Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Welcome to day 4 of 84 and beyond!!! :) Anyone who has not yet bought and integrated the BFL Success Journal - DO IT!!! I am seeing how much of this Challenge truly is a MINDSET. The journal is designed for you to plan EVERYTHING and at the end of the day be able to record your successes and identify your setbacks. It's incredible how much our psyche thrives even on the smallest of successes, so I am finding that I am doing all kinds of things throughout my day just so I can write in SUCCESS vs. Setback in my BFL Journal.

    Perfect example was this morning I was reeeaallly tired and had absolute NO Desire to do my Cardio first thing (before breakfast or morning coffee). I actually fought with myself, even putting on and taking off my gym shoes a couple times LOL and tried talking myself into reasons why it would be better for me to do my cardio later in the day! Then I realized that even if I did it later, I would still have to write Setback in my Journal, because the goal I wrote for myself last night clearly stated "Do Cardio First thing in the morning on an empty stomach"... So I DID!!! I hated every second of it but got it done and can now enjoy that for the rest of my Day!

    Whether using the BFL Journal or even just a notebook - PLAN your day before your day begins. This habit is crucial for success in every area of Life. Congrats to EVERYONE who has made it to Day 4 - sending lots of Positive Vibes out to the entire Team ;)

    xo Kat

  • Hi Papa C - good for YOU for taking this on! According to the BFL Plan, yes Abs are only required on Lower Body Days. I really recommend following the system as it is designed until that becomes a solid habit. It can be really easy to "re-invent the wheel" and then completely fall off due to confusion and lack of consistency. Keeping it simple makes it do-able.

    If you are not using weights for Abs, you can try doing extra sets - just decide what you are going to do and stick with it. And your schedule looks fine... just commit to what works for you and you can do this!!! See you at the TOP :)

    And Mintexas - I also have struggled with Thyroid issues, so much so that it almost killed me (Graves Disease). I've had great success with this program before, during and after my major medical trials. You should consider entering officially for two reasons. One the Accountability factor that it provides and Two, YOUR PERSONAL STORY can and will have an enormous impact on current and future BFLers! There are tens of thousands of people diagnosed with Thyroid conditions that allow it devastate their lives. You can be that extra voice that shows them there is so much Life still on the other side of a medical diagnoses! Either way, it's awesome that you and your Fam are all doing it together

  • LOL!!!  Divadivine.  I rely very heavily on my Success Journal too!  I carry it around with me, planning when I can & jotting down accomplishments or not.  :o)  I'm so absolutely glad I have it - it's my crutch.  I hate breaking promises I've made to myself the night b4, so this journal keeps me on track and accountable!  

    Two more days till Sunday!!! = My free day!!!  :o)

  • HI TEAM!


    Welcome to our new team members, teachinokie, Papa C, mintexas (and bf, and dtr).... hope I didn't miss anyone.

    Late post today.  Cardio day for me.... didn't want to get off!  I think I killed the elliptical :)

    Papa C - abs you can do crunches with 2.5 lb wt on your chest if you want to add weight or you can use the abdominal machine and increase weight.  I would do crunches on the bosu ball or stability ball to give your back support. sometime using a medicine ball is fun too.

    2shootingstars - how much pain... soreness is ok, even extreme soreness... pain... not so much.  foam rolling is great for pain/soreness relief.

    QOTD: Is there anything left in your refrigerator or cabinets that shouldn't be?  I know this is hard for families.  Is there a cabinet that the "other" food can stay in that you never touch so you are not tempted?

    Keep up the great work everyone.


  • Hello team. I have stuck to the program to a tee. Jumped on a scale for my pt challange and I gained 3 pounds if the 7 I lost. My heart sank. Text my husband to tel him how bummed I was and he called me and said maybe there's something wrong with your thyroid. I saw mintexas has thyroid issues and was just wondering some of her symptoms and what dr did for her. Im so discouraged. Help

  • Day 4 is in the bag!!!!  Thanks for all the motiviation and encouragement on this thread

    @Flobee - oh no - don't get discouraged.  My advise to you is to stay the heck off the scales!!!!  I have read that same thing from many a BFL champion.  Your body is changing and adding muscle.  You might see a weight gain in the beginning.  Trust the program and base your "progress" more on measurements, how your clothes fit, and how you feel.  Don't let some random number on a stupid scale derail you.  I actually had my husband hide my scale.  I will only have him pull it out at weeks 4, 8, and 12 when I also take measurements and pictures.  

    @Kat and 2shootingstars- I couldn't agree with you more on the Success Journal.  I absolutely love everything about it.  One of my goals is to post daily on this forum.  It helps me with accountability as well as motivation (receiving and providing).  Fail to plan = plan to fail for me!!!!

    @Eric - be nice to the elliptical, it's your friend :-)  No seriously, nice job on "killing it."  I dread cardio but keep telling myself that I LOVE IT.  It's not working yet but I am sure that it will!

    I have the P90X videos - granted I had to dust them off but they are in my possession.  Since I do cardio at home, I decided to tackle the abs ripper video immediately after my HIIT session since it is a shorter workout than a weight training session.  It rocks and I'll hit abs 3 times a week instead of just once or twice!  I haven't been able to make it through the whole workout but I will be able to in a few weeks.  Just keep hitting play...I have to admit though that I am pretty smoked after the HIIT workout.  That too will get better as I get back in shape!

    There was a question asked in an earlier thread about water consumption.  This is a huge struggle for me.  I am a slow drinker and get "water logged" easily.  I am finding though that having a water bottle with a straw makes all the difference in the world.  I know - sounds totally silly but it works.  I keep it sitting right in front of me and just sip slowly throughout the day.  I have to stop by 6:00pm or else I wake up multiple times in the night.  I have a 2-liter jug that I fill up with water each day and my goal is to refill my bottle until the 2-liters are gone.

    Response to QOTD - I had to completely BFL proof my fridge and pantry.  My willpower is horrible and I know that I would give in to temptation at some point.  So, I just can't keep it in the house.  I am a sweet craver so I made the BFL  pistachio and vanilla protein puddings this week.  They are so yummy and a perfect last snack of the day for me.  I added some berries to the vanilla to get in another serving of fruit.  Awesome!

    Is anyone out there using recipes from the Eating for Life cook book?  I tried the Chicken Enchilada's and they were fabulous.  Any other favorites out there?


  • I only have a few minutes before I have to head out, but it's one of my goals to log in every morning to keep me on the right track.  Congratulations everyone!!! Everyone seems to be doing so great!!!

    I completely agree with the journal, I love it!!!  Just wish I knew there was an actual BFL journal.  I have also created my own spread sheet check off like one of the champions mentioned in the book.  As I complete each of my daily tasks, I put a check mark next to it.  I've not only included my daily BFL goals, but other things that I need to do daily.  It's great, and I really make an effort to get everything checked.

    I had my LBWO yesterday and it was great!  I feel so much more confident at the gym doing LB than UB.  Tuesday I had a hard time at the gym with UB, just because I don't have the confidence, but I'm working on that.  January 1st when I decided to join the gym , I also signed up for a trainer 1x week.  It has really helped me feel more comfortable in the gym knowing the machines and weights.  One of the trainers came up to me yesterday and we started talking and I told him I entered this challenge.  He said he would look into and talk to my trainer who I see on Saturday and they could definitely work it into my sessions.  It felt great to tell him about the challenge.  Now, I have no excuses when I go in the gym and I know they are going to really start to push me and help me reach my goals.  It really makes a difference when you share your goals, especially with the right (supportive) people.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Hi All!

    Day 5 UBWO was much better than Day 1.  Not having lifted in many years it was good to get back into it.  I have been taking it easy on the weight, not wanting to injure myself again and it's working.  Feeling good, feeling like I get a good muscle workout, and only sore the next day.

    Will have to go to Barnes and Noble to see about the success journal.  Sounds like a couple of you are having great success with it.  I'm glad we have this thread.  Love checking in and seeing everyone posting.  That's motivating in itself.

    Flobee - First.... GET OFF THAT SCALE :)  Second... it could be water retention because of the change in activity.  I have had many clients (I'm a certified personal trainer) gain weight their first week because of that.  It balances out quickly.  Keep drinking water and if you are concerned, take your husband's advice and see a dr and have your thyroid checked.

    QOTD: With tomorrow being a cardio day for me, What music/songs do you listen to that really pump you up?

    For me I love the 80's music.  It's music from when I was in college and has a great beat.  I love New Order especially.  I also listen to DJ Tiesto.  It's dance/house music and can really get my heart going.

    Hope everyone has a great Day 5!  Please check in and let us know how you are doing.


  • Well, I had trouble getting logged on to the forums today, but they fixed it for me!  We're all doing great on day 5!  Everything has gone to plan, which is something to be very thankful for!

    Flobee, I always gain weight first, which I had never attributed to water weight, although whey protein seems to dehydrate me and I have to drink twice as much!  But since I'm following the program, I know I'm taking in less calories than I'm expending even if I were NOT exercising, so I know it is deceiving.  I lost 3 dress sizes in the first month last time without even losing a single pound, so don't get discouraged!  I'm a pound up this week (weighed at doctor's office) myself, yet I feel better in my clothes already because my abdomen is not as prominent.  I always attributed it to development of muscle before losing fat, but I don't think it could happen quite as quickly as the 5th day.

    As far as the thyroid, I have been told my whole life "you must have thyroid issues" when telling my doctors the symptoms, then after they take my blood and test it, they tell me my levels are fine.  I discovered accidentally in a body scan that I had NODULES on my thyroid.  I had been fatigued and depressed from the age of 11, and no one had ever looked further after my symptoms to try to get to the bottom of it.  I had a biopsy and since it was not cancerous, they chose to do thyroid replacement to try to shrink the thyroid and the nodules by keeping the thyroid from making its own.  My tests have never come out abnormal with or without the synthroid, but after being put on synthroid, I have felt much closer to what I would call normal.  I wouldn't know since I have felt tired, lethargic, and depressed since I was a child and my doctor says I must have had it since I was a child for it to be like it is now.  If you don't have those other symptoms, I wouldn't worry about it being thyroid just for the difficulty to lose weight, although for me it is the synthroid that is making me having difficulty losing it.  I stopped being able to lose after I went on it.

    For women, the 8th week seems to be magical, and it was for me, too.  I was strong and felt lean already, but that's when the scale started to slide down faster and faster.  I'm hoping to see the same this time.  Of course, 44 is a lot older than 31 ;).

    Good luck, and have a great weekend all!


  • Ok.  Today was a tough day for me.  I hate admitting weakness, but my upper body is terribly weak.  I can't believe I actually did some exercises with a 5# weight.  From carrying my 2 y/o son around, I should have been a lot stronger.  I did just ok, but will strive to do much better the next time.  And, so now a personal goal of increasing upper body strength has been added to my reasons for completing this challenge.  

    Secondly, I had a LOT of visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.  LOL!   I have a 5y/o daughter & 2 y/o son who're eating veggie sticks and chocolate pudding in front of me.  I seriously can not wait until Sunday.  I've already drove to my favorite bakery and bought a cupcake and a cookie.  Sorry, guys. :o)  Sugar is my number one downfall.  Or, maybe I'll bake - I love to bake.  Can't a girl dream!!!  LOL!!!  

    Back on track - I've got trips to Florida and to the Jersey shore to look forward to.  I'll try not to go crazy on Sunday.  Hope it gets easier from here - fingers crossed.

    Tomorrow WILL be an easier day..... darn it!  :o)

    Ruth aka 2shootingstars

  • Hi all! Congrats on our five days in to our brand new "usses" - is that a word? lol

    So I try to check in everyday to get motivated, and I'm glad I do! Everyone is so full of empowering posts. Thank you :)

    Eric - re: the music

    I love the 80's. I stick with Pandora and shuffle between 80's Cardio, Workout Plan (Kanye West created it), Disco Cardio and I tend to lean towards a Hip-Hop sound so I like PitBull and others.  

    I hope you all have an amazing and fulfilling weekend. Tomorrow is upper body for me, I had to begin with Cardio this week so my routine is a little different than most.  We have a boot camp that runs on MWF in my gym and they monopolize the free weights so I work-in my cardio to their camp-days.

    Anyways... Congrats all, stay positive and keep it up!

    ps. throwing my scale away... :)  Now THAT'S Empowering!

  • Only one more day to go till FREE DAY!!! Yaaaaayy Hahah

    Read something interesting in my BFL journal today... It said to truly make every single workout count! We only have 18 Upper Body Workouts, 18 Lower Body Workouts and 36 Cardio Workouts to make this Transformation happen! Feels like less of a mountain to climb when it's broken down that way, however also creates a serious sense of Urgency!!!

    Flobee - Right there with ya! I've been doing everything by the book and have gained a lot of water weight and can barely squeeze into my jeans lol. I know that this process also detoxifies the body and our body naturally retains water when this happens in order to dilute the toxic effect on our system. Been thru this before and it always clears up! And when it does it will seem like you lost 5 pounds in a day ;) Keep it up girlfriend!

    Almost through Week One Team!!! xo Kat

  • T ahank you all so much for the encouragement. Talking to you guys everyday has been motivating than I ever thought possible..the only reason I do weigh in is because I signed up for that challange at physical therapy and weigh in is every Thursday for 8 more weeks. Cardio again tomorrow, and I would like to share my treadmill program with you for you to try to change things up. Minutes 1&2 speed 3.0 incline 0.       Min3 speed 3.5 incline 2.0.     Min4 speed 4.0 incline 5.0.      Min5 speed4.2. Incline 7.0.   Min6 speed 4.5 incline 10 . Go back down to speed 3.5 and incline 2.0 for the 7 th min. Then continue to change speed and incline min 8-18.    4.0. @5

    P incline. 4.2@7.0incline and 4.5@10% incline. Back down to 3.5@2% incline etc till the 18th min. Finally go down for minutes 19&20 at a speed of 3.0 &0% incline. Suggest writing plan on a small piece of paper and taping it to treadmill. Goal is to not hold on and really push thru. I have to jog at the 4.5 &10%. But it kicks my ass everytime!!! Hope its not to confusing. If anyone tries it let me know. I've been putting crystal light liquid in my water plus I freeze it and it helps with the sweet cravings. Im proud of all you! We can do this! Cause honestly when else would we get this support with everyday life.

  • @2shootingstars - I feel the same way with UBWO.  I have a 2 year old son too and I thought from the constant lifting and holding, my UB would be much stronger.  My legs are a powerhouse  I think because I pick him up more from my legs than a dead lift.  :)

    @valigirl - thanks for that motivational pic.  I really need that today!

    I had such an off day yesterday.  I ended up rushing around in the morning, didn't plan and pack my meals the night before and it made for a horrible...fall off the treadmill type of day.  I was at a client's office and in my car most of the day, and if I would have packed my lunch and snacks I would have been fine.  Note to self:  It DEFINITELY helps to stay on track when you plan and lay it all out the night before.  I ended up on a carb binge.  I will I guess use that as my free day and today with the trainer, I will make sure he really kicks my butt.  I will also be at the gym first thing in the morning.

    Here's to getting back on the treadmill!!!  Cheers!!!

  • Happy Day 6 everyone!!  Hope your weeks went more smoothly than mine.  I barely had time to get in workouts and sleep so I spent very little time on the forum.  

    @FitMama13--my whole week seemed much like your yesterday. Lol.  But, I'm not discouraged.  We GOT  this!!  ;-)

    One of the things I LOVE about weight training is getting to that point where instead of just feeling pain in the days following the workout, I start to feel real strength.  I started doing weight training 2 weeks prior to my start date because I knew how deeply sore my muscles would be....especially since I'm really trying to lift as heavy as I can manage without poor form and injury.  So those first two weeks I really only did 2 sessions per week just to get past that first painful start.  But now, I'm really feeling that rush of strength when I'm training and in the days after.  You can't beat that feeling!!!!!  

    Anybody doing a free day today??  Isn't it fantastic to feel so good about what you are doing all week that you can indulge with no guilt on free day!  I mean, it's just so relaxing.  And we know that we'll be right back on track making more progress until free day rolls around again.