want to lose weight (fat) and gain muscle tone...questions

  • Hi all

    I am just getting started and have a question. If I want to lose body fat, but also gain muscle, should I increase my cardio AND resistance training? Or do they cancel each other out? Would I lose fat faster by doing more cardio? I just started the challenge, but have been going to the gym for 3 months now. I notice my body is stronger, (I can lift and move heavier things and I have much more energy) but I have not lost any weight and my body does not look different. I am eating less fat, less carbs, and more vegetables. I am also drinking LOTS of water to keep me full because I feel like I am so hungry, especially after a workout. I am going to the gym 4-5 days a week. I figured I would start the challenge (recommended by a co-worker) to help me. Thanks!

  • Hey, I'm in week four of my first challenge.  I've asked the same questions and have done a pretty fair amount of research on this very topic.  Everyone (and everything I have read) says "stick with the program as it is written."  I am not going to tweak anything, but stick with it and give it 100%.  Check out the one page post/blog here... www.hussmanfitness.org/.../TPBodyforLife.html        this may shed some light on the topic for you.  Good luck and keep cruising these posts for similar questions and responses.  Stick with the program as it was intended.

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  • wow thanks! Very informative! I think I need to add more protein to my diet.  I eat very little meat but I do munch on nuts and beans a lot. (good fat or bad fat?) I do like Turkey though. Thank again!

  • You owe it to yourself on a first challenge to really go by the book.  Save tweaks for future challenges.  You need muscle to burn fat and too much cardio puts you at risk of burning off that muscle you are building.  Bill Phillips did his research and really laid out a great plan which allows your body a break from cardio as well as weights.  If you lift as heavy as you can, with good form 4x per week, and hit your 10's on cardio 3x per week, and keep your diet squeaky clean (this is the most important) then I am positive you will see the changes you are wanting to see.  Good luck!!

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  • I think it's important to note that in addition to following the book, make sure you are pushing yourself within the limits of the book. For example, for cardio, your level 9 should be a true level 9. In other words, you could run another minute (a 10) if you had to, but I almost make my 9's feel like a 10 until the last cycle....also push yourself week by week as you get stronger. For example, weeks 1-3, I walked my level 6...now, I jog it! For strength training, you should not be able to eek out another rep at the end of each set. You should be increasing weights gradually. Example: I did walking lunges starting with 8 lb. dumbbells for first set. Now, my first set I start with 10's. I don't even use the 8's anymore. Your body needs to be PUSHED to change. It needs to be uncomfortable. As you build more muscle, you will naturally burn more fat, and that's where the change happens. Since cardio is only 20 mins, I give it my ALL. The only thing I add to my cardio is a 5 minute cool down walk. Also make sure you are using your free day. Doesn't mean you have to go crazy, but it resets your metabolism so your body doesn't go into a mode where it thinks it is being deprived.

    On strength training days, I make a high protein shake for breakfast. I drink HALF before my strength workout. Then I work out, and when I am done, I drink the OTHER half. It's important to fuel those muscles with protein post-strength training. Try that and see if it helps with the hunger. Also, you shouldn't be starving! Make sure you are eating ENOUGH. I think you can call the BFL customer service people for help with this. Good luck!