Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Happy Friday and Day 82 Team -

    Only 2 days to go, I'm sooo excited that I actually followed through and Finished this thang!!! Amazing. I was going through some earlier posts yesterday, and it is so funny to read where we were  mentally at the beginning of the Challenge. We were just babies stumbling around the Arena, and look at us NOW, we are slaughtering our Obstacles! So proud to be a GLADIATOR!!!

    Sharon aka “Energizer Bunny” – Yeah UBWO days are gonna be a little tough until that wrist sprain is all healed up!!! They do make velcro-wrap around weight/sand bags (for wrists and ankles). That may help you get the weight resistance that you need, without adding the extra strain once you've given urself a week at least to heal up! Weather has been sooo random here in AZ. One day I'm out sunbathing and the next I'm takin my umbrella with me everywhere Lol. That would be sooo cool if ur hubby does C2 with us!!! Oh Btw – you called it Girl. My Ex, Matt and I are back together Hahah. It's been really great to actually have something in common NOW that we didn't share before... (He is a Personal Trainer, Certified RKC/SFG Instructor, Competitor and recent Gym Owner – so his entire Universe is the Health and Fitness Industry! Lol) He spent over a year trying to get me to do the KB training with him, and now I am finally in a place where I actually want to. So, he is actually going to be working with me 3x days a week during the next round to help me take it up a notch; and you are ALWAYS welcome to come and do a Kettlebell Bootcamp with me ;) Oh and I have a special present for YOU! Email me at and email me your shipping address so I can mail it out to you... Muah xo

    David  aka “Maximus” – Kay good, glad you didn't take any offense. I just recognize that tendency in myself as well, and sometimes forget that I am actually doing great. My own personal Over-Achiever programs/mentality can get so rampant that I am constantly blowing by an Accomplishment heading straight for the next and “forgetting to STOP and smell the roses”. Would LOVE to have your wife join the Team next round – will be great for you both to have that common goal. For me, this journey has been incredibly Spiritual and Emotional in the sense of the releasing of very dominating yet OLD self-destructive patterns and negative self beliefs. Then the Mental improvements def came in my daily commitment to using the BFL Journal and daily Forum postings; and then of course the Incredible Physical Transformation. (I think you came onto our thread after I had posted my 2005 “Before” photos, when I was at 220 pounds) Back then, I would have NEVER imagined it at all possible to ever exist in a body that I was comfortable in again. God is sooo good to me!!! I'd have to say that the ONLY part that I am bummed about is that I really thought that the “medical conditions” would have diminished a little more after 12 weeks of so much focus on my Health. One of my goals was to be able to wean off of some more medications, however 12 weeks went by much faster than I expected; plus don't want to put my body through anymore unnecessary trauma... so will just let me body tell me when it's ready. Gotta admit, I am very excited about all of us hitting C2 in sync together, I KNOW that we are going to blow our C1 goals out of the water!!! Just think, we've been building an interior infrastructure of solid muscle, so when the BF% gets down, we are gonna be insanely cut and toned. You may actually wanna check out the Live Fitness Competitions with Justin and I also; it is for all age divisions and OMG with ur Smokin' HOT looks and focused intensity you would kill it!!! xo

    Justin aka “The Machine” – Speaking of music, what does everyone listen to? I've been listening to the same tracks over and over since Day 1 on my iPod; that sometimes I now actually enjoy some of my workouts in just pure silence Heheh (I can actually go into some deep meditation, especially when the endorphins kick in during my HIIT :). But if everyone posts a few of their “top workout tunes” I'll see about putting together a Team Gladiator Music Track either on CD or download (No promises on this one, but if I find the time I'll make it happen) So everyone post at least their top 5 songs just I know what everyone likes. As far as the Live Fitness Competitions, I asked Matt and he said it depends on where you live becuz there are sooo many Training/Competition Circuits operating out there. I guess just google it and see what comes up in your area. And Hahaha – nice Helen Keller quote there silly ;) But thank you, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little surprised myself! They say that Week 8 is the magic week for us ladies, for me it was week 10 – but hey better late than never... I'm happy. And that will be a washboard stomach by end of C2 for sure ;) And as far as your Competition Packet, you can either download it, print it out and mail everything in, or you can actually upload your “Before and After” photos along with all of your Beginning and Ending Stats with Essay Answers. Also, you may want to call the EAS hotline just to verify that you are actually “Officially Entered”. If you are, then you should have a “Challenge Dashboard” on your Log-In Profile page, which is where you can enter in all that Info... And as far as your Wife goes, Melissa pretty much nailed it. I'd just be really lovingly firm on letting her know what has been working for YOU, and that she is welcome to join you as long as she is willing to make the same commitments and sacrifices, so that you BOTH succeed. Sometimes putting up those boundaries with our Loved ones is really tough and uncomfortable, however if you don't put yourself first, who else will. And even if she gets mad, she will actually respect you for your boldness. We have to put our “Oxygen Masks” on first before we can help anyone else. Keep doing ur thang and she will either jump on board, or not. This is such a huge personal commitment and journey that you don't want her to do it for the wrong reasons anyways, that would be a recipe for disaster. xo

    HrdHat77 aka “Bartman” and MrGuy aka “Stud Muffin” Where did you boys disappear to!?! – Miss YOU both!!! Are you doin C2 with us??? xoxo

    Amy (insert Nickname here ;) – I am sooo proud of you GF!!! We promised each other NO COASTING over the last two weeks of C1 and we did it!!! Only two workouts left woman, make sure you crush them both! When do we get to see pictures of your gorgeous self BTW??? I'm thinking that everyone should post even just a regular pic of themselves (if you're not ready for bikini pics yet), so at least we all have a face with a name. I feel so close to each of you, yet would walk right by you on the street without even knowing it! It is such a rarity and a blessing to engage in an Activity that creates this level of bonding and friendship, not so easy to come by these days, so I am in such incredible Appreciation of it!!! xo

    Melissa – Yay good, I'm really glad to hear that you honored your body. I know how tough it must have been to take some down time considering you hadn't missed a workout to date; but I am actually even more impressed that you put that aside for the better of your overall Health. And trust me, I have a really special place in my heart for every single one of you too! Also what Thyroid Meds are you on? I was taking 150 Synthroid and Cytomel, now I'm on 200 of Levothyroxine and I seem to be doing great on it. People don't realize that when the Thyroid levels are imbalanced, it affects every part of your mind and body – so def need to get this under control. (Are you “Hyper” or “Hypo” and do you have the Auto-Immune Deficiency also?) What are your TSH, Free T4 and T3 right now? If you know. Unless you have a Specialist or an Experienced Endocrinologist, sometimes they don't give you a high enough dose, or they don't even check your conversion ratios. Next time you go, ask them to see if your body is naturally converting the T4 into T3. After my Thyroid surgery, I was not converting properly for some reason, so they added Cytomel, which is pure T3 (which is responsible for your metabolic system!!!) Once that is in balance, your weight will no longer be an issue, especially now with doing this BFL Program. In the meantime, try that B3 Niacinamide I just found out about (but check with your Doctor first tho). I just started taking it about a week ago and OMG I am feeling sooo much better in the energy department, and the weight is finally coming off. Might just be a coincidence, however I am definitely adding this supplement to my daily vitamin intake cuz there is something magic about it! And you go girl on building all that strength, that's a huge difference. Sounds like you'd beat me in arm wrestling for sure Hah :) Muah xo

    Laurie - Hahaha I LOVE the toilet paper pieces idea – that is too cute! I just love YOU woman ;) For some reason, I thought that I had read in a previous posting that you were wanting the Body for LIFE Book to read, so that was what I had ordered for you LOL. But then one of your last posts said that you were going to be doing some more reading from that book, so I must have gotten you mixed up with someone else that was needing the book (So whoever that was, let me know cuz I have it now and will mail it out to whoever wants it!) Soooo, I have something else perfect just for YOU that I will send you instead – just need ur mailing address. I checked my emails for it but didn't see anything come through from you, so try sending it to me again at Also, check out that B3 vitamin (Niacinamide that I was telling Melissa about... it has been reeeaaaally helping me a lot!!!) xo

    LilCaity – Hey woman, I LOVE when someone NEW comes onto this thread and adds to the already Incredible Energy of this Team! We would absolutely LOVE to have you join us in C2 starting on Monday, April 29th. I am sooo glad to hear that the BFL Journal daily Lessons are actually helping somebody out there in Cyber Universe lol ( I had no idea what I was committing myself to in the beginning when I said that I would type them up daily Hah!) However, I LOVE my BFL Journal, so figured I would share Bill Phillips daily Inspirations with everyone, especially anyone who didn't have the Journal. I'll probably go back through this thread and “copy” all of the DLFL, so that I can just “paste” them in daily for Round 2. Welcome to Team Gladiators if you decide to take on C2 with us ;) xo

    Flobee, Val, Shea, Eric – are you still out there!?! We all Miss you – come back and do C2 with US! xo

    I know that I very rarely post anything about workouts or eating plan stuff, however I discovered a really cool new technique on the Elyptical. I saw some guy doing it at the Gym and just tried it myself yesterday, and it is AWESOME!!! Basically, you just slowly peddle backwards while going into a  “half-squat”. Do this slow and steady for 3-5 minutes and WOW, it really engages the lower body, especially Gluts and Quads as primaries, then Lower Back and Hamstrings. Waaay cool, and it felt Incredible when I was done.

    Have another packed weekend, so will still post the BFL DLFL, but may not check in again until Sunday/Monday – sooo an early CONGRATULATIONS Team Gladiators!!! We Did it!

    Lots of Light and Love xoxo Kat

  • DAY 82 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Your success is giving others hope that they too have the power to change!" One of the most inspiring aspects of this Journey, which I'm sure you are already experiencing, is that your Success is giving others hope that they too have the power to change! Your example is being noticed by more people than you might even realize. You are becoming respected and recognized as a Leader! ~Bill Phillips~

    That WE are!!! Love to ALL xoxo Hollywood

  • Yay! Thank you for being so welcoming everybody<3 I am overjoyed. I have lived in Kansas City for 2 years, moved from Orlando where I lived my whole life. I miss my group of friends and my family, and it really means a lot to be a part of a group.

    I have mapped out 3 challenges for this year, my next one starts on May 27th. I was pretty big when I started 7 weeks ago, so I set myself up for a successful lifestyle change. I didn't get in that place by being just a little lazy here and there.

    When I work out, I often like to listen to my favorite band, Third Eye Blind. Other times I will pull up Pandora on my phone and listen to my "Fergie" station. Headphones and music were an absolute requirement for the first couple weeks, but lately I will turn on the history channel and watch pawn stars in the gym. I found myself feeling a lot more social, which is really cool. I also like to play my gameboy while using a stationary bike :-P

  • I go to a very small gym.  They don't offer any childcare or anything like that.  I don't know what will happen, but it'll eventually pass over like always.  About half of her extra activities started after I started this challenge.  The working late on Wednesdays and the tee ball coaching.  My kids are 6 years old and 10 months old.  I pretty much take care of the baby when I get home, and my wife runs my daughter to her various practices.  I used to do that, but she wanted a break from the baby so I took that over.  That's fine, because I like playing with him.  My wife pretty much talks my daughter into doing these activities.  I think she's doing too many things for a six year old, but that's another story.  Anyway, I'll just talk to her about it when it comes back up and see what happens.  

    As far as music goes.......  When I'm working out I listen to some pretty hard stuff.  I have to have something fast paced and LOUD!  I listen to a lot of Avenged Sevenfold, AC/DC, Metallica, Guns n' Roses, Disturbed, and various other hard rock.  Some of these bands produce songs have some "language" in them, so listen at your own risk.  Outside of the gym I listen to the same bands, some hair bands from the 80s, some country, and a little ol school rap.  The song I want playing when I'm going for a 10 on cardio is Avenged Sevenfold's Unholy Confessions.  There are parts of this song that I don't really like. (Sometimes they scream), but overall it just kicks me into gear and I like it.  I really like when they harmonize.......  

  • Sorry everyone I'm still here.  It has been a busy couple weeks for me with 2 birthdays and spring break.   Have not had the best diet but have been getting my workouts in.  I'll be heard for the next challenge and am happy with the results I have gotten all things considered.  Post more later but I am proud of everyone and think we have a great group!  

    Go gladiators!!

    Bart... Bartman.... Rock.... Mr. Mom..... Rambart....  B.....   Whatever you want to call me :)

  • So....not normal for me to post twice in one day.  However, I needed a mental break from the marathon of calls I have had today so I decided to check in here.  PLUS - I came across a picture on Facebook that I knew I had to share.

    Pictures will post at the bottom.  Music - love the idea of sharing playlists.  I too have the same tracks that play on my iPod and need some new stuff for C2.  Justin - there are days when I too just need loud and almost angry music to pump me up and motivate me.  My hubby laughs and says that my rebellious and dark side - which I totally DON'T have.  Brought up in a very conservative and proper southern house, college right after high school, had a 3 year scholarship so graduated a year early (didn't have the funds to mess around), joined the Army right out of college, spent 21 years there with half on active duty and the rest in the reserves.  While in the reserves, I was teaching school.  Left both the military and education at the same time in 2010 and went to ASU for an MBA to do a complete career change.  Graduated last May, fought and beat cancer, joined Accenture in my current job and now here I am.  Got married at 22 and gained an instant family - 4 and 5 year old step-daughters! rebellions, no dark side, no "wow that was a really stupid reckless time in my life",  just constant push push push.  Somewhere in there I lost me.  Career, family, husband, responsibilities all came first.  I still struggle with that.  It's part of my journey!

    Wow - total side track - music...At home I listen to The Pulse on Sirius which is a good mix of top 40 type hits and some random tunes from the past few decades.  Fun. is my current fav group out there.  Love their style.  I alternate between that and country.  My favs on my workout playlist are Blackeyed Peas (pump it always lifts my mood -, old school Queen - I Want to Break Free, Crazy Little Thing),  Jimmy Buffett style (Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band), really anything fast and fun. Love to find fast and fun country tunes.  Guess that is my roots :-) is a great tool that I just recently discovered.  

    Last day Gladiators!!!!!



    Taken a few months ago (December I believe based on the pointsettias in the background)

  • Hey guys!

    Your last day! Make it a good one!  Busy weekend ahead.  Bout to head to the pool for a swim and then me and my buddy and our Le Tourneau college students will be landscaping most of the day.  So ready to start C2. Already tired of being in active rest limbo.

    Sharon - I figured you to be a good conservative southern girl.  Thank you for your service to our country!  Your life story is something else.  My wife has been a teacher for 23 years.   She loves what she does.  Teaches k-5 gifted/talented.  You guys definitely earn your pay!  What a great picture!  You are very photogenic.  You certainly look much younger than 44.  I did not realize you had cancer.  

    Justin - bet our soundtracks are very similar.  I listen to the hard stuff - metallica, disturbed, slipknot, rob zombie, other rock groups, 80s of course, and various rap.  Outside of the gym I enjoy country music and also listen to a lot of contemporary christian music.  One group I really like - For King and Country-  very good group. Sound similar to Coldplay. Great music with a great message.

    Well, gotta run.  Have a great weekend Gladiators.  You are at the finish line!

    What we do in life echos in eternity.


  • I was thinking the next thread should be

    Gladiators - C2 -  Fight for your life!

    1 more workout!  Can't believe I actually made it!  Can't wait to keep going!  You all are awesome!  


  • And that's a wrap!!!

    Just finished my LAST C1 Workout!!!! OMG - it feels soooo good. I can honestly say that I gave this BFL Challenge EVERYTHING that I had to give, and it has definitely been paying off! Excited to take my Final "After Pics"... But first Celebrating the rest of the weekend ;) Really looking forward to the two week break - however I will probably find myself goin nuts like David hah. And gorgeous pic Sharon!!! Girl you look waaay to young to be in ur forties.

    Gonna post the last BFL DLFL (yay Lol) and then off to go PLAY!!! Love YOU ALL and sooo glad this is NOT Goodbye xo

  • DAY 83 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "You did it! You absolutely, positively did it! Congratulations!!!" I am so proud of you! You made the decision to make a change, set your goals, planned and prepared, transformed bad habits into good, and had Faith in Yourself. You not only worked out, you pushed yourself beyond a level that you had ever experienced before! And you've learned to feed your body with good nutrition, and nourish your mind with good thoughts and ideas. You've also learned that success has little to do with chance and a great deal to do with choice. And the choices you've made have brought you to this point - you have totally transformed! You have become healthier and stronger in so many ways. I encourage you to harness the momentum and positive energy of this experience and continue to improve your BODY and LIFE!!! Once again... Congratulations and Welcome to the Body-for-LIFE Community of Winners! ~Bill Phillips~

    Cross that FINISH LINE ladies and gents - feels Incredible and so worth it!!! Muah xoxo Kat "Hollywood"

  • I am starting week 8 tomorrow and am seeing change that I did not expect by this point! I feel like what I imagined I would be by week 12-and more! There are emotional changes that I could not have expected or imagined because this is a completely new way of life for me. My husband notices that I have real self esteem, I am happy most of the time, I don't avoid doing things because of how I look, and I am able to do things that I wasn't physically capable of doing before.

    I wonder what kind of changes have you all experienced by week 12 now? Are you more loving and tolerant? Less fearful? Have a better handle on your emotions? One of tthe BIGGEST for me is that my mind is SO much clearer. I am more articulate, my ADD is better, and I am even better at playing video games lol.

  • I was on here today, but it didn't go through, so I'm trying again.

    Kat: I got your e-mail address and sent you a e-mail last week.  I tried again yesterday and hope that you got it. If not we'll figure out something else. Yes it was me who needed the BFL book. Thank you for the gift if you still have it. You photo's sure look pretty nice. Thank you for sharing more about your life. With all that you have shared, you have gone so far. It is really hard to be in pain and still workout. I know. You keep doing what your doing and you will get where you want to be.  I don't need to tell you that, you already know that.  Now the boyfriend thing...that's pretty nice of you to go back together. Sounds like he will be doing alot of things to help you.  

  • Pretty soon you and Matt will be on the cover of one of those Muscle magazines...maybe with Justin and David Well it sounds good to me. I think all of you should do it if that's what you want, why not. I would say if we put our minds to it, we all can do anything...right.

    I like the names you have for everyone, they sound good to me. I know one for me...I will e-mail it to you...


  • I writing this fast so I don't get kicked off.

    Justin: I read what Kat, Sharon and Malissa had to say and I have to say I'm with them. Just be nice and try some different things and see what happens. If things don't work out, go earlier in the morning. That would kill me, but anyway just try there suggestions. Keep thinking happy thoughts.

    Hrdhat77 the name is great. I like it. Sounds good to me. Keep up the good work

    David: Hope your wife can join you in C2. It always helps when there is another person pushing you to go on. Keep up the good work too.

    Sharon: You look great, Happy. I like that picture. Sorry about your wrist as I said before. I hope you are feeling better and trying to get some rest. You have had a interesting and busy life. Good for you. Just take it slow, because when C2 comes along, I know you'll be going strong. Hang in there.


  • Also...

    Malissa: I think with that Thyroid deal, it's a day to day issue. I don't know what advice to give you about it, but I sure hope your feeling better. So there were some days that nothing was happening with my jouney with my BFL  program and I would just get frustrated. I changed my food to more protein and change some of my exercises. Maybe that is something that might help you. It is hard to know what we each can do, but I am really praying that you get some results that you want to have soon. I will be here for a long time, well... I think I will be doing a C2 and C3.  So I will be here to help you like everyone else. Just keep going one day at a time. Just keep reading Kat, Sharon, Jason, David, Bart, Amy and the rest of everyone stuff, because they all want you here and we need you here to keep going.

    Well I missed some of you, so I am just going to say, Hang in there and keep doing what your doing. Don't stop.

    love ya all...


    I will say something again for now..