Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Ladies and gents, I'm checking in really quickly before I run off to do cardio on my lunch hour!  I LOVE, seriously LOVE, going to the gym in the middle of my work day because 1. my day goes so much faster. 2. I think more clearly afterwards, 3. It gives my brain a rest.

    SHARON!!!  Bless you, woman!  I love it!  You have inspired me.  I will be posting mine also.  Thank you SO much for the inspiration.

    Hello to everyone else - I don't have time right now for little notes to everyone even though I would love to do that.



  • Hello team.  Everyone is doing so good. Awesome for all the pics posted.  Part of me wants to take pics other part hopes to never be this heavy again so then it can just be a memory. I don't own a scale but my pt contest weigh in is thursday. I promise I wont get discouraged. One thing is for sure,  if I don't lose I would definately give up but because of you guys I won't.  Keep up the good work

  • Hi Team!

    Still here... Still on track.

    Couple of quick things: First: Free days suck.  Not doing it again. Second- YOU'RE A ROCK STAR SHARON!!!!!

    Ill update and comment more tomorrow.

    Keep up the great work. "Believe" :)


  • Hahah - Dan and Val, in a few months we will have to meet up and go beer tasting!!! Sounds sooo good today for some reason ;) Where is everyone from btw? I'm originally from Hollywood, California - but live in Phoenix, Arizona now. Any other West Coasters???

    Oh and does anyone know why the one minute rest between sets is so vital? (Read somewhere that we should even get a stopwatch and make sure to rest the full sixty seconds). By the time I'm in the gym I'm so ready to go that the one minute rest isn't really happening... but still def hitting my high points! xo

  • DSC_0012.jpg

    Super cool!!! I took one week progress photos last night (just out of curiousity) and to my surprise there was already a noticeable difference (besides the new tan Lol - decided to reward myself with a Tanning membership NOW instead of waiting till the end - why not right!?! :) I can tell mostly in my face, I think it is the new eating plan that is affecting my body the most. I've been avoiding processed foods, especially high-gluten foods and am noticing all kinds of internal improvements (much less congestion and chronic pain!!!). I may continue to take new pictures every week to photo document the process. Can't wait to see everyone else's pics - and a BIG thank you to those who were brave enough to pave the way...

  • DSC_0052.JPG

    ... and one week later! :) Not sure why the pics are not showing up larger and in the post - but at least I finally figured out how to upload them :) Talk to everyone tomorrow xoxo 

  • Hi Eric and Everyone:

    My first time here. I started 1/7/13, but had to stop. Health issues. I'm going to try to start again on 2/4/13. I have been reading some of your replies and have been inspired by all of you. Thanks,


  • Happy Hump Day!

    @ Kat - way to go on posting your pictures!  Super cute bikinis!  One of the rewards on my list is a few new rockin' bikinis to show off all of my hard work.  I do like the idea of photo journaling your progress with weekly pictures.  So much better than some stupid number on a scale :-)  So where in the Valley of the Sun do you live?  I am out here at the end of the earth in Queen Creek...

    @Laurie - welcome!

    QOTD: like many of you, I am committed to taking better care of my body.  Eating clean is a very important lifestyle change for me and it feels great to cut out crappy processed foods.  Here's my question - BFL (sponsored by EAS) highly encourages adding protein powder, bars, and other "suppliments" to our daily regime.  How does that fit into eating clean?

    Hope you all have a killer BFL Day!  "BELIEVE"


  • @ Dan - When I was feeling intimidated by all the "big guys" in my gym lifting heavy weights.  My trainer pointed out that the majority of them are cheating...if you know what I mean.  You are doing it on your go you!!!  It's definitely more impressive to see the guy who is not cheating, than cheating.  :)

    @Divadivine - Way to go!!!  

    Welcome Laurie!!! This is a great board, I honestly haven't been to many of the other's because I come here and there's so much to read and so much encouragement and support offered by everyone.

    To answer some of the Questions.

    I'm from NY...Long Island.

    I try to keep a clean diet as well.  Can't say it's 100%, but I put my best effort in.  I've been using another brand shake that I've been using for years and I feel it's definitely more clean and it's organic.  I do eat the Zone bars as part of BFL.  But, that is an excellent question.

  • Everything going well still today!  I went home last night and got right on the exercise bike.  NOW my lower body is sore ;).  I get an extra hour on Wednesday mornings, and I went to bed a little earlier last night.  I got the extra rest, and now I feel great!  Looking forward to UPWO tonight.

    @Flobee - yes, hang in there! We are all rooting for you.

    @Eric - I learned from my last challenge that you can really overdo your free day! This time, I limited it to a bowl of raisin bran and milk, I had a chinese food dinne (kung pao chicken and steamed rice) into my regular schedule, of course.  Everything else was business as usual.  Still, you can feel the difference, can't you? It's crazy.

    @divadivine and sharon - you guys look great already! and thanks for posting the pics.  By the time I buy something I can take a picture in it will be 3 or 4 weeks in.  That's cheating, isn't it ;)?

    @Laurie - we're glad to have you!

    As far as supplements go, I hate paying for them.  But I have discovered that I feel much better when I use them twice a day than when I don't.  I am not sure why that is.  Maybe the extra vitamins? I do know that the whey protein really sucks me dry like energy drinks do.  I've never looked to see if there are the same things in there as in the energy drinks.  They do help me to drink a lot more water, and I've discovered that I need LOTS of water or I get tired and drug-out.  Water cures me of most everything when I'm feeling off.

    I looked into p90x tapes and insanity, and yikes! I don't think I can afford them, but I sure would like to try them.  Also, I am from Texas, near Dallas.

    Have a great day everyone!


  • Day 10!

    Great workout.  The two things I have been having trouble with are sleeping enough and giving up beer.  I've been on top of the sleep thing so today I give up the beer.  Guess ill have something to else to look forward to on cheat day.  I have yet to lose any weight but I'm feeling skinnier and stronger!  

    I have found that drinking a myoplex before I workout has really helped.  Before I would get nauseos during my morning workout now I have enough energy to hit my 10s.  I have also been using a protein shake which has improved recovery time.

  • Hi all!

    I'm from Atlanta.

    @Diva - you are hot.

    @hrdhat77 - I think you'll start noticing bigger differences now beer is out of the picture.  Good job!

    I'm off to the gym now to do LEGS.  I don't like LEGS.  It's my least favorite workout.

    @Sharon - I just now watched that video you posted.  It's AWESOME.

    Thanks, y'all!  Keep up the hard work.


  • Hi All:

    Welcome to those who pop in and and check in on us... you are more than welcome to join.

    Just got back from UBWO and feel really good.  Pushed it a little more today to see how it felt.  Was good.  Had a good sweat going after third set of chest presses.  Mind you I only increased my weight 5-10 lbs but mentally it was huge.  Consistently writing my weights and reps down has really helped.  I have just remembered from workout to workout in the past but planning for small increases is the way to go for me.

    Someone asked why only a minute between exercises... my answer would be do you don't cool down too much and you keep your heart rate going.  The program is designed to help endurance as well as strength.  The workout is kind of like interval weight training.  Also, in know if I don't stay on top of time, I'm there for over an hour which I don't want to do... yet.

    Going back to the free day discussion... I didn't go overboard on anything, but what I did eat had more sugar and fat than what I normally eat.  I will take Emily Alvers advice and go with having slightly bigger portions of clean food and maybe splurge on one thing... a beer or a glass of wine.  Remembering our next free day is Super Bowl Sunday, we may want to plan ahead.  There will be a lot of chicken wings, and potato chips at our finger tips.  I know I don't want any of that.

    I too will take progress pics and measurements at the end of week two.  I already feel quite different and it's most noticeable in my face.

    As for QOTD: I use EAS Vanilla Protein Powder and premade lite shakes.  Powder to make yamcakes and shakes occasionally and I drink a lite shake after workouts for quick recovery nutrition.  I want the rest of my nutrition to come from clean food.

    Keep up the great work everyone!

    "Nothing tastes as good as being in shape feels."

  • Hi Team -

    Wow - I would never have thought that using this Forum as a tool would be so powerful! I have been the queen of "Lone Ranger Island" the majority of my Life and have just recently discovered the true power potential that breeds from Community and Support! So my sincerest THANKS to EVERYONE that shares... I get something out of each and every person here :) I celebrate in all of our successes and definitely relate to all of the struggles; the more transparent we can be with each other the better!!! I'm learning that Vulnerability is actually our greatest Strength...

    I had woken up today with my "Self-Destructive Mental/Emotional Programs" on full power today due to other elements in my Life that I don't have full control over, and that were really weighing me down. I had considered giving myself a "free pass" today, but then realized that this BFL Challenge is the ONE area in my Life that I DO actually have full control over! So instead of just bowing out today (which was very tempting), I called the EAS/Abbott Support Team to get some questions answered and then re-connected to the positive energy on this thread, and then magically found that I had what I needed to still make this day a success... and just now finished my most intense UBWO to date!!! Hope all of you are having a great day so far, and if not, there's still time to turn it around ;)

    Sharon - we are practically neighbors, how cool! I'm in Chandler just off Ray and the 101. Let's grab coffee sumtime :)

    Shea - Lol thanks ;) From what I can see from ur Profile pic ur a hottie too! xo

    Hrdhat - Thanks for the recommendation re: the Myoplex. I've been getting really nauseous too, so will try that!

    Laurie - Welcome to this awesome Team! You are in good company

    Eric - That is one of my favorite quotes - it is sooo TRUE!!!

    xoxo Kat

  • DAY 10 - Bill Phillips Daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "The most important person to stand up to is yourself." Sometimes you may feel as if you are having a tug of war between your old self and your new self. It's not easy to make the type of changes in your Life that you've decided to make. In your moments of decision, when you feel like eating ice cream at night or lying in bed in the morning instead of getting up to work out, ask yourself. "Who do I want to be today: the old me or the new me?" Your body and Life are being shaped by these moment-to-moment decisions. It's those decisions that brought you to where you were at the beginning of this Program. And if you continue to make decisions the old way, you're going to continue to produce the same results. To create different results, you have to take a different approach. It is not easy to stand up to yourself, but you can do it! ~ Bill Phillips~