Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • I can't figure out how to post on here, but I have been meaning to join you guys!  I started today also!  I'm SO excited!

  • Welcome shesha!  Great to have you.

  • Hi valigirl, i feel your pain.  I have been on low carb diets and have lost weight but I really think you/we need the beans, sweet potato, whole grain, quinoa, and whole oats.  They are healthy and slow releasing carbs that will sustain your body and give you energy.  Just be careful of portions.  Eat 1/2 a large sweet potato... kwim?

    As a former cyclist, I needed the carbs, but still stayed away from pasta.  I love sweet potato, quinoa, beans and brown rice.

    It's all about portions.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks Eric. It does... It's one of my goals. lol. I'm trying to learn how to eat again, like a normal person :)

  • Just got back from  the gym-- what! Awesome upper body workout, followed by my favorite meal: a blueberry protein shake. One cup frozen blueberries, one and a half cups unsweetened almond milk, one scoop chocolate AES protein, a dash of splenda. Blend and it's amazing! My arms are shaking as I'm typing, so I think that's a good thing post-workout. My focus for this challenge is nutrition, so any quick and simple recipes you stumble on are welcome :)

  • So how does this work?  Do we all just keep posting in this thread for 12 weeks?

  • I just want to say that doing the pictures really drives home just how far I let myself go.

    I posted a picture of me after the 2002 challenge, and then the front and back of me now. I just want to cry :(

    I can't believe I let myself go that much.

    Time to get busy!

    Bought the EAS Lean shakes today, kept my intake to just under 2000 calories and am now going to ride the stationary bike while I watch being human.

    Plan for me is 3 days of weights and 6 days of cardio. Sunday will be my cheat day.

    Let the ride begin :)

  • Great job everyone!

    So, tomorrow is weight day for me and I'm a little confused.  I feel like my upper body is so weak.  The few weeks I've been working out in the gym with the free weights I've only used 8-10 lbs.  So would I start the first set at 8, then go to 10 and then what 15?  I want to push myself, but at the same time I don't want to lose proper form just to get the weight up and hurt myself.  Thinking maybe I stay between those weights until they become easy, then add more weight?  

    Also, does anyone else feel as intimated as me, going to the free weight section with all the big boys?  I know it's something I need to do and get over...I belong there just as much as they do, but it definitely stresses me out a bit.  :)

  • FitMama13....I faced the same issue when I did BFL the first time years ago.  I had NEVER lifted weights in my life, and I really had to experiment to figure out how to work the progression.  As you go along, you will find your groove for sure and you'll feel comfortable choosing the weights for each progressive set of reps.  But to start, I would suggest you go with what you know....meaning start where you are comfortable and go from there.  So if you know you can start at 8 lbs and do 12 reps with a little (but not major burn) then start there.  Then go up to 10lbs....then to 12lbs  (or 15lbs if that's what your gym has).  Depending upon the gym I'm using, they don't always have the in-between weights like 7lb and 12lbs, etc.  So what I do in that situation is to try to go up to whatever the next weight level as many as i can at that weight...then drop back down to finish if I have to.  So, for instance, if I started at 12 reps with 8lbs....then 10 reps with 10lbs...I'd try to get 8 reps with 15 (if they don't have 12 lbs dumbells)..and if I can only get a rep or two at 15 lbs then I would drop back to 10lbs and finish the 8 reps.  Same with the 6 rep set.  You are pushing your limits either way, and that's what gives you muscle gain.  And that's the point, really.  

    And about the whole intimidation thing, I totally get that!!  In fact, until I ended up in a gym with no "women's" section, I completely avoided the free weights section at all cost.  lol.  But I went through several months in a gym where there was no women's section and the free weights were right there with the few machines they had.  I quickly adapted, and now I'm right in there with the boys.  Just remember, YOU have as much right to be there as them.  And in a few months, they might just be asking YOU how you have made so many changes so quickly.  Get in there girl!!  Tear it up!!!!!  lol   ;-)  

  • Valigirl,

    I am in your same situation with changing from the low carb diet thing.  I'm switching from low carb to BFL moderate carb as well  (though I've had a very "sloppy" low carb diet over the last few months....meaning I've been low carb in "spirit" but not so much in actual application).   lol

    I fear carbs as well.  But I KNOW this works.  I've "worked" it twice in the past.  Patience is key.  That said, I STILL stress over the carbs and am trying to limit my carb choices to beans and oatmeal.  Now, conciously, I know i don't need to do this.  I know the program works as written.  And I also know that I've had a much more difficult time than was necessary when I've tried to do an Atkins-esque low carb approach to BFL.  It really is a lot harder when you are under 20 grams of carbs per day....especially the cardio and when you have to dig deep to hit your high points when weight training.  I've read that once you hit 65%-70% of your max heart rate, your body has to use glucose/glycogen for fuel.  That means that even in ketosis, when your body is accustomed to burning fatty acids for energy, you still can't hit your true highs without carb consumtion.  Now, that said, I don't have a reference to give you for that, and that could be inaccurate as far as the numbers go.  But from personal experience I can tell you that I've tried BFL both with and without carbs.  WITH carbs wins the day....hands down.  

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  • Hey everyone. Had a really great day. My 20 min treadmill is hard but if anyone wants an example of my speeds and inclines just let me know. That way you wont need to waist time trying to figure it out. I wish you all luck. Im completely ready to go. Im here for you guys

  • Hello Everyone,

    I had a great first day with my upper body workout. I stuck to my six meals today and I feel great.

    I will get a good nights sleep and up at 5:00 for cardio. Good Luck

  • juzuki....that's two of us up at 5 for cardio.  I won't be happy about it.  But I'll be happy I did it later.  ;-)

  • Hi kim. Wanted to let you know im not good with electronics so it took me all day to figure out how to get back to you. Im so excited to have a day in already and to know we are one day closer to happier girls. Im here for you. I trained people for years before I had our first daughter so im pretty familiar with all the gym stuff so any questions let me know. Have a great night