Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Hi everyone. I am also starting Monday Jan 21st. Tomorrow! :))))

    I am super excited about this and hope to achieve my goals.

    I have been trying to exercise, lose weight, count caloreis and build strength for about a year, with little success. Sort of a stab-in-the-dark method if you will. I have read about BFL before, probably 7 years ago, and this time I have purchased the book and done quite a lot of research on the forums, websites and also  I don't know if he(John Hussman) is a former BLFer or if he is just an advocate for it.  But he really gives some great tips on the program and tons of motivational support.

    Question: Has anyone stumbled upon the Transformation info where Bill is suggesting the 5-25 workouts?  If so... what are you all planning to do? Strict BFL workouts or are any of you going to try the 5-25's?

    I am excited to start this journey with all of you! Enjoy your first day tomorrow, I hope we all kick some booty :)

    Congratulations on making the fit-choice! Lets do this!!!

    -Val :)

  • I am inspired by you and your dedication. Let's motivate each other! It's my 11th week. I am almost there and will finish this challenge definitely. Cheers! I lost 14.99lb and shrinked 10cm waist bodyfat. I am not totally satisfied by myself yet, because I could do better than that. But I am not tired anymore, and I have energy to play with my son. :-) That's the most reward I got so far. So keep up your goal. I will be cheerful for your effort!

  • Juzuki1005: The message was replied to you.

  • ps. Can I join? lol

  • Yes, you can!  


  • Hi Val,  glad to have you here.  I am going to do a combo of workouts, I've seen the Bill 5-25 on his website,  I don't like his website though because I can never get anyone to respond to my e-mail requests from the customer service department, not sure why so I decided to stick here.  I will need support as I am already freaking out about how "NOT" to fall into my old behaviors and we just started.


    Oh and Congrats ljyee296775 on your weight loss! That is amazing, and feeling good is the goal!!!!


  • I'm starting today as well.  Had great results with BFL years ago.  Hoping to do even better this time around.  I have about 50 lbs to lose.

    Started with eggs and oatmeal this morning.  Last night, I put a 2 cups of steelcut oats in the slow cooker and woke to half my breakfast already made and enough for the rest of the week.  

    At this point, I can't even imagine trying to get a 2nd meal in before lunch.  Not even CLOSE to hungry.  However, based up previous experience, that will change in a couple of weeks as I really get into the workout routines.  Hunger will increase as that muscle mass and calorie burn increases.  

    Something I've noted that seems to have changed from when BFL first launched;  I can recall the original book highly discouraging the use of bread.  In fact, if memory serves, Bill Phillips orginally wrote that if you just absolutely can not live without a slice of bread, then make sure it's whole grain....but otherwise, avoid it and eat only whole foods carbs (oats, barley, brown rice, potato/sweet potato, beans, etc.).  Anyone else have the original book or can recall that being in there??

    I actually plan to use mostly beans for my carb portions (with the exception of oats for bfast).  I think the fiber and resistant starch in the beans might help to maximize weight loss (as compared to other whole foods carbs such as grains).  

    Anyone else have any tips or suggestions you've come across that might help to maximize results (I mean other than work hard, eat right, follow the plan, etc.)  ;-)  

  • Would like to join you too!!

  • Just wanted to wish everyone well today!  WE can do this!  

    I had my first challenge on top of this challenge.  I woke up this morning feeling that tightness in my chest that everyone around the office has.  I'm putting it out of my mind though.  Took my herbs and teas and sat with a heating pad to try and break it up. Surprising I'm already feeling much better.  I'm following my meal plan, but like kaykay metioned, I'm already full not sure how I will manage lunch.  

    I was planning on doing cardio on Mon/Wed/Fri and Weight training on Tues/Thurs/Sat because those are the days I can commit to getting to the gym.  Thinking cardio may be tough today with this chest cold as far as getting to that intensity level and may just do weights today.  As I write that I'm wondering if that's just another of my excuses since I hate

  • WOW!

    Can't believe how large this group is... THIS IS GREAT!

    Welcome valigirl(of course you can join!), gettingfit888, kaykay and SanDy2002...... Great to have you all!

    Congrats little elephant on completing 11wks so far.  Please chime in and give advice and motivation.  We'd love to hear your experience.

    Had breakfast and was totally full.  I'm with you on wondering about lunch.

    Good luck everyone!

    Here's the list so far:














    2013 is My Year




    little elephant (11th week - trailblazer!)

    Ill add to the list as people come on.... hope I didn't forget anyone!

  • Ughhh.....colds are so miserable!!  I really don't like cardio either so I'd totally snag the opportunity to use that good excuse and do weight training instead.  ;-)  I actually have done BFL 2xs in the past.  The first was by the book....great results.  The second was not by the book in that I didn't do cardio (was in Iraq...middle of summer....just too hot, even at night).  Had equally good (if not better) results splitting my weight training into 6 days a week (hit each body part 2xs per week) and omitting cardio altogether (though, honestly, a really intense/heavy weight session is a good cardio workout in itself).  

    Not discouraging anyone from doing cardio.  I'm doing it this time around myself.  Just sharing past experience.  BFL works even when you have to tweak it to fit your particular circumstances!!!!  :-)  

  • I'm starting today as well. I finished the challenge in 2002 and got great results. The pounds have creeped back up over the years so it's time to do it again. Count me in.

    Doing the pictures later today.

    Did a quick 15 minute strech before breakfast.

    Bowl of Kaski Heart Smart with Fresh Strawberries.

    Last time I did this I got down to 200lbs and can't believe I let myself get to where I am now at 245 :(

  • Hey Eric,

    Not sure if you saw my request to join the group over the weekend. I started this morning and plan to start working out in the afternoons.



  • My sincere apologies Dan (dan773).  Of course you are in this group.  I just forgot to transfer your name onto that list from the written one I had.  We have a lot of people which is great!

    Welcome mrguy!  Glad to have you with us.  

    kaykay... thank you for your service.  I'm glad you are with us here.

    Had a good breakfast and got an upper body work out in, had snack and lunch.  Great day so far.

    Again, anyone is welcome.  Lets do this together and get to all of our goals.


  • Hi again Kaykay, so I checked the book and that is exactly what Bill says.  If you absolutely must have bread, make sure it's whole grain.

    On that note....

    I need help.  I am a reformed low-carber.  I've lost a good amount of weight in the past with diet only. Now wanting to exercise and get fit (have regained  weight) but I have a fear of carbs.  I know I need them... but for me I am trying to get my carbs from fruit, carrots and other veggies. Is this an ok mind-set or do I need to eat beans, oats, potatoes etc?

    Any suggestions welcomed :)

    Hope your day one's are amazing all!