Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Congrats Gladiators!! You finished the challenge and now look forward to a well deserved 2 week active rest period.  As Tommy Lee Jones (Colonel Hawkins aka "The Hawk" in "Space Cowboys") said:  Well done! I salute ya!

    Well, I've been so busy with work that I had not had the chance to post my final pics.  Kat, I did get some professional ones done right after challenge and I will be using them for the final pic in the packet.  I apologize ahead of time for the quality of the pics.  Professional ones are much better. 

    My results:      Week 0      Week 12

    Height:               6'                6'           (didn't change - what's the deal?) haha

    Weight:             212lbs       194lbs     (lost 18lbs)

    BF%:                 24%            18%  -    (-6% still way too high)

    Chest:               44 1/2          43

    Abd:                  39 1/2          35 1/2

    Biceps          R16/L 5 1/4     R16/L15 3/4  (gained 1/2 on right and none on left - interesting)

    Thigh:                24                23

    Calves:              15 12           16



    Most recent pic

    Overall, pleased with changes but certainly room for improvement.  All more clothes fit nicely so I'm not near as self conscious of the "overhang."  Primary C2 goal is to get Charlotte involved.  I believe she would do well, but if she decides not to, I will not push the issue.  She's exercising and doing well.   Other C2 goals will be more performance oriented.  Would like to get 5k to low 22s (maybe a little ambitious) and break 50min in 10k (if ankle can handle, but must admit - running doesn't hurt as much when you weigh less), swim 1500 yds under 25 minutes, bench and squat over 300 with room to spare.  Hopefully, the physical part will then follow.  More muscle, less fat. I want that 6 pack!      

    Doing my best to keep up with everybody.  Will post later once work has calmed down and I've had a chance to review recent posts.

    What we do in life echos in eternity.












  • Just went to check out the hotel gym. There isn't a weight in there, so it looks like I'll be doubling up on Friday with the weights. I'll do some cardio tonight and then do my HIIT in the morning. We skipped out on the boxed lunch T noon today and I had a grilled chicken salad, so the diet has been on track so far.

    David- You look great man!  I wish I was looking in that great of shape right now, but I'm thinking it'll be near the end of C3 before I'm there.

    I just can't wait to get back home. I hate that I'm here without a real gym!!  Well, gotta go mingle so I'll check back in later.

  • David, great pictures.  It looks like there was about 3 days between the top after picture and the bottom one in the mirror?  What else was different?  Time of day, diet or water intake?  The bottom picture look 3-4% leaner, and that doesn't happen in 3 days.  

    When I took my pictures, I thought morning would be best, I was the lightest and typically felt the leanest.  But when I compared morning photos with some I had taken the night before, I realize that my muscles looked much fuller and I look leaner after getting some food and allowing my body time to process it.  

  • Thanks Jr.  The first photos were taken early evening after work and before eating.  The bottom picture was taken right after I woke up around 4:30a before going to gym - no water intake yet.  Interesting point you make about taking photos after you had eaten.  

    Ha, I wish I was 3-4% leaner.  Think the bf is harder to knock off the older you get.  I swear, about 10 years ago, I was around 215 with 12-14% BF and I didn't look as lean as now.  

    Just more motivation to really hit it hard in C2.  

  • Congratulations to everyone who is done with C1. All of you who are still out a few days like me( 5 days to go) keep going your almost there.

    Kat: Thank you for the book, I will keep my eye's open for it and I can't wait to get it and what ever else you are sending. i remember you saying way back when about ( change your mind, change your life) ( your mentality)-shifting our thoughts, habits, to get to our goal and continue our goal. I have that written down in big letters to keep me focused. I did start to make a Vision Board-Dream list, but didn't finish it. I will continue it as I go into C2 to help me keep the visuals to reference daily and the I am statements, and  the "Why that makes me cry". At this time I need that.

    going on...

  • Kat: You have done a fabulous job and you as well as everyone look fantastic. Thank you for your thoughts and words of incouragement.

    Milissa, Sharon, Amy, Flobee You all look fantastic. I would love to get in a dress size 6, someday.

    Wow!  GREAT JOB Girls.

    To the rest of you GUYS: You all look really HOT. WOW FANTASTIC WONDERFUL JOB.

    Michele: Thank you for your post above and it's great to have you here with us.

    Eric, Sheshea, Jr and the rest of you, come back, we miss you.

    I had a whole bunch to say, but I had to cut is short this time.

    I was doing really good this month and had been planning of going in for back surgery, but I felt the need to put it off another month. I even went down on my pain meds. That was a good thing. The bad thing now is....

    Last night I had an accident and broke my little toe on my left foot. I pulled the tendons off the bone too. So I am waiting for the Dr's to call and set me up for surgery on my foot. I am feeling kind of bad, sad. BUT I will finish the C1 no matter what.  So please send some prayers this way and thank you all for being here for me. I will forge on...and I will try to get back here soon. Thanks,



  • Oh, wow, Laurie!!!  I'm so sorry! Gotta hand it to you girls hanging in there with those injuries!  And our men, too...cut fingers, broken wrists and toes, knee and shoulder injuries, surgeries, pinkeye...I think we've seen it all here and come through the other side.  I hope everyone is doing well, and for those of us here in the last week (Justin, Laurie)  HANG IN THERE!!!!

    Lil Caity and Michele, I'm sure you're still hanging in, but I'm thinking of y'all.   We're on our little break, but still here for you.  Also wondering what happened to Todd/Juzuki, Eric, FitMama, Shea...  If you're out there, give us a holler here and let us know how you are.  

    How's everyone's break going? I'm curious what everyone is up to.  We're doing the 30 day shred some.  I've been careful not to let it get too hard on me.  We took a break on Monday, then again yesterday, but we're kicking it.  Turns out I'm way stronger than I was when I tried it before, so I'm able to make it through it without much trouble, and the cardio part seems easy, so I guess you couldn't really use it on the HiiT days on here.  I also read a Mike Harris post about how doing more cardio than is on the plan works against your efforts to get in the shape you want.  I'll try to link it when I find it again.  I think I have it bookmarked.  I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on it, so I will pass that on.  Anyway, I haven't lost any ground, and that's good.  Ready to get going again, but I am being patient.  I know I really need the rest.

    It got cold again here in northeast Texas again.  I'm pretty sure this is a record...down in the 30s overnight in April!

    David, can't wait to see those pro shots (rowr).


  • Feels strange to not be lifting but I know my body needs it.  Ran 5 miles we'd and again today.  It is taking me an hour but it is the first time I have been able to run in years.  My knee always used to hurt me before so this is a great improvement.  When I was younger I used to do 5 miles in 35 min.  I'm going to try to work my way to 40 min.  Have a ways to go but I think it is goal I can reach this year.

    Looking forward to c2.


  •     Happy Friday Gladiators!!! -

    Gotta say I am def enjoying this "active rest" downtime sooo much (maybe too much Lol), however will be ready for another action packed Challenge soon enough. I have been skimming through ALL of the posts and taking notes LOL so I can respond to each and every one of you when I have some more time - Life got super Abundant recently! ;)

    Finally had the chance to take my 12-Week "After Photos", however have my Professional Photo Shoot scheduled for this coming Monday - so will post those as soon as I can (and super excited to see how urs came out David!!! :)

    Sharon - You had asked about when to start the new Thread and here are my thoughts. It seems like everyone has been taking a little break-time from the Forum during our downtime, plus I have a very strong feeling that we will be “Attracting some more Team members to join us for C2!!! So let's keep this current thread up for now, and just start re-directing everyone to the new one... “Team Gladiators – Back in the Arena for C2!!!” (or whichever name we decide to go with). If you have the time, I would go ahead and start the new thread this coming Monday, April 22nd – that way the Team will have an entire week to make the transition over to the new one in time for C2 start date. Also, I'm thinking to place it under the “Week 13 and Beyond” Category, so that anyone new that comes along will have some experience under their belt and won't be so overwhelmed with the Intensity and Commitment Level of this Team. There's my 2 cents (or more like 200 cents Lol ;) xo

    Laurie - Yes, found your address in my email, so ur goodies are on their way to you right this second! xo

    Justin - YOU are almost at that Finish Line - Whooo Hooo!!! xo

    I will catch up with everyone else early next week, as I will be out of town this weekend. Lots of LOVE xoxo Kat

  • Hi everyone! Still hanging in there. I will take my final photo's probably this Wed. Still waiting to see if I'm going to have surgery on my foot.

    Kat thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I got the book and the surprise. Wow! I will be swinging my hips very That really made my day.  Reading it already. Yea!!

    Your photo's look fantastic. Great job to you and everyone.

    What day were you and everyone going to start C2?  Also let me know when you  or Sharon are going to start a different thread, I don't want to get lost somewhere else looking for everyone.  Hang in there everyone, time is getting short.

    Keep up the good work. Be back soon.



  • “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

    -Albert Einstein-

    Good Sunday Afternoon Gladiators!

    Justin, Melissa, Sharon and Amy - Thanks for the warm welcome. This next Challenge is gonna ROCK!

    Sharon - How's the wrist? Hope you are mended soon and ready to climb back in the "BFL" saddle. Btw, you look alot younger than your chronological age! Also, I admit I got teary-eyed watching your video link. Definitely hit home!

    Melissa - I had no idea that medication would be prescribed for suppression... I'd feel the same way you do. 

    Amy - Your smile is contagious! You are so cute. Great pic!

    Justin - Congrats for finishing C1. Enjoy your "active rest". Gonna need to "refuel" for the next go-around.

    Laurie - Really sorry to hear about your toe injury. Keep us posted. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Kat and David - Your dedication to "BFL" shows in your pics. Excellent work! And Kat, I bet Fendi is a rascal. Sure you've spoiled him too! LOL

    MrGuy - The Arc Trainer is a MONSTER! One of the most effective pieces of cardio equipment I've ever used. Definitely feels like you're climbing and skiing through sand, mud, snow or molasses, depending on the resistance.

    Bart - Great that you're able to run again. Sure you'll be attaining your goals in no time. 

    LiL Caity - You are making great progress! See you're from Orlando. I currently reside near Tampa. I'm a native Floridian, born in Naples and lived all over the state. Don't think I could tolerate living where the temps stay below 60 for an extended period. Kind of like the gators, gotta have the heat to warm my blood though I could live without the humidity. Nothing like breathing water year round...  LOL

    Was wondering how everyone plans to start the next cycle... meaning on 4/29 will you start with HIIT or UBWO - LBWO?  Would any or all of us like to sync and be on the same daily workout regimen? 

    Sorry for the short post but I'm trying to finish up a few projects before the next Challenge commences as well as find some time to hit the beach later this week.

    Have a Great Week Gladiators!



    Is what you are capable of doing.


    determines what you do.


    determines how well you do it!

  • Morning Gladiators!

    A bit MIA this past week.  Crazy busy at work followed by 7 house guests for the weekend.  We had a fabulous time - great food, great wine, great company.  Both of my daughters stayed here one with her fiance and the other with her roommate plus a few work colleagues of my husband.  Had a Hawaiian, German, French Canadian, and South African here so I ook advantage of the cultural diversity.  Saturday night we did "Appetizers, Desserts, and Drinks" from around the world.  Soooooo much fun!  Everyone cooked an authentic dish and I added a couple of my favorites to round us off.  We did wine pairing, quick mini-lessons on the dishes prepared and then just relaxed and hung out.  The weather was amazing here this weekend and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people.  Now I'm back to the daily work grind.  At some point this week I will have to tackle pile of linens and pool towels and get my house cleaned :-)  It won't be today and it was all well worth it!!!!  

    Justin - how did your C1 end?????

    We are all set up with our new thread.  It is under Weeks 13 and Beyond - Gladiators - Back in the Arena.  I left off the C2 so we can continue to use that thread for C2, C3, C4, or life after official challenges just to keep in touch for accountability and motivation.  I will start communicating there!

    Back to work - have a terrific day!


  • We moved...we can now be found in the Weeks 13 and Beyond forum as

    Gladiators - Back in the Arena

    Come join us there!  Next challenge kicks off April 29th but check in early and often :-)

  • Well....  C1 ended rough.  The convention threw me off by not having a real weight room, but its over now.  I'm ready for C2 to begin.  I went ahead and got some smaller clothes out of the closet and am wearing them now.  I still have to take my pics and post them, and for some reason my whole body is really sore.  I can't wait for next Monday.  I'll be starting with an UBWO.

    All the pictures look great!  You guys did awesome!  

  • Team Gladiator Family -

    Awe, officially my last post on this thread... and Eric if you are out there somewhere, huge THANK YOU for starting this group and bringing us ALL together. I KNOW that I could NOT have done this without each and every one of you.

    Thank YOU Sharon for setting up the new thread!!! Wanted to catch up on this one, then head over... 5 day Countdown Boys and Girls!!! I'm not gonna lie I have not worked out one day since C1 wrapped (besides the mattress mamba lol - which btw has anyone else noticed how much better is it NOW!?! - another perk to the BFL Program hah). But my body is LOVING this downtown time so I am definitely enjoying it... Pool parties, BBQs everything AZ summer has to offer! xo

    I KNOW that I NEED a very scheduled and regimented Program to follow when it comes to things like this, otherwise I get way to caught up in everything else! I'm gonna need to figure out what to do about that after C2 ends, because I def don't want to go back to where I was!

    Michele aka SteeleVixen - so sorry I haven't gotten a chance to write to YOU yet, however I am sooo excited to have you on this truly Incredible Team. I absolutely love reading all of your posts, you are sooo knowledgeable and motivational - having you thrown into the mix for C2 is going to be the bomb Girlfriend - you sound like a Rockstar and thank you for "showing up" as much as you have since joining us!!! Wud love to see your photos (this is C3 for you right???) xo

    And I don't know about everyone else, however I am just goin to re-start the workout rotations as if it were Day 1 again. So UBWO, HIIT, LBWO, HIIT etc... Would be great to have everyone in sync, however I know some Team members have schedule restrictions; but that's where I will be starting from fyi.

    Laurie - You are so welcome ;) You gotta send me a pic of you with the skirt! I'm not kidding, just wearing it makes you feel sexier hahah. So just throw it on, put sum tunes on and shake that booty in front of the mirror! It actually is a really great workout and it's FUN!!! xo

    David - Meeeeoooowwwzers!!! I saw ur "After Pics" and OMG you are def earning your Nickname there Maximus!!! xo

    Kay gotta go get my Professional Photos taken- and will post as soon as they're done!!! Love and Light xo