12/31 Group Check-in - Wed. 1/16!

  • Hi All! Challenging day yesterday. Felt tired, hungry. Did have a great cardio in the a.m. - I am finding the early morning cardio on almost empty stomach (minus my bite of banana) to be really hard. I feel better after I do it but I am facing MAJOR temptations to hunker down w/a cup of coffee and skip it. UGH. But I am pushing myself. I did lower body at the gym this morning. My gym moved and this was the 1st time for me at the new location. I wasted time finding machines, etc but got it done and even added inner/outer thigh machine. It is cold and rainy and dreary here. On my 2nd cup of coffee! Kids wanted to go to Cici's last night - hard to find healthy food but I had salad, a LITTLE pasta with just tomato sauce and one slice of veggie pizza. Low on protein but my son gave me the ham off of his pizza. I had NO dessert. I managed!!

    Have a great day everyone!!

  • Way to go TPUP!!!  The smell of Cici's would probably put me over the edge. Making my sons eggo waffles in the morning is probably my biggest challenge. (I might have to have some on Sunday) Sadly I am already planning my free day.

    I haven't received my cookbook yet but I got 2 new kinds of protein bars in the mail today. I am usually not a big fan of them because they taste so gritty but I like the one's Biogenisis makes.

    Cardio in the morning~

  • Hey guys-  I have a sore throat today (that started last night) and my BFL food is not appealing to me.  I don't really feel like eating, but I know I need to fuel my body.  I have lower body today and will do my best to power through it though I'm not feeling great.  Here's to hoping that it turns into nothing...I've been drinking tea all day.

  • Wow - i haven't checked-in for two days (wed or today, thrs), so here I am.  Still going strong.  I had a great LBWO yesterday and a medium plus cardio.  My legs are sore!  I can't run right now so i've been doing my cardio on my bike, indoors on a trainer.  

    Hope you all are doing good too.  So far, as i approach the end of week 3, I've not noticed any changes in my clothes (i'm not weighing myself), but I'm not discouraged.  I'm still focused and doing great.  My food intake is practically perfect.  I've been taking in 1500 cals a day (give or take 100).  What about you all?  Do you track your calories, too?  

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