Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Did really good yesterday. UBW in the pool can be a real challenge. I use these paddles underwater for all the Arm exercises I have on my chart and then when I finish with all the sets, I put ankle weights around my wrist and do the same thing again.  After that I use these floaties that look like dumbells and the weights and wWith all those together at the beginning to the end feel like they weigh 25lbs or more under water.  All the exercise is underwater and it's a mean work out.  It sounds funny using these things but as long as it works, that all I need.  It is really unlikely to loose 6in. one week. I measured wrong when I did my second measuring, but I did do it again last week and I did do it. Then last night I got on the treadmill and walked backwords for 100 slow steps, then turned around and did 30min. at 2.8 apeed. I started at 1.9 speed. months ago so that is good for me. I'm kind of slow, but I'm pushing forward.

    I really don't know if I will stop completely when I finish my challenge next week. I have to go to the pool 2 or 3 times a week for the rest of my life, so I just can't stop. I think I will just read as much as I can from the book again and prepare more meals to go into the freezer.

    I went to find a 2 piece swim suit to wear to take a picture in. Couldn't find any thing that would hold me  That idea went out the window for now...

    Hollywood: I didn't use the paper towel analogy, but I did use a TP comparison. Yes there's more to those rolls and I have a long way to go.  I decided to tear off and save one each day and I tried to write something inspirational or moving on each one.  Now there is 71 little square pieces of TP hanging on my wall. lol Looks pretty funny, but I go back and read them when I have a down day.

    Some of those encouraging words are from you and the rest of the Gladiators.

    Hollywood, Sharon, Malissa, Amy,Justin, David, MyGuy and anyone else I missed. You all have done a great job and I have enjoyed being able to talk to you all here.  Each one of you have shown me that even though we aren't physically  together, we can help each other in different ways. Just reading about all of you has helped me a lot.  The incredible determination all of you have is really rewarding enough to help me get going each day. Thank you guys!


  • One of my main goals is to build muscle and firm up. So I any of you have any ideas of different ways I can do that, it will sure help me along the way. Right now I am Drinking Edge, Whey Protein Drink and protein bars.  Thanks you guys.


    oh and I need to loose some weight too.

  •   A couple days late in posting my progress photos - I've beeen a busy girl this week! I haven't weighed in yet (figured I would just wait until Sunday), however the diference between week 10 (black bikini) and week 11 (red bikini) is looking pretty good!

    Will catch up with everyone tomorrow, am fighting a stupid cold so gonna take a hot bath and put myself to BED early!

    LOVE you ALL xoxo Kat

  • I increased the intensity on the stair climber this morning and went into full on "Beast Mode"!  Even at level 6 it was pretty much a run.  When I bumped it up to level 10 I was counting down the seconds in my head.  I didn't think I was going to make it, but I did.  I was glad it was over.  Haha.......

    Laurie- I would think that as long as you're hitting you10s then whatever works is fine.  The say that the best form of exercise is the exercise that you'll actually go do.  I'm a beleiver of that statement.  Sounds like you're using about the same protein supplements that I do, so not much I can say there.

    Kat- That much change in two weeks reminds me of a quote.  Here it goes........   "_____________________________________________"- Helen Keller.  I'M SPEECHLESS!!  Haha..  Great work.  I can see aaaaaaaaabs!!  Your muscle definition is showing everywhere.  

    Sharon- How's the wrist?

    David- Are you just doing cardio for now?  How long are you doing it each day?

    Melissa- How's recovery going?  

  • Hello all!  I'm still here, and every time I've tried to post I've been pulled away.  I'm a little tired; tossed and turned all night, so my message here may be kind of spacey.

    Congrats David!  You did a fantastic job, and I hope I can do so well by the end of c2.  Great pics! The stormy/windy night last night littered the streets with branches and trash cans, and it's still cold...crazy for April!  Nice and sunny today, so Spring is rearing it's head again.  Only here can we have 81 degree temps one day and 38 degrees the next.  If only it would work like that in summer...

    Sharon, everyone's are the Energizer!  You just keep going and going and going.  I'm sorry about that wrist injury.  It sucks when you get sidelined by something like that, but it sound like you're making the best of it.  That's a wonderful quality to have.  Your life sounds so exciting! I have always wanted to travel, but it has always been outside my means.  I'm resourceful enough to make things work when I have nothing, but not resourceful enough to pull travel money out of thin air.  Still, that's one of my long-term go everywhere and see everything ;).  Love reading your posts!!

    Kat, as always, your pics are wonderful.  You look like a powerhouse! Your perseverance and upbeat messages really do keep us going on here, and I'm so glad we're not saying goodbye after this!  I know everyone here has a special place in their heart for you, and just...thanks!

    Laurie, that workout sounds amazing!  I don't ever have access to a pool, but I think I would really enjoy that.  Your toilet paper thing really struck a chord with me and I think I'm going to do it!  I LOVE IT!!

    Justin, you're really kicking butt! Can't wait to see the pics.  Someday I hope to have accomplished that kind of weight loss, I know I just have to keep positive.  Then again, that's what you guys are here keep me positive ;).  

    So here's the skinny...I took the 3 days, meaning that I missed an upper body and a cardio.  I now can't say I didn't miss a single workout ::sads::...BUT, I hit it again on Monday and have been doing ok since.  Must have been a small bug, as I was sneezing and having some trouble breathing on Saturday.  I used to get sick all the time, and the fact that I haven't been for 3 months is astounding!  I didn't get home til after 8 last night, so my workout didn't get started til 8:45, which means that it really was too late to do it and still get good rest.  I just didn't want to skip it!

    There's definitely trouble with my thyroid meds.  The weight is just not coming off, and inches aren't either.  I'm getting the strength results, though, so that's worth its' weight in gold.  Plus, now when I run, I have to jog and run for most of it, and when I started, I had to walk until 9s, then that was a slow jog, and I kept that slow jog for my 10, yet couldn't go the full minute of the 10.  Now I can finish even through my 10 at almost a full run.  What's funny about that is that most of my cardio has been done on a stationary bike!  So don't let anyone tell you that you don't get the cardio results from the's simply not true.  I started my upper body lifting dumbbells with 5s, and now I start with mainly 10s.  I can fly with 20s, press 25, and I could row more if I had a heavier bell, but I don't have them yet.  When I started, I could not do a lunge or a squat.  Now I can lunge and squat with 18s, and sometimes use them for my main sets (until my knees started hurting) and now I use them for burnout.  I can complete 12 bench dips for a burnout on triceps, and could probably do more.  I could only do 3 6 weeks ago.  Last night my bicep curl went to 18.  I gotta say, for a 44 year old woman, I think that's all pretty darn good!  Especially when I started so weak.  What it didn't lose off the waist, I gained in strength.  Plus, physics are physics, and I know it eventually has to come off, even if it takes longer for me because of the meds.  I'm no quitter.

    Amy, Bartman, MrGuy, I hope you guys are still there and all is well.  Has anyone heard anything about Eric, who brought us all together?



  • Hey Justin - I'm still doing around 30 minutes cardio mixed with some intervals.  I did a HIIT on treadmill Tuesday, but today I ran for 15 and walked a steep incline at 4mph for 15min. Followed that with 30 of a PACE class which involves light weights, bands...and some plyometrics.  Yesterday, I did lift, but only chest.  Kind of weird doing just one body part, but enjoyed the change.  Also, still going to spin classes.  Our fitness club is having an 8 week consistency challenge (avg at least 3 classes per week). At the end they will have a party for all participants.  Also, we're eligible for some nice gift certificates and most important, we get a t-shirt!  Sounds like you tore up the stair climber this morning.  Understand the counting down the seconds part. It feels great to hit those 10s!

    Melissa - great to hear from you! Glad you listened to your body and took some days off.  Very impressed with your progress on both cardio and the weights,  You keep that going and the results will definitely take care of themselves. Those numbers are good for 24 year old and 34 year old women too!  Thanks by the way.  Looking forward to you really kickin it in C2.  Hope you are feeling better.  Feels great to finish, but ready for C2 to get here.  While I'm still working out - not near as intense, missing the structure and I can see overtime how easy it would be to get off schedule.  Keeping the diet good so far.  Overall, lost about 18 or so pounds depending upon scales used.  Funny, one scale has me at 191lbs and another had me at 197.  I would tell you to please get your rest, but I don't do well in that department either.  Usually avg b/w 4-6 hrs.

    Kat - you were already lookin great and this last pic shows even more improvement!  Very nice muscle definition all over and abs are definitely tightening.  Hard to add any to what Justin said other than..... 'homina homina homina!!'



  • Wow congratulations gladiators!!! I love following these posts, it has been very inspiring and helpful to me. Its so awesome to see such a close and supportive group. I especially like reading the daily motivation by Kat-I printed out my success joural so I would be missing out on all that if you didn't post it for everybody.

    Is anybody planning on doing more challenges this year?

  • Well I just got back from my LBW. It's hard to swim in the pool for me cause of my neck. But today I did something alittle different. I put 2 ankle weights around each of my lower legs and did leg exercises that way. Then I found some hard foam disk and did some leg exercises with those in the water too. Last I put some flippers on and with all that weight went up and down the pool looking like Flipper. lol   My husband thought I did to much, but I thought it was a really good work out and different and fun.

    I changed up my food intake abit this month by not eating anykind of bread. I only eat WW but took that out too. My new sandwiches are lettuce wraps sandwiches are now Tuna, BLT's, Peanut Butter and Honey and Eggs. I keep my boiled eggs in the pickle jar that way I save on the pickles. I don't use them when I make the Egg sandwiches. Or when I eat the eggs right out of the jar they have a little better flavor for me. It a fast way to make lunch.

    And when I cook fish, I marinade it in salad dressing (FFCaesar Italian) and let is simmer on the top of the stove. Sometimes I put the dressing in a can of tuna and eat it that way. I am not a person who spends alot of time in the kitchen and I'm happy my husband will eat some of the things cook.  He works out a little bit now and then. I want to say he is too thin and his daughter thinks so, but he say's he looks ok.  So that's that...just doing some chattering here...

    Kat: I can see your abs and there getting really tight. Looking good, keep it up

    Malissa: glad your feeling better, hope you get the Thyroid meds and all worked out. Keep up the work outs, it will come off when it is suppose to and your doing it right so hang in there. That paper thing works out for me everyday. If it doesn't I put a large XO on that day to let me know that it was ok that day anyway.

    Justin: thanks for reading and telling what you think about what I do too. I appreciate it and need all the help I can get.

    Sharon: I meant to tell you earlier that I hope you are doing ok with your wrist. It sounds like you are making the best of it and doing better.  Praying for a fast recovery.

    Amy: Miss hearing from you too. keep up the good work and hang in there.

    David: You look like you won already. Good job. Round 2 next.

    Everyone keep it up and don't stop and thanks again for being here for me too.


  • Hi Team!

    Just completed my cardio workout for the day. It was a tough one today. It is crazy to think I only have 1 more LBWO and one more cardio workout and this 12 week challenge is complete! Feels awesome to be so close to the end!

    LiL Caity---The majority of this group's challenge 1 ends this week and I we are planning on starting C2 on April 29th, so we will all be here for at least another 14 weeks! I know some people are planning on doing more than 2 challenges, so they will be here as long as it takes to see the results they are hoping for. Glad you find our thread inspiring and helpful. It has been very helpful for all of us since we don't always have constant support at home. Keep reading and chime in whenever!

    Keep up the great work everyone!! We are almost there!!


  • Hey LiL Caity,

    Sorry I missed you there. Amy is right, some of the group is done and some are almost done. Come here anytime, we would be glad to have you here and help in any way. There is so much support here like she said, it's pretty cool. Keep up the great work too.


  • DAY 81 - Body for Life Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "The way things have 'always been' is not necessarily the way things will always be." One of the most empowering lessons that I've seen so many people learn as they complete the Body-for-LIFE Challenge is that the PAST does NOT equal the FUTURE!!! The way things have "always been" is not necessarily the way things will always be if a person decides to make a change and follows through. This experience of transforming your health and fitness is an example of the potential you have to change numerous aspects of your Life. Today, as you near the Completion of this 12-week Body-for-LIFE Program, ask yourself, "If I can do this, what ELSE can I do?" Realize that you don't have to settle for ANYTHING less than what you really want. This experience has taught you that. And YOU have also learned that you ARE capable of making the commitment and doing the work necessary to change for the better. So ask yourself, "What do I want to Transform next?" ~Bill Phillips~

    This is where Sharon's proposal of posting each of our NEW C2 Goals comes in to play!!! It is our FAITH, DETERMINATION and CLEAR INTENTIONS that take us from where we are, to where we want to go...

    xoxo Kat

  • Here is the LAST "Weekly Challenge Guide" Team!!! A few days early, however WE are almost there - Yeeeaaahhhh!!!! :)

    Congratulations—you did it! The 12 weeks are over but your Body-for-LIFE® is just starting. Think about how quick the 84 days went by. Another 84 days will go by and then another. My hope is that you do not go back to the unhealthy life that you knew 3 months ago. You did this and now you can do anything. You certainly have earned the right to better health, more energy, a better attitude and a sense of confidence that comes with a difficult job well done. You are a true Champion.

    I have always seen the 12-week Body-for-LIFE® Challenge as a springboard to newfound freedom and a loss of fear. No more fear of failure. You can continue to improve and make preparations for the mountain you always wanted to climb. You can begin working on your first 5K run. You can embrace all the physical activities that were waiting for you to get off the couch. You have paid the price of admission to get in the game. What is it that you wanted to do but never had the energy? What activity have you put off for years because you were out of shape? Go do them! You can. You will.

    We have so many Champions who did the Challenge two or three or four or endless times. Dave Wendell comes to mind. He and several others have never stopped doing Body-for-LIFE®. You don't have to, either. Don't you feel better today? Don't you want to go on feeling better? Isn't this an amazing day in your Life? The good news is this feeling does NOT have to stop. It can get better and better and better. Take a few days off, go enjoy the new you. Then start another 12 weeks or another 12 months or another 12 years of healthy, active, successful living. You didn't have to prove anything to the world, but you did have something to prove to yourself—and you have. Welcome to the Finishers Club, you earned it. I am honored to be associated with you.

    Porter Freeman

    P.S. Soon it's gonna be "Team Gladiator" getting Published and doing EAS BFL Promos!!! YAY ;) xo Kat

  • Had another great UBWO today.  It started out kind of slow.  I felt like I was still asleep for the first few sets, but then I woke up and finished the rest of the workout strong.

    I can't believe C1 is almost over.  Most of you will be done in just a couple of days, and I have next week to finish up my 12 weeks.  Seems like I just started this.  Does anyone know how to fill out the completion packet online?  I thought I read somewhere that it was possible to do that, but I have not seen a link to it on the website.

    My wife started complaining about my workouts again yesterday.  She's wanting to go running in the mornings and says I should go workout in the afternoons.  The problem with that is: 1- I don't think she'll get up and go.  The reason I switched to mornings was so she could go in the afternoons and she never went one time.  2- She has lots of stuff she does in the afternoon now, and I'd have to be home with the baby.  She's going to coach my daughter's tee ball team which will take at least 3 afternoons per week.  She works late on Wednesdays. And she takes my daughter to gymnastics and cheer practices two afternoons per week.  I feel like she's trying to sabotage me, and it's making me mad.  So, she wants the mornings and for me to have no time at all.  This wouldn't be such a big deal, but my gym closes at 8pm so it would leave me with no time.  I could work out at home, but I really don't have enough weight, and I don't want to work out late at night anyway.  

  • Caity!!  Glad to see you over here! I've seen your progress and you are AMAZING!  David and Justin came over from other groups that died out, and we will be starting our second challenge on the 29th of April.  We'd be thrilled if you were over here with us.

    Gosh, Justin, that sucks, and I'll admit it sounds bad.  I don't think she's deliberately trying to sabotage, although it's possible that subconsciously she hopes you'll stop.  I think the best thing to do (and you may have already done it, but bear with me) is to sit down and tell her you want to discuss what really bothers her.  Explain to her that you already accommodated her once, and now you don't see that you can get your workout done at any other time of the day.  Tell her that if she respects you and your choices, she will allow you to do this for YOU.  She should know that if you feel good about yourself, you can be better for her and the family.  It's possible she feels she has too much on her with the kids and running around, and in her mind it's just something else you get that she doesn't because she has too much to do.  Maybe if you can find something that makes her feel she's getting something out of it, too, she'll back off a bit and let you have your time.  Did she take on all these commitments AFTER she knew you had committed to morning workouts? That's not cool...  Just remember to be kind and sweet with her and not confrontational.  She DOES have way too much to do to actually get up and get those workouts done, but she doesn't realize it yet.  After some of those commitments are over, then maybe she can do it, but wow...I really don't think she could possibly squeeze it in.

    Thanks, David, you rock!  I'm feeling MUCH better this week.  I'll maybe end one more pound down than I thought, so I'll take it.

    Glad to see you, Amy!  Hello to Sharon and Kat, too...gotta get my booty to work now :(

    Go Gladiators!


  • Happy Friday Gladiatiors!  Last one of C1 - how amazing is that?!?!

    Wrist update - I will not need surgery :-)  That is awesome news.  It was something that was a real possibility but it doesn't look necessary right now.  I have pretty sustantial damage but the orthopedic feels that physical therapy and rehab should do the trick.  He did ask - no demand - that I take this week off completely to allow it to stop swelling.  It would balloon up with any form of cardio or increased heart rate.  It's better elevated but he scolded me for working out with my arm above my head.  Ok - he laughed first but then said that isn't the best plan of action.  The way I look at it, this is just one more obstacle for me to hurdle over this challenge.  I have had a lot thrown my way and I can't honestly say that I completed C1.  However, I haven't quit and I continue to recommit and show up.  That won't change.  C2 will technically be my C1 as far as official challenge entry goes and that is fine.  This challenge has been great for me in terms of putting myself in the proper head space.  Previously, I would have just quit completely when any of these obstacles appeared in my path.  Now, I tackle and conquer them head on and jump right back in the arena.  Thank you all for your continued support and motivation.  Never met ya but love ya!!!!

    @Kat - girl I don't even know what to say about you pics other than WOW!  You look fantabulous and you must be super proud of yourself.  Your BF better tow the line cause I have no doubt that there would be a line a mile long waiting for the opportunity to date "Your Greatness."  I mean that as a HUGE compliment.  Not only do you look amazing but you are amazing in every aspect of the term.  Thank you for making the time to post the daily lessons and weekly challenge guides.  Just think - next round you can just post your thoughts without having to post the daily lessons!  You fulfilled your commitment and obligation to all of us and we are eternally grateful.  

    @Laurie - I love hearing about your pool workouts but am sorry about the injuries.  I spend a huge chuck of my time in the pool.  I swam competitively and played soccer year round starting at the age of 5.  It was such a huge part of my life all the way through college.  I think it burned me out and I can't find the motivation to get back in the water.  When I raced triathlons, I didn't even train for the swimming event.  How crazy is that?  Maybe this will be part of my goal for C2 is to get back in the pool.  I'll turn to you for workouts if you don't mind sharing.

    @Melissa - I am so impressed with you and your fighting spirit!  Your results are awesome and something to definitely be proud of - 44 or not.  Speaking of age, I will hit the big 44 this year as well.  Here is what I have learned about getting metabolism is apparently tired and wants to slow down; my hormones make up for that by kicking it into a higher gear; my body is all kinds of confused.  However, my mind is in a better place than ever before.  With age comes wisdom and patience.  I have learned to set goals and dreams yet take each day as it comes.  I can't control what happens all the time but I can control how I respond.  I can now reflect on events as they are happening (my wrist injury for example) and calmly determine what that means to me.  I can some what separate the emotions from the actions.  Things that I saw as brick walls before I now see mearly as obstacles.  It's a challenge to figure out how I am going to tackle and conquer each and every obstacle I encounter to get back on path to my goals.  It might take longer than I originally planned but that's life.  So happy to have you on this journey!

    @Justin - oh wow - that's one complicated situation you've got going on at home.  I don't blame you for feeling frustrated.  Just throwing out some thoughts here...  Does your gym have child care provided?  That might open up some options for you.  How old are your kids?  I like the advise that Melissa gave regarding having an honest conversation with your wife.  Your goals and dreams are important.  Hers are too - if she is ready to commit to pursuing them.  You mentioned that she wants to run in the mornings.  Is a treadmill an option? If so, you can both workout early in the day.  Her at home and you at the gym.  

    @Lil Caity - welcome and thanks for your comments and posts :-)  I love our family here and they have made all of the difference in this journey for me.  I know that I would have walked away from the challenge a long time ago if it weren't for all of my Gladiators!

    @David - how's it going out there slacker????  Just kidding of course.  Your post challenge workouts are insane and you are anything BUT a slacker.  Any luck nudging the wife our way???

    @ Amy - almost there GF!!!!  One more day and challenge one is in the bag.  A huge congrats to you - an everyone.  I'll do a celebratory post this weekend!  And a second one next week for you Justin.

    @ Bart and MrGuy - how's it going?  

    Back to my C-R-A-Z-Y work schedule.  I can't begin to even tell you all how much I am looking forward to the weekend and 2 days on NOTHINGNESS.  My husband has military duty all day Sat and Sun so I have the house to myself with nothing on my agenda.  Maybe read my Kindle, catch a few rays - although unlike Kat, tanning doesn't happen for me.  Red head!  We always joke that when my freckles all run together it looks like I'm tan but that's as close as I'll get ;-)

    One more day - finish strong Gladiators!