Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • It has been really hard to get out of bed to go to the gym this week.  I don't know why, but I do it anyway after hitting the snooze button a couple of times.  I increased the cardio intensity this morning.  It was a very hard 20 minutes.......  Using the stair climber after leg day is killing me!  My gym will be closed tomorrow and all weekend, so I'll either go do my UBWO tonight, or workout at home tomorrow.  Either way I will get it done.

    Laurie- Just keep going forward and I promise the results will come.  Glad to know you'll be there for C2!

    Melissa- I'm thinking of changing the diet up a little.  Maybe no carbs after lunch or something.  I really only need the carbs right after workouts to replace glycogen in the muscles anyway.  The rest of the day I'm pretty much sitting at a desk.  I'm with you on the cardio.  My 10s mean if I go another few steps when the time is up I think I'll die.  I'm sucking air like crazy!

    Hrdhat- Hope your son is feeling better.  How old is he?  I have a 6yr old daughter and a 9 month old son, so I know what it's like to have to doctor sick kiddos.  I love autocorrect! It gives me some really good laughs.  You can turn it off in the settings menu if it is bothering you though.

    Kat- Congrats on the awesome workout!  Now everytime you face the "brick wall" just imagine someone on the other side said Kool-Aid and bust right on through.

  • Justin-  I have a little girl she will be 4 Monday :)  I'm not sure it is as much auto correct as i have a problem typing on the ipad and often miss the space bar so i read it back and have long weird words with letters instead of spaces lol  Fat fingers i guess.  

  • my smith machine.

  • progress pics


    now week 10

    side before

    week 10

    some progress a ways to go though :)

  • HOLY COW!!!!  A.  Bad ass workout room, and B. Hot guys in our group!! Impressive results you're getting there!!!  Keep up the good work.  


  • DAY 67 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "The more we follow our hearts, the more success we experience." I have a puppy named T-Rex. He is a little Yorkshire Terrier. He has so much postive energy. He is so happy. His Life is very simple. He wakes up, eats, plays, eat, sleeps, and plays. He is open, affectionate, and loving with everyone he meets. He's perfect just the way he is because he follows his instincts. I love that about animals. And although human beings have been blessed, and "cursed", with minds that are much more complicated, I can't help but notice that the more we do what comes naturally - the more we follow our hearts, our instincts, our intuitions - the more Success we experience, the more aligned and balanced we become. We're more peaceful, healthier and happier. As you continue on with this process, I encourage you to pay attention to that inner voice, that instinct, and follow it. ~Bill Phillips~

  • Hrdhat- You're doing great, and that is a really nice workout room. Looks like your upper pecs are filling out a lot and your midsection is getting a lot leaner.  I've been browsing a lot of pics on the forum, and have found the secret to knowing when we have reached optimal bodyfat levels. It seems that when we get ripped all of our chest hair magically dissapears!!  I hope your daughter has a great birthday!  They're so fun at that age.

  • Almost to the Finish Line Gladiators! ;)

    Justin - Dude that we checked out that just finished (think David and Melissa, you both saw/commented on his thread too) - Anyways, he said that he was having the hardest time during weeks 9 and 10, and then he totally re-engaged and kicked butt in weeks 11 and 12! And he had awesum results! So maybe this "lagging feeling" that we are all experiencing at the moment is again just part of the process, and by Monday we will all feel like Super Heroes again! But good for you that you keep on goin - that's usually the hard part - just getting yourself there! So big props - and thanks for the video link ;) Hahahh

    Sharon - Lol. That's exactly what I do when I know I'm in a mood; I just quietly "put myself away" and then come back out of my cave when I feel better. It works! Love you Muah

    HrdHat77 - Meeeooooowwww!!! Lookin awesum, can def see a difference, especially in the profile pic. Niiiice job!!!

    Btw - I've been reading a lot of posts from past BFLer's and they said that there are no words to describe the Incredible feeling that comes right at Day 84 - when they actually cross the Finish Line!!! So no matter what you may be "feeling" today or tomorrow, just know that there is a huge benchmark Life Breakthrough just a couple weeks away!!!

    Also I've been hyper-aware of my thoughts and actions recently (or sometimes lack there-of) and I have noticed that since I decided to commit to a second 12-week round (C2), I have kinda taken my foot off the gas pedal. Not sure if anyone else has been letting themselves "off the hook" at times, knowing that another Challenge is coming up??? I think because I am so far off from achieving my original 12 week goals, I am still going through the motions of completing this (C1), however my intensity and focus has really diminished.

    So instead of just coasting through the next 16 days, I am going to mentally re-commit and re-engage into still making THIS CHALLENGE Champion worthy!!! A lot can still happen in the next few weeks Gladiators, so time to turn up the heat!!! Develope the Intensity and Focus skillsets right NOW, so that we will ALL still be on fire going into the next round - not having to re-light...

    COMMITMENT is doing what you SAY you WILL DO, long after the mood that you said it in has passed!

    Lots of LOVE Team xoxo Kat

  • Justin--I live in Brentwood. Not sure if you know where that is? It is off Hwy 40/64 at Brentwood Blvd. It's by the Galleria, if you know what that is.

    HrdHat--Great progress pictures and great workout set up you have!

    I agree with Melissa...we have some hot guys in our group!

    Kat--I am with you. I need to not coast over the next few weeks and finish strong!

    Keep up the great work everyone!


  • Happy Friday Gladiators!

    Sun is shining, birds are singing, workout is complete, and my girls are both in town.  Great start to a great weekend.  I am the only one that has to work today so it'll be really nice for my husband to hang out with his two girls for the day.  The girls rarely see each other and they are so very different that their relationship has been strained.  I am hoping that will get better with the youngest now living close to us.  Our oldest visits frequently since she is just 6.5 hours away.  

    Speaking of daughters, my youngest is doing awesome!  They love her at work and she seems geniunely happy.  She is upbeat and positive and sports a huge smile on her face.  I haven't seen her like this is a decade.  She found some furniture on Craigslist that was free (Kat -THANK YOU for your generous offer!!!!) so their apartment is starting to look like home.  I am hopeful that this was the hand up that she needed and hopefully she is turning her life around permanently.  So far so good!

    Justin - I seriously laughed out loud while reading your post.  Love the realization that when you reach your optimal body fat levels that your "love rug (ie chest hairs)" magically fall out.  Hilarious!!!!  Such a great sense of humor :-)  Hey Kool-Aid...

    Bart - awesome progress!  You should definitely be way proud of yourself.  I am so impressed with everyone on our little team here.  

    Laurie, Melissa, Amy, Kat - finish strong ladies!  Yes, we are doing round two but that doesn't give you permission to slack off.  I'll come kick your butts if you just coast through to the end.  Hahahah - just kidding of course.  Although, it that would help motivate you, I'll do just that ;-)

    Hang tough team and "get er done"!!!!

    For C2 - What do you guys think about starting a new thread for that?  Maybe a new name?  Something with the word Gladiators in the title?  Kat - you're the master with words and amazingly creative.  Anything come to mind?

    I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you all and comes bearing Myoplex Shakes and hard boiled eggs.  None of that nasty brown sweet stuff that is definitely responsible for some of my "fluffiness"

    Happy Easter!



  • Check out the Easter Bunny shredding it in the gym!  Go get em bunny...

  • Way to go Easter bunny , pull that rowing machine!!!

  • LOL!!!  Those pics really made my day, thanks Sharon!  

    Having another down one.  It's funny how you can be so up at one point and so down at another so close together.  I really think women have it rougher with all the hormonal changes increasing water retention and such.  I do my scale once a week mainly for sparkpeople to keep up with that, but I was disheartened to see it go back up this week, and my tummy is all bloaty.  I know that's stupid, and day-to-day changes aren't as important as the long haul.  But last week at week 9, I saw so much change that I thought everything was going to be accelerated and really coming off this week.  I honestly expected to 5 lbs lighter this week based on the rate I was going.  That's incredibly unrealistic, but there you are.  We're irrational more than most, especially today.  Still, I think it's important to track the ups and the downs so that others can see how the everything veers on a normal basis.  That's me trying to turn the negative into a positive like Kat and Sharon always do.  See, I'm growing :).

    Sharon, you will be pleased to know that I have not slacked up an ounce.  I had beers on Sunday and I usually don't drink, but calorie-for-calorie, I didn't take in any more than a usual Sunday free-day.  Maybe the lack of food-based calories made my body address them differently.  I have been maybe a few glasses shorter on water than usual, but since I usually have 14 or 15, I'm still within the water range.  I average 1300 calories per day; sometimes 1100, sometimes 1350, and only 2 days around 1500 the whole program (with exception of Sunday).  That's with my 5 meals per day (I can never fit in the 6th, and thank the lord because I would be heavier still).  

    One of my problems is that I have to take my thryoid in the morning on an empty stomach, but then I'm supposed to wait an hour before I eat because it interferes with the medication.  I really think it would help me if I could eat within a half hour of getting up.  Incidentally, my crappy doctor forgot all about looking into something to help me balance the metabolism trouble with my medication.  I had hopes that she would have listened, as she swore she was,  "I hear what you are saying, and when your bloodwork comes back, we'll see about what we can do to help with your weight loss."  Yet, I got the same call I always do, and have since I was a kid "your bloodwork came back great, and we're not going to change anything."  That's from a girl just making calls, not my doctor, or I would have pressed her to look further into it.  I'm changing doctors.  I need someone who's willing to help with quality of life and not just do what the book says to do.  They all know that blood tests are not a true representation of the problems someone with nodules and enlarged thyroid has.  It's in all the journals.  Yet, they still are slaves to the stupid blood test.  There comes a time when you DO have to treat symptoms AS WELL AS underlying problems.  I'm very angry, as you can see.  Plus, I don't see the doctor anymore when I go, I see their "nurse practitioner".  I just read in several journals how levothryroxin can cause heart arrhythmia and he literally argued with me that it "absolutely can't be the medication or my thyroid."  Huh? He had no answer when I asked him why he takes that position and what his support was for his position.  I work in a medical practice.  I really don't like to be treated like I don't know what I'm talking about or like I don't know how to properly research things.  I pissed the guy off just trying to look after my own health, which they should be doing FOR me.  If I didn't have to do it myself, I wouldn't.

    All my negatives are weighing on me, as they do when you start down that road, but I won't indulge that kind of thinking here.  I'm sure all will be rosy again come Monday morning.  I'm doing everything I possibly can to do things right, and that has to be enough since there's nothing else we can really do.  

    Thanks for letting me vent, guys.  It help me to keep going.  I owe you all!


  • New thread name ideas:

    Gladiators - Back in the Arena for C2

  • Hi Team -

    Hahah Sharon, no kidding that's exactly what I had in mind. Simple and to the point and exactly what we are all about!!! I'll probably keep checking in with everyone during the "2 week" break on this thread, just to stay in the habit of loggin on here and seein how everyone is doing, but if you don't mind starting that new thread maybe the weekend prior to April 29th that would be awesome!!!

    So funny, after "re-commiting" to myself yesterday to finish this Challenge (C1) strong, I woke up looking really skinny today!!! I don't have a scale, but I would say that some weight has definitely come off cuz I look really different to myself (almost took my weekly progress pic this morning just in case it decides to come back by Sunday lol)

    Melissa - I know all to well the emotional swings (between content, happy, depressed, anxious, and everything in between...) so I feel for you GF. Been dealing with it since I was about 18, that's when my thyroid issues really started to flare so I'm sure there is a def connection, because I find myself waking up depressed even when everything in LIFE is GREAT! I truly believe that it is almost 100% chemical, the trick is to do something, anything to "flip the switch". Actually Bi-lateral body movement is supposedly hugely helpful in re-programming the brain and enhancing mood. Also, I have read soooo many other posts from other Competitors that doing this Challenge and all the changes that come with it just seem to trigger depression for some reason. IDK - hopefully knowing that you're NOT ALONE helps ;) xo

    Amy - Saweet!!! Let's rock this all the way to day 84!! xo

    Off to the gym to do my Lower Body workout - Lots of LIGHT and LOVE and Happy Easter Weekend xoxo Kat