Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Back again here... and it did go through, so now I will try to finish what all I was going to say...

    Kat: Thanks for lifting me up with your words of support. I sure need it now and then.  I have to drink almost 8 glasses of water a day and then take natural suppiment to clean out the liver because of the medication I take and so maybe those things are keeping the water weight on, I don't know.    All that you say keeps me going day to day, hour to hour.  It may even take me a 3rd Challange, but I will keep fighting to get where I need to go.

    Malissa: I thought I was having trouble with my throid and was loosing my hair all over my body. I went and had some blood work done and it was ok, but I was on a harmone shot that can make your hair thin out, so 3 months ago, I stopped the shot and now my hair is back.  But I am having terrible hot flashes and the pills the dr put me on seem to not work to well.  Know to well what your going through, I feel bloated all the time. I just haven't figured out what to do yet.  I am thinking of changing my food and maybe going down to 1500 calories. Have any idea's.  

    I just have to make this fast, I think this compute is going to stop on me any time now, so I will make this short. I want to tell all of you to keep up the great work, the photo's look great. Please all of you continue on to C2. I am facing brick walls like some of you and it seems to be getting harder for me.  But I won't give up. I know that all of you are there for me and I am here for you. So please continue to post because you all encourage me and give me the confidence I need to go on.

    Your all in my prayers. Keep up the good work!


  • Another thing... I may sound like a big boob, but I am hanging in there. Don't have any support here at home but do get enough here with all of you.

    Kat, Malissa, Sharon, Justin, Hrdhat77, Amy, Dave, and anyone I missed, you all are great friends to have, thank you for being here.


  • I got in bed at 9:30 last night, and it made getting up at 5:15 a lot easier today.  I had another awesome UBWO today and still feel the pump.  I wish this feeling would last all day, but I know it will be gone soon.

    Laurie- Just keep pushing forward.  You definetly need to get your hormone levels checked out.  If you have an imbalance of some type it will keep you from getting all of the results that you are wanting.  Also, I know exactly what you're tallking about on the support issue.  It seems that not only do I not have any support t home I have someone who would be happy to see failure.  Constantly asking me how long I intend to do this and why I have to eat differently than everyone else.  I cook my own food and workout before anyone else wakes up, so I don't get why I'm getting this attitude.  It's nothing new though.  All of the times before were the same.  I used to workout in the afternoons and my workouts were long.  Most of the time I was in the gym for about 2 hours.  My wife complained that she never got to work out unless she got up early in the morning and she didn't want to do that, which I can understand.  So...  I said I'd go workout in the morning and she could go in the afternoons.  I started going to the gym at 5:30am (11 weeks ago) and would come home after work expecting her to go workout and she has never went one time.  Lately she's been telling me that she wants to start running in the mornings before she goes to work.  I told her I'm not changing my schedule for her again.  Seems like she just wants me to not workout and I don't get it.  I have to come here to get all of the good vibes and support  I need.

  • ::hugs:: out to Laurie and Justin.  

    Justin, I was in the spot that you are in for years.  My husband was worried that if I got better, I was doing it for someone else, or that someone else would want me and I would just leave him for them.  It's first and foremost insecurity on the part of the spouse, and then a little jealousy.  If you're doing better, it casts a brighter light on the spouse's shortcomings.  She feels guilty about not taking better care of herself, so you taking better care of yours goads her.  She also may be insecure in the same way that you will move past her.  I'm sorry about that.  It's a miserable spot to be in.

    Laurie, you are NOT a big boob!!  We are so glad to see you are still here, even with those computer problems!  If I can help in any way, let me know.  I have not dropped as much weight or inches as I had hoped by now, either, especially considering how psyched I was in week 9 that the scale was moving.  I woke up and my stomach felt flatter.   I have felt bloated ever since then  ::sigh::  My bloodwork checks out ok on the surface, so any other problems are hiding deeper in.  All I can do is keep trudging along and NOT GIVE UP.  I am pleased to have had some progress, so anything is better than nothing, and I'll take it.  I do admit that I am very sad that I won't come near my goal weight.  At least maybe I will come in 10 pounds above it.  I will also take that after/before pic at the end of the 12 weeks, and then I will have everyone else to evaluate my progress from there.  As far as diet, I never hit 1500 calories.  I don't do a 6th meal unless I'm feeling weak, then it's about 1/2 a protein serving before I go to bed (like 2 slices of turkey breast).  I did the hussman 3 x 5 card analysis of caloric deficits and, although I was using up a good bit of my deficit on my free days, I wasn't using it ALL up.  By my calculations and pure numbers (using the 1.4 BMR on workout days, and 1.2 BMR on Sundays), I should be 12 pure pounds down.  The numbers show me losing a bit more than a pound a week.  So, I guess that must mean I've put on 6 lbs. of muscle, since I'm only about 6 lbs down.

    As far as the UBWO, I was just tired, and worn down, and after the break it was something I did not want to do.  However, I pushed it and hit 6 tens in it.  It wasn't injury type pain, it was reaching into my soul to do something that I didn't want to.  It happens on occasion.  But I have not missed a single workout, and that HAS to count for something.  I have not been lazy on any of them, either.  I do not push my cardio as hard as I did my last challenge, but at that time, I almost passed out after every session.  Then I read on Hussman that what he considers a 10 is my 8.  I dialed it back a bit, but I still push the 9s and 10s.  I really need another good indoor cardio other than the stationary bike.  My leg muscles hold me back more than I would like.

    Bartman, still hanging in there? That song runs through my mind whenever I see your name...

    Hollywood, someday we will be able to brag that we knew you.  "Yeah, we're close, I have her bikinis" ;)

    Sharon, I'm much does a session with a personal trainer cost? My sister was actually a trainer at Gold's Gym (Bachelor's in Kinesiology)...but she's in S. Dakota.  Video training perhaps? She can't spot me, though.  Would be nice to see a nutritionist and a trainer just for a good baseline reference point.  I learn things, but you can never be sure how much of what you read is entirely scientific.

    David...East Texas storms are deadly, but wow are they beautiful! Kinda jealous ;).

    Well, if I missed anything I'll post it later.  My brain shut off after all the blathering.  Love y'all!


  • Oh, and I'm definitely in for C2! I'll go as long as it takes.  I will probably change up my diet for some cheaper proteins and maybe more beans.  Going to play with the protein/carb ratios to make acceptable "snack" meals for the sake of MONEY.  I'll let you all in on it when I do.


    Sporadic postings this week. So sorry! I am at our corporate training facility outside of Chicago for the week. We start class at 7:00 and go through dinner most days. Networking is a HUGE part of this course and our corporate culture. So evening functions aren't optional and often go till wee hours of the morning. There are 260,000+ employees globally and these training weeks are amazing. I get to meet and hang out with people from all corners of the world. This week, I'm loving the company of some Aussies, Kiwis, and Europeans. Great week personally and professionally. Horrible week for BFL. Doing the best I can but not fretting being off plan a bit. I'll get there - eventually :-)

    Justin - dude I am so sorry you aren't getting encouragement and support. You look amazing and your hard work is definitely paying off. I'm here for you and have tons of praise and accolades to pass your way. We will keep it our secret though ;-). My hubby might get jealous!

    Laurie -C2 belongs to us! That'll be our 12 weeks to kill it and make our teammates go WOW!

    Kat - Go Devils! Proud of you Hollywood. I did my graduate work at ASU and loved it. No doubt you will too. Full ride huh?!?!  Doesn't get much better than that.

    Melissa - you should be so proud of yourself! Focus on what you did accomplish :-). If there is still more you want to achieve, let's tackle that in C2.

    Body for Life Gladiators!!!



  • Day 73 Gladiators!!! Only ten days to go...

    Justin – Completely agree with Melissa. It is a psychological phenomena that even though we want the best for our Loved ones, sometimes people have a difficult time seeing another person's LIGHT shine brighter; because it tends to expose the shadow that they may be hiding in. She will either decide to stay there, or she may find some inspiration in watching you evolve – either way just Love on her and that will help her find her own Light ;) Think that is why the Connection and Support on this Forum is so Powerful!!! We are all so far removed from each other's personal Lives, however all share the same passion for positive change and Life altering health goals by entering this BFL Challenge together! You will DEF have all the support that you need, and then one day soon your Light will be so bright that other's will be flocking to YOU for help in their BFL Journey!!! N thanks for all the props – I'll keep you guys on my “call sheet” for sure when I'm Casting for my Films Heheh xo

    Melissa – Good I'm glad the suits made it! Figured you'd like the polka dot one, but wanted you to have some options. I had applied for a State program almost a year ago called Voc Rehab – they basically help open the door for Educational Opportunities for people with severe Medical Conditions. I am completely amazed that I got approved because there are thousands and thousands of people on the wait list, but for some reason they figured I would take it seriously and are willing to make that Investment into my Life – sooo Blessed!!! And I sooo get what you mean by your “soul” crying out when you actually push past your barriers. There is actually some deep level wound healing going on when that happens, so it's a good thing! And good for you for being down six pounds GF – I've never had this much trouble losing weight before, so I'm guessing it's just all the new muscle gain – Haha who knows, but C2 here I come! Haven't missed a single workout to date either, so I agree – that's gotta count for something! xo

    David – So great to hear from you! WOW you are just days away from crossing that Finish Line, so exciting! Just know that we are ALL there cheering you on, and are right behind ya. It really is so difficult to make this a daily priority when Life keeps us all so busy (and sometimes carazy exhausted, or just plain crazy Lol), so good for you for still making it happen no matter what. Ur our Hero Maximus! ;) xo

    Laurie – Great to hear from YOU too! Yay I'm so glad that you are going to be doing C2 with us. Email me your mailing address, I got a TREAT that I want to send to you... my email is Hopefully it will help you with this next round! And trust me girl, we are ALL boobs then cuz I have so much Love and Respect for each and every one of You... this journey has been Faaaar from easy and I'm positive that I would NOT have made it this far without the constant support, friendship and positive vibes :) xo

    Sharon - Very cool! What did you study? Must have been something cool cuz your Life seems so full of Adventure :) Was out by the pool today and OMG it's officially Arizona Summer - I was melting, but at least got some good color ;) xo

    Praying for Miracles and Abundant Blessings for every Gladiator out there!!! xoxo Kat

  •  Oh and here is Week 10's progress pic... I def looked my best at week 7, just before all the medical drama. Might be down a few pounds by now... It's cool I still have ten more days to kick some butt!! Muah

  • DAY 73 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Feed your Body and Mind the right way." Certainly, to lose bodyfat and to strengthen your muscles, you need to feed your body the right way - to nourish it with quality foods. Likewise, you need to feed your mind the right way to experience a successful Transformation. To make it through this 12-week Program, and do so in Championship style, you're going to need Enthusiasm, Optimism, and Positive Energy. And you can't just expect those things to come your way by accident. You need to intentionally feed your mind with positive, uplifting ideas, thoughts, and images. Among the ways to feed your mind heathily is by reading empowering books and investing time talking with Winners: people who, like you, are dedicated to doing something positive with their Lives. Today and everyday, make a concious effort to look for what's right in people, including yourself, and you'll find more good food for positive thought! ~Bill Phillips~

    This Success Story was good enough to post. I especially resonate with the part in all CAPS...

    Lynn Lingenfelter' Success Story:

    During your voyage through Life, you're going to hit adversity - a storm. And even though things might get very rough, you should never stop going forward. Never give up. IF YOU DROP ANCHOR, THE STORM WILL TEAR YOU APART!!! Look forward, and you will see the beautiful Rainbow on the other side. Keep looking forward and move in that direction, and you WILL make it through. And try to make the most of every day, starting NOW - live as you will wish you would have lived when you're dying! ~Lynn Lingenfelter~

    Oh BTW - just got on my Boyfriend's scale and it read: 163.8!!! YAAAAY!!!! That's almost 13 pounds down from my last weigh in at the Doctor's Office a couple weeks ago. I guess the weight really does melt off at the end - Thank GOD xoxo

  • A very early good morning Gladiators!

    It is nearly 4 am and I've been up for nearly an hour.  I just cannot sleep. So many things running through my mind right now.  These storms increased my workload on top of the already heavy workload I have.  I am averaging maybe 4-5 hours of sleep a night which is not good.  Gotta figure a way to get more sleep.  

    Justin - I certainly feel for you buddy.  It is tough when you don't have the support at home.  I have not had much in the way of encouragement from my spouse.  She thinks I'm obsessed.  She sometimes will ask me if we can go a day without discussing weight or working out.  It is a passion and I desire to share it with her.  Can be discouraging if you allow it.  You appear to have great resolve and like Sharon and Kat, I'm cheerin you on.

    Sharon - you have an adventuresome life with all your trips and experiences.  I understand the difficulty in keeping on track when you have to travel and be at functions.  Even with those challenges, you will no doubt do what it takes!

    Kat - wuchu talkin bout, Willis?!  You look fantastic!! .......and you still have 10 days to go.  You have overcome some much in your life and I know I repeat myself, but you have so much positive spirit and energy.  You have a great story to tell and you tell it great!

    Well - 2 HIITS and 1 LBWO left....

    My weight is down to 193.6 which is a positive.  Have really been keeping it clean this week. Can't believe I completed my last UBWO yesterday.  I looked at my first UBWO back on 1/14/2013 and did the same routines to compare where I am now:

    Dumbbell Bench             12 Rep            6 Rep

    1/14/2013                          50lbs              80lbs

    4/03/2013                          80lbs             100lbs

    1 Arm DB Rows       

    1/14/2013                          40lbs               70lbs

    4/03/2013                          55lbs               85lbs

    DB Shoulder Press

    1/14/2013                           30lbs                45lbs

    4/03/2013                           40lbs                55lbs

    DB Hammer Curls

    1/14/2013                           20lbs                35lbs

    4/03/2013                           30lbs                45lbs

    Overall a modest but steady increase.  My goal was not to miss a workout and Lord willing, should I complete Saturday's HIIT, I will not have missed any.  In fact I have added several days of cardio (moderate swimming and spin classes) since about week 3.  I am hoping by Day 84 I will have creeped under 190lbs which would make 25 for the 12 weeks. 

    You guys have been a tremendous encouragement and a wonderful escape from the daily grind.  I am looking forward to starting C2 with my friends 4/29! 

    God bless and have a great day Gladiators!!

    What we do in life echos in eternity.


  • I increased the intensity levels on the eliptical machine this morning.  Had a great workout!

    The carb cycling is working for me.  I've lost a couple of pounds since Monday morning, so I think it's the way to go for me.

    All- Thanks for the encouragement and support.  

    Kat- You are doing fantastic.  Your quads and shoulders really seem to be popping!  Your ab's look tighter too.  Overall great work Hollywood!  I wish we had some warm weather here.  It's still around 40 derees in the mornings.  But....  When it does warm up it will get into the 90-100 degree range with about 90% humidity so that's no fun either.

    David- I know it sucks to be so busy, but it's like Bill says in the book.  We have to make time to get this done and that's wha you're doing.  Your doing great!  Looks you've gotten quite a bit stronger.  It feels good doesn't it.  I have been wondering how strong I'm physically able to get.  If I keep going the way I have I'm going to be pressing trucks to hit my 10s!  (I wish!)  

    Melissa- Way to push through and hit those 10s even when you don't feel like it.  Sometimes we have to reach down deep inside ourselves and pull out the strenght we didn't know was there...

    Sharon- I know what you mean about business travel.  I have a steel convention to go to in St. Louis for a couple of days the last week of the challenge.  I really wish it could have been the following week.  I'm worried that it will mess me up.  I booked a hotel with a gym, but they will be feeding us boxed lunches and who knows what will be in them.  I'm working on a plan to get me by since I won't be carrying my trusty cooler with me on those days that has BFL foods in it.


    This is my last photo before the final pics.  I know, not as nice to look at as Kat's.    There is a little more definition, but the abs will have to come in the next challenge.  I am pleased with the increase in size up top.  Overall, regardless of what day 84 reveals, it has been a good challenge.  I feel much stronger, more alive (even with the lack of sleep) and really have become a better person than I was nearly twelve weeks ago. 

    Yes, I did get my haircut.  Wife happy!   



  • Kat, you look like a goddess.  I can really tell the difference in your muscles from the last pics.  You looked in great shape already, but there's significant improvement in there.  Same for David, and your pics are every bit as nice to look at as Kat's.  I see some pretty nifty abs there!!  Lots of improvement over the last!

    I have to take a moment to complain about the function of the forums and the website here...#*j3;oiuq#####!!!!!!!  It keeps logging me out before I get a chance to post.  Ok, I feel better now.

    Amy, Eric, Shea...I hope you're still out there, but if not we'll be here for c2!

    For the past week I've been having a little knee pain, doing the same things I've been doing all along.  I haven't tried to do too much or anything like that.  Overall, I'm just feeling overworked and like I just need a good long rest.  I know I will get that in another week, so I am not quitting, but I wonder why they did fine for so long and suddenly are getting twingy? It makes squats and especially lunges difficult.  Maybe I'll keep to leg extensions, leg curls, and deadlifts for the rest of the challenge.  I really prefer the closed chain exercises, but I don't want to get injured.  I am really trying to stay upbeat and positive, especially now that we've come so far!  I will definitely not lose it at the end.  I know that the 2 weeks rest in between will probably be just what the doctor ordered.  I'm just not as young as I once was, I's always hard to get solid proof like that.  It's enough to be depressing for anyone!  BLARGH!!!

    See? I already feel better for venting.  You guys rock!

    Justin, can you give me an example of your carb cycling menu? I might try that on cardio days.



  • Melissa-  Here is an article about carb cycling.   I modified this, but explained how below.  

    I'm only eating carbs on lifting days, and not having any after lunch on lifting days except for green vegetables.

    On cardio days I have about 60 carbs.  No carbs after 9:30am.  Except for green vegetables the rest of the time.

    If at any time I start feeling weak or stop progressing with my workouts I will up my intake of carbs some until I start feeling right again.  However, since I'm eating so many vegetables during the day I doubt I'll have any problems.  

  • Hi Everyone!

    I am still here! Sorry I have been MIA...

    I am looking forward to completing this challenge and then the 2 week break in between challenge 1 and 2. I have really been lacking motivation this week. I have really had to talk myself into going to the gym and getting my workouts in, but I am still in it!

    Kat--Congratulations on your full ride! You definitely deserve it. As someone paying back loans from college and grad school, it is no fun! Your progress picture looks great, as always!

    David--You look great too! There is definitely definition and abs forming, can't wait to see your results after C2!!

    Melissa--I understand your frustration with the website. I don't understand why it won't keep us logged in!

    Justin--Glad carb cycling is working for you. I think I need to cut back on the carbs, too. I am going to look into it. Thanks for posting the link!

    Sharon--What industry do you work in? Sorry if you already said, but there's been so much discussion and I don't remember. I would love to get to travel and interact with people from all over the world like you do!

    Laurie--I don't have any support at home either. It's just me on this journey, so we are lucky we have such a great group to keep us motivated!

    Keep up the great work everyone! We are almost there!!