Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  •  DAY 74 - Body for Life Journal daily Lesson for LIFE:

    "The end is a new beginning." More and more people are discovering that when they end one 12-week Program, what feels right is for them to begin again - to set new goals and to continue their journey. For example, Mina Hobby completed FOUR 12-week Programs and totally tansformed her body and Life! Her example is a tremendous inspiration for us all!

    Can you even imagine what kind of "inner strength" she must have experienced to create such phenomenal results!!! Go girl ;) xoxo Kat

  • Almost there Gladiators!!! Btw - if you haven't already, I would recommend starting to write out ALL of your essay questions; there's (x2) regarding Stats and then (x7) I think, that are 1,500 word max essay questions. And you only have 15 days after the Challenge completion date to get EVERYTHING in, including pics! Let's turn out some Champions! ;)

    David - Your progress photo looks AMAZING!!! And that's just a cell phone pic - are you gonna do a Professional Shoot for your "After's"??? Either way def throw some of that baby oil on in good lighting to accentuate all that new muscle!!! Also, I've heard that if you do some mild cardio and a few weight reps all around just before taking your final pics, the muscle definition will def be more noticeable. So... muscle pumped, heart rate up, lights and baby oil ;) Hahah - sounds like a recipe for a good time! lol Can you even believe that you accomplished all that in just 12 weeks though!?! It is kind of hard to believe until actually going through the full experience... and haircut looks great! And thank you for always being so positive yourself; YOU are gonna kill it in C2!!! xo

    Melissa - Listen to your body! If things are starting to hurt all of the sudden, that's your body telling you to slow it down or not push as hard. Otherwise an injury is likely to occur; so keep on going but maybe adjust your intensity levels a bit. We want you with us for C2!!! Btw - I know exactly what it takes mentally (and emotionally hah) to commit to NOT missing a single workout, so you are a Rockstar girlfriend (and you too David! Sounds like you have lots of extra credit ;) Also find something FUN and active to do during the two week break. I got myself a Belly Dancing DVD and Jingle Skirt lol to keep me movin during our downtime - otherwise I can get seriously lazy! N you better "officially" enter for C2, cuz you definitely have what it takes to make it to Champion Circle ;) xo

    Justin - Dude you are a friggin a machine! Gettin up at 5:00am everyday, hitting your 10's every single workout and even down to how calculated you have your food intake scheduled - that's awesome! I can def get carazy OCD on stuff, but I kept things pretty flexible and simple this entire Challenge. Guess it's all about knowing yourself well enough to find the rythym that works for you. But you get some serious props for your level of Intensity and Commitment!!! Can't wait to see PIX! xo

    Amy - Trust me, I know exactly what you mean by lacking in the motivation department. It has been sheer will power to get these last few weeks in! And next Challenge, do the weekly progress photos if you can... it helped me sooo much to see in a picture what I wasn't necessarily seeing in the mirror. Only 8 more Workouts girl - YOU CAN DO IT!!! Muah xo

    Night Gladiators xoxo Kat aka Hollywood ;)

  • Hi Everybody!

    Going into the last week I stepped on the scale this morning and POW>> 220lbs... That's 25lbs gone since we started this journey.

    I want to thank everybody in this group. Like many of you, I get ZERO support from the spouse and even though I don't post a lot, I read every email that I get when someone here posts. Your determination and motivation has really helped me keep on the path.

    A special thank you to Kat! Your energy and bright light is a welcome addition to my days. You're a great motivator and I'm so glad for you that the universe is giving you the things you want and deserve :)

    One more week everybody! Finish Strong!!!!

  • Congrats Guy!!!  That's wonderful news, and I'm glad you're still here.  You going in with us for C2?

    Also, I need everyone's opinion.  The last 2 workouts, I barely finished, and I did very poorly.  I've been tired, joints hurting, the whole 9, and I believe that I am bonked and overtrained.  I really wanted to go through having completed every workout, but I'm having diminishing returns in my workouts, and I even believe that I have lost muscle definition over the last week and a half.  

    The question is...should I take a week off to rest and recharge?  I would say it would delay my finish, but since we are doing c2, and I'm not entering the competition, it shouldn't be too big a deal.  Should I or should I NOT take at least 3 days to try to rebuild myself? I'm not looking forward to my workouts, I feel awful after, and that nagging knee and joint pain is getting me down.  I regressed in my lifting weights...I just want to lie down and sleep all the time.  I'm not a quitter and I'm not giving up...but I think I've pushed too hard.


  • Morning Gladiators !!

    These 12+ hour days (add another 2 hrs for commute) are killing me!  I made my last LBWO this morning.  It was as a good one.  Have really come a long way on squats.  I used to think I didn't need to be doing them any more since I am of advanced age (49).  Boy, was I wrong. Squats along with deadlifts are about the best excercises you can do.  I made sure I left my ego at the door when I began and started with lighter weight to make sure I was doing proper form.  Did my 6 rep max of 255 and didn't hit a 10.  Granted, many yours ago, with a young spine, I would have had a little more weight on there, but not too shabby for an old man.  

    Hollywood (aka Kat) -  Actually, I plan on using the photographer who did my son's wedding. She graduated from high school with him and has a studio. I just hope I can get the final results worthy of a professional pic.  Disappointed that I dd not get more ab definition.  Amazing how some of these champions transformed.  Felt like I have worked as hard as anybody and have been disciplined in the intake dept.  I do agree - cell phone pics are not very good.  Your pics look great, what camera to you use? Can't wait to see your final pics.  Hard to see how you can improve on what you have but I know you will.  Thank you for compliment on haircut.  Normally it is short, but  I let the locks go a bit in the winter time. Wife gives me a hard time telling me I look like I'm trying to look young.  Funny, after my haircut, several have said it looks like I've taken ten years off my age.  At least I want be sporting the "Nick Nolte mug shot" look when I get out of bed in the morning.  

    Melissa - IMOHO - take the 3 days rest.  It will serve you better in the long run.  Your body is obviously telling you to rest.  I remember reading that some of the champions injured themselves during challenge or became sick and missed as much as a week, so 3 days should not hurt you.  In fact, if you are not looking forward to the workouts, you will be less prepared mentally (very important) and could either exasperate your condition or injure something else.   Don't think that you are quiting, you are taking care of yourself and preparing to come back even stronger for C2!  

    Mr . Guy - congratulations on your weightloss!  25 lbs with a week to go is awsome!  I suspect you will be even less after day 84!   Way to go!

    Amy - glad to see you're no longer MIA.  Your determination to complete your workouts despite motivation (it hits us all) is to be commended.  It's easy when you are excited or feeling well, but when you have to dig down deep to get the motivation, that's when you show true growth.  Thank you so much for sharing!

    Justin - I checked out the website on the carbcycling.  Not sure if I can follow that like some of those guys.  I don't know if I can track my diet to that detail.  I like to try and keep things simple as possible, especially since my work days involve 2 hrs of commuting.  Looks like there's a plethora of good information on the site.

    Sharon - how you doing?  You back in AZ?  Ready to hear from you again!

    Have a great weekend Gladiators and prepare to kick it in your final week!!!!


  • Never Give up!!




  • Another awesome LBWO this morning.  I used to hate working legs, but I'm starting to enjoy it now.  

    Melissa- I agree that if your body is telling you to rest up that you should do it.  You don't want in injury that will knock you out completely.

    Hollywood- Getting up that early is not easy for me (I'm not a morning person), but I make myself do it and once I get to the gym I'm wide awake.  The diet part hasn't been hard because once I figured out what to eat I eat the same things over and over again.  It's boring for a lot of people, but I don't mind that much since I have a goal and a vision of what I want.  I'll just do what I have to do.

    David- I never would have thought you were really over mid 30s from your picture.  Congrats on those strong legs!  When I'm lifting and don't hit a 10 I will do another rep or two until I hit that 10.  That's how I always hit my 10s.

    MrGuy- Congrats on the weight loss!!  That was an awesome video.  It's amazing what people are able to accomplish when they are determined!

    "Pain makes me grow.  Growing is what I want.  Therefore, for me pain is pleasure." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Justin- AKA "The Machine"

  • Justin - nice alias - agree,  Make a good point. I will do a few more reps next time. A 10 is when u just can't do another one. Sometimes, without a spotter, especially on squats, I'm a little more careful.  You'll understand in 16 years...haha! Thanks for the compliment.  Photos don't show all the gray.  Great quote by Arnold.  Another great Arnold line "It's not a toomah!"

  • Hahaha - I just love YOU BOYZ!!! Ur so silly and I'm diggin the Nicknames ;) So now we have: David aka MAXIMUS, MrGuy aka STUD MUFFIN, Justin aka THE MACHINE and Kat aka HOLLYWOOD - now we need some ideas for the rest of the Team!!! ... Sharon, Melissa, Amy, Laurie??? I'll start thinkin...

    MrGuy - YOU just made my day! :) It has been a big Challenge for me to commit to getting on here everyday, so I am sooo glad that it has made a difference. And big congrats on droppin that 25 pounds you big Stud lol ;) Sooo excited to see everyone's "Before and After's" side by side. You should take your after pic up on top of a Mountain! xo

    David - Ru kidding!?! Your Transformation is so worthy of Professional Pics - I know we are always our own worst critics, but you look fantastic, give yourself your due credit... you worked really hard and I KNOW ur pix are gonna turn out Amazing!!! And if you ever come through AZ, I'll do a Prof shoot for ya - I shoot with a Nikon D90 and my Dad has all kinds of great Lighting techniques that make people look like Super Heroes! I can def see Ab definition in that last photo - so no worries, you will be washboardin it for sure it by end of C2. I do wonder though, if some of the published Transformations were 100% natural cuz I'm with you - I'd say I've given it a good 99% effort depending on the day, and I am very happy with where I am at, however am kinda surprised that I didn't meet all of my goals... The weight has finally been melting off this past week though, so we will see what comes of this next week! (And I so agree with Machine Boy lol - you look mid-thirties tops! Ur wife is one lucky lady, she should do C2 with you! xo

    Melissa - YES, honor your body. It's talking to you woman, so just leave that ego at the door like David so admirably does, and do what YOU need. That rest will be exactly what you need to re-charge and be ready to kick butt in C2!!! Oh also, I know that you have mentioned having difficulties with your energy levels, and I just found out about a supplement that you may really want to check out! It's a version of B3 called Niacinamide; it is supposed to be incredible with increasing metabolic action, circulation, cell growth, and ENERGY!!! Check it out and see if it helps :) xo

    Justin - My boyfriend has been encouraging me to check out the Live Fitness Competitions once I finish C2 (he's been doing them for years, he's actually in training right now for a big November Event) - and from the sound of it, I think you were born for the Fitness World. I'll get more info on what they are all about if anyone else is interested. Some of those peeps are carazy neurotic but they look insane good and make some killer CASHOLA on winning the Titles!!! xo

    Crap still have to go hit the gym - I spent almost my entire day loungin poolside again! Love it :) xoxo Hollywood

  • DAY 75 - Body for Life Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Life is open to your Interpretation." I feel very fortunate to have grown up with optimistic parents. My Mom loves people, and people love her because when she's around, the World simply looks better. She sees the good even in "bad" situations. An example: One time, years ago, she was driving my brother and me home from Little League football practice. We heard a loud "boom" and our little red Volkswagon started to shimmy and shake. Mom pulled over, we got out of the car, she looked at the tire, then down the road, and then at my brother, Shawn, and me. She said, "Kids, do you realize how lucky we are?! If that tire had blown out going around that turn up there, we might have had an accident." Shawn and I nodded our heads, "Yeah! We are Lucky!" The lesson: Your perspective on the things that will happen to you throughout the course of this Program, and throughout Life, is open to YOUR Interpretation. A healthy perspective helps you enjoys a Healthy Life. ~Bill Phillips~

    I actually really believe that changing my own personal attitude and Life perspective is 100% responsible for my still being ALIVE! I was 26 years old, in the Cardiac Trauma Ward with electrical heart paddles stuck to my chest because I was "tacking" at 220+ beats per minute and in Atrial Fibrilation due to a "Thyroid Storm" - very terrifying and humbling experience to say the least Lol. And in the middle of all this crazyness, I heard this very calm voice in my head telling me that if I wanted to survive this, I HAD TO BE POSITIVE!!!

    I had unfortunately developed a very negative perspective early on in Life due to some unprocessed traumas, and I really do think that all of the constant negative thinking created a lot of the health battles that I have to deal with to this day. Obviously I lived through that, and now make the conscious choice daily to choose to find the POSITIVES in every situation, because whatever you are looking for (positive and/or negative) you are guaranteed to find!

    What is TRUE in our MINDS becomes TRUE in our REALITIES!!! xoxo Kat

  • Hi Gladiators -

    Early check-in today cuz I have a Looong FUN weekend ahead, so wanted to make sure that I got the BFL DLFL posted before takin off! Oh also - HrdHat77 needs a nickname too (unless it's already BARTMAN Lol ;) Have a fun and safe Weekend ALL!! ...And BIG CONGRATS to DAVID today!!! Whooo hooo YOU did it!!! C1 is officially in the bag for you this weekend - so happy and excited for you, must feel amazing!!! Go out and celebrate tonight for sure! xo

    DAY 76 - Body for LIFE daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "It's about being better than you used to be, not about being better than anyone else!" (AMEN!!!) Suceeding with Body-for-LIFE is about becoming better than YOU used to be. It's not about being better than anyone else. It's about competing with yourself, not against someone else. It's about looking and feeling like a healthier version of you. It's about expressing who YOU really are and becoming even more of the unique, special person you were born to be! It's about building your best body. It's NOT about building a body like Cindy Crawford, Janet Jackson, Arnold, or Sly. And it's not about proving you have more will power or discipline than others. It's about making the most out of what you have to work with. And the fact is, you DO look and feel better right NOW than you did before Body-for-LIFE. And 8 days from now, when you FINISH this 12-week Program, you will look and feel even better! As I see it, that's success! ~Bill Phillips~

    xoxo Hollywood

  • It's the weekend!!!!

    Happy Saturday Gladiators. Made it home from Chicago late last night after waiting for my parents to arrive. They are out for a weekend visit. Love the parental units but this makes the 4th weekend in a row with company. Routine has been my Achilles heal this whole challenge.

    My trip to Chicago was great. I work with such amazing people. I work for Accenture as a change management consultant. Accenture is now 260,000+ strong and operating around the globe.  I help leaders navigate their companies through change - be it a systems implementation, change in process, or restructure. Leadership coaching, corporate communications, and training are my key areas of responsibility. I am on a project right now for a global systems implementation across 16 different countries. My boss is in Dublin, the project manager is in Minneapolis, our business stakeholder is in London, and our development team is in the Philippines.  Our clients are spread out throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Love being international - pitfall is crazy hours due to time zone differences but huge upside is I can work from home. Usually, my life is on the road traveling Monday - Friday each and every week.  Routine????  Yeah right!  I'll be on this project until August so this is my time to get my body back before returning to travel.  I landed this job through a friend when I complete my MBA. She hand carried my resume to the higher managers.  My focus during my MBA was in Leadership and Organizational Design. That, coupled with 2 decades of leadership in the military and public education, stood out enough on my résumé to get a interview. My magnetic personality did the rest - LOL.  Honestly though, there were over 1000 applicants for the position I was hired into so I don't take any if it lightly or for granted. I worked really hard to get here but consider myself incredibly blessed!!!!  Hope that helps explain my job - probably sorry you asked :-)

    David - CONGRATS!!!!!  You look amazing, fantabulous, smokin' hot, hubba hubba, s-e-x-y, need I go on????  I can if you want 😝 I am so with Hollywood - get pumped up, oiled up, and photographed. Fabulous results. Be proud - be VERY proud!

    To the rest of my amazing BFL family - I will catch up with each and every one of you next week. So honored to be part of your journeys. Love you guys and gals!

    Have a terrific BFL weekend!



  • Happy Sunday Team!

    So I stepped on the scale this morning, just for a laugh, and I actually lost 4 lbs...which brings my grand total to 4 lbs! It's a little motivation going into week 12, so i'll see if I can lose any more.

    Sharon--Great story. I'm glad I asked! That must be a great sense of accomplishment to know that you beat out 1000 other applicants with your experience and magnetic personality! Sounds like you really like your job which is more than a lot of people can say.

    Kat--I can't believe you ever had a negative personality. You are always so positive and helpful on the forum! Glad you were able to work through your earlier traumas.

    David--Congrats on completing C1!

    Keep up the great work everyone! We are almost there!


  • Hey Everyone, I'm still hanging in there,

    I have to say that when I am on here for awhile the computer stops on this and my post doesn't go through. Now Malissa you said something about the same with yours. So maybe it's something on here stopping us from talking more. Well.. who knows.

    I didn't get to workout all last week due to a rash on my neck and chest. Could of been the sun or the new medication. I don't know, but I did get a really good lbwo in on thursday.  I got back on the scales Friday and lost 3lbs. That is a total of 3lbs and got measured again and lost 6.4inches. I am very happy with that. I changed my food intake to cut out more carbs and added more proteins.  I have 2 weeks to go and I'm not sure what to do, so maybe you guys can give me ideas. I don't know if I should send in the before and after photo's and paperwork stuff that Kat was talking about, because I am going to do another Challenge after this one. Or do I just keep my 1st before photo and then when the 2nd Challenge is done, send them in. I am really not sure.  I just don't remember from the first time back in 2000 what I did.  So I could use some help.

    Justin: Keep up the good work, were all here for you as you are here for me. Thank you so much.

    Mrguy: 25lbs is WOW!! Good Job! Were all here for you too.

    Amy: I know how you feel when you aren't to motived, but keep trying, were all here for you. Just take it one day at a time and hang in there. And Amy 4lbs is fantastic. Your getting there, don't give up. We need you here with us.

    Malissa: I think maybe as some people said, you should take some days off. Just rest for a day or so. See how you feel. Maybe change some food things. Hope you feel better real soon. Need you here too.

    I'm going to stop and see if this will go through, if it does, then I will continue on. Love you guys.


  • I was here for awhile and the computer shut down again. I don't know why. It only does it when I'm on here. oh well..

    Kat: I got your e-mail and sent you an e-mail. I think that Belly dancing sounds like a fun thing to do and it gave me an idea of maybe standing in front of the mirror and trying to do the same to somekind of music. Just a thought...

    I read what you put about Mina Hobby and I was really surprised. She did 4BFLC to get to where she wanted to go. I liked her determination and inspiration. I think it might take me at least 3. Time will tell.  Another thing, is that, it's not just all about reading the daily life journal, it's what you and everyone here say.  You all inspirement to go on. My spelling probably sucks, sorry.

    There was a time back in 2004 after my car accidents that I came to the realization that I couldn't work anymore. It made me  mad and very negative. I had my own business for 8 years and that came to a halt. When you have to stop sometimes you feel hopeless and lost. I some how got into the Celebrate Recovery. I didn't even know what it was about, but a long story -short, I came away after 9 months of that, feeling revived. I had hope, I knew God was still here. Then as the years went by my pain was getting worse and I was getting depressed and feeling helpless again and this darn harmone thing started up. So I decided to do the BFL again, because I remember it was all about changing your life, mind and body, and that's what I knew I needed. I wanted to get my figure back too and that may take 2 or 3 Chall.

    What you wrote about, "What is true in our minds becomes true in our reality." made me think about where I want to go next. I can still move, and can still do things. Just have to move slower. So I am going to start up my bear business. I am getting all excited about it and I'm going to do it.  I have this goal with BFL and now the bears.

    Ok I am closing to see if this went through.