"TEAM 01.21.2013" Day 3 Check in

  • Hi All:

    Sorry for the late post today.  Got sidetracked with some family stuff.  Reading through everyone's posts in inspiring.  It looks like everyone has gotten off on the right foot.  I think it's important (at least for me) to not only plan my workout but also when.  If I don't plan, I may not do it.  Yesterday time got away from me and I ended up doing my cardio at 730p at the gym.  Not my ideal but I got it done.

    Welcome to our couple of new people: divadivine114 (kat, don't know if I said hi before, sorry for slacking:), and Steve2013 (thank you for your service)

    Today is an LBWO (lower body workout) for me.  I hope I don't push too much.  I was a heavy lifter in college on scholarship for throwing shotput.  I loved working out my legs.  Over the years I have not lost that college thinking and have injured myself.  Want to just have a nice easy, challenging leg workout today.

    I think leaving the forum here is the best for me, instead of facebook.  It's here that we have all the resources and community for support.  Just my thought.  In terms of setting up help starting threads, could 4 people volunteer to take a day to start the thread? I'll take Mondays, other people be assigned Tuesday-Friday.  We can do Saturday and Sunday but they may be slow days.  it's just an idea.  i'll start them through Day 8 and beyond if we need it, but I think there may be others that are willing to help.

    QOTD: How are you drinking enough water?

    Have a great Day 3!  Ill check in later.

  • Hi Eric - Hope you had a great LBWO today and didn't push too much.  Today is cardio for me, so I will be throwing in a DVD at home tonight after my little guy goes to bed.  

    Today I was at the bookstore and came across a 12 week fitplan log book.  It's great...has entries for your workout activities, energy level, mood, water intake, hours of sleep and rating on a scale of 1-10 how you feel.  Also has a spot to record all your meals for the day, and an evaluation to fill out for the end of the week.  I just thought it was great to be able to have a little journal to log this challenge.

    I'd be willing to help start the thread if you'd like.  I can take Thursdays?

    To answer your QOTD:  I find it so hard sometimes to drink water.  I try to have a glass as soon as I wake up in the morning, and I always carry it with me, it's just remembering to drink it...lol  I find myself drinking a lot during workouts, so thinking I really need to up that water during the day.  I do eat a lot of fruit and veggies with a high water content so that does count a bit at getting water in right? ;)

    Hope everyone's having a great Day 3!!!  


  • Hi Eric - no worries I just jumped in haha :) I'm willing to start a new thread every Tuesday, however am also wondering if doing it daily may be confusing for some of the group. I noticed that people are still posting in the original thread - and also the postings are dwindling down a bit. Maybe starting a new thread on here each week may be more effective??? That way the people that only check in every couple days can be in the loop on all the Teams activity for the week, and then won't be an extra daily task also. As far as the water, I've been filling up water bottles equivalent to my daily needed intake and just keep them with me til theyr gone... so weird that we have to consciously plan and choose to do something as simple as drinking water! lol

    And Lisa - that's awesome that you are journaling and recording all of that info! Not only does it really help in executing your plans, it is also a great tool to start noticing trends in what does and doesn't work for you! Good job girlfriend ;)

    It's only day three and I already had to force my butt into the gym today - I think the hardest part is just getting there! Have a great Wednesday ALL

    xo Kat

  • Thanks for taking this on Eric. It's appreciated. If I had some time to commit, I would volunteer, but I'd rather see if others are interested first, otherwise I can help here and there :) Thank you!

    So, re: the water QOTD... Just as with planning my meals and workouots, I have been stashing water in random places. I have a case that travels with me in my vehicle because my job has me in my truck, a lot throughout the day.  Then I have a few in my gym bag, purse, office etc.  The hard part is taking time out to drink it and then... taking time out to eat.  

    This challenge is really going to force me to work on the "me" time factor in my life - of which I am noticing is very, very lacking.  

    Speaking of that... the realization of how little time this actually takes to increase our sense of wellbeing and how much I have let my job, education and daily stresses monopolize my time has me feeling a little cranky today. lol.  How is everyone else's attitudes holding up?

  • Whew! Doing cardio at a 9 and 10 intensity wiped me out! I was only able to go 15 of the twenty minutes ;)

  • Thanks Lisa, I did have a good workout today, and I think journaling is a great idea.  I start to and it lasts about three days and then....nothing. :)

    Kat - I think you are right that it gets confusing if we have different threads.  We should just go back to the original post and have people keep adding onto that one.  That way all the information is in one thread and people can check in when they have time and we won't "lose" anyone.

    Hope everyone else had a great DAY 3.

    Lets go back and post on the original Starting 01212013 post.  I won't start anymore and we can grow that one and have a great library of posts and information.  I don't want to lose anyone or make more work than what we are already doing.