Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • I am totally in!  Finally got around to getting the materials together and finding this support group is EXACTLY what I need to make this successful.  Turning 40 this year and its time to make that healthy change!  Thanks for creating this!

  • Hi amybingle19, 2shootingstars and Dodgrivr33.... Welcome!

    Looks like we have a great group!

    amybingle19 - the cookbook is a great resource.  I've used a couple of recipes out of it but found following recipes all the time not my style.  Yet, it really helped with portions and what to put in things.  

    2shootingstars - it's very doable and you are starting off right by planning ahead.  Great work!

    Dodgrivr33 - i had the same goal when I turned 40, to be in the best shape of my life, and I was.  You can do it!

    Thanks for joining everyone.  I'll make a list of people who are in the group so we can support one another.


  • For those of you who haven't ever done BFL, it's the best thing I've ever tried. I ran a marathon once and did not get in as good shape as I did when I did BFL - and believe me it was a lot easier than running 26.2 miles! Really excited for this supportive thread thanks for starting it Eric!

  • My pleasure!

    Glad we have such a great group to work together.

  • By the way I've been getting into the Success Journal.  I super highly recommend it.  It really breaks everything down for you, and I feel like I'm going to be using it as a crutch.

    Good planning all!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Eric,

    I've been following your thread this week as I've been reading the BFL book, and I'd like to begin on Monday too. This will be my first time and while I'm excited about getting in shape, I'm also doing it as a part of refocusing myself and making other healthy decisions. Hope there's room for another member.



  • Hi Dan... Welcome!  Always room for one more.

    Great work everyone...

    I'll see if the library has the Success Journal to look at... great idea.

    Only two more days.  Keep the planning coming.

    Please feel free to friend me so we can keep track of each others progress.

    We're all in this together!


  • Hi Eric...count me in too!  I just registered for the first time tonight and am really looking forward to starting this challenge.  I joined the gym for the New Year and have been committed to getting there 3 days a week.  I just came across the BFL book tonight in a box and logged in and here I am.  Having a support group will be great...thank you!

  • Hi I am gonna join u guys on the 21st. Actually started watching what I was eating over a week ago to jumpstart and shed 7

  • Count me in too.  I gained 10 pounds over the past few months and I have 25 total to loose.  I have started this several times before but never followed through.  I am ready!


  • I just signed up for the challenge! Super excited! I've never finished one before. I did about 6 weeks of one a couple of years ago and my results were incredible. Looking forward to new beginnings, but I'm glad I didn't start on 1 Jan. It may sound strange, but that would add extra pressure for me. Today I'll be cooking chicken and trying to figure out my new rice cooker/veggie steamer. Best of luck everyone!

  • Hi FitMamma13, Flobee, Livinglifebetter, and Crystale13...... Welcome!

    Love having all 4 of you.  We can always use people to make the team bigger. More people to motivate each other.

    Good luck with planning and prep.

    Tomorrow is the big day!


  • Hi Eric

    First timer and looking forward to gettting fit the right way.

    I think the team approach will keep me motivated.

    Let's do this!


  • Hello All!  

    I am very excited to tackle this challenge and make every day of my life amazing. Getting myself in a good place physically and mentally is my starting point and BFL is my guide.  I have 40 pounds to lose and I will do it this time. No excuses - no regrets.  My pantry is stocked, fridge is in order, workout planned and meal plans made for the week.  Doing my vision board tonight - LOVE Emily Alvers!!!!   I look forward to taking this journey with you all.

    Good luck tomorrow (day 1) and make it a great  BFL day!


  • Hi Sharon... Welcome!

    I love Emily Alvers too... love the information on her website. She makes it look so easy and really helped me plan.

    Well, my shelves are clean of all the crap and my fridge is full with all good stuff for my meals for the week.

    Tomorrow is the big day.  I'll post in the morning with all the names of people that have joined and maybe we will pick some people up on the way.

    Look for "TEAM 1212013" in the subject line.

    Good luck everyone.  Talk to you tomorrow!