• My work place is going to start this challenge I guess Feb.4 for us. I am planning on taking on the challenge,but lost as to how it work. 

      I work a 2 week rotating 12 hrs night shift sheduale and onmy days off I ldrive back 40 mins back to where I live. I really not a grand cook ethier so that there seems too be my main prob. 

     Can you give me advise or point me to the right area SO ican get more info. Thx in advance

  • Hi Vestarr,

    Have you read the Body for Life book?  It really is a must-do before starting your challenge.  It explains what types of foods you should eat and the main exercises you should do (along with HOW to do them according to BFL).  You should be able to find the book in your library or at a bookstore/online for purchase (I bought mine used for $.01 and then paid about $6.00 for shipping - not bad!).

    It sounds like you'll have to do a lot of planning to accommodate your work schedule, but you can do it!  It sounds like you'll probably get quite a bit of support from your workplace if they're initiating the challenge.  Good luck on your challenge! :)