Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Amy- Cool gym!  I have a heavy bag in my shed. I had it hanging up in the garage of my old house and would use it a lot. It was one of my favorite cardio exercises of all time. I had a round timer and would try for 10 rounds every other day.  I didn't know you are in St. Louis. I live about 2 hours south of you.

  • Hi everyone...

    I'm still hanging in there with all of you. I will have to take this computer down this week or next to see what's happening.

    I am at a stand still. Nothing is happening. I haven't lost anything and it's kind of depressing, but I'm still going to keep going. I will be right here with all of you on the next C2. I am at day 56, so I have a few more weeks to go.

    Kat- nice photo's, boy you can really tell you have lost a lot of inches. I think you lost weight too, sure looks like it.

    DavidF41- Congradulations on being under 200. Keep up the good work

    Sharon-You are doing a good job with your niece. Been there with the ToughLove on my kids, so I know what your going through. Hang in there, it will get better.

    Malissa- Sure hope your husband is doing better now and both of you can get back in the grove of life.

    Justin- Wow, keep up the good work

    I might have missed some of you and if I did, well I just want to say keep up the good work. You all deserve to be happy.

    And I have to add that I can tell on all the photo's that you all have put up, that you all have really changed and look really great.    Now I just have to figure out how to get mine on here....

    I will be continually keeping all of you in my prayers and thank you all for being here, your inspirational words and thinking of me.  Good night and have a Fantastic Wed.


  • DAY 65 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "When you say NO, you're also saying YES!" When you sit down and make plans for when you're going to work out, what you're going to eat, when you're going to eat, as well as decide what goals you're going to achieve each day, you're not only making a list of the things you WILL do, you're making a list of things you WON'T do. For example, if your friends invite you out for pizza and beer and it's NOT your free day, you just have to flat out say NO. Saying no to people does not mean pushing them away or isolating yourself. It means that you're making changes for the better - changing your priorities, changing your habits, and changing your Life. Realize that when you say NO, you are also saying YES. You're saying yes to building your self-discipline, increasing your self-esteem, strengthening your willpower, and gaining control of your LIFE!!! ~Bill Phillips~

    Quote from Merrily Milmore's Success Story:

    "I set myself FREE, not just one day at a time, but one disciplined decision at a time."

    I really like her perspective because that makes this whole Challenge so much more doable and realistic if we just focus on what is right in front of us... at the moment. Being present and making better and better decisions over the course of time creates a compound effect that eventually creates massive Life Changing Transformations. That is actually where our true power is anyways, in the NOW. Stay there and you WILL create what you want!

    Becoming mentally "stuck" in the Past (which we cannot change) only creates doubt and depression. Even worse is constantly living in the projections of the Future, which creates fear and anxiety. Stay in the here and now - YOU have everything you need to make this happen!!!

    xoxo Kat

  • Hi Gladiators -

    Okay note to Self: quit drinking so much coffee after the sun sets! My schedule has been so off the past couple weeks, stayin up till 3am and sleeping in till 10!!! Heheh. At least I finally got to catch up and see how everyone is doing. I have to say, I seriously lucked out on getting to be on this Team - we are kickin sum serious ass! I actually went back and read through some of the beginning posts back in January and even though we lost a lot of peeps along the way, the group that is still together NOW is seriously amazing. And sooo love our newest members, David and Justin - you both add so much to this Team, couldn't imagine it without you boys...

    Laurie - I just love reading your posts. They are so loving, supportive and kind; and am so grateful to you for all of your prayers!!! It's def tough not getting the support that you need at home, but you absolutely have ALL of us rooting for YOU! That's amazing to me that you actually drive 90 miles a week to get to your gym. I feel so spoiled now... My apartment complex has a great gym and it's maybe about 20 feet from my front door! So serious props for making all that extra effort girlfriend. And please don't feel depressed or discouraged about not losing the weight yet... I have actually gained weight lol - however the new muscle tone has created an awesome optical illusion of me looking smaller :) Our bodies are so intelligent, so just trust that it will come off when it's ready to. Mine tends to retain a lot of water weight when I'm cleansing or detoxing (which seems to be always due to the daily medication intake) - however as frustrating as it feels right now, I just keep visualizing myself at 140 pounds, healthy, lean and toned!!! So hold onto your visual and you will get there too! Oh also, are you planning on doing the second Challenge round with everyone? If so, I have a treat I want to send you ;) xo

    Justin - YOU are one funny dude - "sittin in a tree huh?" Lol. I love that you add so much sillyness and humor to his group... we can all tend to get so wound up over Life's dramas and you def help me to remember that it doesn't have to be so serious. N Good for you on tightening up that belt! I saw that you read and posted on that guy's Day 84 Transformation post too - that's so cool that he said the majority of his Transformation happened in his last few weeks and he only added a few extra cardio's - nothing carazy. Ur so cute that you copied his food log hahah - but hey do what works for ya! xo

    Melissa - Great idea about makin some 20 minute BFL videos! I've actually done a lot of Production work, so maybe Team Gladiators can pioneer that hah. N Big congrats on the weightloss woman - you Rock! And yes, I KNOW that I am my own worst critic. I'm not unhappy with where I am at, I am just striving for that incredible "Jillian Michaels" type body, and I'm gonna keep workin till I get it! Oh and I'll be mailing you out your goodies tomorrow, so you will have them in time to take sum "Round 1 After and Round 2 Before" pix! Can't wait to see em ;) xo

    Flobee - You are so funny. Ur falling asleep reading all our post huh? Lol. I should tell my Mom to start doing some nightly BFL Forum reading to help her get to bed (poor thing can't sleep). Sooo glad to still have you with us! xo

    Amy - Yeah what up with these "brick walls" out of no where!?! The first 7/8 weeks felt like a breeze compared to Now! I used to look forward to going to do my workouts, and now it's sheer will power to get my butt into the gym. I ALWAYS feel so great afterwards, but I've been like a little kid dragging my feet. Thank GOD for the power of Momentum - that is definitely what has kept me going, and also this amazing Team support and sense of Accountability. Again, so grateful to ALL of you for your constant support and encouragement... so lucky to have each other to get through this! That's waaay cool that you have added Boxing to your routine! I've taken a few Russian Kettlebell Bootcamp classes and OMG they kicked my ass baaad, but was so great to do something different; plus feeding off the energy and intensity of a group class def takes it to the next level. I'm thinkin I'm gonna do Belly Dancing for my exercise during the two week break. That way I'm still active, but doing something FUN! Maybe throw some Horsebackriding and Basketball in there too :) xo

    Sharon – Woman you are seriously at Super Hero status! Idk how you find the energy to do all that you do. I think that how you handled the situation with your daughter and her BF/fiance (?) was perfect... you gave them guided direction for them to choose between "entitlement" and "responsibility" and look what you helped them accomplish in such a short time period. You could have just given them a fish, but instead you empowered them to learn to fish for themselves; that will forever change their lives! I think that you need to write a "How to Deal with LIFE Manual" - this world needs one ASAP! That's also waaay cool that you chose to Invest and "sow a seed" into your daughter's Life financially; promise it ALWAYS comes back ten fold, but I know that wasn't your reason for doing it ;) (Oh - btw do they need any furniture for their new Apt? I have a full Storage unit of stuff that I'm thinking I may want to sell, so lemme know and I'll hook them up on your behalf. It's def "starter furniture" bcuz it's been moved around so much and in storage for a while, but I loved all of it when I had the space to use it...) And as far as letting go of the Trainer, at least you got to have a few sessions with him/her; where you now probably have a completely new Baseline to work from as far as what you really are capable of and what your actual “physical 10's” are vs. your "mental 10's". I def noticed a big shift in myself after doing those Bootcamp classes. And as far as my medical status, I seem to have finally bounced back; just in time to finish this strong! Excited to see what the next 3 weeks has in store for all of us after working so hard all of this time ( it really did kinda fly by though). I will be expectant of lots of Breakthroughs and benchmark Success stories for EVERYONE!!! And YOU miss thang will DEF without a doubt be Smokin HOT for your upcoming vacay for sure ;) xo

    David – Uhhh should we just start callin you Maximus!?! WOW!!! You look insane amazing! I read another BFLer's Day 84 Final Transformation post earlier and he said that the majority of his results came in the last 2/3 weeks – so you are right in it boyee! Reeally excited to see what happens for you in the next two weeks. Also, I'm so glad you are doing C2 with us – YOU are an official Gladiator and add sooo much to this Team; it will be awesum to do another run with you! Are Team is gonna be carazy ripped by the end of Round 2!!! Pretty sure we are in the Champion Circle. And trust me, the positive influence definitely goes both ways; your engagement has brought so much. And YES, lets def do a lunch get together if you end up coming through town. xo

    Mr. Guy – Haha YOU are too cute, and YES you are 100% STUD MUFFIN ;) I'll have to tell Matt (my psuedo Boyfriend) that he has some Competition now Lol. Also, seems like “the brick wall syndrome” is goin around, so no worries there. Seems to just be part of this process. Just keep up on those hiking trips and you will be in the “under 200 club” in no time!!! xo

    Hrdhat77 – N big Congrats to YOU on your weightloss breakthrough too! Man you BOYZ are killin it! Sooo proud of you guys. Us girls will be caught up in no time though so better keep bustin ;) xo

    Eric, Val, Shea, Juzuki – You still with us!?! Miss YOU!!! xoxo

    Ahhh feels so good to be all caught up with EVERYONE. Love you All tons – it's almost the 3 o'clock hour so it's finally kitty kat bed time :)

    Night Gladiators xoxo Kat

  • Hit the gym this morning for my LBWO and now my legs are like Jell-o.  My quads are numb from shock!  I increased the weight once a gain on two of the lifts, and have been maxed out on the calf raises weight for a few weeks.  I'll probably have to start doing those in the squat rack.  There was a sign on the door this morning saying the gym will be closed Friday and all weekend, so I guess I'll be doing some workouts at home.

    We're getting pretty close to the end here, and I'm feeling great.  I'm nowhere near where I want to be right now, but I know I'll get there.  I'm wanting those abs!  

    I'm going to try to get some pictures this weekend.  If I can I'll get them posted.

    To all of you dealing with the "Brick Wall"- Keep pushing forward and you'll bust through it like the Kool-Aid man!  Seriously though.  If you are having trouble hitting 10s with your lifts it might be worth it to try some creatine.  I've been using it the whole challenge and it definetly helps improve strength and recovery time.  It is very cheap as well.  I spend about $9 for 30 days worth at GNC.  If you do decide to use it be sure to drink lots of water.  It sucks water into your muscles and can dehydrate the rest of your body if you don't drink enough.  You will might gain some water weight, but you WILL get stonger for sure.

  • Oh...  One other thing.  As Kat said I downloaded another guys's meal plan that he used throughout the challenge.  I am a creature of habit so I've pretty much been eating the same thing day after day.  I'll post what I've been having below so if anyone has an idea of positive changes I'll consider it.  It's been working ok, but maybe it could be better.

    7:30- EAS Whey with 5g creatine added into it and a bannana

    9:30- Traditional Greek yogurt either strawberry or banana flavored

    12:00- Lean turkey and cheese

    3:30- EAS Carb Advantage protein

    6:30- Chicken breast and sweet potato

    9:30- Non fat cottage cheese and pear

    I pretty much do the same thing every day, but I like the tast of it all.  I was thinking of adding some fish twice a day instead of the turkey and chicken.  I'm around 1800 calories per day.

  • Justin--Yep, I am in St. Louis. Where are you at? I have some family that lives in Cape Girardeau and southwest in the Steeleville area.

    Kat--Bellydancing sounds like it will be a lot of fun!

    Laurie--I understand your frustration without losing any weight. I am in the same boat. I don't think Kat has lost any weight either (correct me if I am wrong, Kat?), but her body transformation is clear in her progress pictures. Don't get discouraged by what the scale says! It's not a good representation of your progress!


  • Oops, I guess I missed Kat's post up above where she said she has actually gained is clear she has gained muscle! As we all know, 1 lb of muscle and 1 lb of fat weigh the same, but the muscle is much more dense than the fat which is why she is looking to great!

  • Amy- I live in New Madrid, MO.  Cape is about 40 minutes North of my town.  I lived in Cape while attending college at Southeast Missouri State.  What part of STL are you in?  We visit friends there all the time, and I take my daughter to to compete at a lot of cheer competitions up there.  

  • The kid is sick today so I did not get to go to the gym..  Dusted off the smith machine and did what I could here at the house turned out to be a descent workout.  I know everyone is working hard keep up the great work!

    Made an awesome chicken spinach mushroom risotto last night.  Didn't have too many calories but I did not fell as skinny as usual this morning (not that I am skinny lol).  Guess I better stick to the whole grain stuff.  Was just trying to make due with the things I found in the pantry.  Maybe tomorrow will be the magic under 200 day...

  • Bart, what is a smith machine? I'm intrigued...  Sorry about the sick kid.  That will sure throw a rock in your cog.  How did you make your risotto? I'll bet that you could make a really good one with just chicken broth and brown arborio, onion and garlic in the base.  I doubt you would have to add any fat at all with that  at the core.  Garlic and mushrooms will cover a lack of oil and cheese pretty well.  Now I'm hungry.

    Justin, you're doing so well I hate to say anything all about what you're eating.  Fish is always a good idea, especially salmon (expensive, tho : /)  It seemed a little light in carbs earlier in the day.  They say it's better to go low carb for the last meal or 2 rather than the earlier ones, but I can't truly testify to that since I haven't tried it.  I have the same carbs in every meal to keep up my blood sugar and my energy.  I would definitely add some veggies.  It's simple to add a salad (a pretty big one) and some low fat dressing a couple times a day.  I say low fat instead of fat free really only because you need the oil to get the nutrients from the salad.  However, you could add 4 or 5 black olives instead or 1/8 of an avocado and accomplish the same thing still using the fat free dressing (I use FF italian).  For some reason, those veggies seem to make a lot of difference in how I feel.  Being from Texas, I especially like to make a pot of greens (collard, mustard, turnip) or spinach with turkey bacon.  Also, I make my tuna salad with apple and stuff it into a bell pepper.

    Sharon and Kat, I just wanna squeeze y'all like teddy bears.  LOL...too darn cute.

    Thanks for the shout out, Laurie.  We're back in the groove, and you should see HIM already, even without that week of working out.  He's a bean pole.  Then again, he's significantly younger than I am, so I blame youth and not just gender.

    I missed Flobee's post about snoozing from our thread...I need to go back through and read everything.  That sounds funny!  I hate forgetting to acknowledge folks because you're all so darn awesome.

    I meant to say and keep forgetting that I have been careful this challenge to do everything exactly by the book.  The eating, the workouts, and everything.  The purpose for that is to have a base from which to work.  Once I see how the full 12 weeks goes by the book, I'll be able to make an educated opinion as to what, if anything, needs to change or be tweaked "for life".  I wanted to give it its chance as written.  I haven't deviated with the exception of having one cup of coffee that had cream and sweetener in it in one moment of being tired and needing a boost.  Otherwise, though I have coffee which is discouraged in the book, I have it black.  I suppose you can never be sure if you're hitting what other people call a 10.  Hussman Fitness says "no gasping" for the cardio, but you really can hardly avoid that if you're going all out.  Still, the last few times I added bouncing around for 5 or 10 minutes just to get warmed up and the heart rate going, but since the rest of the time I sit around at my job, I look at it as getting a normal amount of activity by adding that.  I do hop up and jump around for about a minute every now and again so I don't feel so sedentary.  Still, I figure if this program as written can shape me up with all this office sitting, there's hope for the whole world.

    Once we start C2, I might add some cardio or change up my workouts by dividing my body into 3 areas instead of just upper and lower body.  I'll be honest.  I want to see just how little I can get away with and still not be fat and out of shape.  I don't need to buff, really, but I don't want to be large.  It doesn't suit me at all.

    I did some bellydancing back in my was fun but wild.   What I really want to do is karate or tae kwan do...some kind of martial arts.  I would love to be able to kick people's ass but be too zen to actually be forced into it.  

    Anyway, that's today's report.  Over and out.


  • Hump Day Wednesday Gladiators!

    It is rare that I wake up anything but happy and excited to face my day.  That's why I usually post in the morning.  Not so much today.  I haven't been able to shake it all day.  So...I am going to take myself and my crappy mood BACK to the gym to work it out on the bags in a kickboxing class.  I'll check back in tomorrow when I have my head on straight and a re-adjusted attitude :-)



  • Melissa-  I will definatly have to look for the brown arborio.  I did not even know that was an option.  I used very little fat 3 tbs butter in a 10 portion batch with 5 lbs chicken low sodium chicken broth and only 1/4 cup of parm cheese....  Spread out over the whole thing I didn't think it would be that bad... I'm going to try a smaller portion for lunch tomorrow to see how it goes.  I may have just eaten too much lol.  As far as the smith machine I found a picture of the one I have on the Internet ill try to insert it...

    mine is in a small room that makes it hard to use.  I have been thinking of moving my elliptical so will have more room to walk around it but I don't know where to move it. We are tight on space in my house mostly bc we have too much stuff.  AnyWay I managed to get the job done today :)

  • Picture didn't post ill do it next time I pull out a real computer... The iPad just doesn't work as well for some things...  Also,if I sound like an idiot it is prob due to autocorrect and trying to type without a keyboard.  That is part of the reason I don't post as often as I would like.  

  • DAY 66 - Body for LIFE daily Lesson for LIFE:

    "Winners finish, and finishers WIN!" Thousands of people who decide to complete the Body for LIFE Program are competing in the official EAS Challenge, where big cash prizes, dream vacations, and other material incentives are the reward. Competing in the EAS Challenge can increase focus while also making the process more fun. However I want to point out that you don't have to be selected as Champion in the EAS Competition to be a Winner. In my opinion, anyone and everyone who finishes the 12-Week Program is a WINNER!!! As I see it, a winner is someone who accepts challenges and sees them through from start to finish. A winner is someone who reaches higher and finds the strength and courage to accomplish important goals. When you finish this Program, you will discover the true grand prize is the new body and Life you've created. You are just 18 days away from that Breakthrough Experience! ~Bill Phillips~

    OMG - ONLY 18 more days Gladiators! 80% percent of the RESULTS happen in the last 20% of the time!!!

    Had my first really kick-ass UBWO today since all the medical drama the past few weeks, and I am def feelin like the "Kool-Aid Dude" - Justin Lol. Really noticing the incredible internal shifts that needed to happen in order to break down all the carazy mental barriers, and I am sooo ready to see the phenomenal transformation that is hiding just beneath the surface :)

    Lots of Light, Love, Happyness and Breakthroughs to ALL xoxo Kat