Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Hey, all!  We are all 3 still hanging in there! Doing better every day, in fact.  I have lost almost 2 inches in my waist, of course, with NO scale weight lost yet.  I know from experience that that doesn't mean anything, and I'm very encouraged today at how good my clothes feel.  I did a free meal on Sunday and not a free day, as we did last week, and it was so weird to when entering my food into sparkpeople to see it go up over 2,000 just with that ONE MEAL.  Of course, I divided it in half in and ate it as TWO meals, but still it packed in the extra calories.  I tend to have a lot of trouble getting to a 6th meal, so I have consistently come in under 1300 calories every day.  If I start to have less energy or feel rough, I'll put more effort into getting that 6th in.  At this point, I still feel great with the 5.

    We were very energetic over the weekend and I installed a new microwave above my stove that has been sitting in a box for a week and a half.  I had to do some woodwork and fancy rigging to make it fit, but I did, and I feel really good about it today!   Also, yesterday my boyfriend actually helped me with my UBWO and I could really tell the difference with him helping me!  I reached a couple 10s in that workout for sure!

    There's nowhere to go from here than up!  I'm so PSYCHED!!  Glad everyone is hanging in there and doing so well!


  • Oh, I also wanted to share a recipe that I sort of conjured over the weekend.  I've had some trouble in the past with a good lowfat alternative to regular mayo binder in making tuna salad, so I threw together about 2-3 tablespoons of LIGHT mayo, about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of fat free italian dressing, and about 2-3 teaspoons of mustard (whisked together until smooth). I didn't miss the regular mayo at all.   To get the right protein count, I used 3 cans of albacore in water, 6 egg whites, about 2 celery sticks, 1/3 cup onion, one small red apple.  I divided that into 5 bell pepper halves.  I ate mine with a whole wheat english muffin for a carb.  You could use the binder for other salads as well, I would think, with maybe the addition of some herbs to specialize it a bit.  I like to use black olives in my chicken salad instead of the apple, though (sparingly, obviously, but good fat), and you wouldn't need the egg in the chicken.   For shrimp salad or crab salad, I would probably use red bell pepper in place of the olives/apples.  Hope this helps someone!

  • I'm still here too!!!  Sorry, haven't had a chance to log in in a few days.  You are all doing AWESOME!!!

    I had a conversation with a good friend of mine who knows I'm doing this challenge.  I took the day off of work today (mental health day) and saw my trainer had an opening this morning, so I hit the gym first thing.  My friend asked how I've been doing and I was like "I took the day off of work today and the first thing I wanted to do when I woke was hit the gym...I'd say I'm addicted"  lol  I'm definitely finding myself becoming addicted to all of this.  Eating right, working out, everything.  I too really feel it when I eat the junk food body is like "what the heck are you doing to me"

    I had a great LBWO...he really worked me hard today and we increased the weights a lot.  It's amazing what you can do and push through when you actually do it, rather than looking and thinking you can't.  I did feel kind of sick after the workout, but recovered quick and I'm already a bit nice and sore.

    Melissa - that sounds yummy and I will definitely have to make that.  I like using avocado in place of mayo with a lot of things.  

    Well everyone have a great night!  Tomorrow is a busy day for me, so need to start preparing all my meals now, so I have no excuses.  I'll try and login tomorrow, if not I will be in touch Thursday.


  • Still here. Thanks all for the updates. I'll try to check in later in the week. Loving the workouts! :)

    Keep rockin soldiers. We can do this!


  • Hey everyone. Im still  on board.  Extremely busy. Proud of everyone. Will post more later. Almost midnight, just wanted to tell you I still check in everyday and im not giving up

  • DAY 16 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE!!! ;)

    "Every transformation starts as a dream." Your dreams and ideals are very important to your success; in fact, every transformation starts as a dream. And the more you dream of a bright future, the more you have to look forward to. This fuels your ambition. It's so important to keep your dreams alive and let them give you the energy and excitement that allow you to get started in the first place. To help your success, please continually review your "Dream List", which you filled out at the beginning of this Program (those of you with the BFL Journal). Remember that I asked you to picture things you'd like to accomplish in 12 weeks - things that make you smile, things that make you feel excited, alive, optimistic, and energized! Read that Dream List (or create one NOW!!) and experience those emotions with as much vivid detail as possible. Think about making those dreams come true, and you'll feel the excitement, the passion, the energy you'll need to keep going strong and not give up! ~Bill Phillips~


  • I am still here too.  Just been on the program a week now. Had some problems still to deal with. Health stuff. I just want to say that the BFL Journal that Kit post every day is keeping me going and to read from everyone else is sure making me feel like you all care so much about all of us. Thank you all.


  • Good morning team!

    Glad to see that we still have so many people with us.  Remember - it's about progress not perfection.  Don't give up if things aren't going "perfectly."  Shake it off and continue to do the best that you can.  Together - we will do this.

    Any tips for following BFL while on the road?  Today starts the first of 3 trips for me this month.  I am heading to Texas (7 hour drive) to meet my step-daughter's plane as she returns from a 9 month tour in Afghanistan.  I am tremendously proud of her and can't wait to see her late, late tonight.  I will be her only support there so it'll give the two of us a couple days alone to just chill out and catch up.  After being gone for so long, she is looking forward to some girly things (mani, pedi, hair cut, new outfits), yummy food and good beer.  The next few days are 100% about her and I will simply make the best choices that I can.

    Keep checking in and kicking butt!!!!

    Have a great BFL day!



  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm still rolling along on this journey for a better mind and body, My workouts have been great and I even added a joga class

    that has been great. I always thought those classes were for women but they showed me(kicked My butt!!

    Sharon, congrats on your daughters return thank her for her service for me. I'm also a veteran.

    Just be mindful when your out ,  eat as clean as possible and make sure you have protein and veggie

    with every meal,Also keep your water intake up as this will keep you hydrated. Keep the good work.

    Everyone keep to succeed. Have a great day

    Todd ATL.

  • @Sharon - I'm in Kandahar. Overall, not too bad; I've heard it's better than being in Bagram. Must be nice finally having the family on the same continent again - enjoy your time w/your stepdaughter! Good to know you'll be doing a double-challenge, too; I'm looking at it as a 24 week program. On the road, grab a couple of resistance bands if you want to do some strength training. I don't like them as much as free weights, but they're much easier to carry and they'll work in a pinch. Stick with it as best you can, but don't let it interfere too much w/the homecoming experience. Just remember that this entire thing is a journey, and one brief side trip to view the World's Largest Ball of Twine doesn't mean you can't get to your final destination.

    @Kat - Thanks - it's either problem solve or call it a wrap, and I'm not willing to do that this time. I may not be able to follow the eating guidelines at all times, but I'll do what I can, when I can. And your progress photos look great! Keep on rockin'!

    @Melissa - I've used fat free vanilla yogurt in the past with chicken salad (with red grapes as well - it's a little sweet), but I'm not sure how well that would work w/tuna. You could try FF plain yogurt, or even Greek yogurt, since it has a thicker consistency.

    @Todd - Yeah, yoga's definitely no joke. There are a few people here following the P90X program; I may join them one of these days for the yoga session.

    Question: How faithfully are you all sticking to the cardio plan? Maybe I'm not hitting my max levels, but I can't bring myself to stop after just 20 minutes of cardio - I find myself extending it to at least 30, sometime 40 minutes (although at a lower intensity). I don't feel like I can go much longer that a minute at my highest level (my heart is seriously thumping by then), but after stabilizing for a couple of minutes, I continue back and forth at around Intensity Levels 6 and 7. It's just so ingrained in my head that 20 minutes, 3 times a week, just isn't gonna cut it. Thoughts?

  • Hi Team -

    Halfway through Week 3 :) Is anyone else experiencing any other really cool physical/health benefits or changes? I am sleeping sooo much better now and am much more clear headed. ADD has been a big issue for me Lol and I was actually able to sit still long enough to write for 6 hours on a Film Script today!  Also, I had been dealing with a baaad sinus infection for almost five months, and after two weeks of eating better, the infection is completely cleared up!!!

      Steve - If you can work up to really hitting your intensity levels, the 20 minutes in def enough - but you have to be hitting those high points! Even if you are not able to maintain the intensity for the full minute, do it as long as you can, drop it down a little, but then then take it up a notch immediately when you hit the start of the next minute interval. Your body will adapt to this much faster then you think. If you continue at the long duration low intensity, your body with adapt to that pattern instead.

    Also this might help too... this is a cool trick that a Marathon runner had taught me re: a breathing pattern that will help to oxygenate your blood supply at the perfect rate, so that you are less likely to hyperventilate and/or cramp. The breathing pattern is: on the Inhale, take 1/3 of a full breath every time your right foot hits the ground three times (so after the third inhalation it will equal one full deep breath), then the same on the exhale. So the cadence goes: right foot (1/3 inhale) left foot (hold breath), right foot (1/3 inhale) left foot (hold), right foot (final 1/3 inhalation to equal one full deep breath) left foot (hold)... then same pattern on the exhale. Sprinters and Long distance runners use this breathing cadence in order to deliver the exact right amount of oxygen to the body during Cardio. It's awesome and it works!

      Sharon - There are so many ways to use your own body weight as resistance in doing exercises, when you are traveling or when a gym is not available. Some examples: Lower Body Workout - LUNGES will work out mainly your Hamstrings, but you will def feel it in your Quads and Gluts too! Find a door jam or stairs to do CALF RAISES (roll your shoulders back and keep your core and butt tight for the best results. Also alternate the angle of your feet to exercise every part of the calf muscle. IE: Toes pointed straight ahead, then toes pointed inward, then toes pointed outward - you'll feel the difference!) SQAUTS will work out mainly your Quadriceps, and Gluts! CRUNCHES and LEG LIFTS to work out the Upper and Lower Abdominals.

    Then for Upper Body Workout - ARM RAISES to work out the Shoulders - this one actually works much better if you just raise your arms to a straight horizontal line and then just hold them there as long as you possibly can!!! This will BURN!!! ;) REVERSE BENCH LIFTS will work out your Triceps. Basically find a chair, stand in front of it and place your arms and hands behind you grabbing a hold of the edge of the front of the chair. Then take a step out with both feet and squat, placing all of your weight on your arms. Then drop your weight down and lift back up - you will feel your triceps burning almost immediately. Then to workout your Biceps, do ARM CURLS with a heavy purse, water jugs or even your luggage - whatever you can lift in a curling motion. And finally my Favorite - PUSH UPS to work out your Chest and Back, and even your Bicep and Triceps. Either do these on the floor if you can or at an angle on a kitchen counter top. Hope that helps!

      Laurie - Great to hear that the daily Lesson-for-LIFE is so helpful to you. I LOVE reading it the night before and day of. There is so much proven insight to everything that he has to say, and I'm sure that he strategically wrote it to coincide with the developement of our psyche as we continue on with this Incredible journey!!!

    Wow, I must really be in the writing mood today! Just had one last thought to share with everyone. I met with my Business Mentor this evening and told her what I've been doing as far as competing in this BFL Challenge. This woman is earning over $30,000.00 per Month in Business, yet doesn't have the confidence in herself to compete in this Challenge. I was almost in shock because I thought that she was absolutely fearless! So give yourself sum major props people... we are doing something AMAZING together that will ripple out and affect so many more Lives!!!

    xoxo Kat

  • DAY 17 - BFL daily Lesson-for-LIFE: This one is REEEAALLY Good!!

    "Goals give you the ability to be self-directed and in control." Reading your goals every morning and every night will help you stay on course. Committing your goals to memory helps even more as it harnesses the power of a part of your mind called the "frontal cortex". Quite simply, the frontal cortex is a guidance system that directs your conscious and sunconscious thoughts, patterns, and actions. Most people don't intentionally program any specific target they want to strike, which leaves the power of this part of the mind untapped. Reading and memorizing your goals every day is like giving the frontal cortex the specific directions it needs to organize your thoughts and actions, and gives you the ability to be self-directed and in control. Also, when your mind is focused on achieving specific goals, you will notice reduced stress and increased clarity, satisfaction, and peace of mind. ~Bill Phillips~

  • Hi All:

    Still here.  I don't have internet at home and work has been crazy.  Still on board and working out.  Diet has been tough.  Had two significant deaths recently which has been hard, but plugging away.  Promise I will be more regular soon.

    I've been trying to catch up with everyone.  Keep up the great work people!


  • Hi Eric -

    Glad you're doing well with the program, sorry about your recent struggles with the other stuff :(  Hang in there.

    Hi Kat -

    I too have noticed some amazing changes in areas of my life that I had begun to accept as "painful" i.e. migraines... GONE. Back pain... GONE. Confidence... RESURRECTED! I am loving deadlifts on LBWO days.  Makes me feel like a gladiator. lol.  I have also found that the planning of workouts and meals is helping me to plan other areas of my life just as effectively.

    I dearly love this program.  Noticing looser clothing, but still don't have the guts to weigh myself.  Struggles with ED's in the past have me shying away from that for now.  Today I just want to focus on how great I am feeling.

    Almost week 4 people!  Great job! :)  

    Keep on truckin!


  • Hellooooo!

    I had a breakthrough today!  I actually ENJOYED my LB workout for the first time!  I felt very strong.  I am going up in weight and it feels good!

    I have lost 2 inches off my waist!!!

    All is going well.  I'm so happy to read everyone's posts.