Needing a NEW me!!! Starting now and needing support!!!!

  • I have always been one who gives a 100 percent to everybody else but me.  Today is the day that I give to me.  I am not only going to start but I am going to finish this challenge.  I will look awesome and I will make everyone around me proud, and (I hope) a little jealous.  I really need all the support that I can get from this site.  Please join me and I promise to also give you 100 percent as well.

  • Hi teachinokie... That's the Spirit.

    We have a group that started yesterday and the group is about 22 people.  Please feel free to join "Team 01212013"


  • Good luck Teachinokie!  You can do it!  One day at a time and one meal at a time!!  You have the right attitude and it is time you do for YOU!!

  • You can do it teachinokie!!  It's time for you to put yourself first and give 100% to you.  Believe me, I know it's hard.  For the past 2 years since having my son, I've struggled with feeling guilty for taking time for me.  After a conversation with my aunt, she assured me it's not selfish and both my son and I will be much better off if I take some time for me.  So here I am, arranging my schedule for my gym time and honestly it has helped.  I'm feeling less stressed and more present with my little guy, and I know that by completing this challenge and being able to show it to my son one day, it well help him know that he can do anything he puts his mind to.

    So, get out there and just do it!!!  You deserve it!!!  You've definitely got my support!

  • Good for you Okie, some unsolicited advice, nobody is going to be selfish for you..... you can take that to the bank! :-)

    Be prepared for people to question you, say your crazy, test you, tease you....when this happens you know you're heading in the right direction!


  • Great attitude. Love it. Im a mommy of two girls and I work full time. So trust me I know how to take the guilty ride. No more. Its time for us.  I've gained over 30 pounds due to depression and panic attacks. They are a thing of the past and so now its time to put the weight behind me. Im here for you, morning, noon, or night!!!!!

  • Im on team 01212012. Join us. Awesome support