Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Yay Kat!!! I'm glad you are finally done with all that surgery.  Seriously, we are all impressed at how you manage to keep going with things that definitely would have put me on my a**.  My Mom had that open wound healing thing when she had some moles removed.  They really look good in those spots now, though, because of the way they handled it.  Not much scar tissue.  Also, thanks for the offer! I am definitely not above a little charity!  I will forward that info today.  I will perhaps have better luck with before pictures and such for my second challenge.  I am also good with that start date; however, the last week of June, I will be going from Dallas to Anacortes, WA to pick up my baby girl (who's 14).  We're making a bit of a camping-across-the-country vacation of it in lieu of paying for tickets to get her back.  I might be able to keep up the diet to some degree with eating from a chest anyway.  If I can get in hiking and the like, my workouts shouldn't suffer too much, either.  Hopefully by then I'll have enough credit on my cards to pay for the gas, but I will have some help for that, so I might be ok.  Incidentally, we plan to come back along the coast, and I will perhaps pass through good ol' AZ on our way back.  Perhaps a little coffee visit with the AZ peeps on that trip?

    Amy, I know what you mean about the "better than nothing" part.  I was feeling that way last week.  I can really feel it accelerating this week.  I have finally broken under the 160 mark, and I hear the angels singing.  That has encouraged me to ramp up just a tiny bit.  I added a little bit more to my ab work, and I add about 10 minutes of "regular cardio" to my cardio days.  Doesn't look like I'll get to the weight I had aimed for initially, but that is ok because I don't mind it taking longer as long as I can see steady progress.

    Still haven't heard back from my endocrinologist about my prescription.  Maybe I won't need anything different.  I really don't want to have to "medicate" to get there.

    Sharon, all those tough workouts!  Wow, you are a superhero!  I doubt I could manage to put in quite that much work, so I salute you!  I'm very prone to burnout, so I have to be very careful that I don't do too much, and that is why I won't have the wicked results some of you guys are going to have.  But I'm ok with the tradeoff; I know me, and I know that if I tried to go any harder than I am now, I'd get depressed and stop.  Maybe it won't be that way once I get through this first challenge and get some rest??  We'll see...

    Poor Steve has had severe vertigo for the last 2 days.  He missed his workout yesterday for the first time and is very bummed, but we are hoping he will feel good enough this evening to try to fake through one, if for no other reason than mentally.  It really helps to know that you did it, even if it isn't exactly all that it is supposed to be.

    I did something desperate yesterday with my cottage cheese and yogurt that turned out to be good!  I didn't have anything but plain green yogurt, and a packet of sugar-free lemonade (kroger brand), so I mixed half the lemonade packet with the cottage cheese and the yogurt, and it was delicious!!  Tasted just like lemon cream pie.  If only I had been able to eat a graham cracker or 2 with it...I might turn it into a future dessert meal pie using the blender and some xanthan gum to thicken it enough to give it a pie-like consistency, or closer to cheesecake if I can tweak it.

    I guess that's all I've got.  Fight on, Gladiators!!


  • DAY 60 - Body for LIFE Journal daily Lesson for LIFE:

    "One of the best ways to learn is to teach." Now that you're well on your way to completing the 12-week Program, you've learned numerous lessons through your personal experiences that can benefit others. I would now like to ask you to help me teach others how to make it through the 12-week Program. One of the ways that you can help is to join online at and simply share a lesson that you've learned, on our message board. "The Empowering Thoughts Forum" (I'm not sure if this still even exist due to EAS and Abbot Nutrition taking this BFL Challenge over - however feel free to check, or just stay put here and pour ALL your positive energy into these Forums!!! ;) Here people like us gather and share uplifting thoughts, ideas and information. You might be able to teach other people to create the time for exercise and smart nutrition! Maybe you've learned some things about goal setting that have given you and advantage. Perhaps you've learned some things about keeping a positive mindset. If so, please accept this invitation to share your empowering thoughts and knowledge with others. ~ Bill Phillips~

    I KNOW that I have definitely learned something new from each and every one of YOU, so I definitely see the power behind "Paying it Forward"!!! Lots of LOVE to all xoxo Kat

    And Melissa - you will have some new treats mailed out early next week! ;)

  • Hi everyone, I am still hanging in there with you all. I was out a week and my computer is giving me problems now and then. This is my 2nd attempt tonight to try to get this on here.

  • Probably won't be able to get everything I want to say on tonight and I will be out of town again Friday and Sat.   Anyway - have been trying to read all the messages each of you have put on, but haven't been able to keep up.  Kat I am sure sorry about some of the things you have been going through and I am praying for you to have strength to get through all of it.  And the same goes for all of you.  My prayers go out to all of you for all the issues you have been going through too. My dear friend lost her husband last week and it hit my heart, so I understand the feelings that go along with that.

    Have seen all the photo's everyone has put up and  must say, that all of you are really doing a fantastic job of getting your work done and looking great.  For me, well I had lost 5lbs last month, but it seems to be creeping back on. I had my husband take a 4 week photo of me and he said he could definitely see a change...where??? hmmm I couldn't see nothing. But I will continue and forge on...

    Need to go buy me a BFL Book, I gave my old book to someone else years ago, but I did find my Journal which is a big help while I am working on trying to get another book.  Been driving 90 miles a week to be in the pool 3 times a week and try to walk a few times a week, which is a mile stone for me and it can be a really big pain sometimes.  There is no support at home, but I am very very lucky because I have you all to fall back on.

    Haven't been here comturputing much at all but I have to tell all of you, that you all keep me going day to day. With all the photo's, inspirational things, words of encouragement and just sharing all of your issues, has helped me get through these few months.  

    So just want to say, I am still here hanging in there with all of you. Thank you for everything.


  • Happy Friday everybody!  Awesome LBWO this morning.  I don't want to move my legs the rest of the day if I don't have to......  

    Where does everyone here work out?  I live in a small town and go to the only gym available.  It takes me about 2-3 minutes to get there from home.  It's really small and the equipment is limited to pretty basic stuff.  As far as weight lifting goes there is flat bench, incline bench, lat pull down machine, seated row machine, squat rack, leg extension, leg curl, back extension, ab machine, tricep press machine, preacher curl machine, a bow flex, parralel bars for dips, and dumbbells that only go to 50lbs per hand.  I also have a exercise bike, bench, and a set of powerblocks that allow me to work out at home if I ever need to.

    Just wondering what kind of set up everyone else has, and how much travel time it takes.  I see Tingles has to drive 90 miles per week.  WOW!  

    Tingles-  Hope your PC starts working better so you can chime in more often.

    Melissa- What is the cause of Steve's vertigo?  Has he had it checked out?    

    Kat- How are you feeling?  

    David/Hrdhat- Where are you guys?

    Also....  I have already added C2 to my calander starting 4/29/13.  Who's in!?!?  

  • Hi, Laurie!!!   Welcome back :)

    I'm good with that start date of 4/29.  At this point, I don't see any real problems with it.  

    My stepfather is a D.O. and I work for him, so we brought Steve up yesterday and got him treated.  He's a bit better today.  I believe he slept wrong and got twisted up somehow in the neck.  He already has a unique problem with the sleep center in his brain and has to take Remeron in order to sleep at night.  He can't even pass out or be put out for surgery.  It's very odd.  But because of that, he's more sensitive to small structural changes in the head and neck than most people, and why I'm grateful that my stepdad does what he does.  He's still not 100%, but I'm hoping he will be by tomorrow.  It sucks being sick with vertigo.  I used to get it for weeks at a time back before my younger daughter was born, and I would miss work for long bouts.  My stepdad managed to fix that, and I haven't had it since 1998...thank God.

    I do all my workouts at home.  I have a cheap weight bench that we bought some time ago, and a set of dumbbells from 5 to 25.  Going to have to buy a set of 30s soon, which is good from an improvement standpoint but bad from a wallet standpoint.  It was a $60 exertec fitness table, and the leg lift part SUCKS, but it's better than nothing.  We do deadlifts, squats, and lunges most times in place of that.  I just use it for burnouts occasionally and to shake things up.  There's something too small and limiting about the range of motion and about the way the table sits that make it feel not quite right to use.  Plus, those open chain exercises aren't as good as the closed chain ones anyway.  I bought, on Sharon's recommendation, a hyper-extension bench that was also cheap but good!  I like to do rows hanging off of it, as it really gets the heart rate up when you do a full set of that!  I feel fantastic when  I use it, so sometimes I'll just throw in a set in my workouts as an extra.  I eventually want to add that power tower I mentioned so that I can learn to do pullups, which I know are super good for a good thick upper back and chest.  I've been working on pushups, but still not where I want to be there.  I can't really even do ONE good true form, full body pushup (though I can do 5 or 6 from the knees now, which is better)  I'm a bit top heavy, so that makes it a bit harder than it should be.  I have an exercise bike that we got for 70 bucks at walmart, which works great for indoor cardio.  Nowadays, I do about 5 to 10 minutes of "bouncing around" aerobics before I get on my bike because I don't like how little my arms are involved in the cardio.  It seems to matter, and I've done better since I added it.  I will also do a walk/job around the neighborhood when it is not cold enough to make my ears hurt.  I hate that.  I want to add a treadmill and/or an elliptical someday when I get a windfall.  Otherwise, I'll start incorporating Jillian Michaels or something.  Someone really needs to do some 20 minute Body-for-Life HIIT videos.  That would be a great seller!  For now, the shin pain keeps me from doing enough plyometric stuff to pull it off.  I've been working my legs to get there.

    Wow!!! That was long...

    I'm feeling super great today, and weight feels like it's just pouring off as I sit here.  158 today FINALLY from where I started at about 165, and most of that is this very week.  If this keeps up, I won't be far from my challenge one goal weight of 145! That's what I put into my sparkpeople info, anyway.  I think somewhere along the line I stopped thinking about it being possible to hit it and so forgot about it.  I found it this morning.  Also, when I was doing lower body day before yesterday, I looked down and my quads were really popping.  Still that way today, so it must be one of those daily changes they say you start seeing.  This morning, I noticed those obliques again, and I can feels my upper ribs.  That area is finally getting flat.  Now I'm ready for what's left of those back flaps to start receding...

    It's starting to feel possible and in sight and I'm getting psyched!!  Hopefully it keeps up!

    David, we're headed down your way to good Kilgore this weekend.  I sure do miss East Texas! Can't wait to say hello to the pines.

    Sharon, you doin' ok? Kat, I hope you're feeling well today after your ORDEAL.

    Have a great one, Gladiators.  


  • Happy Friday Gladiators!!!!

    Kat - thank you for your very kind words!  My expertise (well at least my formal education and much of my experience) is in teaching, coaching, mentoring, and training.  It is really nice to hear that these skills translate well and are of some value to those of you on this forum.  Helping others achieve their goals and dreams is really important to me.  If I wasn't married, I'd be living and working abroad serving in the Peace Corps or another similar organization :-)

    So yesterday took a turn for the unexpected.  My monster mother-in-law called to give me a heads up.  My step-daughter and her fiancé were at her house in Illinois.  They were living about 4 hours north in the Chicago area so I thought it was nice that they made the trip to visit her.  Nope...not a visit.  They got kicked out of BJ's grandmother's house where they had been living rent free since November.  She got laid off/fired from her job and he wasn't working.  So, they packed up all of their stuff and headed south.  Ultimate destination...wait for it...wait for it…yup - Arizona!  No courtesy phone call or anything.  We made an offer to help them get on their feet about a year ago but they declined.  Their lives have been a series of really really BAD choices.  They are both in their mid-twenties and need to take some responsibility for their actions.

    Of course, I am more than willing to help anyone who is willing to help themself.  I'll offer a hand to help you up but NOT a hand out.  I have known her since she was 4 and I love her as if she were my own flesh and blood.  I am extremely excited about the opportunity to help her live up to her potential.  She just doesn't believe in herself.  Her self-esteem has been low since she was a teenager.  Her sister is a classic Type A who excels at everything.  She felt she couldn’t compete and never applied herself.  We fought for custody when she was 12 but lost.  As an educator, I saw what was happening and wanted to derail that train of self-destruction.  I failed.  This is my chance!  I just pray that she is truly ready for it.  If not, this can forever damage her relationship with us.  I asked her some VERY hard questions last night to see if she was truly ready to do what it takes to turn her life around.  In my heart, I believe that she is.  I have a job interview set up for her on Sunday morning.  Some of my dearest friends own a rapidly expanding business and they need office help.  All I asked is that they give her an interview.  If it seemed like a good fit, hire her.  If not, pass.  They said the job is hers.  I am still going to have her write a resume and do interview prep with me tomorrow.  Fiancé too.  It’s his birthday and they want to go to the lake but that just isn’t in the cards.  They aren’t here on vacation and her interview is Sunday at 7:00am.  I want her to feel like she worked for this job and that she earned it on her own.  It's full time work with benefits.  Not glamorous and not much but it's a steady paycheck. She will struggle to make ends meet but she will be able to do it.   She has never had that.  I'll teach her how to live on a very tight budget.  They expected to live with us but that isn't an option.  That won't teach her the life skills that she needs to be independent.  Tough love I suppose…  

    Fiancé is a different story.  He is lazy and thinks he's entitled to a comfy cozy life without having to work for it.  I found out today that he has a 3 year old son, product of a one-night drunken hook up.  Since he wasn't working the past few months, he just didn't pay child support.  I don't think he realizes that paying support really isn't optional.  In Illinois, if he goes 12 months without paying, they will issue a bench warrant for his arrest and he will be considered a felon.  His truck was repossessed and he lost his driver's license somewhere along the way as well.   NOT GOOD!!!!  So I don't know how to handle him.  I see him as holding my daughter back and not being a positive influence in her life.  He has a horrible attitude and feels like the world is against him and NOTHING is his fault or his responsibility.   I can’t tell her that though.  I guess she is just going to have to see it for what it is in her own time and in her own way.  He posted on FaceBook last night, after my talk with them, that they were moving out here, living with us, and he is going to go to school for some sort of a technical certificate with diesel engines - on our dime.  I laughed and didn't even reply.  Guess he thinks I was kidding when I told them both that they aren't living here and that they MUST get jobs immediately.  I clearly said that their pay checks would get deposited into my account and I'll transfer money to them according to the budget we establish - mainly because the apartment will be in my name with my credit on the line.  If they stop working and don't have income to cover the rent, they will no longer have a place to stay.  I’m soooo not kidding.  These were my terms upfront and they agreed to them.  I feel like a beeotch to some extent.  However, other people have let them live at their house and it has always ended badly.  They need to do this on their own with a helping hand to get them started.  

    I want to empower - not enable.  Does this make sense?  Any suggestions?  Kat - it sounds like you have a hard row to hoe for a while there.  What are your thoughts???

    I know this doesn't have anything to do with our BFL challenge other than this is now a huge factor in my life!  Thanks for letting me share…

    BFL - incredibly sore from Satan - my awesome trainer :-)  No that isn’t really his name – I just teasingly call him that.  However, I really do feel amazing!  He recommended doing the BFL workouts for the 3 days that I don't train with him.  I think it's a great combination of the new mixed with the known.  Hoping for big results over the next few months :-)

    Looking forward to seeing everyone’s pictures at the end of your 12 week challenge.  I am so happy that many if not all are planning on continuing together.  YAY!!!!  

    Have a terrific BFL weekend!



  • Sharon-  You are awesome!

  • Just wanted to check in and to let u know im still here. I read forum every night and I fall asleep. Even though I haven't checked in as much as some, please no how very proud I am of every single one of you. I have been praying for all that you have all been going through.  What a strong group.  Pics are amazing. This is such a close knit family. I am so glad for challenge 2 so we don't have to say goodbye in a few weeks. Keep up hard work, you all deserve so much and together we wil so it. Xoxo

  • DAY 61 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "To care for others, you must care for yourself." People care about you and count on you. Family, friends and co-workers need you even more than you might realize. And in times of crisis and unexpected adversity, you'll be needed even more. It's important to realize that the extent to which you can care for and help others will be determined by how much you care for yourself. If your energy is low, and you're feeling weak and aren't living up to your potential, you may be inadvertently hurting others as well. Likewise, if you are healthy, strong, and have energy to spare, you will be able to reach down and lift others up. Your physical and mental strength are improving every day as a result of your efforts. Please give yourself credit for making it this far. And please recommit to completing this Program with the Understanding that this is one of the best things you can do to help not just yourself, but those around you! ~Bill Phillips~

    This one is definitely hitting home for me right NOW!!! We have to put our "Oxygen Mask" on first if we are going to be able to help anyone else, and I've been doing it the other way around for the majority of my Life - probably why I've experienced so many medical issues... was back in the ER overnight again! I'm fine, just some adverse reactions to Med interactions...

    Btw - is anyone else hitting a brick wall (physically/mentally/emotionally/etc???) Maybe it's just the week's ordeals have finally caught up with me but I am so exhausted right now that I just want to crawl in a hole. I will keep posting the BFL daily Lessons-for-LIFE but I may need a few days to just go MIA and re-center myself - think I'm hitting my "Sound Barrier".

    I am going to keep on going, and am def on for April 29th for Round 2!!! Will be back in the Arena in a few days :) Lots of LOVE to EVERYONE and have a wonderful weekend and FREE Day xoxo Kat

  • Hi Team!

    Sharon--As hard as it can be, tough love is sometimes the only way to go. Sounds like you are on the right track to helping them get their lives together and empowering them. It would be enabling if you just handed them everything, which it sounds like the fiance wants. Good luck with everything!

    Kat--Sorry to hear you were in the hospital again last night! Sounds like it is just one thing after another for you, but you keep hanging in there like a true gladiator! I agree with you on hitting a brick wall. I think that happened to me this week. I would have to agree with you that yours probably has to do with everything you are going thru, but I have no excuse! I had to convince myself to go to the gym one day, usually I have no problems with my normal routine of going to the gym directly after work. I, of course, felt better once I finished my workout. I also didn't eat as well as I should've this week. I think the 2 week break before challenge 2 will be a good way to refresh ourselves.

    Melissa--Sounds like you have a great system in place working out at home! I can never talk myself into working out at home, but glad it works for you! Good job on working up to needing 30# dumbbells, that is impressive!

    Justin--I work out at Club Fitness for weight lifting days and I do my cardio there if I am pressed for time. I also have a membership at Title Boxing Club and I like to do my cardio there on Tues/Thurs. It really helps me to push myself working out there and doing the boxing classes.

    I am also in for challenge 2 starting 4/29!


  • DAY 62 - Body for LIFE daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Focus your mind on Positive, uplifting Thoughts, Images and Expectations!" From time to time, people may discourage or even criticize you. But instead of allowing others to give you a negative attitude, try to create the opposite effect. When you feel at all put down, lift yourself up by doing something positive for someone or saying something positive to someone. Make this a habit, and it will help give you the energy to move ahead! ~Bill Phillips~

    ...and Quote from Kimberly Cantergiani's Success Story:

    "I discovered something very important: that Self-Mastery and Self-Control when achieved in one area of your Life, quickly spread to ALL facets!!!"

  • Happy Monday Gladiators!

    Hope you all had a terrific weekend.  

    @Kat - I am so sorry to hear that you ended up back in the hospital.  What an awful ordeal this has been for you!!!!  How are you feeling now?  Did you get your meds straight?

    @Melissa - congrats girl!  Looks like that 8 week mystery is coming true for you.  Love hearing that the weight is just dropping off of you.  That's so awesome AND inspiring.

    @Lauri and Flobee - so glad that you are both here and plugging away at this.  We will all get there - it just might take some of us (ME) longer than others.

    @Bart - thank you so much for the compliment!  Totally made my day :-)

    @Amy - thank you as well.  It's hard being on both the giving and receiving end of tough love!  I just hope that it will pay off for my baby girl and that she will do what she needs to do this time.

    LONG LONG LONG and stressful weekend!  I didn't get in my workout on Saturday but managed to eat relatively clean.  Tried very hard to avoid the stress eating that got me to this point.  We were running around town all weekend so meals didn't happen on a normal schedule.  However, both my daughter and her fiance did get jobs.  They aren't glamorous but they will make enough to be financially independent AND start to both repay debt and save a little.  My daughter starts this morning and her fiance on Wednesday.  They applied for an apartment and it looks like they will get it without us having to co-sign on it.  We will know today.  Both of these are really big confidence boosters to them.  We spent some long hours writing resumes, preparing for the job interview (which I did line up for them both), and looking for apartments.  Their apartment is small but clean.  The complex is nice and not scary!  It is only about 4 miles away from where they will both be working.  They got hired by the same company - owned by my friends.  My daughter will work 9-5 day shift and her fiance will work 9:30-6:00 night shift.  He can get on day shift but he needs to get his driver's license re-instated first which will require him to be current with his child support payments.  I have strongly suggested that he take a temporary second job to help make that happen sooner than later.  We will see.  For the moment, they are staying with us but it is a hike for them to get to work.  It is about 40 minutes without traffic and can be up to 1.5 hours in rush hour.  That will get old really quickly so we are hoping they get approved on the apartment today and they can move in in the next couple of days after work.  

    5:00am call today - which I just finished.  I will be heading out to my garage for a HIIT session (missed Saturday) on the treadmill.  This week I'll do HIITs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday since both daughters will be here over the Easter weekend.  I think the plan is to spend most of our time out on the lake.  So, HIIT at home today and then back to the trainer for chest and back this afternoon.  Then...back to work.  Monday's are my longest days with standing meetings at 5:00am and 9:00pm.  I blocked off time on my schedule for 2 hours in the afternoon just to ensure I make time to get away and get my workout done :-)

    Have a terrific BFL day all!



  • Went to the gym this morning and left without doing anything.  The lat machine was broken so people were using the olympic bars to do rows, and taking lots of time between sets.  I decided to go home and do my workout after work today.  If the same problem is going on I'll go home and do it with my equipment there.  I don't like the feeling of not having my workout done before work, but I guess doing it after work is better than not at all.  It just messes up my schedule, and I can't stand that.

    Sharon- Congrats on getting them jobs so quickly!!  That's hard to do in this economy even with a friend owning the business!  Hope everything works out and they grow in their independence.

    Amy- What do you do at the boxing gym?  Hit the heavy bag and stuff?  What all do they have in there?

    How's everyone else doing on this wonderful Monday?