Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • xoxo to Kat!!!  I'm so proud of you for today!

    I had a GREAT LBWO today.  I tend to hurt myself when I do lower body, but I went steadily and carefully today.

    How was everyone else's day?

  • Diva.... You are hot - Im in agreement with Shea. Rock on gurl!

    Everyone is doing so well. Big pat's on the back for all :)  This has certainly been a life-changer for me already.  I am so much more energized and aware of my physical abilities. It's so empowering.

    Health and Success Note:

    I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease l4/l5 and l5/s1 (two lowest on the spine) 2 years ago.  Then 7 months ago the two disks on my upper spine were also determined to be degenerative, causing horrible headaches and vertigo and then I was diagnosed with Cervical Arterial Disease and scoliosis. The moral is... I never thought I could ever do any of this, cardio, strength training etc. and achieve such an amazing result.  I started slowly with cardio right after the second diagnosis, I completed a Warrior Dash after feeling strengthened and uplifted by friends and family who cheered me on.  But I was still feeling limited and in a lot of pain, I decided to sign up for this competition/challenge or whatever we call it... (I call it a life-saver).

    I know I'm only in week 2... but I honestly feel that I can go on now, without feeling so limited in my physical abilities.  I was told that I could easily get disability and focus on having surgeries for pain relief.  I never opted for prescription pain meds cause I don't want to be dependent.  I just knew there was some other way... The thought of spending the rest of my life, limited... and held-down was so depressing.  I chose this as my last effort for strength.  And I am glad I did!

    You guys, this group is amazing.  It's a beautiful thing to see everyone face their adversities, whatever they may be - with such a Head On Determination! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU! For the inspiration.

    I can't wait to see where this challenge takes all of us. :)

    Sorry for the mush-mush... I'm just so grateful I found this program.

    Happy Day 10 all!


  • Hi Val... Thanks for sharing!  I think for a lot of us this is more than just a diet and exercise program. It's a transformation to a new way of life and living.

    Thank you for being BRAVE and COURAGEOUS in taking this path and going after the life you want.


  • @Kat... Glad you are still with us... I'm glad you were able to work through the challenges you saw in front of you. You are an important member here and a real inspiration! Great progress pic!  Keep up the great work.


  • Good morning, all.  Feeling great today! I'm not as sore after my upper body workout last night as I have been, and I know I pushed just as hard.  Also, I'm feeling stronger, steadier, clearer and more alert.  I am already seeing a difference in how my clothes fit and feel, and the backs of my arms aren't squishy!!  I'm very encouraged today.

    As you recommended, I started planning my workouts for after work instead of in the morning when I get up, and it's much more doable.  I'm not beating myself up anymore for not getting up and doing it since the plan is to do it in the evening.  Thanks!  I also hope that, as I get stronger, I'll be able to move to the morning workouts since I know it really helps the outlook of the day, and it's great to have it done and out of that way so you don't have to think about it anymore.

    I had a little shoulder pain on the left doing bent raises, so I had to switch to another exercise.  I hope that works itself out...I HATE the shoulder workouts as is.

    That's all to report!  Everything on track.  Hope everyone has a great day!


  • Melissa - That is great!  And it's definitely encouraging when we start to see/feel a difference.  I'm glad you stopped beating yourself up over getting that morning workout in.  It's not worth it!  

    I decided to get to the gym during my lunch hour yesterday since it's only 5 minutes down the road.  I think I LOVE afternoon workouts...haha.  It even helped me to not feel sluggish while sitting at my desk for the 2nd half of the day.  

    Thought I'd share 2 ab exercises I learned this week.

    1.  Around the world - Basically you go to that back extension machine (not sure of the actual name) and start on your right side doing side crunches, then go to your back crunches, then left side crunches and finally front or back extensions.  It's a great ab workout without having to lay and do crunches, the tricky part is getting yourself locked in and comfortable the first few sets.  Your legs shouldn't move.  You can use weights or not, it's up to you.

    2. This you will need a bench and a ball for.  Sit on the edge of the bench and hold on to the front.  You are basically doing a crunch with your feet on the ball (rolling the ball in and out)  I've seen it done a lot without the ball and I've done it without as well, but I felt the ball actually really helps me to isolate those abs.  

    Cardio for me today!!! Have a great day!


  • That sounds great Lisa!  I can't go to a gym since I can't afford it, but I've been looking into either a hyperextension table (roman chair or something like that?) or one of those decline ab tables.  Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on which type I should get? I really would like the one that I can use for doing back exercises, but I don't want to sacrifice the ab workouts for that.  It's very difficult to fatigue my abs as-is.


  • Super excited to kick some week 3 butt already!


    Happy Friday to everyone!

  • Hi Team -

    I got to go do one of my absolute FAVORITE things today - Horsebackriding!!! I've been very conciously rewarding myself with things that I Love, yet tend to "put-off" due to the long list of grown-up 'to-do's". Reallly starting to understand that this is all about enjoying the journey and not just focusing on the destination! So remember to feel good about these daily accomplishments, and def reward yourself somehow! And if you don't know what to reward yourself with, just sit down and write out ALL of your favorite things when you were 5 years old Lol - chances are you still Love the same things ;) Off to do my evening cardio! Will be back to post todays "Lesson-for-LIFE"!!!

    And Melissa - agreed it's sooo cool to feel physical strength that wasn't there just 11 days ago - AMAZING!!! xo

  • Hey there BFL team!

    Hope that everyone had a rockin' day.  Mine has been "off" from the moment I opened my eyes.  I am hitting the 15 hour mark for work today :-(  I had everything planned out - meals, workouts, etc.  Plan went out the window when my phone rang at 5:00am for an emergency meeting.  It's been non-stop ever since with no end in sight.

    Lessons learned - (1) have a few meals already prepped and ready to go in the fridge or freezer "just in case."  (2) Do like Kat did and check in for motivation early in the day!  Nice job girl :-)  (3) Don't let an off day be a set back.  This is Body for Life not body for a 12 week challenge.  Life happens and I need to learn to adjust and make a plan B, C, D or E which is what I am on now.

    I have so many of you that I want to respond to personally but I just don't have the time today.  So - thank you all for posting and sharing your ups and downs.  Erik - thank you so much for getting us up and running.  You guys/gals are amazing!!!!

    QOTD: Superbowl Sunday is right around the corner.  What's your food management strategy for the big event?



  • Haha - perfectly said Sharon! This really is Body for LIFE - not for just 84 days... once that truly sinks in, there is no failure :) My first steps on this journey actually started back in 2005 at 220 pounds (If I can find those before pix I'll def post them). Point being that the journey never ends, we just get BETTER at it as long as we just stay the course! xo

    DAY 11 - Lesson-for-LIFE: "Have Faith in what you see" I am often asked questions about the Program, such as: "Why do 20 minutes of aerobics instead of 15? Why not do 5 reps instead of 6 on your heaviest set? Why eat 6 meals a day instead of 5? Can a person like me succeed in this? Isn't it impossible to change so much so fast?" By far and away, the vast majority of these questions can be answered with just two words: "Have Faith." Not blind faith; just the opposite. Have Faith in what you see! The dozens of success stories you'll read about in this book represent literally hundreds of thousands of people who have achieved extraordinary results. And, by and large, they followed the Body-for-LIFE Program to the letter. The Program, as it's designed, works. That is a fact. I highly encourage you to have faith, not just in me, but in the other people who have successfully completed the Program. And, most important of all, have faith in yourself. You will succeed when you give yourself the opportunity. I promise. ~Bill Phillips~

    Good night Team and have an amazing DAY 12!!!

  • Hello Everyone.

    The week has been great for me. I have even learned some new things this week that are helping me with my challenge.

    I workout at 5:00 am and this week I also add a yoga class to my workout for streaching it I feel great. It helps my range of

    motion when lifting. I always said yoga was for women until I took a class and it kicked my but (lesson learned)

    Hey Sharon keep up the good work preperation is the key. I prepare my meals on Sunday I cook my chicken breat or

    whatever protein I'm having and cook a bulk pot of brown rice and my vegetable and I fix my meals for the whole week

    I use small glad or tupperware container and put in a portion of each. i just grab them out of the fridge everyday

    and take my shakes and bars and fruit with me everyday so no matter what happens I'm prepared .

    Have a great day and weekend see ya guys and gals for week 3



  • DAY 12 - Bill Phillips Daily Lesson-for-LIFE

    "Invest your time, don't just spend it!" Time, much more precious than money, is there for us to invest or squander. Each and every day, we are given the exact same amount of time to work with - 1,440 minutes. Where you are in Life and where you will go is largely determined by what you do with that time. Spend time carelessly and you will pay the price: poor health, frustration, low energy, depression. Invest your time wisely - by properly caring for your body, by exercising and eating right - and you will enjoy a healthy rate of return. Among the rewards are increased positive energy and clarity. Those paybacks allow you to do more in the time you have to work with. Today, please think about what you are doing with your time. Are you investing it wisely? Are you spending more time than you need to on things that are not productive, inspiring, or important to you? How can you improve? ~ Bill Phillips~

  • Melissa - Here's a link I found which is similar to what I use in the gym.  It's the one that say's body craft and has the blond.  You're definitely not sacrificing ab exercises with that one, as I do most of my abs on that's my new favorite for abs.

    Hope everyone had a great week!  I used Friday once again as my off day.  It's easier for me, there's too much temptation in my office on Friday's.  I have to say though, I don't really like the off days.  I feel so much better when I'm on, so I think I'll throw in a DVD and do something tonight.

    Tomorrow I'm at the gym with my trainer and it's UBWO day.  It's amazing how quick your body starts adjusting once you start working out and using it.  Instead of "thinking" I can lift that or that's too much weight I find myself looking forward to increasing the weight.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Thank you! That's exactly the type of thing I'm  looking for.  Can't cheat on your abs on that thing!

    Well, I felt a little sick after my cardio last night.  I decided to go outside and walk/jog for it.  It was a little cold, but it seemed ok until I got about 2/3 of the way through.  My ears were hurting deep into my head and breathing the cold air made my windpipe and chest raw.  I spent the evening coughing every time I forgot to breathe carefully.  I feel good today, though!  

    Feeling smaller every day, and I had to fasten my bra on the next notch over!  Small victories ;).

    Looking forward to lower body this evening.  Have a great day and weekend!