Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Kat- Are you having to have a 4th surgery or are they just doing blood work to check the infection?  

    To everyone doing another challenge:  Are we supposed to wait a couple of weeks before we start another challenge or can we just start again on the following Monday?  I see people on other threads talking about 2 weeks or "active rest".  I have the book on mp3 and have listened to it about 25 times.  Never heard him mention it, but maybe it is written in the physical book?  Anyone with info on that let me know.  I'm planning on no rest.

    Awesome UBWO today.  I increased all of my weights again and left feeling "SWOLL UP"!  I am starting to notice a little wear and tear on my body though.  Have a little discomfort in my right upper chest.  Really feel it where my collar bone and neck meet.  Also, getting a little tennis elbow in my right arm. I got it really bad in my left arm about two years ago and it took months to heal.  Hope that doesn't happen again.  I don't have anymore upperbody work until Monday, so hopefully it will all be better by then.


  • One other thing....  I was looking at a BMI chart this morning and it says I'm too short!  Hahaha......

  • Yeah, me too!  haha

  • Justin-  you should defiantly take 2 weeks of active rest between challenges.  The aches and discomfort is your body telling you to back off and let the healing happen.  If you just keep pressing forward you will end up with an injury that will take more than 2 weeks to heal.  Here is a post you might find interesting.

    Don't turn 2 weeks into a permanent break.  Keep active and do some low intensity cardio type stuff.  Hope it helps.

  • Justin, Hrdhat77 is spot on. I have couple of aches as well - tennis elbow and ankle (from running).  Our body has a way of telling us to back off and rest after being pushed for so long. Having done this about 12 years ago, notably younger at 37, still took about 2 weeks easy (moderate cardio and easy lifting). I then started a different routine and found my self stronger and getting results.  

  • Man....  I really hate the idea of not lifting for a week or two, but I guess I will.  I want to start back at the same time as all of you though so I'll probably just take off a week.  I'll probably just jog for long durations a few times that week.  I looked at some forums for the people that do P90X and they say they have to take 1-3 weeks between rounds so I guess it is needed.  I just feel like I'll lose momentum.

  • Hi Gladiators -

    YAY!!! No more surgeries and packing has been removed, now just have to be really careful and let it heal properly. Kinda creepy, but they leave the incision site completely open (no stiches - just covered in gauze) so that it can heal from the inside out - so it may be open for weeks... Idk. Won't lie, I am pretty tough mentally but this has really wiped me out, it has taken everything I've got to get my workouts in!!! I just want to hide in a nice warm cave and sleep for two days straight!!!

    I was also planning on just starting again right after this Competition ended, I hadn't heard anything about taking a "two week break", so thanks boys for checkin that out. Otherwise this Kat wud've just kept on rollin. I do agree with you Justin re: the momentum though... I KNOW that's the one of the KEY factors that kept me going through all of this medical drama. Maybe I'll find something different and FUN to do during that break - like Belly Dancing or hit the Bball Courts :)

    Melissa - I totally understand the financial stuff getting in the way... we learn to "survive" and anything that is not an absolute NEED gets crossed off the list fast! I had gotten so sick last year that I couldn't work at all and I actually ended up being homeless for a little while and had to stay at a Shelter until I could physically work again. So def no shame... it's only temporary PROMISE!!! With that said, I have plenty of extra bikini's! :) Two in particular that I most likely won't wear again, so I am happy to mail them to you... my personal email is if you want to send me your shipping address and I'll get those out to you next week so you can take some pics!

    Gotta run to an appointment, but will check back in later to post the Daily Lesson-for-LIFE xoxo Kat

  • Happy hump day Gladiators!

    Ok so all I could do was laugh out loud...when I ready your post about flexing, I instantly thought about was the video of Arnold Schwartzenegger all pumped up and pointing to show muscles saying "the beach is that way." - spoof on the whole thing.

    Justin - Dude, rest!  The P90X program calls for a week of rest after every 4 weeks of training.  You've been killing it for WAY longer than that and your body just needs some time to mend and heal.  I know it's hard to process but you will not lose momentum.  You'll heal and come back stronger than ever.  You'll see!!!!

    David and Justin - I am SOOO with you on the vertically challenged thing!  It can't possibly be that I let myself get FAT and UNFIT...hahaha...too short according to the BMI chart (and every cursed height/weight chart known to man).

    Bart - so happy to hear from you!   That finger infection does NOT sound good at all.  That's down right scary.  Have you seen a different doctor?  MRSA is nothing to mess around with.  Yikes!!!!

    Melissa - so very happy to hear about your "warm fuzzy's."  Glad to hear you in a better place :-)  Have faith sister - if you are seeing definition in your obliques, your belly WILL shrink.

    Kat - love you GF!  Hang in there and take care of yourself.  

    3 workouts this week with the training = one sore and dead tired Sharon.  But - in such a great way.  We did chest and back on Monday along with a HIIT session.  For the HIIT - elliptical for a 5 minute warm up at a perceived exersion level of 5, the 20 minutes of HIIT, and another 5 minutes of cool down.  Sweaty is an understatement.  Weights were different but I liked it.  We did 3 different exercises per muscle group, 3-4 sets per exercise increasing weight each set with 10-12 reps per set.  Upper level math here...that came to between 120-144 reps per muscle group.  Muscle failure was a given!!!!  

    Tuesday, similar workout but working the biceps, triceps,shoulders and abs.  Did the captains chair at the end of the abs drills.  Good grief I have a long way to go still.  Torture chair is a better name for that.  My arms were jello so holding myself up was a chore all by itself.  Then you want me to raise my legs parallel to the floor, hold it for 5 seconds, lower slowly and repeat????? it :-)  

    Today was 30 minutes of HIIT on the stairclimber which is tougher for me than the elliptical for sure.  After that, with my already smoked legs, we did lower body.  I have to baby my knee but we did some pretty awesome weights on the squat rack.  Lots of deadlifts and lunges thrown in just for good measure.  

    Tomorrow, I will need somebody to come do EVERYTHING for me.  I won't be able to lift myself out of bed because my arms will be toast.  My abs won't support my sitting up and my legs will collapse once my feet hit the floor.

    I'll leave you with that lovely mental image.  Hope you all had a great BFL day!



  • Sharon- Funny video. Sounds like you're killing it in the gym!  I know what you meen about the stair climber. I normally do that following leg day and it is rough!

    Kat- You are one tough cookie!  Can't believe you still got your workouts in while going through all of that! Makes me feel bad for missing workouts due to the flu and stomach virus. That and all of the financial problems.  Sounds like you're overdue for a big break. Surely something great is just around the corner. Perhaps becoming a grand champion of a certain fitness challenge??...??  

    Hrdhat- Can you give me an example of easy weights?  I'm trying to get an idea of something I can do, but I think if I just go lighter I'll just do reps until failure anyway, so worried I might overdo it.

    I can't wait to see everyone's results. I need to take some pics sometime soon. I haven't done any since the before pics and have lost a bunch of weight.

  • Justin-  if I were you I wouldn't do any chest bi or tri work for the two weeks due to the wear and tear you are feeling in your pec and elbow.  I think for the back and legs you should probably do 3 sets of 10 or 12 with the weight you use for level 6-7 and stop.  I know you want to keep lifting heavy and hitting 10s but the rest will help you make better progress on the next challenge and give your body time to recover.  You have been abusing yourself take a break do something a little different!  You will not lose muscle in 2 weeks.  

  • DAY 59 - BFL Journal daily Lesson for LIFE: "Keep the momentum going and the energy flowing!"

    Let's talk a little basic physics - getting an object at rest to begin moving requires far more energy than it does to keep it moving. Think of a Rocket: 90% of the energy is spent on the initial thrust - on getting the blasted thing into the air. The remaining 10% is all that is needed to keep it going. In a way, the same applies to transforming our bodies - it's the act of getting started that is, by far, the most challenging stage of the process. You are experiencing considerable momentum at this point, and you are in a position to make an extraordinary transformation. But, if you were to stop now, you would lose all that Momentum and you would have to start all over again. I don't want you to have to go through that, and I know you don't either. So please, hang in there! Keep the momentum going and the energy flowing!!! ~Bill Phillips~

    Hrdhat77 - Thanks for posting that link re: the "active rest" in between Challenges. I would have had no clue (it's been years since I've read the BFL book) - and after reading some of those posts (which I may copy and paste a couple of them directly on here if that's okay) it's sounds very crucial to take that break in between. It is sooo easy to get in the habit of pushing ourselves too hard, and sooner or later our bodies will manifest an illness/injury to regulate that! (Justin, David and that super cool chick Kat - heheh) Everyone cool with April 29th being the Official Start Date for the 2nd Challenge??? That will allow for a 2 week "active rest" break. Then we can all stay in sync; I know that some of us are on different schedules already, however that's when I will be back in the running after completing round one!!! OMG we are so close to the Finish Line!!!

    Sharon - I LOVE you too woman ;) I think that you have the makings of a Future Body-for-LIFE Success Coach. You have that rare gift of encouraging without pushing, and motivating through Inspiration. You are so real and genuine that it only takes a moment to connect. I have been told that I have the gift of Prophecy, and I truly BELIEVE that you are in Training right now, in order to become the Influential force behind hundreds of other Transformations. Btw - I have an awesome tattoo guy that I want to take you to when you are ready for your Tat!!! It will forever remind you of this Incredible journey :)

    Justin - You actually probably did yourself a favor by allowing your body to rest when you needed it! That is something that I seriously need to work on... And post some Before and progress pix already! Lol. I LOVE seeing the visual changes :)

    David - I have to say that you (and def Justin also!!!) have been such an awesum addition to this Team!!! Having the extra engagement really keeps the necessary support moving forward. And Meeeoooww lol to ur most recent pic - you look fantastic! Ur gonna look like a Shredded Super-Hero after this ;)

    Night Gladiators xoxo Kat

    xoxo Kat Hugs

  • Pulled this from the link that Hrdhat77 had found. Great info!!! Thanks for finding this for us!!! xo

    AR= Active rest. It basically means 2 weeks (preferably) of time off from heavy lifting and HIIT.

    Here's a post I kept of BFLMikes:

    Are you planning another challenge after finishing the one you’re in now? If so, the material that follows should be of some interest and some help to you. It seems like roughly one-half of those who start and complete a 12 week transformation challenge are planning on going into another one in order to get into the shape that they want.

    The first thing I want to ask you–actually I’m begging you–is to NOT GO IMMEDIATELY from one challenge right into the next one without a break. Here’s why. Whether you really feel like it or not, a transformation challenge takes a toll on you. The early rising, strenuous exercising and relatively strict dieting are good for you–but over 12 weeks time they can also wear you out.

    You deserve AND NEED a week or more of rest before you get back into the gym. Think about this: If you go right from one challenge to another, what you’re really doing is taking a 24 week challenge. That’s nearly 6 months, and it’s longer than most should be doing. Most second and subsequent challenges that occur without a break between tend to be very unproductive and unhappy experiences. They also tend to be more often plagued by injuries, illnesses and overtraining effects.

    My favorite fitness author, Albuquerque attorney Clarence Bass, coined the phrase "active rest." That’s what you need to do between challenges. What you need to do, for at least one week and preferably two, is to stay clear out of the gym and away from the weight lifting routine entirely. And don’t worry about losing muscle mass, you won’t. The phenomenon called muscle memory will put you right back into the groove very quickly once you are rested. In fact, you might actually pick up some muscle mass due to the well-deserved rest. Your joints will thank you for it too.

    Instead of lifting weights, do one or two of your favorite non-resistance training types of exercises. I do lots of calisthenics such as pushups, pullups, and squat jumps. I also do some bike riding or stair climbing. I take very long walks with my dog. Others enjoy things like swimming, mountain climbing, hiking, or even chopping wood and heavy gardening activity. This gets you out of the old groove, works different areas of your body, and still gives you plenty of fat-burning and fitness forming activity.

    As for the diet, stick with the six meals a day. But, add in a bit of red meat if you are inclined, and experiment with some non-typical foods. This might be a good time to try a little of that natural peanut butter you’ve been craving. I eat a fair amount of non-tropical fruits and berries as carb portions during my rest periods. And I eat some lean red meat which has lots of creatine in it. Don’t make your two weeks off a two week free day or you’ll regret it.

    Consider your two weeks active rest a working vacation. You’ll be amazed at your renewed strength, your enthusiastic outlook, and your youthful appearance following your time off. If you don’t do it, you’ll feel like you’re dragging a 100 pound anchor around with you for the next twelve weeks. Which one sounds like the best bet to you?

  • This is another great one from that same Link...

    If you are going to maintain, here is another post from Mike Harris (BFLMike) explaining how to handle that.  Hope it helps.

    After the Challenge–What Then?

    by: Michael Harris 3/19/2007

    So, your results were good, and you’re looking forward to living a "normal life" now. Only one thing is bothering you–you’re not sure what that is going to look like. You are also more than a little worried about your ability to hold onto this newfound you, right?

    First, the "good news." It never takes as much effort and suffering to maintain good health as it does to get it back. You won’t have to work out quite as hard, nor will you have to eat quite as strictly to maintain your physique. Now, the bad news–you’ll have to figure out how to do it on your own!

    Continuing to eat the six smaller meals a day helps make your new life easier. Since the whole purpose of eating six small meals a day is to stabilize insulin levels and blood sugar levels, which minimizes cravings, mood swings, and fat formation, it makes sense to keep that up. If you lost weight and burned fat while on the six small meals regimen, and you are now at or below the weight you want to be, then you’ll need to add a bit to each meal. Eating 42 meals a week, you really only need to adjust upward about 50 to 100 calories to stop the weight loss cycle. As an example, if your "meal" is a Myoplex, all you would need to do is add about 3/4 of a tablespoon of flaxseed oil to the shake and you would add about 100 calories to that meal. Just an ounce more meat or a slightly larger carb would accomplish the same things. So, whatever you do, don’t go back to eating plates full of food at each opportunity. Make very small dietary adjustments, or you’ll be trying to catch up with the gigantic swings that can take place!

    You’ll know when you get there with the diet. It will feel right. The key is to still stay away from the "trigger foods" that cause you issues, and to allow for the usual free day excesses as well. Sugary snacks should probably always be strictly a free day activity for all of us.

    And what about exercise? Once again, you’ll need to find your plateau. I am sixty now, so I recover more slowly than most of you would. So, what I do in maintenance stage is work each body part every 6 or 7 days, and that takes about 30 to 40 minutes four days a week. Now, that means an extra workout day a week, but that’s not a problem since I work out at home. For me, working out each muscle group one day a week nicely maintains both mass and injury-free joints if I’m careful. I really don’t think anyone who is happy with their body needs to work out with weights more than a couple of hours a week, but if you enjoy it, and you still want to try to add mass, go for it! As far as cardio, I still do the 3 HIIT sessions a week, early in the morning on an empty stomach, and that will never change.

    May I emphasize once again, because this does take trial and error, that the key is "small adjustments" so you don’t have huge swings. You will know that things are basically staying the way you want them by your weekly weigh ins and waist measurements, and if either gets more than 3 pounds or 1/2 inch out of where you want it, then make those adjustments and see what happens next week. Get your checkup regularly and keep tabs on those blood lipid levels.

    Don’t let the maintenance phase get you down. It’s no different than owning and operating an auto. Checking the tires, the fluid levels and the operating systems are part of that responsibility, as are the same kinds of things with your body. This IS Body for LIFE, remember?

  • 4/29/13 start date for C2 sounds good to me.  It will give me 1 week of rest that I won't do anything except maybe some biking/jogging.  That will put the final weight workout on my birthday 7/19/13.  Maybe I'll have those abs for my 34th birthday!  

    David- When does your current challenge end?  I thought you had started 1/21/13, but looks like you came from another start date.

  • Hi Team!

    Thanks for all the nice words about the run I did on Saturday. I used to run a lot more than I do now. I have run a couple half marathons. I would ultimately like to run a marathon, but not sure when that's going to happen.

    I finally had some success on the scale this week...lost .06 lb. Better than nothing though!

    I am planning on doing another challenge once this one ends, so thanks to everyone for the information about needing the resting period before starting the second challenge.

    Can't wait to see everyone's results on this challenge! Hard to believe we are so close to finishing!