Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Good Morning Team -

    Hope everyone is still doing great! Going to go to my first Kettlebell Bootcamp Training today (to help change things up a little) and OMG I am so freaked about it for some reason. It's one thing to go to the gym and workout at my own pace, but to be in a large class with long endurance intensity - just hope I can keep up with everyone else. Telling myself that it doesn't matter if I look weak or stupid, just face my fears!!! (And btw - my Ex-Boyfriend is one of the Instructors which makes this even more intimidating - Aaaahhh Lol)

    DAY 13 - BFL daily Lesson-for-LIFE: "When you make a Change, you make a Difference."

    The Body-for-LIFE Program is designed to help you make a change. A change in the way you look; a change in the way you see. And when you make a change, you make a difference! And by that, I mean you become a positive example of what's possible. You become an inspiration to others. Please think about that today. When you do, I believe you'll find even more purpose, more meaning, and more passion to continue on. And you'll join the thousands of unsung heroes who have also made a change and are making a difference. They're moms, dads, students, teachers, business owners, Air Force fighter pilots, firefighters, secretaries, and surgeons. They are from all walks of life. These people are the driving force at the center of the evolving global Body-for-LIFE community. They're improving their outlook on life and helping others to do the same!"

    Have an amazing day today and enjoy Free Day and Superbowl tomorrow! xoxo Kat

  • Hi everyone!

    Did cardio today and it went well.  I'm going to have to make Fridays my rest day because working out just doesn't jive that day.  (I think someone else said the same.)  On track with eating but weekends are definitely more difficult than weekdays.



  • Welcome to Week 3!

    Good morning BFL family. So last week the free day just made me feel awful and I said that I wouldn't be doing that again.  Well...that was until the very next Sunday was the Super Bowl.  I was calculated with what I ate in terms of smaller portions but it all added up and I feel worse than awful today.  I slept horrible and my stomache is killing me today.  It really is amazing how quickly our body adjusts to eating healthy.  I did a good job with eating clean for breakfast, snacks, and lunch and just used the snacks during the game as my "free day."  Blah...that's how I feel today!  Nothing a few killer workouts and a few days of eating clean can't overcome.

    Roll Call - Who is still with us????

    Have a great BFL Day



  • Kat - how was the Kettle Bell Boot Camp?  So proud of you for overcoming fears and going!   Bet your ex is sorry that he is an ex :-)

  • Morning and Welcome to WEEK 3 Everyone! Yes would love to know who is still riding this train and where we can each support one another. Our fires may not be burning as brightly as day one, however if we can keep air on even the smallest flicker it can still become a Bonfire! On average it takes the human psyche 21 days to transform patterns of action into habit; today is Day 15. We are ALL so close to our first major breakthrough!!!

    Does everyone know the story about breaking the Sound Barrier??? Not sure of the exact details, however the story goes when Airplanes were in evolution there was a time period that planes were being built to fly a greater speeds. However once they hit the "sound barrier" the planes would go into significant turbulence, so much so that the pilots wouldn't know what to do, would lose control and unfortunately many times would result in a plane crash. Instead of giving up, Physicists and Pilots tested their theories of pushing harder and increasing the speed when the planes hit Turbulence, and found that was exactly what was needed to breakthrough the Sound Barrier! Once the breakthrough happened, planes would then peacefully glide, at high speed, through the air to their destination...

    This process still happens with the Planes that we fly in today; they are just built so much more sofisticated that we only experience it as mild turbulence after take off. No different than our bodies. I'm positive that the previous BFL Champions and Competitors still have the same Life turbulence as the rest of us, they just have more sophisticated bodies and mindsets Now, so their experience of "Turbulence" is much more mild and less likely to result in a "crash". Maybe just a theory, but I am willing to find out with everyone!!!

    Sharon - I LOVE that picture/saying that you posted - that is how I have lived most of my Life unfortunately; a lot of great unfinished goals. I know if I can DO this, than I can DO the rest of my Life. Bootcamp was waaay harder than I was expecting hahah. My fear was that I would be the worst one in the class and I totally was! Lol. It was fine though, everyone graciously helped me push through it, including my Ex ;) I am still sooo sore that it's difficult to even walk normal. Not sure yet if I'm going to do it again, however I now have a taste of what my body will be capable of! The class is every Saturday in Tempe - let me know if you ever feel like checking it out together xoxo


  • Day 15 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "The more we work together, the more we can ALL succeed." More and more, people are connecting with other positive, encouraging people who have decided to accept this Challenge through the internet. The website has become a daily gathering place for people who are there to support and encourage others, and share their own lessons. Through the "guestbook" (now the Forum), you may very well find someone who, like you, is beginning their third week of the Program, and they can share their insights, ideas, and experiences with you. And, it's very likely you have insight you can share with others. Also, I guarantee that your support and encouragement will help someone else out there who might be struggling with their Program today. Thousands of people are sharing this experience with us at this moment, and the more we work together, the more we can ALL succeed! ~Bill Phillips~

  • Hi Team!

    I am still here trucking along on this journey.

    I feel the same way today as you do, Sharon. I used yesterday as my free day because of the super bowl and my stomach hurts today! I did 45 minutes running on the treadmill in anticipation of eating fried food, but am still feeling sick to my stomach! It is amazing how quickly our bodies adjust to eating healthy.

    Looking forward to my upper body workout tonight and continuing to eat healthy.

    Good luck with week 3 everyone!


  • I haven't posted since the Day 2 check-in - actually, I haven't even really been on here since then. I've never been too good at consistently checking these kinds of forums, much less posting on them. However, after spending some time catching up on all the posts and getting pumped up by all I've read, I'll try to do a better job of contributing myself. So, in no particular order, just a few comments regarding what I've read (and sorry for the novella):

    Water – easy for me; as I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan and the tap water is no good for drinking, there are pallets of ½ liter bottles of water EVERYWHERE. I usually have no problem drinking at least 5 or 6 bottles a day.

    Motivation – Definitely a challenge to keep it up. I just keep on focusing on my desired end-state, which is actually another challenge away. This challenge ends on 4/16 (coincidentally my b-day, which I didn’t realize when I signed up), but I’ll still have 13 weeks left here…long enough to roll right into and complete another challenge.

    Food – In my initial post, I thought that this would be the most difficult thing for me. However, it actually hasn’t been too bad. I usually have just one meal daily at the DFAC (dining facility), halfway through my shift, and I can almost always find something decent. Sometimes it’s just pinto beans and (unfortunately) white rice, with a salad and a few hardboiled egg whites, but I’m still managing better than I thought I would. For my other meals, I mix it up with fruit, egg whites, oatmeal, yogurt (full fat, unfortunately), EAS Lean 15 shakes, and Fiber One granola bars (my EAS protein bars still haven’t arrived yet).

    Weight – Yeah, the scale here threw me off. I was 255 the day I left for deployment, started the challenge about a week and a half in, and didn’t weigh myself until this past Saturday…and came in at 261. Could be because it was a different scale, or it was the middle of the day instead of first thing waking up, or water weight, or any other reason, but it was still a pretty heavy blow, no pun intended. :-) But I brushed myself off and called that my new high-water mark; future weigh-ins will be at the same time of day, on the same scale, and no more than every few weeks.

    Other measurements – If you haven’t used a tape measure to measure some key areas (I did it on my gut, chest, waist, upper arms and upper legs), go do it NOW! Others have already mentioned that the scale can be misleading; since you’re building muscle while losing fat, you may not be losing as much weight as you would strictly dieting, but that doesn’t mean good things aren’t happening to your body. A tape measure can help you see that.

    Photos – I’ve been taking them weekly; I’ll try to get mine posted here in the next couple of days.

    Other than that, just remember to stick with it! You didn't get to where you are today with one week of poor health habits, so don't expect to get to where you want to be with one week of good ones.


  • Still here week three! lets keep it going strong!!!

    It is so nice to feel stronger and feel skinnier.  Down 2% body fat.  Scale hasn't moved yet but there is definitely less fat and more muscle.  I'm getting the hang of finding my 10s and it is working!  Protein shakes and myoplex are helping recovery and hunger.  

    Stay motivated everyone!!

  • Hi everyone!

    KAT - I really like your sound barrier analogy!

    Upper body went well today and I finally feel like I'm getting stronger.  Still not feeling skinnier yet, though. :(  Really hoping to see progress on WEEK 4 measurements.

    Good to hear from you, STEVE!

    How's everyone else doing?  Val?  Melissa?  Sharon?  Mintexas?

  • Good morning all!

    @ Kat - Love the sound barrier analogy.  I will keep that in mind - just keep pushing through it.  I too have set goals over and over again only to give up and let myself down.  I deserve better than to give up on myself!  I will do it this time.  I know that I will experience set backs but that does not mean that I give up and quit.  It simply means that I regroup and go at it again.  New year, new attitude.  I will take you up on the Kettlebell Bootcamp but just not yet.  I am in no way ready to tackle that :-)  I am adding a Zumba and and Yoga class this week for some variety.  I'll let you all know how those go!

    @ Amy - I still don't feel right and it's been 2 days since the Super Bowl.  That's my body's way of getting revenge I think!  The funny thing - as much as I was looking forward to all of my favorites, they didn't even taste that great.  Hmmmm...change is underway!  It goes back to a quote from Erik - nothing taste as good as in shape feels.

    @ Steve - how's it going over there?  Where are you?  My oldest step-daughter departed BAF a few days ago on her way home after 9 months deployed.  She was delayed 2 days due to the snow!  I will be there tomorrow to meet her plane and welcome her back to the states.  So excited to get her home!  My husband returned from Bagram last October so it will be nice to have my whole family back in the states.  It sounds like you are doing well and have a good plan in place.  Deployments are tough on so many levels.  I will be doing back-to-back challenges so I'll be here with you through both of them!!!!  Check in often and let's rock this together.

    @ Hrdhat77 - A 2% drop in body fat is awesome!  Nice job hitting your 10s.  I haven't been feeling 100% for the past week and my workouts have definitely suffered.  Haven't seen a 10 in a few workouts but I have been hitting the gym which is the important part.

    @ Shea - Healthy is the new sexy!!!! If you are feeling stronger then you are getting healthier.  Keep at it girl - we'll see results.  Believe!

    Erik - you still with us?

    Anyone else out there "stalking" the forum????  Jump in and join us!  If your journey hasn't gone as planned, SO WHAT!  You are always just a clean meal and a workout away from being right back on track.  Check in - share - inspire.



  • DSC_0029-001.JPG

    Good Morning All :) Awesum there are still six of us (hopefully more that haven't checked in yet) still going strong! Winning the race is not about perfection, it is about consistently "Showing Up"!!! The Tortoise and the Hare...

    Steve - You sound incredibly solution oriented! That's perfect because a person's rate of success is determined by their ability to problem solve - and you have that one in the bag! ;)

    Hrdhat77 - Thank you sooo much for the Myoplex recommendation - it works! I had been feeling so nauseaus every workout and now that seems to have stopped. Now I can really focus on my intensity again so TY!

    Amy and Shea - You girls are Rock Stars, can't wait to see your transformation Pics!!!

    Sharon - I love the Motivational images that you post - keep em comin girlfriend ;)

    Also wanted to share something interesting. Before I had gone to the "Bootcamp" this past weekend, I truly believed that I was really hitting my high points. However after being pushed waaay beyond my Max, I now have a completely new baseline of what my body is actually capable of - and OMG I was not even close to hitting my Physical 10's... I was only hitting my "Mental 10's". Meaning I was holding back in all of my previous workouts because I was doing only what my mind believed I could do, rather than what my physical body was actually capable of!!! So my intesity, new beliefs and form are taking me to a whole new level. Amazing how easily we stop at those "invisible lines in the sand". So I challenge ALL of you to do something really outrageous (but safe lol) to really see what your BODY is capable of, versus what your mind thinks. I can guarantee that establishing that new Baseline will truly change your mindest and you will be crushing any obstacles!!!

    Have an amazing day Team!!! xoxo Kat

  • DSC_0005.jpg

    Oh also, I am exactly the same weight - however am down 5.5 inches overall in my measurements! My previous post has my two week progress Front photo, and I'm finally brave enough to post my "Back Before" and 2 week progress photos ;)

    This is my Back - Before...

  • DSC_0031-001.JPG

    ... and my two wek progress photo ;) So exciting!!! I'll give everyone a special treat when I can find my original "Before" pics back in 2005. Back then I could not have even concieved of living in a healthy body again, and here I am 8 years later still applying the BFL principles that I learned way back when. This really does work!!! xoxo

  • Kat--Your two week progress back photos look awesome! Keep up the good work!