"TEAM 01212013" Day 2 Check in.....

  • Hi Everyone:

    Well, "The TEAM" has certainly grown.  WELCOME EVERYONE to the journey.  I love the encouragement everyone is giving each other.  WE CAN DO THIS!

    Since the group is so large I will try to make daily check in threads.  If anyone wants to help, I would appreciate it.  Its everyone's group.

    Yesterday was a good day for me.  Ate my meals, drank my water, and did upper body workout.  Woke up with a headache today but made my meals for the day and am planning my cardio for this afternoon.

    Question of the Day: When do you plan your workouts?  I saw several people post that they are working out at 5am.  I get up then but it will be interesting trying to work out then.

    Hope everyone has a great day.  Please check in and let us know how you are doing.


  • I have my meals planned out for the day and have already had my breakfast and mid-morning snack. Planning on hitting the gym after work!

    As far as time of workouts, I always work out after work. I wake up for work at 4:45 every day to be at work by 6:30, and don't want to get up any earlier! I usually leave work around 3:30 or 4, so if I go to the gym right after work I get there before most of the "after work gym crew." I usually workout in the mornings on the weekends since I don't have to work.


  • Good Morning - Sure I can help with keeping the threads updated (How do I do it??? :)

    As far as work-out times, I remember reading that we reap the most benefit from early morning work-outs (mainly Cardio!) prior to eating, because we are burning calories from the body's fat stores vs. calories from foods we just ate...

    However, from my own experience with anything new that I do - I need to plan according to my own psycological and physical nature, at least initially, for it to become a solid habit. So start paying attention to your mental and physical states throughout the day and you will find your own internal clock of when you are more alert and have the most energy - that way your workouts will be explosive!

    Finding what works for YOU, and keeping it simple will keep you on this journey for the long haul :) Have a great rest of your day Team 01212013!!!


  • Hi,

    Great post, Kat. I agree that it's wise to initiate change over time in accordance with how you feel.

    My upper-body workout yesterday gave me a sense of what my baseline is. I suspect today and tomorrow will be similar and then beginning Thursday I can start comparing with the previous set of exercises. It'll be nice when I won't have to pay such close attention to the specifics of form and jotting everything down right after each set.

    Glad to hear from everyone who feels like posting in the group.


  • My workouts are planned all over the place.  I'm a single mom of a 2 year old, so unless I have help my schedule is around his.  I have made arrangements though for him to stay a little later at his father's house on Tues/Thurs and Saturdays if he is with me then he comes to the gym with me.  So I chose Tue/Thurs after work and Sat mornings as weight training days.  Cardio I usually have no problem fitting into my schedule most days.  I've been finding myself popping in a DVD after he goes to bed if I need to, to get that in.  If I could choose my workout schedule though, it would be between 9-10am.  I have the most energy from 8-3.  A B-12 vitamin around 3pm has done a lot to help me with my energy slag though.

  • Hello all and happy day 2! 

    Day 1 went really well for me.  I had a plan for the day and I stuck with it.  YAY me!  I struggle to get enough water in during the day and will need to get better about that.  I am using the Success Journal and love it.  I benefit a lot from the planning and daily reflection.  It helps to see my goals and dreams written down each day as well.  My vision board turned out awesome and it inspires me too.

    As for working out - I definitely prefer to get my workouts in early.  However, I am on an international project and I am the person that lives furthest to the west.  So, many days, I start with 4:30am conference calls which doesn't leave time prior to that to workout.  I am trying to find a way to get the cardio in before breakfast but that doesn't always happen.  Today it was lunchtime HIIT session on my stairclimber at home (which kicked my butt)!!!!  I have the luxury of working from home right now which helps make up for the 4:30am and 10:00pm meetings.  I just need to be disciplined with taking a few hours in the middle of the day to hit the gym instead of continually putting in 15+ hour days.  2:00-4:00pm work best with my schedule because Europe and Asia aren't at work during that time.  That just so happens to be my WORST time of day.  I'm just going to have to adapt and get used to it :-)  Suggestions for a mid-afternoon energy boost?

    Eric - thank you for posting new threads for us!  Would a facebook group be a better option?  I don't know if everyone is on facebook or not but that might be easier to maintain.  Just a thought...

    Something to keep in mind - have an amazing BFL day!!!


  • Hi Sharon:

    Making a facebook group is what several groups have done.  I'd be willing to do that if everyone has facebook.  We could keep one thread here like the "coffee group" for everyone.

    Good idea Sharon.

    Going to do my cardio:)

  • Hi all! Sounds like we're having good days so far. I also have issues with all the water, but it's the key to success so I am working on getting it all in!

    Re: Workout Times, I personally am up at 5am, at the gym by 6am and it works great for me.  My days start at 8 and end .... sometimes never. :) So I have to do it early, or it might not happen.

    I also have to "pack" my meals for the day and transport in my vehicle, which is fine, but this challenge is also teaching me that I NEED to take time out for myself so that I can take in food! That's a new experience for me.

    PS. I'm also open to a facebook page. But I kind of like this too.  

    Happy Day Two and Congrats on the Successes so far :))))

  • Hope you don't mind a late-comer - I started the 21st, but hadn't poked around in the forums until today.

    My biggest challenge is going to be meals. I'm currently deployed, so my food options are essentially limited to whatever they happen to be serving that day. There is usually at least one decent choice, but not always. I'm waiting on some shakes and bars to arrive (thank you, Amazon!), and in the meantime, I'm trying to keep hard boiled eggs and yogurt on hand as much as possible.

    Had a good upper-body workout day one, and cardio that almost did me in yesterday. I'm working the overnight shift, about 6:00 PM to 7:00 AM, so I've been doing my workouts after work. Normally, I prefer working out before work, but I use the a small gym in the building I work in, and there's no shower. This way, I head back to my room after the workout and shower before going to sleep.

    Thanks for starting this group, and I'm fine either here or on Facebook.


  • Hi Steve. Welcome.

    Have you checked into Chobani, plain yogurt? Its a good source of protein and I spice it up with a little frozen (unsweetened) blueberries. Its a good, quick meal option. Not sure what your choices are, but wanted to share.

    Question: what shakes are you using?

    Happy Day Three tomorrow!


  • I had a good day with the workout, though I had to fit it in after work around 7-ish.  I prefer to try to get my weight workouts done during lunch hour since the working hours are sooooo long in the postion I'm filling right now.  Leaves me with very little time before or after work to get a workout in plus all the other things that life requires we do every day. ;-)  However, for cardio I definitely prefer morning before I feel weighed down from eating.  

    My eating was a bust though.  I mean, WHAT I ate was on plan, but I only got in 3 small meals.  Just didn't have time to get them all in today.  Oh well.....tomorrow.....

    Steve2013-- The good thing about doing this program on deployment is that outside of work, there's really nothing better to do than workout (though the 12 hr shifts are brutal).  But, yeh, depeding on where you are, the food choices can be difficult to make work with the eating plan.  Since you are getting shakes and bars through the mail, one that you might want to check out is Protien Crunch.  They are by far the tastiest I've ever tried (I think they are newer on the market)...low sugar....moderate protien (definitely not one of the really high protien bars).  They wouldn't be a mainstay, but since you might be leaning on those types of meal replacements, you could add them to mix for variety.

    Best of luck to all on Day 3!!!!  

  • Hi guys. I've been off work for 5 months due to a car accident. Just got released today to head back tomorrow. Plan on hitting gym right after work. Im also in a challange at my physical therapy office so im trying extra hard cause winner gets a couple hundred dollars. I've been taking CLA before my a.m.meal and seems to curb my appetite.  Taking EAS betagen 2 times a day. Also try to supplement 2 meals with protein shakes. Found a recipe for homemade protein bars and they we're actually very good.  I love reading everyones posts.  Inspires me. Im not on facebook so wont be able to chat with u guys there. Keep up positive attitudes. We can do this. After this 12 weeks is over we can join for another 12

  • Hi Everyone -

    Just a thought... Facebook is great and am def on board with that idea, however can get really distracting (atleast for me Lol). When I come to this Forum it's with focus and purpose to maintain this specific area of my Life. Plus I've been looking through all the great videos and tools that are available to all of us when I log in each time - there's some really great tips and in-depth info on this site!

    Also, if someone can tell me how to do it, I am more than willing to rotate in creating daily threads for this awesome Team! Maybe you can do "odd number" weeks (Week 1,3,5, and so on) Eric and I can do the even numbered weeks to help keep this support going. Let me know whatever works :)

    Dan - This is my third or fourth time doing this Challenge in the past ten years - it's sooo great I always come back to it for a tune-up. This time I want a Championship Title tho! ;) Anyways, yes do the work and record your progress daily and it will absolutely become second nature.

    Sharon - Love the word pic you posted!

    Steve - Welcome! I found this group last minute too. Have never included using a Forum in the past and am looking forward to using it as an inspirational tool to make this happen on my crap days heheh

    Flobee - Good luck on your PT Challenge - hope you WIN!!

    xoxo Kat

  • Facebook DOES distract me with work related pages I maintain. Just my 2 cents :)

  • I'm on board with FB as well if that gets decided, but I still like checking in here as well.  I feel like others who mentioned coming here and reading articles/blogs/posts helps keep me inspired.  I love coming here and reading how everyone is doing, and it's definitely inspiring, especially if I feel I don't have time or I'm tired and then I read Steve's post who is deployed and working a 13 hour shift and then goes to the gym before going to sleep.  

    Now to share a quote I just found:

    I am STRONGER than this challenge.  And this challenge is making me even STRONGER.

    Have a great day 3 everyone!