Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • DAY 68 - BFL Journal daily Lesson for LIFE:

    "The Internet Connection - a powerful, uplifting, worldwide support network." When I wrote Body-for-LIFE three years ago, I never imagined the Internet would have such an impact on the amount of good this book could do. But the fact is, the powerful ability of the Internet to connect people from all over the world and to empower them to communicate their ideas, share their experiences, and support one another has turned out to be a real advantage for people who, like you, have accepted this Challenge. Many people, from all over the world, have become Leaders and are helping support people who have made the decision to improve their bodies and Lives. I cannot thank these people enough!!! ~Bill Phillips~

    I LOVE this Forum, and Team Gladiators ;) I KNOW so much of my success has been due to staying connected with like-minded supportive peeps! Muah xoxo Kat

  • Had to do my UBWO workout at home today since my gym was closed. Didn't have nearly the amount of weight available as what I normally need, but was able to hit my 10s by adjusting the speed of the reps. Going really really slow and contracting hard will give you the same sensation as lifting more weight.

    I had my cheat meal tonight. A big plate of fried cat fish, fries, hush puppies, and a diet coke. Now I feel bloated and crappy, but it'll wear off I guess.

    I looked at my before pics on the camera today to compare with what I see in the mirror now. They're so bad I don't even want to post them!!  Ahhhhh!!!!  However, I seem to be improving daily, so if I can get some updated pics soon I'll probably post them anyway. Still waiting to wake up hairless one of these days!  Haha...

    Thinking on changing up my diet this week for a little experiment. I don't think that carbs after lunch are doing me any favors, so I'm planning on eating only protein and green vegetables after noon.

    I think the team name Gladiators is taken. I see another thread that has over 3000 posts.

    I will definetly be posting here daily during our break. I don't want to get out of the habit of being here. There is a lot of positive energy here, and I need a dose of it daily since I have no teammates here at home. It's been great getting to know all of you!!!  

  • Happy Monday Gladiators!

    Hope everyone had a terrific Easter weekend.  For me, it was a terrific time with my two daughters.  It is rare that we get them together here since they live so far apart and have their own busy lives.  The weather here was amazing and we took full advantage of it.  Friday and Saturday we kicked back on the lake and yesterday we spent the whole day outside in the back yard.  Perfect!

    Justin - thanks for checking on the team name.  We'll come up with something catchy and appropriate for C2.  SO glad that you joined our family here!  You and David have brought so much to our team and I am very thankful that you are here.  I look forward to reading your posts.  I definitely plan on checking in daily.  I am not on the same challenge schedule as everyone else since I had a "hiatus" in the middle :-)  However, I think that I might just start C2 the same day as everyone else.  I will have done my 12 weeks by then just not completely in sync.  

    Melissa - girl I am so very proud of you.  I know you have faced so many obstacles and difficulties completing this challenge.  You have learned to deal with them and overcome them.  Amazing!  I know that you will finish strong, take a much needed break, and come right back at it at the end of April.  Together - we got this!

    Kat - thanks for posting quotes even on holidays and days in the HOSPITAL!  How are you feeling?  All healed?

    My C1 will not get me anywhere near where I wanted to be.  Way too many deviations from my plan along the way.  I am not upset about that and am so very proud of all of you that overcame all of your obstacles and stayed on track for the full 12 weeks.  You are all heros in my book!  I am proud of myself for continually getting back in the arena and continuing to fight for ME!  It will definitely take me 2 challenges and possible 3 to get where I want to be.  I am COMPLETELY ok with that.  I just love the fact that so many of you will be there for C2.  I know this support has been so critical to my journey.  Thank you all for showing up!!!!

    Have a terrific BFL day all!



  • This weekend was a rough one.  I missed my cardio session on Saturday because I was working in the yard all day long.  Hopefully that counted for something, but I really feel bad about missing a workout.  My free day fell on Easter, which wasn't such a good thing for me.  I over ate at lunch, dinner, and had some candy.  Needless to say my weigh in this morning didn't go well.  Oh well, I'm starting to carb cycle this week to see how that works.  I'll be eating more carbs on lifting days and not very many on cardio days.  I've done a lot of research on how this works and I think it's going to work well for me.

    LBWO was great today.  I need to increase the weight on all of my lifts again.  I felt like I could have done more on each of them.  I think missing the cardio on Saturday gave my legs just enough time to repair from the beatings they've been taking.

    Sharon- I made a mistake saying the Gladiators team name was taken.  I went back and found that the team name I was thinking of was actually BF Warriors.  Also, I'm really glad to have found this group.  Before this I only had one teammate, and she doesn't get on here all that often.  I was feeling alone...

    Hrdhat- Hope your daughter has a great birthday today!

    Everybody else- Where are you?

  • Justin-  thanks. We have a busy day planned she is off school all week so I am trying to figure out how to get my exercise in.  I missed my sat workout too due to working in the back yard.  I was digging all day working on leveling out the pool.  I have been very sore from the digging so I guess it should count as a workout.... I'm half way through tat project.  Had a good laugh at your post about the hair falling off.

    Didn't eat we'll yesterday but still feeling pretty good today.

    Kat-  turned the tp around last week and my 3 year old asked me why the toilet paper wasn't working right. Lol. My wife also asked why lol.

    Guess I better go work out.  Going to movies and dinner with my ladies today :)


  • Happy Easter Weekend!!! Sorry Team, got a day behind with the long busy Holiday Weekend ;)

    DAY 69 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Your actions speak much louder than your words." It's a misconception that only top athletes, actors and public figures are "role models" or examples. The fact is, we're ALL an example of something... but what? Realize that your actions speak much louder than your words and those around you - Family, Friends, Co-Workers - are always listening. This is an especially important issue for parents, as it's well established that children model your behavior and "inheret" your style of living; your good and bad habits are being passed on. How you eat, how you exercise, how much you support and encourage others, whether you set worthwhile goals and do what it takes to achieve your objectives - all that, and more. We all have an opportunity to be a positive example and a good role model to those around us. And through this Body-for-LIFE experience, you are becoming a positive example of how to live a healthier Life. Good work! ~Bill Phillips~

    I am in 100% agreement with this! I am definitely noticing how when we make ourselves a priority, so does the rest of the world; in other words: WE are the first example of how the world is going to treat us! So set the bar high and that is exactly what you are going to get; YOU respect and LOVE yourself first, and the people around you will just follow suit...

    xoxo Kat

  • Happy April Fool's Day Gladiators -

    Only a “two week stretch” to go and C1 will officially be in the bag!!! (That means ONLY 3 more Upper Body Workouts, 3 more Lower Body Workouts and 6 more Cardio Workouts - so really make them count! ;)

    Bart - That is seriously hilarious about the TP hah. Carazy how attached we can get to even the smallest of habits, so no wonder it is so difficult for so many people to actually follow through on their desire to change. That one action though is proof that YOU are ready, and that you absolutely WILL transform  into the best version of yourself - that's AWESOME!!! xo

    Sharon - Your mindset and overall Life perspective is perfect. You have such an incredible gift of just accepting "WHAT IS" and are so focused on creating a better future for yourself, regardless of all the adversities that have been thrown at you. Keep on owning it Woman and one day you soon you are going to wake up to that Bikini Bombshell Boddess that you deserve, and the rest will be history! ;) I'm feeling a lot better, TY for asking. Still not quite back to 100%, so I'm really looking forward to some chill downtime during the two week break! xo

    Justin - Workin in the yard counts for sure! That's a lot of work, you probably burned a ton of calories!!! I can't wait to see your before/progress pics - so take em already boyee!!! And thanks for being so engaged in this Forum. I love knowing that everyday that I log on here, there is always something new to read and laugh at. Glad that you and Sharon are also going to be checking in on here during the “break” - I know that will help us stay in the BFL rhythm so that we can just kill it in C2!!!

    xoxo Kat

  • DAY 71 – BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    “In a World of uncertainty, YOU are the one thing you can count on!” These are uncertain times, there's no doubt about it! It's no wonder people are experiencing more anxiety and stress as they feel things are getting out of control. And while it's true there are many things in this world that will never be within our control, there is a tremendous opportunity for empowerment, by taking charge of the things that you can control. Your health, your body, your mind... these have always been the center of your Universe, and when you gain control over these aspects of your Life, you will not only increase your physical and mental strength, you'll be able to help others cope in these troubled times. So, please remember that in this world of uncertainty, which we all share, you are the one thing you CAN count on! ~Bill Phillips~

    So incredible to me how much in my overall Life has improved as a result of truly committing to this Challenge. The discipline is spilling over into so many other areas, and I have such a stronger sense of Self-Trust and Self-Respect along with the overall Confidence of really feeling good "in my own skin" again. I actually got hired this past Saturday as a Test Shoot Model, nothing huge but felt great being in front of the camera again :)

    Also, just found out that I am getting a full ride 4 year Scholarship to go back to school at ASU!!! So many great doors of Opportunity opening out of almost nowhere; however I am certain that I am attracting more and more “Positive's” into my Life as a direct result of maintaining a positive focused energetic frequency overall. I am sooo excited, just need to select my Undergrad study focus (either Film School or Allied Health)... Pretty sure I belong back in Hollywood, where I was born, so most likely Film School... so exciting!!! :)

    I really encourage ALL of you to take a good look at your Life today, and become 100% clear about your Intentions for what you want your Future to look like. You are creating it right NOW, right at this very moment. Our Lives are led by our most dominant of thoughts; so first become aware of what you are thinking about, and then focus in on what it is that you want! The “stories” in our mind, become the “sories” of our Life!!! This is an Affirmation that I say out loud to myself several times a day: “I CAN DO... I CAN HAVE... and I CAN EXPERIENCE... Anything that I want or think of! It's working :)

    Hope Everyone had a great Holiday weekend, and reeeaallly looking forward to our Benchmark Achievement of Challenge One Completion just 13 days away! Go Gladiators!!!!!!!

    xoxo Kat Divine

  • Hahah - Looks like the Easter Bunny took sum Peeps out this weekend! Lol

    Here's the Weekly Challenge Guide for Week 11: Definitely a good read to help plan ahead...

    Hello! I’m Ken Young, 2004 Body-for-LIFE® Grand Champion.

    As you begin week 11, you now have to start thinking about the LIFE part of Body-for-LIFE®. You have worked very hard to get to this point. You are either doing it because you want to change your life, maybe you have a wedding or big family get-together and just want to show up looking great. Regardless, the official 12-week program is nearly done.

    I remember back in spring of 2004 when I finished my official 12 weeks, I felt a little down. You may be asking why. I know I got great results which ultimately lead to me being named a 2004 Grand Champion. But what happened was I had guidance through week 12; the book walked me through my transformation. I was not sure how I would be able to maintain the intensity basically forever!

    What I decided was that I needed to come up with annual goals. I would enter road races and hope to finish them. Once I did a few, I was placing very high so I readjusted my goals! I have since moved on to road cycling and have joined a team. Whatever it is you decide to do, you have to do something! You are now in the best shape of your life and you need to continue to challenge yourself!

    Many people ask me if I still do Body-for-LIFE® and the answer is no. However, I still eat completely clean and live a totally healthy life! Body-for-LIFE® gave me my health back and now I have decided to keep stepping it up a notch!

    As you finish your Challenge, decide what it is you are going to do next and if nothing else, at least start at week one and go through another 12 weeks until you figure out what to do next to challenge yourself!

    All the Best,

    Ken Young

    Night Gladiators xo Kat

  • I'm still not wanting to get out of my bed in the morning, but I keep forcing myself to do it anyway.  I have to start going to bed earlier.  Had a good HIIT session this morning on the stairclimber, but I think I could have kicked it up a notch.  I'll do that next time.  I started carb cycling yesterday and have high hopes for fatloss this week.

    I wanted to get the pics taken this weekend, but my wife wasn't in the mood to help me out with that.  So....  Hopefully I can get her to do that sometime soon.  

  • Still hanging in there.  Thanks for the kind words, Sharon.  I do get down, but I will finish this challenge out in the same way I've been doing from the beginning.  At the end, I will re-evaluate what to do.  The thyroid does indeed seem to be getting in the way a bit.  If I need to work a little harder, I will (i.e., add some extra cardio for C2).  I couldn't work much harder than I'm working as I've given it all I have.  There are still 2 weeks, though, so I won't have any concrete answers until then.

    Thanks for the suits, Kat! The polka dot I think will be the one I use.  It's really cute! I haven't had a bikini since I was 20ish.  Also, I'm glad you're feeling better...and, congratulations on the full ride!  I have wanted to go back to college for years.  How did you get it? That's so exciting!  You're finally getting what you deserve.

    Justin, me too.  I have trouble getting to sleep or sleeping most night, and so I don't even try to workout in the mornings anymore.  I am wondering how much difference that would make in the end result.   My UBWO last night had me in tears.  Some days are just harder than others.  

    Glad you guys all had a good holiday!  More later



  • Kat-  Or should we call you "Hollywood"?  Ha!  I forgot to send my congrats to you this morning on the modeling job and the scholarship!!  Remember us when you need people to be in your movies abd you are famous!

    Melissa- Why did your UBWO have you in tears?  If something is hurting you might need rest.  Or was it from lactic acid building up in your muscles during the workout?

  • Hey guys.  Man! Have I been busy!  Had some storms come through east Texas on Easter morning. Knew there would be a lot of calls about property damages.  Missed my LBWO yesterday morning to get to the office by 5am which means I left my house at 4am.  I did not leave the office until after 8pm.  Even though I had my gym bag packed in the back seat of my truck, I did not go to the gym when I got home.  Completed my LBWO this morning and will double up with cardio this evening .....if I can get out of here.  

    Congrats Gladiators, you have made to the final two weeks, Can't believe I'm in my final week. 1 UBWO and 1 LBWO and  3 HITTS left ...counting today.  I have not weighed since early last week so I don't know if I have lost any more.  Look about the same to me, but I did get to the last notch on my belt today so who knows...until next Monday.

    Justin - yessir, count yardwork as exercise.  Showing true dedication not only getting out of bed when you don't feel like it, but also putting in a strong session.  It will definitely pay off for you in the end.  Like you and am trying a little carb cycling.  Not sure what to expect.  Just had my first meal after 12p, tuna and broccoli.  It will be tough this evening when I usually crave carbs.

    Kat - a big congrats on your full ride to ASU and your modelinng gig.  Woohoo!  You Holliwood Kat now.   That's big!!  You do have a positive energy,  It shows in each of your posts and certainly in your pictures.

    Melissa - sorry about your thyroid issues. My wife has similar struggles with hormones she has to take.  She feels like she has to work twice as hard as she used to to get any results. Glad to see you are working through it and certainly hope you will be in for C2 at end of April. You are definitly tough.  Like Justin, was you UBWO an injury or just lactic acid buildup.  

    Sharon - glad you had the perfect Easter weekend with your daughters and could make the most of it since they do not live near you. They are blessings!

  • DAY 72 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Learning something new is always hard before it's easy." When we begin to learn and venture into new territory is when we have the opportunity to experience significant growth. No matter what it is, if you're just learning it, you're going to be awkward at first. This is true of exercising, learning to ride a bicycle, dancing, golfing, giving a speech, etc. You must be willing to go through the "novice stage" if you want to ever become an expert. During this program, it's very likely you've had to learn new skills. You may have needed to learn new exercises. It's likely you needed to learn how to prepare meals in a new way, and how to use the Plan-to-Actual Analysis in this Success Journal. But, you are doing it! I encourage you to be empowered by this experience and to give yourself permission to be a beginner - a learner - in other areas of your Life, so you continue to evolve and improve! ~Bill Phillips~

    Have to run, but will be back to post last weeks progress pic!

    xoxo Hollywood Lol

  • Hi Gladiators!!!

    I am still here. I tried to get on last Friday and couldn't do it. I still don't know what's wrong but will figure it out soon. Any way I might have to post 2 times to say what I want to say.

    I got measured this morning and I am sad to say that I have not moved more than a half inch any where. I have been trying to figure why I am making progress like a snail.  

    Kat: I am on to the Second Challange when this one is done.  I did the paper roll test thing and I have to have it up. That's the way it goes and that's the way it stays for me. I always wanted to be into modeling when I got out of highschool, but ended up as a hair stylist, nail technician and massage therapist.  So I have to say, it's fun to be able to go for what your dreams are and get them and I am sure with your detirmiation you will go far in that, because look at you, you already look like a model.  Congradulations on that and going to school.  I will have to stop for a minute and see if this goes through.