Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Yes it did, Yea!

    As I was saying...

    Kat what you wrote about " being better than I use to be, not being better than anyone else" made me think that I can do what ever I need to do or want to do and  work hard, and work as hard has as I am able to and not worry about what others think. I don't have to be better than anyone else, just me. It's about making the most out of what you have and making it work. Thank you for all those things that you put into these post. The photo are fabulous, you look like your already a winner girl. Keep up with everything. I can't live without it.

    To Kat and everyone here, you all are my inspiration. You all help me in different ways, that I can't explain, but you all do this for me and I want to thank you. Thank you all for being here, I just can't get enough of all of you.  Please keep up the good work and also remember all your photo's like fantastic. You are all in my prayers.


  • Well it's pretty late and I made some mistakes uptop, but it's ok, I'm ok with it.

    Just want to say that all of you with issues with your spouses, keep doing what your doing because your doing the right thing for you. Thanks for all your support again.



  • Another awesome UBWO today.  This is the final two weeks of C1 for me and I'm down 26lbs so far!  I pulled the belt another notch tighter today.....  :)  The weather is starting to warm up here so I'm planning on doing some bike riding in the afternoons just for fun.  That's pretty much all I have for now....


  • Hey guys!

    Well, Day 84 has come and gone.  I see what they mean in the book about there being some depression, but I know I'll be doing it again in 3 weeks.  I may have the wifey join me this time (she tells me I sometimes can get too competitive and preachy).  While I naturally disagree,  I told her she would have her challenge and I would have mine, but we could still do it together.  

    Weekend was busy.  Swam 3000 yds early Sat morning followed by 10 hrs of landscaping (we cleaned out two big planters around a pool at this 1.5 million dollar house.  It was hard work.  Took some pics so may post them later.  Weighed first thing yesterday morning on scales at home (193.8).  Will be getting measurments and bf% from club (BF% has been calipered).  After reading some of these recent transformations, it is amazing (or unfathomable) how some of these people can cut 10% + in the bf %.  Know it's not a competitiion, just hard sometimes to push yourself and the results seem to pale in comparison.

    Sharon, thank you for your flattering words....blushing here, but please don't stop.....haha.  Thank you for sharing about your experiences in Chigago. Very impressive.  Didn't Accenture drop Tiger Woods sevral years ago after some of his "descretions" were discovered?  Your job sounds exciting, definitely not routine.  Wow!! To be picked out of 1000 applicants.  I salute ya!!      

    Laurie - great job losing 3 lbs and 6.4 inches in a week you couldn't excercise.  I plan on turning in my papers (when I get to writing them) and before and afters within the next 14 days.  

    Hollywood - hope your weekend was long and fun! Thank you - it does feel like an accomplishment and you will be there too this time next week!  Thought I would be celebrating but oddly, a little down today just because the challenge is over and that I didn't get my goals set.  Will get over though. Weight loss is somehere around 15 or so.  I had used several scales and need to make sure I use the same when I turn in my figures.  While I didn't lift today, I did do a bootcamp which was fairly tough.  Got to get my final figures together and final pics as well.  Not very good at writing papers, though.  Do you know if we submit electronically or by mail?

    Justin - 26 lbs heading into last week is awsome.  Just go ahead and make it 30 by Sunday!  

    Make this last week count, Gladiators!!  I'm waiting for you at the finish line!

  • Happy Monday Gladiators!

    Hope you all had a terrific weekend.  I don’t know what possessed me but for some reason, I decided that I wanted a Coke Slurpee yesterday afternoon.  It was hot outside (90 degrees) and it just sounded good when I saw it.  Oh my goodness – what a mistake.  Not only did I give up caffeine and soda at the beginning of the year, but I’ve been really careful with my sugar intake since we started our challenge.  I thought that I was going to DIE.  My stomach hurt so badly and my body completely rejected my decision to drink a slurpee.  So, even if I don’t always feel like I’ve made much progress, I really have!  My body reminded me of that yesterday 

    I took photos this weekend but can’t get them to upload.  I’ve tried a few times.  I honestly don’t see a much difference yet but I keep referring back to the paper towel analogy.  The outer layers won’t look as obvious as the inner ones.  Such a huge congrats to those of you that are now working on the sheets closest to the tube (Kat, David, Justin, etc).  I too will absolutely get there – just not in this challenge.  I had a few set backs along the way as you all know so I know my C1 wasn’t by the book.  C’est la vie – such is life.  After less than impressive photos, I decided – what the heck – I’ll get on the machine of torture formerly known as the scale.  Down 9 ½ pounds!!!!  I have another 20 to go but I was encouraged.  Measurements also show progress mainly in the waist and hips.  Lots of work left to do still but a definite start to a better body.  I can’t attribute it to the week 8 miracle but I can attribute it to the “I am not going to give up on me” attitude.  I will follow the 12 week challenge more “by the book” for C2!!!!

    @MrGuy – 25lbs gone is awesome!  Nicely done   I am so sorry to hear that you are not getting the support that you need at home.  That is apparently a common theme here with us.  I was getting support originally but not anymore.  So, I too appreciate the motivation and inspiration that I draw from everyone here.  Thanks for sharing the video – I have seen his story before but I continue to be inspired by it.  It’s a great reminder to never give up!  Are you in for C2?

    @Melissa – Like others, I think your body is sending you a very clear message – take a break!!!!  It’s not quitting or giving up.  It’s doing what is right for you.  Rest and regenerate – you’ll be stronger and better off for it in the long run.  Body for Life right?!?!  You asked a while back about the cost of training session.  I think it varies pretty drastically from gym to gym.  I paid about $50 a session for an hour.  Some gyms are much higher.  I think that if you can find an independent trainer (Craigslist or something along those lines) you can get a much better rate.  I know you work out at home so that might be a cheaper option for you.  Maybe your sister could help you design a workout plan and then update it and change it up for you every couple of weeks.  Also, I haven’t met with a nutritionist before but have thought about it!

    @Justin – when is your convention?  Traveling definitely makes sticking to a plan 100% challenging if not impossible.  Having a gym at the hotel will be a big help.  I try to take some protein powder, my shaker and bars with me when I travel – which is happening more and more frequently.  I can’t always choose my meals and it sounds like that is the case for you too.  Make the best choices that you can with what you are served and then try not to worry about it.  It can’t possibly derail the amazing results that you have already gotten!!!! Gonna read up on the carb cycling so thanks for sharing.  26 lbs is AWESOME – congrats.  Maybe time for a new belt ;-)

    @David – CELEBRATE!!!!  You don’t have anything to be let down over.  I don’t know what your goals were originally but your results are nothing less that spectacular.  Did you take your “after” pictures yet?  I can’t wait to see them.  I went back and looked at your starting picture on our tread when I read your post today.  Please - put  your pics side by side and take a good hard look.  I would be surprised if you can honestly say that you are let down.  I get it, I really do.  We all set such high expectations for ourselves which is exactly what we should do.  We should set high goals and strive to achieve them.  But please don’t discount what you did accomplish in just 12 short weeks.  If you aren’t where you want to be exactly, that’s good starting grounds for C2 goals.  I hope your wife does decide to join you in the next round.  Warn me ahead of time though – I’ll need to know to keep my overt comments over how incredible I think you look in check a little bit more.  I am trying to get my husband onboard as well.  He is ultra-competitive so I’m surprised he hasn’t volunteered to do C2 with me just so he can kick my butt.  I’m totally ok if he does kick my butt.  I’ll even let him win if he gets results like yours ;-)  Different subject - we did drop Tiger Woods as our spokesperson a few years back.  His behavior and actions go against one of our company’s core values.  I love what Accenture stands for and believes in which was one of the reasons I accepted a job offer here.  

    @Kat – thank you for being you!  I would say that I am sorry that you have had to go through everything you have but I’m not sure that’s right.  Your past is what makes you who you are today.  I think you’re amazing and feel very blessed to know you.  My hope is that your past stays right where it should be and that there is nothing but awesomeness in your future.  As for your quote “What is TRUE in our MINDS becomes TRUE in our REALITIES!!!” – that’s a great spin on something that I say frequently – Perception is reality.  How others perceive you – is their reality of you.  I never looked at it from the flip side…however you perceive yourself, is your reality – good or bad.  Something for me to ponder today…

    @Amy and Laurie – hang in there girls.  Push hard and stay strong through the end of our C1.  Then, take that much needed 2 week break to decompress and self-assess.  I know that I need to make some adjustments before hitting C2 with everything that I have.  Some of it is adjustments to my schedule and priorities (I still put everyone’s needs before mine and my progress is hindered by that), some is to my workouts and eating and some is to my motivation and commitment.  

    Thought:  I’d like to start off our next challenge thread with some shared goal setting.  If I know what everyone’s personal goals are (specific – not general) then I think I can better help provide motivation and support as you work toward your goal.  Likewise, it helps with accountability when others know your goals and aspirations.  We are all wired differently and our goals are going to be drastically different.  I still have a ton of “paper towels” to peel back and throw away.  Some of you look amazing and so your goals will be very different – like the live fitness competitions for example.  Even if you aren’t doing a C2, this forum and all of the amazing people on it can help you stay committed to your goals.  Just a thought…selfishly, I just don’t want to lose touch with any of you   

    Thank you all for showing up!


    “Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself”

  • DAY 78 - Body for Life daily Lesson for LIFE:

    "Amost finished is NOT the same as finished." Here we go! This is the first day of your last week of this 12-week Body-for-LIFE Program. The finish line is in sight, but please do not let up now - do not coast across the finish line, I want you to sprint! Make these last six workouts your absolute best ever! Hit your highest high points each and every day. Keep in mind that all the training you've done over the past 11 weeks has given you the increased endurance, energy, and inner strength to push yourself to new heights. This is your "high-point week", and it should be your most focused, most intense, and most successful of the entire 12-week Program. This is the time to push yourself harder than ever! Six days from now, when you take your after photo and make your final measurements, you'll be glad you gave this week your absolute best, and then some!" ~Bill Phillips~

    Had a reeeaallly loooong (and FUN!!!) weekend, just carazy wiped out today. I'll read through the posts tomorrow and check in with Everyone. Can't believe this is already Week 12 - WOW we are sooo close!!! Love you Gladiators!!! <3 xoxo Kat

  • Good morning Gladiators - only 6 days left!  Well, I'm trying to take it easier these next few weeks.  Guess I'm not doing too good a job.  Yesterday - bootcamp early and hr spin class late - lots of climbing and intervals.  Today - ran 4.5 miles on treadmill -  (4 miles at about a 8min clip).  May lift less during this time, but I don't see backing off cardio much.  Definitely not relaxing on the diet.

    Sharon - Down nearly ten pounds with your schedule is awsome!  Just think when can happen when you are not quite as hyperbusy.  Hope you can get pics uploaded.  Ready to see how you have changed.  Thank you for your encouragement.  I'm very flattered and I do feel good about my 12 week accomplishment.  Hey, I don't mind the compliments.  My wife tells me I need to be better at accepting them.  I should know better about getting caught up with the numbers, but occasionally just want to have a little pity party.   Plan on setting goals for C2 and scale weight loss won't be the main one.   While my scale weight loss is modest, I may have not needed to lose that many pounds.  My best friend tells me that my upper body is notably bigger than it was back when I was steadily in the high 180s to low 190s several years ago.  Clothes are fitting comfortably - what more can u ask for!   Really good words on accountability and goal setting.  

    Finish strong!!

    Following you guys in this last week.  Very excited to see how you do and I repeat myself - l am looking forward to starting C2 with you guys.  Appreciate each on of you!

    What we do in life echos in eternity.


  • Forced myself to do my cardio this morning.  My legs were still a little sore from last week, but I was able to push through it and had a nice session when it was all said and done.

    David- I actually have the rest of this week and next week to complete my 12 weeks of C1.  I set a goal to lose 36lbs of scale weight at the beginning of ths challenge.  It looks like I'm going to be a little short of that goal, but I'm going to do all I can to get as close to that goal as possible.

    Sharon- The convention is next week.  It lasts all week, but I'm only going to go the 17th-18th due to some project deadlines I have to meet here.  I'm going to take some shakes and protein bars with me to try to stay on plan.  They will be serving us "box lunches" during the day.  Who knows what is in those!  I really don't want any cheats during the last weeks, so I'm hoping there is a salad option.  I don't know what is going to be in the hotel gym, but I guess it'll be better than nothing.  I'm hoping I can complete all of my workouts as planned.

    Laurie- I'm thinking I'll probably do 3 or 4 challenges back to back.  I'm really wanting to not only get my bodyfat percentage about 9%, but also get huge muscles.  I'm still weighing around 240 right now, and my end goal is to be 190-200 and RIPPED!  So I'm going to be here for quite a while.  Maybe forever.......  Haha


  • Happy Tuesday! day started off like any other.  Rolled out of bed and got myself dressed and ready to hit the gym.  Pretty good workout in with not that many people competing for equipment.  I am still doing a split upper body workout - one day with back and chest the other with biceps, triceps and shoulders.  I was doing military presses for my shoulders when I guess my wrist decided enough was enough.  With the weight above my head, my left wrist snapped backwards with no warning.  Fortunately my posture is decent so the weight landed on the floor.  It hurt pretty darn bad though and made me instantly sick to my stomach.  Nice and swollen almost immediately so I stopped by the urgent care on the way back home.  It isn't broken (which I thought it might have been) just badly sprained.  Doctor took x-rays and wrote a referral to the orthopedic.  He was worried about ligament and/or tendon damage.  I have an appointment tomorrow with the specialist but today is all about disappointed :-(

    On the positive side, I took the day off work.  I am kicked back with my Kindle which is a rarity for me anymore.  I love to read and just don't have the time to do so as often as I'd like.

    Let's hear some happy stories!  


  • DAY 79 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "You fill your Life with what fills your Mind." By this point in the Program you've begun to recognize the tremendous power of your mind to help you achieve the worthwhile objectives you're striving for. In fact, I can virtually guarantee that you've begun to notice that the more optimistic you are - the more excited you become when thinking about how bright your future can be - the more good people and Opportunities show up in your Life. What I've discovered is that you fill your Life with what fills your mind. This is a very important lesson to learn. Unfortunately, many people who are experiencing setbacks, adversity, even failure, don't recognize that the seeds of their misfortune are being planted through unconcsious fears, doubts, and negativity that dominate their thoughts. So, please, continue to fill your mind with positive images and feelings of success, and I assure you, even more SUCCESS will fill your Life!!! ~Bill Phillips~

    Soooo TRUE!!! Again, our most dominant thoughts are what create our Life and experiences, because "like attracts like". Another one of my fav quote's is: "The Stories in our Mind, become the Stories of our Life"... so anytime you find yourself thinking negatively or starting to feel anxious or depressed, go read an Inspirational book or watch a positive/motivating movie; anything that will help you to stop thinking your own negative thoughts and start thinking someone else's positive thoughts (lol). Positive energy is so Incredibly contagious, so innoculate yourself with it as much as possible!!!

    xoxo Kat

  • I heard something really interesting today that made me think of all of you and this awesome Journey that we have been so blessed to share with one another. This Motivational Speaker, Bren'e Brown was talking about the Gladiator/Spectator analogy and how the majority of people will only step into the Arena when they feel “Bulletproof”. It was such a great reminder for me that we ALL did something truly Incredible (when we were faaar from bulletproof Lol) just 12 short weeks ago, by just being willing to be Vulnerable and step into the BFL Challenge Arena. What a bunch of Super Heroes we are ;)

    Sharon – WOW Nice work there GF on all of those Accomplishments - 10 pounds down is awesome! And your Job sounds waaay cool and gotta admit a little Intimidating too, hah! I thought my schedule was all over the place, which makes planning ahead tough – but ur schedule sounds insane woman Lol. And that is seriously so amazing that you beat out over a thousand peeps; they def got the right girl ;) Yes you are right, it is ALL staying in the PAST where it belongs; however I am also sooo grateful for all of those experiences because they added so much depth to me as a person. I used to wonder why God gave me so many “Crosses to Bare” and now I know it was to help me to be able to relate; so I can connect more deeply and help more people (that's really the ONLY reason that we exist anyways – or at least I think so :) And, agreed, it is you're never give up Attitude that will take you straight to that Finish Line! Also, I LOVE your idea of each of us posting our Specific C2 goals; it will definitely better equip me to support each and every Gladiator. And OMG plz keep us posted on ur recent injury... sending you lots of white Light and healing energy, really hope you are all healed up in time for C2, def can't imagine doing this thang without YOU!!! xo

    Amy – Hey 4 pounds is 4 pounds babe! Good for YOU! Yeah, I spent so many years of my younger Life being full of Anger and constantly blaming the world for all the crap that went “wrong”. Then when I finally realized that it was time to grow up and step into my own personal Power, then a whole New World opened up to me. Incredible what can happen when a person steps away from operating from feeling “Entitled” and goes right into a Life of Accountability and Responsibility. That is the birthplace of  Mankind's greatest Breakthroughs and Achievements. Not the easiest place to exist, however the price of Neglect is much higher than the price of Discipline! xo

    Laurie – Wow your stats sound like your doing great! And I ordered you ur “treat” last week, so I'll mail it out to you as soon as I get it ;) As far as I know, your “Before and After” pics and stats do have to be in a consecutive 12 week time frame, so I would definitely send in all your info for this round, so they can have accurate records when you complete your multiples; plus that way YOU can be even more of an Inspiration to others knowing that you were that committed.  If you do the belly dancing, you gotta get the skirt – makes it waaay more FUN!!! Also, I'm so glad that you found that Celebrate Recovery Program, it sounds awesome – it's usually the times in our Lives when we feel the most lost and alone (and lack of God presence) that God is actually carrying us! NOW He has put YOU in a place to revive so that you can walk in your Purpose and inspire others to do the same. And YES, the ONLY person that you ever want to strive to be better than, is the person that you were Yesterday. xo

    Justin – 26 pounds is Phenomenal. You have worked so hard and deserve all of the progress that you have made, I am so excited for you! Sounds like I need to go shopping and get you a “treat” soon too! (A new belt perhaps!?! ;) I was wondering what week you were in, because we seemed to always have opposite weight training days. So def make sure that you give yourself a solid week of rest before starting C2, since you will be finishing a week after. Want you 100% ready to Shred it!!! xo

    David – CONGRATULATIONS!!! You did it – you officially conquered what ONLY 4% of the tens of thousands of people start and never finish. YOU are now part of an ELITE – so please, for the rest of us Gladiators, find some way of rewarding yourself. It is okay that you didn't reach all of your goals. You set them high, so that you would aim high. Now you know exactly what you are capable of, and C2 will be a completely different experience for you NOW (especially if your Wife joins you; that would be so cool!). Maybe the ultimate reason of this “Journey” for YOU was never really about the Physical Transformation, as much as it has been about the Emotional/Mental and/or Spiritual shifts. I've gotta be straight up with you, the “Egoic Over Achiever” in you will NEVER be satisfied until you come to a place of Full Self-Acceptance. My apologies if that is too bold to say, however you are truly such an Incredible Man, I don't want you to keep beating yourself up inside. ENJOY your Accomplishments David, YOU earned them!!! (Oh and, you can either download the Competition Packet and mail it in, or you can insert ALL of your Stats, Pics and Essay Answers right in your Dashboard...) xo

    Also, Thank YOU ALL sooo much for all the constant encouragement and compliments, they mean more to me than you know. It is really interesting, at the beginning of this 12-week Program, in a lot of ways, this Challenge was creating an “all about ME type attitude” (which of course is absolutely necessary to even get started!), however as we all got closer and more transparent with each other, my Motivating factors became all about this Incredible TEAM!!! I want you all to succeed maybe even more than you want it for yourselves, and I will continue to keep “showing up” until every single Gladiator has reached their Goals and beyond! LOVE you guys and each of you have made your mark on me Forever!

    Xoxo Kat aka Hollywood

  • LBWO kind of sucked this morning because I forgot my phone and didn't have any music to jam to while I was working out.  The lifts were great, and I still completed my lifts as normal, but it just wasn't the same without music.  If it had been a cardio day I would have had to go home to get my tunes or I wouldn't even try.  I need my tunes!!  Haha...  Anyway, I'll be extra careful not to leave home without my phone again.

    Kat- What' the fitness thing your BF is doing?  It it a bodybuilding competition or what?

    Sharon- Hope the wrist is better today...  Any update on that?

    Melissa- How are you feeling now?

    Hrdhat/MrGuy- Where are you guys?  How's everything going?

  • Hump day Wednesday!!!

    Howdy Gladiators.  Hope everyone is doing well.  My crazy schedule had me talking to Australia and New Zealand late last night and up early this morning to deal with issues in South Africa and India.  I think I got about 4.5 hours of sleep somewhere between the two.  First call today started at 4:30 this morning so I am wiped out.  I did take a nap during lunch instead of running errands!  I also scheduled an hour of my morning to hit the gym which was an interesting experience by itself.

    I am hanging in there making the most of an injury.  I am sure I looked like a total idiot but I went to the gym, wrist brace and all, this morning.  My wrist got pretty swollen pretty quickly so I grabbed a bag of ice from the front desk and put my arm up in the air during my HIIT session.  I switched to the treadmill since I figured my balance, with one arm elevated, would be better there than on the stairclimber or elliptical.  There were not any recumbent bikes available.  I completed the workout but it wasn't pretty.  Not sure how I am going to approach the rest of my workouts.  I can manage the LBWO but UBWO's will be challenge.  Time to get creative...suggestions?

    @ Justin - funny how dependent we can be on something as simple as music to occupy our minds isn't it?  When I was racing triathlons, I was the same way.  I couldn't do my runs without tunes.  However, I could jump in the pool and let my brain go totally dormant for an entire mile + workout.  Strange the associations we make.  Nice job pushing through it though and getting the workout completed.  As for the convention, I think that you'll do awesome.  It sounds like you have a solid plan and it is only for a few days.  I know it is less than ideal since it's your last week.  However, it'll be ok.  Are you flying or driving?

    @ David - your cardio routine during your "rest" period makes me exhausted just reading about it!  You are seriously champion material.  Have you gotten your wife to commit to doing the next challenge with you?  How great would that be to have her with you for this journey?!?!  I'd love to have my hubby join our next journey.  Actually, I'd love to enter as a couple.  His determination is like nobody I have ever met when he puts his mind to something.  He dropped about 30 lbs last year in Afghanistan.  He came back with amazing muscle definition.  I'd never seen abs on him before or strong definition in his upper body but he had both.  His legs are always toned and muscular even when he does nothing - so not fair.  He totally could have won a challenge had he entered.  He used the BFL plan.  He wasn't getting results with the traditional approach of starving himself and doing hour plus long cardio sessions.  So, I sent him the BFL and asked him to just give it a try.  He committed to 12 weeks but almost gave up at week 7 since he wasn't making much progress.  Most of his results came in the last 2-3 weeks.  Since he got home in October, he has gained back all of the weight plus some and lost the majority of the definition.  Not sure what happened but I can't get him motivated to workout with me.  He did a lot of the workouts with my daughter since they were stationed together at the same camp outside of Kabul from May - October.  She lit him up last weekend when she came out for a visit.  I had seen her when she got home in February but my husband had not.  It was hilarious to hear her "lecturing" her father.  She knows how hard he worked to get the results he did and she just couldn't believe that he let it all go.  Especially since I was excited to do it with him and so very complimentary and appreciative of his new physique.  Men...

    @ Kat and MrGuy - how was the weather at your house the past few days?  It was insanely windy for an entire day here followed by rain followed by a day of overcast skies.  It was chilly yesterday and my yard is now a total disaster!  Weather is nice today but I've been slammed with work so no time outside.  I have lawn furniture all over the place - to include sitting at the bottom of the pool.  It's heavy furniture to begin with and even more so soaking wet.  The cushions are the worse.  They are completely water logged and next to impossible to get out of the water especially one handed.  I think they will all just stay right where they are until the hubby gets back in town.  He has outside responsibility anyway.  Well...he is supposed to at least but he travels Monday - Friday with an occassional weekend of military duty or a weekend stay in Canada (I go there) so I end up taking care of it all.  Sadly, it isn't much different than 2012 when he was in Afghanistan except I do get to see him for a few days a month.  Oh - AND I don't have to worry about him getting injured or killed due to enemy fire.  Calgary is a very safe, clean and friendly town :-)

    @ Amy, Melissa, and Laurie - how's your week 12 going????  Bartman - you still with us????



  • Evening Gladiators!  Hump day is about gone and you guys have 2 HIITs and 1 LBWO left.  Make em count!!!

    Very very busy.  About to leave office...yikes the day has flown by!  I actually went to the weight room this morning at about 4:45am.  Have some guest passes to use at the Good Shepherd Institute For Healthy Living or as most of us around her call it "The Taj" (for Taj Mahal).  It is really nice.  Did chest routine. So weird just doing one body part for the whole workout.  Plan on getting legs in tomorrow. Kind of in limbo till next challenge- no real routines - just by the seat of my pants.  I want to start TOMORROW!!!   Also weighting on after photos. Think they will be pretty good. I took a few with cell phone, but not going to use them for the challenge packet.  Overall, think I ended up with around an 15lb - 20lb weight loss depending on scales used.  Body fat percent down, but certainly not double digit down like some of what I've seen.  

    Sharon - you are a maniac, woman!!  On the phone with New Zealand, then South Africa, then India.  You job sounds very exciting.  I'm sure it is very difficult which is why you are there.  So glad you avoided any injuries on the treadmill. Bet that was something with you running on there with an elevated arm.  You can still do UBWO, just may use the one good arm for a short period.  It would certainly involve using your core more.  You won't be doing it long enough to cause any imbalances.  You husband sounds like a beast. He's was just getting his winter coat like we all do.  Your daughter sounds feisty.  Where is she stationed?  Sharon, you are really an inspiration to us all for staying with it no matter what has been thrown your way.  Not many can say that.  Now get yourself healed .....ya hear?

    Justin - funny that you mentioned tunes.  Man, I love listening to my tunes while working out.  I have the worst luck with MP3s.  I have submerged 2 ipod nanos, had a itouch stolen and most recently dropped my latest nano - figures on the only day I didn't have in arm band.  I have been having to work out with whatever Cr$p is playing over the system at gym or nothing.  It is possible to do your cardio w/o music - not fun - but possible.  I believe I have a protection package on this last one and will be contacting Apple.

    Melissa - how u doin?! Thinks for sending the storms and colder weather our way.  Ready to see your final pics after the challenge.  I hopw you are feeling better and having more energy.  Always good to hear from you.

    Hollywood - you just keep doing what you do.  You have the gift of expression tied with wisdom like few I've seen.  (Sharon, you're also in that catagory).  I did not take what your said the wrong way.  To the contrary, you make a good point about the journey not being primarily physical.  Very astute.  I do believe that we all have some emotion/physical transformation just to different degrees depending upon personality types and of course life circumstances.  You're correct, I've never been completely satisfied, but I don't know if I ever want to be.  I believe there is always room in us to improve in whatever area.  Thank you so much for being bold.  My wife is the first one to tell me I need to be happy with myself and not discount accomplishments.  I do feel that this journey has helped me some in that regard.   We are not bulletproof, yet we all stepped out with our insecurities into the Arena.  We are Super Heroes!!  Proud to stand with you guys as a Gladiator!!

    You guys have been a positive influence on me and that's why I come here as often as I have time to so I can be innoculated.

    Finish hard!  Finish strong!  LEAVE NO DOUBT!!!!!!


  • DAY 80 - Body for Life Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "When you succeed, we all win." Although successfully completing a Body-for-LIFE transformation appears to be an "individual sport", it's actually not. It's a "Team Sport." And by that I mean that when you suceed, we ALL win. The entire Body-for-LIFE Community celebrates your achievements! And your victory strengthens the entire Team. Right NOW, there are thousands of Body-for-LIFE Winners cheering you on. We are all pulling for you. We are all on your side! And we support you no matter your age, gender, or where you're from. The Body-for-LIFE Community is now worldwide and includes people from Russia, China, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, Greece, Mexico, Thailand, South Africa, Italy and other places the World over (...Basically everywhere that Sharon works ;) We are a Team. And we care about your Success. With each and every person who transforms, this Championship Team becomes stronger!!! ~Bill Phillips~