Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Mr Guy- You're a lot closer to those abs than I am right now.  Looks like you'll have them pretty soon to me!  A lot of change can happen in a few short weeks.

    Kat- I didn't know that you are having to have 2 more surgeries!  Good luck with them and I'll pray for quick recoveries.  I know you'll bounce back quickly.  I see your determination in your posts.

    I know where you're coming from the anger issues.  I've spent most of this challenge with some sort of sickness, and woke up yesterday with a sore throat again.  It's better now, but I keep thinking that I'm eating healthier than ever before and can't stay healthy.  I almost never get sick.  I may go years without getting so much as a cold and have been plagued with illness almost this whole time.  Makes me furious, but I just keep pushing forward to move on.  It will all get better some time, right?  I have the BFL book on mp3 and the first time I listened to it Bill spoke a little while on overcoming adversity (Getting Sick).  I laughed a little in my head and thought not me.  I won't get sick, I never get sick.  I think I'm getting taught a lesson on adversity here....


  • Happy Monday Gladiators!

    I feel like I was MIA from here but I was just out enjoying the Arizona weather.  It will be ridiculously hot before long so we spend a long weekend on the lake (Lake Pleasant for my AZ peeps).  It was perfect and just the break that I have been needing.

    I decided that I really do want to enter the challenge officially.  Since I started and then stopped for a while, this weekend I decided to use today as my official start date.  I know that I've been participating for a while now but I still have sooooo far to go that it won't matter.  I took new "start/before" photos and all of my measurements.  Like so many of you, I have not lost the amazing 22lbs of MrGuy - CONGRATS, I can see your abs btw - and my measurements are only marginally better than at the end of January. big deal, I will just kick it all into gear and see where I end up in 12 weeks.  Look for me in 2014 when they announce the 2013 winners :-)  BTW - my husband surprised me this morning and asked if I'd be ok with him entering as well!!!!  We took before pictures together but I made him take mine separately too - just in case he doesn't see it through to the end...not being pessimistic, realistic.

    I went to the gym this morning and was approached by one of the trainers.  Good story actually - he said that he had been watching me for the past few weeks - I totally called him a creepy stalker which was hilarious.  Turns out - he was watching because he is a former student of mine.  How old do I feel now?!?!  I used to teach junior high school and he was in my Math class.  I instantly recognized him once he said his name.  I am so oblivious when I'm in the gym.  I just do my thing and really don't even look at anyone else there.  I told him that I was doing this challenge and he asked if I was interested in a trainer.  I am but having a former student help me reach my fitness goals is just a bit too weird.  He complimented me and said I was an awesome influence in his life and that he would love to repay.  I'm thinking about it but I just don't think that's my best option.  I think I'd rather have someone older with more life experience.  AND someone that doesn't look to me as a role model - I just feel like I somehow let him down but letting myself get to this "fluffy, unfit"state.  Good story though...

    I will continue to check into this site daily as I love everything that we all bring to the table.  I also think that I will look at the forum for those with today as their official start date as well.  I'm not cheating on you :-)  

    @Kat - how are you?  3 surgeries in just a few days is awful!!!  How are you feeling?  What's the outlook?  Thanks for all of your awesome posts.  I have no doubt that you will be a BFL Champion!!!

    @MrGuy - you are killing it!  Nice job dude...keep it up and I'm sure that 6 pack will appear as if by magic.  Treat yourself to some clothes that don't fall off.  Great time of year here in AZ to go find that awesome pair of summer shorts or swim trunks.  Although, I bet whatever you buy now will be too big by the end of the challenge!!!!

    @Amy - congrats on your St. Patty's Day 5K.  Did you get dressed up for it?  Green beer at the finish line???? I totally miss my running days and participating in some of the awesome holiday events :-)

    @David - Isn't it fun when your adult kids can't keep up with you?!?!  Nice job "schooling" your boy.  My husband is still sore from our workout on Friday - which I totally loved.

    @Melissa - GF were you able to get your pics and measurements taken?  How are you feeling these days?  Hopefully the blah has lifted and your are renewed with positive energy and enthusiasm.  Are you sleeping better?

    @Justin - wow!  What a sobering lesson from Arby's!!!!  I wouldn't have guessed that your meal was that high in calories.  Yikes!  This is a great lesson for us all.  Even when you think you are making healthy choices, if you aren't making the meal yourself, you really don't know what goes into the prep.  Less eating out for me and more playing with spices and seasonings to make my meals at home rock.

    Back to work...hope everyone has a terrific BFL day!!!


  • Taken around 5:15a this morning just out of shower.  Looks like there is a little less of me around the middle, but afraid with only 3 weeks to go, 6 pack will have to come in next challenge.  Pay no attention to the hair pleez.  Yes, I need to cut it but I told myself I would cut it until end of contest when hopefully I down to around 190. (depending on scale - about 9 lbs to go.  My wife may cut it while I'm sleeping - she does not likey the long hair 

    Taken around 5:15a this morning just out of shower.  Looks like there is a little less of me around the middle, but afraid with only 3 weeks to go, 6 pack will have to come in next challenge.  Pay no attention to the hair pleez.  Yes, I need to cut it but I told myself I would cut it until end of contest when hopefully I down to around 190. (depending on scale - about 9 lbs to go.  My wife may cut it while I'm sleeping - she does not likey the long hair

    Hello Gladiators!!

    Well, missed my LBWO this morning due to having to get to office early and draft out a report - bleah!  Got it done though and I do have my gym bag packed so I can do it after work this evening.

    Kat - so sorry that you have to have several surgeries in such a short time.  I do understand the frustration, but you seem to be handling it all very well - better than I would be.  Your positive, can-do spirit is inspiring.  I just have a sore back, sinus and astma issues which pale in comparison.  Praying that your recovery is both quick and complete.  Really do appreciate your posts!  You are such an encouraging person to others! 

    Sharon - glad you have your official start underway (great that your husband is too). Could not get my wife to do it, she does her own thing.  Nothing like a former student scoping you in the gym.  Great that you had a positive influence on him.  My wife is a teacher and we see her "former students" in public quite a bit and it really moves her when they tell her that.  certainly understand you wanting someone older and more experienced as a trainer, though.

    Mr. Guy - man, you are doing awsome...we salute ya!!  A 45 minute HIIT session?!  - jeez!  Gonna kill yourself.  Obviously it is paying off.  Agree that you will see 6 pack before you know it.

    Justin - LOL!!!  I made the same unfortunate discovery at Arbys about a year ago.  There is one across from my office.  Thought I was eatng healthy too - ha!  Bout the only thing you can eat there is the grilled chicken salad - use dressing sparingly.  If you have ever seen Men's Fitness "Eat This, Don't Eat That" book, it is a real eye opener.  It has really helped me when I eat out

     Melissa - howya doing Mesquite neighbor?  Hope you energy is up!

     By the way, last two days were probably the hardest couple of days for me.  Feeling little worn out and more hungry.  Really need to be  clean for my final 3 weeks. 




  • Astma = asthma

    need to slow down when I am posting

  • Hi Gladiators -

    Have just enough energy/time to post the BFL DLFL and the Weekly Challenge Guide tonight... Have to be back at the Hospital at 4:00am - then will check back in with everyone once I've had a chance to rest and re-center myself! Hope Everyone is doing great!!! Remember: ONLY 6 more Upper Body Workouts, 6 more Lower Body Workouts and 12 more Cardio Workouts to go - make em count!!! Lots of LOVE xoxo Kat

    DAY 57 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "As you move closer and closer to your deadline, you'll notice your intensity picking up." One of the things I've learned over the years is that setting deadlines is perhaps the most powerful motivator there is. That's why with Body-for-LIFE we set a specific deadline for when we're going to finish. Knowing exactly when you've decided to take that after photo will allow you to harness the power of positive pressure. In fact, as you move closer and closer to your deadline, you'll notice your intensity picking up. Many of the Success Stories I've reviewed, note that their focus increased so much during their last month of the Program that they were able to make as many positive changes during the final four weeks as during the previous eight! So, today, please make sure you're aware of your deadline for finishing this Program. Notice that you've got only four weeks to go! Look forward to your deadline, and allow it to give you a burst of energy as you head down the final stretch! ~Bill Phillips~

  • Here is the Weekly Challenge Tip/Guide for Week 9!!! We made it this far - WE are DEF in the 4% Category!!!


    I am Cheryl Rasmussen, Body-for-LIFE® 2002 Grand Champion. Congratulations for reaching week 9!

    This might be a good week to think about how far you have come. You set a goal to make it to 12 weeks and now you are only a few weeks away from realizing that goal. It was at this point in my Challenge where I knew I had changed my life forever. Not only would I make it to 12 weeks, but now I had the strength, energy and determination to really make a change for the rest of my life. I had an amazing amount of energy, renewed self-esteem and absolute results!

    When I had accepted the Challenge in 2002, I was working full time and was a new mom to a 4-month-old baby boy. I was also commuting one hour each day to get to work. The only way for me to make Body-for-LIFE® work for me was to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to get my workout done before my baby woke up. It was really tough, but after the first month of struggle, it became easier and before I knew it, I was where you are now.

    I am sure that there are certain roadblocks that may make it difficult to keep on track with your Challenge, but know that you are not alone and it can be done!

    Good luck with your Body-for-LIFE® Challenge. Give these last three weeks everything you have got!

    Wishing you all best,


    Good Night Gladiators xoxo Kat

  • Morning Gladiators!

    @David - I have no doubt that you will get your 6 pack sooner rather than later.  Your upper body and torso definition is awesome!  Do you have a before picture for comparison?  How are you feeling?  Hope your energy is up and you are finding a way to manage appetite.  More protein maybe?  I am definitely no expert but I know that I feel fuller longer if I up my protein intake.

    @Kat - how are you?  Hopefully today is your last trip in and you'll get a clean bill of health.  I am so sorry that you are going through all of this right now.  Hugs and prayers coming your way.

    Decided to go with a trainer at the gym but NOT my former student ;-)  He completely understood and helped me get connected with the right fit. My trainer is very familiar with the BFL challenge and wants his name mentioned in my Champions Log!  Still keeping to the 6 day a week workout routine but changing it up a bit.  6 days of weights and 3 days of HIITs.  Weights will be divided up by chest/back, biceps/triceps/shoulder, and legs.  Abs will get worked immediately after the HIIT.  We did the chest/back yesterday and what a difference!  I am way sore today and I forgot how much I really love having someone push me with free weights.  I will do 3 workouts a week with the trainer and the other 3 by myself.  I increased the HIIT time to 30 minutes to include a longer warm up and cool down.  Excited to see results from this!!!

    Getting bored with my eating.  Any recipes out there????

    Have a great BFL day!



  • Kat- Let us know how you're doing.  That was your final surgery wasn't it?  

    David- Looks like you're really close to getting those abs too.  I wouldn't be surprised if you see them in 3 more weeks.  I'll have to find that book.  Either that or refuse to go to any fast food places.  

    Today's HIIT was really tough.  I killed my legs yesterday and decided to use the stair climber this morning.  WOW!  My legs are still burning and it's been 5hrs ago.

    Side note:  I noticed something about myself that's kind of funny.  I've been doing it for most if not all of the whole challenge and I don't know why I started doing it.  Everytime I have a shake or eat anything on program I flex my arms as soon as I get done.  I do it now without even thinking about it. I'm pretty sure I got busted doing it this morning through my office window.  Haha..  

  • Ok, J, that just made me laugh.  We could all use a good laugh every day!

    God Bless You, Kat.  Even with all that going on, you're still a driving force for good and change.  If they had peer votes for challenges, I would vote for you.  What a trooper you are!!

    Sharon, super good plan you've got there! I wish I could afford to get a personal trainer, or even go to a gym every once in awhile.  As is, I can't even buy a bathing suit, LOL!!!  100.00 to my name right.  All this protein is costing me an arm and a leg.  I took my personal pics, in my underwear, so I can't share them, but they do look better.  I WILL buy something nice and take pics in them when I am done, though, as my reward for finishing the 12 weeks.  I will ponder about the recipes.  I tend to be lazy and make/eat all the same things.  I do shake it up on occasion when I get desperate, but the turkey chili is my biggest standby for hot lunches daily, and I try to have a big dinner salad a few times a week.  I found and splurged on these turkey bratwurst that are SO DELICIOUS.  We only have had them once every couple weeks for the past couple weeks because they have more fat that other stuff, but when you're really in a food coma, they'll pull you out.  GREAT with brussels sprouts and quinoa.

    David, looking good man!!!

    We had a big weekend.  My sister came down from Oklahoma, and my brother up from E. Texas and we had kind of a barbecue for my free day.  I didn't eat very much of it, but it was still very nice.  My favorite thing on Sunday is to put sweetener and half and half in my coffee.  My sister's little girl was diagnosed at 2 months old with retinoblastoma, an aggressive eye cancer, a year ago last Thanksgiving.  She went through 11 months of chemo and such at St. Jude's, and just got her 3rd checkup since she finished her chemo treatments, and she is doing really well and her hair is growing back!!  We are all very happy about it, and it was quite a celebration.  I was sick on Christmas, so I didn't get to love on her at all because of the weakened immune system, but I got carry her around and kiss on her on Sunday, so it really revived me!!  I'm feeling so much better and more positive this week.  Nothing like an adorable baby to give you the warm fuzzies.

    No big changes yet, but I went to my endocrinologist yesterday and told them what I had been doing, and they are supposed to call me and give me some ideas about things I can do to boost my metabolism while on the thyroid since it seems to be hindering my progress some.  Because my treatment is thyroid suppression, and most things that boost your metabolism are thyroid stimulators, I have to be very careful.  I'll let you know what they say.  I am a pound down this week, so maybe that's something.  The measurements are STILL the same, but I can really tell how much muscle I have on me.  I can really see it when I look in the mirror, especially in the upper arms.  They are very solid.  I've always had muscular legs and calves, so that's more difficult for me to tell.  I've also got some oblique definition.  Now if the belly would just finally start shrinking...

    My daughter has been gone the past couple days, so I don't know if she's dieting or exercising while off away from the equipment and the food.  My guess would be no.  Ah, well...I can only hope that Steve and my improvements will make her jump back on the train.

    Anyway, that's all I've got today.  Hang in there!  The next few weeks should be big!!


  • Sharon - thank you very much for the compliment.  My wife tells me I need to be better at accepting them so I'm working on that.  Appreciate the encouragement.  Figured getting this far - into week 10, wouldn't have the issues with energy and hunger  Part of it is having my plate too full (no pun intended - ha!).  But, it is getting better, thanks. Have really slept better the past few days  - big difference!  Hunger issues I think occur when I miss a meal or allow more than three hours b/w meals.  That is great getting a PT who is familiar and wants to mentioned in your Champions log.   While I don't have a PT for training - too cheap I guess ( I know all the PTs at the gym and I love them, just don't use them) The Fitness Director has been taking my measurements and weight every 4 weeks.  Like your trainer, she's familiar with BFL and very supportive. I've thought about changing the routine a little as well.  I feel I don't get enough of any body part done in the workouts so I may add a day and separate out a few body parts.  I have upped the cardio (swimming on weekends and doing some form on my weight days - usually spin).  I also go longer than 20 minutes, although I stop HIIT after 20 mins, I keep going at moderate pace on whatever machine I'm on.  Today I did an hour on the eliptical (HIIT b/w 12 - 17 level) and kept a 6 min/mile pace. Covered 10 miles!!  Not the same as running, but felt I got a good one in.

    Justin - thanks for the complliment as well - would love to have in 3, but if not, won't be disappointed b/c this is a lifestyle thing.  The flexing is hillarious!  Like it! Good way of affirmation to your dietary discipline.  I may have to start doing that myself after a shake or BFL meal.  I did my legs yesterday evening as well - squats, deadlifts and calves - then went to last 30 mins of spin class before abs and they were doing hills and tabatas.  Tough!  Definitely felt the burn.

    Kat - you are a trooper! Hope you've had your last surgery and it went well!  Even with all you are having to deal with, you faithfully send encouraging post after encouraging post. As Yoda would say, " Inspiring, you are! (Yoda voice) Prayers from Texas, girl!  If I was in AZ, I'd give you a big hug!!  Hope your recovery is quick and complete!

    Have a great day everybody!!

  • Hey Melissa!  Missed your post while I was posting. Thanks! Working hard with lazer focus these last 3 weeks. Gotta move the needle.  Wonderful news on your niece's recovery from eye cancer. Bless her heart that she had to go the chemo.  Glad you got to love on her.

    You definitely get you something nice when you successfully finish your 12 weeks!  Looking forward to seeing your progress!


  • Hello gladiators!

    I have not had much to say lately but I am here and have been plugging away.  Went out of town last weekend and tried to do lower body at the hotel but the  equip was not there for a good leg workout.  Did some cardio and gave myself an extra day off.  Kept busy hauling my 3 year old around town zoo, children's museum and chunky cheese.  Had some fun in the pool and actually stuck pretty close to the diet so overall a successful trip.  I hit a plateau around week 6 but I have tightened up the food and been doing some extra cardio.  Finally seeing some weight loss.  Only down about 5 lbs but have lost 2.5 inches on my belly and gained an inch on my biceps.  Think I have lost about 5 percent of my body fat so that is a big plus.  One more notch and I will be needing a new belt!

    David-  I have been doing the same thing as you I just keep going after the HIIT love the eliptical for that.  HIIT really get me sweating and the low intensity follow up seems to burn a lot of calories.

    J-  love the flexing thing.  I do that while I'm cooking my food lol.

    Kat-  hope you are recovery well.  Keep a positive attitude you are doing a great job!

    Sharon-  glad you have a trainer to help push you!  Wish I had one too but I'll just have to learn what I can from you!

    Melissa-  big changes will come keep plugging away!  I'm sure the doc will figure out something to help.

    Amy-  great job running the 5mi!!  I have just started trying to run a little.  I was scared to start since I have had some knee issues in the past but I can make it a mile in less than 10 min without any problems now.  I think I'm going to start training for a 5k.  I used to be able to do it in 18 min but I think I'll shoot for a 24min to start with.  I'm not as young as used to be lol.

    Mrguy-  great progress!  Looks like its time for some new pants.  I plan on hanging around after this challenge also.  We might be able to have a race for the 6pack abs by the middle of the summer!  Keep up the great work!

    I have noticed that my focus is better and I feel great I can't believe it took me this long to start taking care of myself.  Hang in ther everyone great things are happening!


  • Bart!  Hey, glad you're still in there!  Great job while you were gone, and it seems you got lots of good exercise in.  When I don't have any weights around, I do body weight exercises like squats and lunges.  They work better than anything for my lower body, so I incorporate them almost every workout at least for a burnout if not for the main exercises.  I'm just say happy to be able to do them now!  They are what threw me out of my body for life back in 1999...I overdid it with squats and lunges when I could finally do them.  But I learned my lesson and have taken it much slower this time.  I started with no weight, and now at the top I can squat or lunge with 15 or 20, depending on the week.

    Kat, I meant to mention in my post that I have also been going through that "emotional purging" you were talking about the other day.  I read it but could not respond due to time constraints.  I had wondered about that as well, and didn't realize it was part of the process.  Maybe I'm mourning my carefree days of doing whatever I wanted.  Now I'm just looking forward to getting rid of my risk factors for heart problems and diabetes and all that stuff.  Just say NO to metabolic syndrome ;).

    Wow, Amy, I missed the post on the run!!! Way to go!!  I wish I could do more stuff like that.  I am really struggling with shin splints.  Every time I do anything like jogging or any kind of jumping, my shins just kill.  I've tried the calf stretches and the flex strengthening, but nothing seems to work.  My goal is to be able to do more plyometric type exercises for cardio because I know how they get you going.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know.  Otherwise, I'll just keep plugging along with my little stretching and flexing plan.



  • Anyone remember my valentines day finger infection?  It got better with the antibiotics.... Then when I ran out it flaired back up and was quite painful.  I took a different antibiotic and it got better.  Ran out 2 days ago and it was starting to turn red again... Went back to the doc and they said the blood work from my first visit showed merca.... Now I have a diff antibiotic which will hopefully knock it out.  How could a little scratch turn in to such a big pain in the butt?


  • Hi Team -

    I am doing much better, thank you for all the prayers and positive support/energy, it is really appreciated!!! That's so crazy Bart - this started out as a simple cyst removal and then because the infection was getting worse by the hour, they suspect Mersa also! So I'm on 2 different heavy duty Antibiotics now, I guess this stuff can get really dangerous - so def take care of it sooner than later! Also, not to scare anyone, but they said that there is a good chance that I picked up the Mersa from unclean gym equipment (I've heard that a lot actually). So be sure to use anti-bacterial soaps to stay safe and bacteria free ;)

    DAY 58 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE: "There's no such thing as an easy Challenge"

    I'm often asked, "Bill, isn't there an easier way to get in shape than Body-for-LIFE?" My answer: "If there is, I don't know about it." Seriously, I really don't know of a way to dramatically transform your body in as little as 12 weeks, that works better than Body-for-LIFE. And I also don't know of an "easy" way to do it. In fact, that's why I call Body-for-LIFE "The Challenge!!!" It's not easy. However living Life in a body you don't like - a body that doesn't feel good - isn't easy either! I can't tell you there's an easy way out, but there is a way out. It's worth the effort. Ask those who have completed the BFL Challenge and become Success Stories... They will tell you that the Program was less of a Challenge than continuing on in the direction they were going before. When you finish, you'll know what we mean. ~Bill Phillips~

    Have to be back the Hospital (hopefully the last time!) at 4:00am again - so need to get to bed! Should have more time to actually read everyone's posts manana, but from the gist it sounds like everyone is doing great and that we will all be taking a "second trip" on this train together! So grateful to this awesum BFL Family, you all have been my FUEL!!!

    GNight xoxo Kat

    And Justin - you are one funny dude! I actually laughed out loud cuz that's so something that I would do Hah ;)