Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • We're all still on track on day 7, and using our free day to run our errands.  We plan on getting a special meal out! No one has cheated or fallen off the wagon or even missed a workout.  I'm feeling psyched, and I hope it keeps up!  Good job everyone!

  • Week 2 - I OWN YOU!!!!

    Feeling great and super excited to be entering the second week of our journey!  Gentlemen, thank you for having the courage and conviction to post your pictures.

    My QOTD - based on comments I read from the ladies out there, why won't we (women) post our pics too?  We can black out faces - photo shop is a wonderful thing - if we are worried about remaining anonymous. This is a question that I can't answer yet myself. Is it my issues with where I am and how far I let myself slide? Is it self doubt/loathing? Is it not wanting to face reality? Is it societal?  Maybe my next step should be a brave and bold one - just post my damn picture and be accountable. Something for me to ponder on a rainy Sunday evening...

    Scale - evil and to be avoided!  A girlfriend of mine coined the phrase "F" the Scale. I love it! She lost close to 100 pounds and just finished a half Iron Man triathlon.  Words to live by!

    Cheat day - I was so looking forward to it and now I truly feel disgusting. Maybe that is by design. I planned it, I ate it, I regret it.  Any of you out there read Dr. Peeke's BFL for Women?  I picked it up at Barnes and Noble and couldn't put it down.  She doesn't agree with the idea of a free day (reinforces binging etc). She writes about the idea of truly changing your habits and lifestyle and not making food a reward. Her philosophy is to eat clean 80+% of the time and allow yourself an occasional treat. Not a day devoted to it. I think that might work better for me :-)

    Being 40+, For years, I have thought about a tattoo but haven't followed through.  My tattoo would be the word Believe. . Believe in me, believe I can, believe in my dreams, believe in my goals, believe in my happiness, believe in my future, believe I'm worth it (whatever "it" maybe), just BELIEVE.

    So to my rockin' BFL family, I say Believe!

    Welcome to week 2 😃


  • @ Eric - Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas is always the first song on my workout play list!!

  • I'm not going to do a cheat a day. For me, that can lead to trouble. One day turns into two, then three and before you know I've gained back every pound I lost.

    Instead, today I was going to have what I thought was cheat sandwich at Einstein Bagel. I plugged in the Tasty Turkey into my Lose It iPhone app to track my calories and it turns out that thing is not really all the bad. Wouldn't want to eat them every day but for a cheat meal it will work perfect.

    I'm training myself to eat differently and don't consider it a diet. This is a total life style change for me.

    I came in way under my calorie allowance for the day.

    Week two, here I come :)

  • Happy Monday and Welcome to Week 2... 

    So, not a pretty sight below but a bold, daring step for me!  It's about taking accountability.  This is not what I see when I look in the mirrow.  However, I am quite sure that I didn't select the "fat" feature on the camera.  Reality is harsh but I am ready to tackle it head on.  I am looking forward to having my actual body match the mental image I have of myself (that of the athlete that I used to be).  I can't stand seeing myself like this so I am making changes.  I can't wait to post pictures at week 4, 8 and 12 just to see the awesome new direction that I am taking my body!  This is as bad as it gets for me - no more abusing my body!!!!

    Come on girls - be brave with me...

    Have a great BFL day!


  • Sharon - Ur awesome woman! I will definitely be posting my "before pics" on here too as soon as I can figure out how to do it LOL. And BTW - your body is beautiful - nothing is sagging and you are perfectly proportionate! Your transformation is gonna rock GF :) And thank you for always being so involved and positive on this thread, you have a lot of insight. As far as the Tattoo - go for it!!! I've got 7 Japanese characters from neck to tailbone and I LOVE them (U'll see them when I post my pics)

    Mintexas - So cool that your whole family is involved and everyone is keepin with the Program! Even if you don't decide to officially compete, it would be really cool for you to send in a before and after of the whole family! I've seen plenty of Couples photos but never an entire household - your Fam could be the Pioneers for that!!!

    Mr. Guy - The only way that these changes will ever truly stick is to view them as a lifestyle change - so good for you!!! It really is all about the switch in mentality. My first time competeing was back in 2005, starting at 220 pounds down to 170 pounds. I went from a 220 pound "way of thinking and habits" to a 170 pound "way of thinking and habits". I have over the years even gotten down to 140 pounds, however that was through severe dieting thru ketosis and it didn't stick, I always seem to fluctuate back up to the 170's. That's when I figured it out! My thinking patterns and habits are those of a 170 pound woman (not 220lbs anymore or even 140lbs)... So now I am focusing in on getting back to 140 pound mark, but this time, the right way! By shifting my thoughts, habits and patterns to those of a healthy and fit 140 pound Bombshell ;) I KNOW it will stick for this time, because at the end if this 84 day journey I will have all the right habits to keep me going for LIFE!!!

    Welcome to Day 8 and Week 2 Everyone! No matter how week one went for you - this is a brand new week. Either use the momentum you created last week, or light a new fire if need be. Just STAY on this train!!! xoxo Kat

  • As promised, here is the BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE by Bill Phillips...

    Day 8 - "The last thing you WANT to do is often the first thing you NEED to do!" I've talked to thousands and thousands of people who have completed the Body-for-LIFE Program and achieved extraordinary results, and not a single one has said anything remotely akin to, "Bill, I just couldn't wait to take that before photo!" Or, "Bill, I love dragging my butt out of bed at 5:00am, putting on my workout clothes, and doing an intense workout!" I know how it is because I feel the same way. However, it is vitally important to recognize that the feeling of not wanting to do something is actually an Opportunity to exercise your inner strength. You see, when the last thing you want to do is get out of bed early in the morning and work out intensely, but you do it anyway, you immediately experience a burst of positive energy. And the more you exercise your self-discipline in this way, the stronger, healthier and more energetic you'll become! ~Bill Phillips~

  • Hi Team!

    Hope everyone's week has started off well! I did my LBWO yesterday and am happy to say I am not as sore as after my LBWO last week! Today I have my cardio day. I am going to go running outside today, instead of on the treadmill, because we are having unseasonably warm weather here in St. Louis! Supposed to be 70 degrees today...and 30 tomorrow...

    Sharon--Great job on posting your pictures!


  • Well, I woke up feeling bad this morning, so I did not get out of bed early enough to do my cardio.  I can usually do my cardio in the morning before work because it doesn't take as long, and usually do my strength training in the evenings after I get home.  I'm actually off on Monday, so on those three days, I have no problems since I have nowhere to go.  I have trouble sleeping, so that is part of the problem.  So I guess I'll be doing my cardio after work this evening, too.  It feels kinda like cheating, even though I know it isn't really.  Being tired always gets me down.  But I'm not going to let it control me.  Otherwise, I'm on track, and I'll do my cardio first thing when I get home.  I cooked up another week's worth of food last night, and I'm ready to tackle it.

    I know what you mean about the LBWO.  I was very surprised that I didn't get very sore after it since I know I pushed myself, so that makes me feel better about it.  Funny thing is that my upper body is still sore.

    I have an exercise bicycle at home, but as far as indoor cardio, that is all I have.  It is supposed to storm heavily today, and it's almost 80 degrees near Dallas.  I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good cardio videos that can be used for our cardio days? I really need some variety.  I've done Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.  Do you think that would work? It has some decent intervals.

    Oh, about the pictures.  I haven't done that yet because I don't have anything to take the picture in!  I don't think ratty bra and underwear would be something I would feel comfortable photographing in.  I don't wear bikinis.  I really would like something that shows everything, otherwise the progress doesn't appear as obvious.  I will keep looking, and when I find something, I'll try to take some pics.

  • Good Morning and Welcome to Day 9!!! Read below for Bill Phillips daily Lesson-for-LIFE...

    "You have the power to change, and no one can take that away!" Imagine, just 11 weeks from now, having the energy to go all-out from dawn to dusk, having the confidence to do things you've been putting off, having the certainty to make the right decision at the right time, knowing you can regain control over virtually anything in this world if you set your mind to it. Well, you will! And it doesn't matter if you are 22 or 62, man or woman, fit or unfit. No matter who you are, this much I promise: You have the power to change! Please read the success stories of former competitors and you will see. These people emerged from those 12 weeks with a healthier body and a new exciting life. They are the proof - the living, breathing, walking, talking proof - that the Body-for-LIFE Program can help you change your Life too. The process of creating yoru new Body-for-LIFE has already begun. Keep up the good work! ~Bill Phillips~

  • Hi everyone!  Haven't had a chance to post here in a few days, but I have been checking in and reading all your posts.  How powerfully strong you all are who have posted your pictures.  You CAN and WILL do this!!!  

    I have to say, I'm really starting to get into this now and am really making conscious choices.  I've been looking forward to the gym and actually feel so much better on gym days.  I've decided that the days that I'm working in my office, I will go to the gym during my lunch hour as it's only 5 minutes down the road so it's plenty of time to get in a workout or even some cardio.  

    mintexas - I know how you feel about waking up tired and not sleeping.  This morning my plan was to wake up early and get in some cardio as well, but I didn't.  I will get it done tonight though.  As much as I would love to be one of those people who wakes up early and gets it out of the way, I've realized it's just not me.  Maybe one day it will be, but right now it's not.  I'm feeling if I set that early morning workout as a goal and don't make it, I feel like I've let myself down, so instead I've realized that it's better to have the time later that I know I can commit to, than setting myself up for failure in the morning.  Hang in there!

  • Happy Tuesday!

    @ Kat - aren't you sweet?!?!  Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement.  Amazing job keeping off the weight lost the "right" way!  I love your insight into 170 pound way of thinking and habits.  I am going to incorporate that into my daily thoughts and track it in my Success Journal.  Change your mind, change your life.

    @ Amy - thank you.  Kinda suprised myself actually.

    @ mintexas and fitmama13 - just do it!  If you don't have a swim suit, use a sports bra and workout shorts.  Or just a cute bra and undies. I wouldn't dream of wearing the suit outside of the house yet but I will soon!!!  From everything I read, you will regret not having that documented proof of your starting point.  Get your measurements as well!  

    I can't wait to get excited about cardio again.  I used to be a cardio junkie.  I couldn't get enough of it - running, soccer, biking, swimming, kickboxing, and hiking.  Now it hurts - why????  Because I have too much weight on my joints.  I so look forward to enjoying these activities again and not hurting all the time.

    @mintexas - I have the P90X videos and a stair climber here at the house for early morning cardio sessions.  I am working on an international project so my days are all screwed up.  I can't always get to the gym.  I do like the cardio, yoga, and kickboxing workouts on P90X.  They kick my butt so I assume they are working :-)  I hear the Insanity collection is just that - insane.  But, a good cardio option.

    Cardio - I like to lose myself in a good TV series while dying on my stairclimber.  Alias with Jennifer Gardner was my favorite a few years ago.  Any suggestions out there?

    I wanted to share that I reinvented a meal last night.  I took the classic sausage, onions and pepper over pasta and made it with chicken sausage with sundried tomatoes (no casing) instead.  I sauteed the veggies in a dutch oven with just a bit of high quality olive oil, added the sausage, and then slow cooked it with my home made marinara.  I can control the sugar intake with sauce if I make it myself.  I seasoned it up with lots of yummy herbs and added some heat with crushed red pepper flakes and cayenne.  I served it over cooked spaghetti squash.  It was awesome and the left overs will be even better as the sauce sits overnight.

    Hope you all have a terrific BFL Day!  Stay with it and stay strong.  We can will do this together :-)  BELIEVE


  • Hi Team,

    I've been reading your posts but haven't made any comments since last week. Like Fitmama13 just said, I can feel myself looking forward to spending time in the gym and the exercises & record-keeping are becoming more natural. One big challenge for me has been choosing club soda instead of beer when out with friends, but I'm happy to say that that's getting easier too.

    I've been using MyFitnessPal on my phone instead of the BFL journal to keep track of my foods/calorie intake. It's very simple and after several days of entering meals, you can start to copy/paste a lot stuff. I've heeded what some have said on here and I'm not weighing in regularly. I'm already down one waist size (38 to 36) so I know I'm smaller but maybe not lighter.

    I've also been surprised at how weak my upper-body is and, specifically, my shoulders. I get a little embarrassed in the weight room seeing guys lifting so much more. It tends to break my concentration - especially with all the mirrors everywhere! I'm hoping I see some gains going forward.

    Thanks everyone for participating in this forum!


  • I started 1/21 also and will try to keep up with this thread.  Sounds like a good group and I think we can all make it to the end.  

  • Hi Peeps! We are kicking butt it sounds like :)  Hello "2013" Thanks for sharing your amazing energy and beautiful photo with everyone.

    Dan... I love beer and miss it dearly. BUT I feel better not having it right now.  I didn't drink it a lot at all, but I live close to a brewery and often crave a craft beer :(  But that's how I will celebrate my finish.

    I had a quick minute, and wanted to pop in and say hello and amazing job everyone!

    My realization today:

    Between my jobs during the day, and class at night... I always had to sneak in a nap to get me through until midnight or so.  Now, not so much! I am nap free. haha! :)

    Have a kick butt day all :)