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  • Heather,

    Wow thanks for posting your story. It's great to read about others that are doing the plan. Where they came from and where they are now and finally where they want to finish...

    Not that this Plan EVER ENDS. at some point you have to get to a Maint Phase, but for me it seems like that's a LONG LONG time away :)

    Well I did take a Before Picture, and figure once I get to my Mini Goal I'll post the before and after pictures. Lord knows, I enjoy seeing the pictures. Seems everyone in their before picture loosk so defeated. But then you see their after or midway pictures and they are Smiling, Flexing, Standing as if they OWN the WORLD.... That is GREAT to see :)

    Well I'll keep an eye out for your posts and Agree nice meeting you and everyone else so far. Y GUY/GALS Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Chip,

    Yes, I think pics are important.  I felt pretty defeated when looking at my before picture and I didn't feel as if anything was happening  for the first four weeks, then when I saw myself after only 4 weeks and could compare one pic next to the other, I felt triumphant!    

    You'll get to your mintenance phase - slow and steady, right?    

    Great forum!  Makes me so excited :)


    "Without struggle there is no growth"

  • Heather,

    Slow and Steady for sure... I'm looking at Jan 1 2011 to be at my goal weight, but even if I'm CLOSE to it, I'll be as Happy as I can be..

    I also agree a Great Forum. Spent a few weeks before searching the internet looking for a Forum. A place I could post my meals and get feedback. Also a place I could help others.

    Was Shocked when I logged in Monday and seen there was a new forum.

    Well Great Chatting and I look forward to posting my Before and After pics soon :)

  • Can't wait to see them :)


    "Without struggle there is no growth"

  • Hi Chip,

    We started at the same time. My first day was great. Day 2 I felt good but hungry and tired as I didn't sleep well. Day 3 still hungry and tired. I hope this is just what happens at first. How are you feeling?


  • Heather: I have always admired women that do triathalons. Way to go girl! I just wanted to mention I did WW too on and off. Arent we the wise ones to now realize we just lost water weight and lean muscle to get to a certain scale weight. Now I am much happier with the scale out of daily view and eating protein and carbs by portions....because that is what makes a nice strong lean body - not counting points. :) Live and learn. You are lucky to have discovered BFL now, and not at 43!! like me.

  • Susan,

    I'm actually doing OK on plan. I was doing the Keto diet before this, limiting my carb intake, and eating 5 times a day, but smaller meals and less calories then I am now. So the transition to this is similar. I expected to gain a little weight at first due to adding in more food and carbs, but so far I've lost 1lb, so that's good.. I have noticed that by 9:30 I'm BEAT, but that could also just be from the HIIT I had yesterday.

    Stick with it, I know that when I started the Keto, the first week to week ad half was HELL.. Always tired, headaches. but then by week2 I was a bundle of energy bouncing off the walls. I think my downfall on it was the little food I was eating and eating it when ever no set times.

    Personally I think this kind of a Way Of Eating will be easier to manage as it's simple to follow once oyu get the hang of it, Yes still working on that part, as well you can get a meal anywhere, from fastfood, to resturants. No need to worry about Oh crap we're having Mexican, what can I eat? lol lol

    OK well tha's my thoughts on it.. I say CONGRATS on starting this journey, and stick with the Forum, so far these ladies, have been truly GODDESS like, always willing to offer up help and advise. Oh and the few guys I've seen so far aren't too shabby themselves :)


  • Hi Legs,  I'm right behind you - 41 my dear :)  I hear you, WW taught me nothing about fueling my body, particularly since I've always loved to work out and participate in sports.   You would think I woulda caught on after a couple of years of losing weight but still having a flabby and out of shape looking body?  Guess I'm a litte slow ;)

    What do you do for work outs?  YOu should think of doing a sprint triathalon?  


    "Without struggle there is no growth"