    Good luck to you both :)


  • I am in.  I started the challenge about seven years ago and moved half way into the challenge.   I cancelled my gym membership and never really tried again.  Why?  I have no idea.  It was easy and it really worked.  Ok easy may not be the right words, but I got results and worked out less.  I just worked out harder when I did work out.

    I look forward to the challenge and offering any support I can.

  • I'm starting again tomorrow also. Did the program about 10 years ago, lost about 30 pounds and was very pleased. After I got lazy and quit the program I gained back about 70 pounds. I have multiple reasons for doing it this time and am so determined my husband is amazed already. Took my before pics this morning (YUK) and now I'm doubly determined!! The mirror was bad, pics were worse. Going to the market to get the missing ingredients for week 1 food and have already gotten rid of the "tempters". I remember week one was the hardest with sore muscles etc, but am willing to work through it for the wonderful results I know will be at the far side of the tunnel.

  • My husband and I are starting tomorrow too!  We have a 7am gym date, and I've just finished doing a meal plan.  He did it years ago, but it's a first for me.  Took the before photos yesterday, that was humbling.  I'm reading the book now, looking at the before and afters, and am totally inspired.  Here's to all of us!  What a great decision.  Let's cheer each other on.

  • Hello all-

      I am a starter and not a finisher. I am officially starting today also. I have 20 pounds to lose and just want to feel better and reach my potential. No excuses. My DREAM POSTER is up and photos are taken. Meals are planned and on my way to the gym by 5:15 before work.

    Hope to have an awesome journey together.

    Hi Skippy,Carolmcq, Val and anyone else who is ready to look and feel fabulous Mid April.

    Whoo hho.


  • I started this morning at 5:30am!!  I normally work out in the afternoons, but I feel like it will be better to get this done first thing in the morning since afternoon workouts tend to get ruined a couple of times per week by other activities.  

  • Hello All

    I am going to start today, unlike the rest of you I am highly dis-organised and have not prepped anything yet.

    I asm going to be brave and add pictures tonight to motivate myself and I am also adding comments to my blog to try and keep a record of how I get on.

    Good look everyone 

  • How's everyone's workouts and diets going so far?  My workouts have been fine, but they just feel really short! I ate my 6 meals yesterday.  It was weird for me because I normally stay under 20g carbs per day while trying to shed fat, and do cardio for an hour after weight training 4 days a week.  Yesterday was strange eating fruit and potatos with my protein, but I'm going to do it.  Gotta have faith in the program I guess.

  • I am muddling my way though my second day, have decided it start this yesterday lunch time I am playing catch. I did power walk up the hill from the train station yesterday even though is was chucking it down.

    I am now trying working my eat plan and fitting it around my long working day

    All the best

  • My cousin and sister and I started yesterday as well.  I've done and completed a few challenges.  This time we are keeping a blog to support each other.  You are welcome to gain support from us there.  Good luck to you all!  BFL really works!

  • You can do's all about small decisions and staying focused.  I've had a lot of success with bfl and have completed 3 challenges.  Best of luck to's totally worth it!

  • I have already had challenges.  Day one was smooth.  Day 2 not so much. I went to work an hour early, had meetings all day including at lunch, then had a 3 hour dinner meeting.  Usually I would have skipped the workout and given into eating something bad.  I did neither.  

    Day 3 workout was sluggish, but I feel great because usually I would have used the I am too tired from yesterday excuse to skip today's workout.  Day 3 workout done.

    I am just taking one day at a time and moving forward

  • Day 3 workout is in the books.  I havent worked my legs like that since I was in high school, and that's been 15 years ago!!