Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Hey Eric (and Team!!! ;)

    WOW - There must be lots of positive energy on TODAY being such a strong start date for so many people - way cool to read through all of the posts! I did this Challenge with my sister about ten years ago and have done fairly well in maintaining my results - NOW its time to take it to "CHAMPION LEVEL!!!" heheh. Had a great first day and def looking forward to getting to know every one of you on this incredible journey...

    In addition to all of the "basics", some really helpful tools are to create a "Vision Board" or "Dream Map" for visuals to reference daily, a strong list of Positives Affirmation or "I AM" Statements, and most important your "Why that makes you Cry". Taking the time to do these NOW while we are excited, will most likely be the tools that get us through the tough days when we are not feeling so excited about this new venture. Really excited to see what the next 83+ days has in store for all of us! xoxo And big thanks to Eric for starting this Thread of Support :)

    Kat Divine

  • Hey all!  I am planning on starting to Challenge tomorrow.  I am really needing all the motivation that I can get.  I am one that diets, and quits, and diets, and quits.  I am now over fifty pounds heavier than I should be and really need to finish this for my self esteem as well as my health.  I could even use some one on one motivation if anyone is interested.  : )

  • Kay Kay good job. How was your lower body workout today. I had a good workout but I think I need to increase my weights

    the next lower body nworkout. Meals are going great so far. Have a great day everybody!!!

  • Hello 1/21/2013 Team

    I hope everyone has gotten off to a great start on there challenge. I've always been a person that lifted weights and this past weekend the owner

    of my gym asked me to try a class called cenergy it's a combo of  yoga, paletti, and alot of streaching and that class kicked my BUTT.

    I will add this new element to my weekly workout. I have to admit I looked very bad in this class full of ladies.

     But they were great support as they laughed.  

    Have a great day and remember you have to want to change more then you want to stay the same. Thanks. Todd  (juzuki).

    Eric thanks for creating this group

  • Way to go Todd!  I give you a lot of credit going into a class.  Classes are fun, yet you can really feel like a fish out of water, and on display for everyone.  Looks like you had a wonderful experience.  Having that diversity will really be nice in your cardio.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Hello everyone. I started my challenge 1/21 also, so far on track. I completed 2 challenges in 2003 and considered myself very familiar with the theories and prescribed nutrition and exercise guidelines, but I pulled out my original BFL book signed by Porter Freeman and started reading from cover to cover. Dollipop, I recommend the same for you. It is the "Bible" for this program. I am a flight attendant and spend literally 4 to 5 days  away from home. Planning is key. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail...... it's day 3, cardio day for me and I am sore. I pulled off an upper body workout after a13 hr duty day and 4 cities......I can do this 20 minutes high point cardio today.

  • Mr. Guy, you looked great!  If you did it b4, you can definitely do it again!!!  


  • Crystale, how much do you have to loose?  Are you at maintenance?


  • I'm in!

  • thing - love the name... WELCOME!

    Hi f9flygirl! - great to have you on board! WELCOME!

    "TEAM 02212013" let's continue to post here rather than starting new posts.  Lets keep this great motivation and momentum up and get this thing done together!


  • I like the idea of using the original thread. It will keep things more streamlined.

    Had a great LBWO yesterday. My legs are sore today! Should make for some interesting cardio today after work!


  • Great job everyone!!!

    For all those who are feeling sore, just wanted to put out there you should think about using a foam roller.  It really helps before and after workouts.  I know they have them in the gym I go to, but you can also find them cheap online or I know they sell them in Target too.  You can usually find them in the yoga/pilates sections.

    So day 3 went great!  I kept to my meal plan, got in more water than usual.  I will admit I was very tempted to skip cardio.  It's tough going home cooking, cleaning, playing with my son, bath time, etc. and then trying to do cardio, but I did it!  I told myself to just give it 5 minutes, so I popped in a kickboxing DVD  I have and ended up doing the entire DVD.  Sometimes  when you don't want to do something, you just have to try and usually I find I fall right into it and keep going.  I do that with cleaning too...haha  I'll set my timer for 15 minutes to at least get some of it done and end up doing more than I thought.

    Looking forward to my LBWO later!

  • OMG!!! I am still in pain from yesterday's lower body workout.  And, I love it!!!  Feels good to know the "magic" is working.  :o)  I didn't think I would be using the pair of 30#, but I did use it for deadlifts.  It was awesome!  I've never had a full lower body workout with just dumbells.  I think I'm hooked.  :o)

    KayKay - wow!  70# deadlifts?  I'll have to go out and buy some more dumbells sooner than I thought?  If you have a link for making the dumbells into a barbell - much appreciated. BTW, I added leg weights to the tummy routine.  I'm still feeling the pain this morning. :o)

    How do I incorporate water into my day?  The night b4 I put a water bottle on my nightstand & have it as soon as I wake.  I then have two cups either in my breakfast or on the side.  It's cold up here in upstate NY, so I drink a lot of organic herbal teas sometimes with or without a packet of stevia.  I have a few 16oz cups of these throughout the day.  And, last I try to drink 2 cups with each meal.  

    Question:  How do you make oatmeal the night b4?  Is it made in a crock pot or on the stove?  Thanks!


  • So i am in!  48 years old, and needing to get in shape for my wife, kids, and grandkids.  I am a lillte confused though.  Do we only do abs on lower body days, and question #2 is how do you us ethe 12,10,8,6,12 deal if oyu are doing floor crunches?  that doesnt seem like many.  Please help.  I may be a little off track because of work schedules, but i am doing cardio on M,W,F and strength T, TH, Sa.  Will that be a bad thing?

  • My boyfriend, my daughter, and I all started on Monday, January 21st!  We aren't officially entering, but we will be completing the program as if we were.  I actually did the program back in about 1999, and went from 155 lbs. to 124 lbs in my 12 weeks.  I have since been diagnosed with thyroid disease, and have subsequently packed on the pounds again, and now I'm having trouble shedding them.  I turned back to BFL because I know that if anything will work, this will!