Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Hey guys!!!  Day 6 and I am on a roll!  Cardio scheduled for today.  It feels great to be on a program and to know what I need to do and eateach day.  Planning is key!

    I love reading everyone's checkins every day.  I'm subscribed via email so I get everyone's comments on my phone, so even though I haven't been able to post daily, your activity and excitement has inspired me every day.  THANK YOU!

    I am really looking forward to magical Week 8, but I do hope that I can feel and see changes way before then.

    Is anyone going to post their before pics?

  • Sheashea - are you going to post them? I can't stand looking at mine :O

  • Eeeks!  I don't know.  I HATE looking at them, too. :(  Maybe when I am at the end and proud of what I have achieved, THEN I will post the side by side.

  • HI ALL!

    Day 6 cardio done... elliptical kicked my butt in the beginning but I got it back in the end:) I feel really good that I stayed with the program these six days.  This forum has helped.  I love being held accountable by others in this way.  Everyone should be proud of getting this far, it's not easy.

    Queen - Headlong was the song that pumped me up this morning during cardio.

    While I don't like my before pictures, it's where I was, a benchmark to look back at.  Part of this challenge is seeing who you are and moving forward. I'll post mine here.  I have a ways to go at 292lbs.

    Anyone have a good QOTD?

  • Checking in on Day 6.

    I'm down 6lbs so far. The majority of that I'm sure is water but I'll take it.

    I found a free app for the iPhone called Lose It that is helping me keep track of my daily calories and activity. That thing is awesome and makes it easy for me to know what I'm eating.

    I've already had to tighten my belt a knotch. That was a good feeling!

    Keep it up everybody!

  • Eric!  You're so brave!  It's a great BEFORE pic and I can't wait to see your AFTER pic.  You may have inspired me to post one.

  • You too, mr. guy!

  • Happy Saturday!

    Cardio for me today, but I haven't gotten around to doing it.  Hubby's on conference & I'm home w/ the kids  & new puppy who are keeping me super active.  I've had to beg a few minutes from them just to log in today.  :o)  I will do my cardio when hubby gets home.  Eating so far is good, but I HAVE planned to eat popcorn & cupcake tomorrow (kids were eating popcorn today).  I may do some light cardio tomorrow just so I can feel a little better about my day off.  :o)

    @ divadivine - love the new prospective you gave me!  18 UBWO & 18 LBWO from start to finish.  That is sooooo doable!  I'm using these numbers to count down.  Thank You!  

    @Fitmama - Me too!!!  I must also be doing deadlifts w/ my toddler! LOL!!!  Maybe I should try lifting him w/ my arms?  Just kidding.  :o)    Re "off day yesterday":  I'm so sorry about yesterday, but glad that you were able to do a turnaround.  Let's not be derailed by hiccups - let's just keep moving on as I am positive it will still be awesome!!!!  :o)

    BTW, could you maybe stash protein powder & protein bars in places, and maybe carry around apples & cheese sticks around?  

    @ kaykay - Yeay 4 you!!! re feeling the strength!  I'm right behind you!!!  :o)

    @ all the guys who've posted their pics:  You're so brave!  I'm not that confident to take that step.... yet????  :o)

    - Ruth

  • I just can't post my pic either.  Actually, I haven't even taken an official before pic....not officially entering the contest.  I know I should anyway just to see my own progress.  I will....but I don't think I can post them til I get a couple months down the road and the person I see in the mirror is no longer the one in the pic.  That way, I'm not really posting a gross pic of myself...cause I won't look like that'll just be a pic of someone I used to be.  Lol....I's an insane mind trick.  But it works for me.  

  • BUT, I have to add that I really do want to provide the same motivation that other people's before and afters have given me in getting this program started.  So, I will definitely post them when I do start to see changes.  

  • I used to be really self conscience about posting photos to. I refused to let my daughter take pictures of me.

    Then, she snuck a photo of me and I saw it. That’s when it home that I was way out of control. After all that hard work I put in back in 2002, it was all for nothing.

    When I see that photo, I know that in 12 weeks, the next photo I post is going to look like a different person. It motivates me to keep moving forward.

    Whenever I want to give into the cravings, I just look at my photos and remember the goal.

    Not only do I want to look better, I’ll be a much healthier and happier person.

    Posting my photos was kind of a “Here I am, I’m all in on this” moment.

  • Thanks Eric and Mr. Guy for sharing your pics. They're awesome!!!

    I'm with kaykay on the stipulations for posting... I want to feel that the picture-person is in the past when I look in the mirror. Funny though... I actually think she is, I just can't "see" it yet.

    Great song on the workout there Eric. I'm stealing it for Monday's Cardio session.  :)  

    As I mentioned before my routine is off by a day from others, due to a boot-camp I have to work around at our gym.  

    So today was upper body... and I seriously had a hard time maneuvering my truck 2.5 miles home! My arms were throbbing. But... it feels good :)

    Thanks all for the great info and motivation.  I have removed my scale from the house... as it is a constant battle for me.  I  tend to get depressed by the numbers... so... this challenge is a major feat for me.  I think one of my goals I will be adding to my list is no more negative self-talk.  It's a tough one.

    Anyways. I'm done babbling.

    Happy Saturday all. Great job on week 1 :)

    We rock!!!!

    ps. Check this out... You will be glad you did!

  • Hi Everyone:  Hope all had a great day 6.

    Val, Ive seen this gentleman's transformation using yoga... amazing.

    As for pictures, (and measurements for that matter) I encourage you to take them.  I will be taking weekly pictures to see the transformation.  I know this first week won't be that different but next weeks will.  For me it helps keep track of my progress.

    QOTD: What is the one thing you are looking forward to on your free day?

    I'll answer quickly... I'm having one peanut butter with chocolate cookie... not really a free day, but I don't want to feel like crap after my free day.

    Hope everyone is well.


  • I LOVE reading Bill Phillips' daily "Lesson-for-LIFE" in the BFL Journal, so will commit to posting it on here for anyone who doesn't have it yet :) He has successfully motivitated tens of thousands through the BFL Program over the years- so hope these will help keep ALL of us motivated through to the Finish Line!!!

    DAY 6 - "A little 'extra nothing' can go a long way!" - The pursuit of worthy goals requires hard work, persistence and intense focus. There's no doubt about it. However, one of the important lessons I've learned over the years is that sometimes a little "extra nothing" can go a long way. By that I mean don't underestimate the importance of rest and relaxation. A certain amount of "down time", or free time, helps renew energy, clear the mind, and heal the body. That's why one day out of every seven, on the Body-for-LIFE Program, I encourage you to take a break. Eat whatever you want, don't exercise, don't plan, don't record anything (in your journal). Just flat out take the day off from anything Body-for-LIFE-related. And certainly don't feel guilty about doing some extra nothing. It's part of the process of making progress and succeeding. So enjoy tomorrow, your first free day-you've earned it! :) ~Bill Phillips~

    Enjoy YOUR FREE DAY EVERYONE and congrats to ALL who made it through WEEK ONE ;) xoxo Kat

  • I am on day six today too.  I have not had a chance to do my cardio today but I will do it again tomorrow.  Divadivine144 thank you for posting the daily Lesson for Life.  I use to have the journal but it was lost during a tornado.  I have a goal of being able to wear a size seven.  I have also decided to sign up for a 5K in April.  A goal to work toward should help me to stay on track.  I did find out that I was only eating about 700 calories last week before I worked out.  This week I am going to try to make sure and get the 1200 calories that are needed.  Thanks again for the motivation.