Starting 01.21.13 - anyone want to join?

  • Thai Chicken Soup.docx

    Dang - that last post ended up being way longer than expected :-)

    Hopefully this will work - I am attempting to attach the recipe for the Thai Chicken Soup.  Don't let the list of ingredients scare you off.  They all work wonderfully together.  I have served this several of time and ALWAYS get rave reviews.



  • Hi Gladiators....

    Yes, I'm still here, nursing a ballooned knee and sore shoulder:)

    I have been keeping up with everyone's posts.  LOVE the fact that we picked up some new people, and so glad to hear from you Sharon.

    I cut back on the weights a little bit an

    Kat... you are AMAZING and a true blessing.

    So proud of everyone.



  • Hello Gladiators!!! -

    Wow seriously LOVE logging on here and reading everyone's posts! We are truly blessed with such a loving, honest, supportive and committed group. I have learned so much and have experienced such a phenomenal shift within myself in so many areas of my Life since starting this journey with ALL of you just 46 days ago. It has gone by almost too FAST! I guess that means that I'm starting to learn to ENJOY the Journey!!!

    Amy - Thanks for the bikini input! Ur right that will be way cool to go through the whole rotation again in the same order and see those progress photos side by side :) Brilliant chica - plus it will save me some dough! :) xo

    J_Gilmer1979 - We were born on the same year!!! (Guessing that's ur birth year) And YES, please join our group; we would love to have YOU and anyone else from your other thread - just more Collective Positive Energy for everyone to feed on ;) We've all gotten pretty close, so please don't be shy and definitely share your story with us! Great to have you and your friends xo

    Bart - Have to agree with Sharon (as usual haha). This is a Lifestyle change, so you should absolutely enjoy your social time. None of us can do this perfectly 100% of the time anyways, so why not treat yourself on special occasions and/or make room for moderate weekly social time. This is something that I recently learned that may help also. And this applies to EVERYBODY!!! If you pay close enough attention to your personal self talk, I would imagine that it's sometimes (or way too often!) not very nice. We tend to make a bad choice and then make things so much worse, by punishing ourselves through bouts of guilt and shame. Time to STOP!!! If you are going to make a "bad decision" then take responsibility and OWN IT!!! Claim that you are choosing to do it, fully enjoy it, then let it go and continue moving forward... NO punishments needed ;) xo

    Hapkym05 – I am excited to have you and your Husband on board with us! So great that you connected to one of Sharon's posts (and FYI, you will continue to do so EVERY TIME you read one) She has this dynamic gravitational force that not only nurture's people to be real and transparent, but then also holds them accountable and encourages them to reach for their best! She's a future BFL Champion for sure, so stay close by ;) What are you and your Husband's names btw???

    Flobee (Lor) - Wow you are down 10 pounds!!! Ur my HERO Girlfriend Hah. Rock it sister ;) xo

    MrGuy - Thanks for sharing that statistic with us that 96% Quit!!! Only 4% actually make it all the way through huh!?! YAY go TEAM GLADIATORS!!! All the "four percenters" must have landed on this Team! And yes, it sounds like Cardio is the key to getting the weight OFF! I actually finally got "into the Runner's High Zone" today and I rode that wave all the way!!! It felt so awesome, I had forgotten how incredible it feels, almost like you could run forever - like Forrest Gump Hahaha. I even broke my personal best record this morning, so am now at the next level with my Cardio! YAAAY!!! Also, big props there buddy on sticking with this Program even with all of the temptations all around you; just proves how mentally strong you truly are! xo

    Melissa - I totally get the blahs too, so I get it girl... I've struggled with depression and anxiety most of my Life for some reason, I've heard that it tends to hit the uber-creative types, which I definitely am! I have just had to learn how to navigate around it. When you find yourself in "blah zone" go do something, anything! It is scientifically proven that any type of Bi-lateral body movement (ie: walking) actually stimulates the brain to higher activity levels (by firing neurotransmitters from both the right and left hemispheres) which in turn elevates mood! That's why we always hear that exercise is one of the best treatments for mental issues and mood enhancement... it works. Oh and as far as the bikini - I got two of my favorite one's (the cheetah and the crazy cool black one) brand new on eBay auctions, both for less than $10 bucks and free shipping! Can't beat that! Or go to Target. That's where I got all the other ones... they are about $15 bucks per top or bottom. And the cool part is that chances are, you will only have to replace the bottoms by the time you have achieved your goal weight (your bust size will most likely stay about the same, and then just tie the strings tighter the smaller you get!!! I just know how valuable it has been for me to be able to actually refer to visual references to keep my motivation up. So take those pics Girl! xo

    David - Thank you for the words of encouragement! You are PERFECT to join this Team. And OMG - the movie GLADIATOR is one of my top ten all time favorite movies ever made!!! Excited to see your progress pics! I didn't have any clue how people were getting images up either, so I kinda invented my own way of doing it – it adds as an attachment rather than right in the post feed. Basically once you hit “Reply” and your post goes up, you click on the little “pen icon” and it takes you to an editing page. From there, select Options and then browse and select the desired image. Then hit “Post” and it will add your photo as a small icon attachment that can be opened up and viewed. I may actually do it the way that Sharon instructed so that the images go right into the post, but either way seems to work fine. Also, that's really great that you competed back on 2001 and here you are doing it again 12 years later! I'm kinda doing the same. My first Challenge was back in 2005 and I weighed about 220 pounds. I really want to find that “Before Photo” and scan it in for you guys to see where I really came from! Anyways, my point is that this BFL Program really does work, and that's why people always seem to come right back to it, when they really are ready for that new physique and fitness lifestyle. And agreed... “What we do in Life Echoes in Eternity”!!! That will have to be our Mission Statement ;) xo

    Sharon – I get sooo much from reading your posts!!! I don't think you realize how much you were missed and so needed by ALL of us. You are absolutely without a doubt, not just more than Enough – YOU are Irreplaceable! And I am in full Agreement that this is still definitely going to be YOUR YEAR ;) As far as the weight is concerned, I actually did look really great at 140 pounds (I am at 172 pounds right now), it was just the methodology that was not very healthy (going into Ketosis and practically starving myself to get there!) But you are right, as long as I feel healthy and strong and stay in shape, then ultimately the numbers are just numbers. And I do forget how far I have come and see that I can be a little to hard on myself; you know how twisted our thoughts get when we are in our bizarro mind maze Lol. I have to say that pampering ourselves along the way is also very Key to our success. People tend to deprive ourselves during the journey process rather than rewarding ourselves along the way. My first week in doing this I decided to get myself a Spa Membership so I could get Tans and Spa Therapies as weekly rewards to myself. It keeps me looking forward to something, plus makes me look and feel better! Wud love to see pics of the new hair-do BTW, sounds super cute ;) xo

    Okay, I think I'm gonna wrap it up here – and hopefully I got a chance to respond to Everyone! Getting close to completing Week 7 peeps; let's turn these flames into a BONFIRE!!

    Lots of Light and Love xoxo Kat Divine

  • Hi everyone, just a short note, I'm still with you all and trying to keep up.  It's late, so I'll continue tomorrow. Keep up  the good work, you all are doing really well.  Thanks for being here.


  • DAY 46 - BFL Journal daily Lesson-for-LIFE:

    "Structure, clear-cut do's and don'ts, and principles give you direction and peace of mind." When you consciously clarified your goals at the beginning of this Program, and as you keep them in sight on a daily basis, you will notice that you continue to break free from clutter and confusion. And you'll develop more and more clarity as your energy remains focused on achieving your objectioves. Not only does this allow you to accomplish extraordinary results in terms of transforming your body, but it also gives you a mental boost. The structure, clear-cut do's and don'ts, and principles of the Body-for-LIFE Program give you Direction and Peace of Mind. Today, notice that the structured exercise, nutrition, and mindset techniques you've been applying so far are helping you to improve your physical condition and putting your mind at ease. Notice how your efforts are helping you see more clearly and that your energy is rising. Keep it up! ~ Bill Phillips~

    Love this one! Gnight ;)

  • Happy Friday Gladiators!

    It's a balmy 6 degrees outside in Calgary this morning - brrrrr!  It was close to 80 the past few days in Phoenix.  However, that didn't stop me from hitting the gym in the apartment basement.  It's bare boned but has free weights which was all I needed this morning.  I was very ready for a hot cup of joe and breakfast.  Now it's work time...

    I am going to give snow mobiling a try this weekend.  Something else that I have not yet tried.  All of these winter outdoor things are new to me.  I grew up in Atlanta, went to school in Florida, and have lived in Arizona for the past 16 years.  Not big on snow in the south :-)  Tonight, a big group of us are going to a pretty large country bar for some music and line dancing lessons.  I love to dance and I can do line dancing without having a partner.  Plus - it will burn off some extra calories which is always a plus.  I think it's hilarious that I don't live here and I don't work here.  Yet - I am the one who always comes up with the plans for what to do.  If I didn't, I think we'd end up lounging around the apartment here and doing nothing more than going out to eat.  Not my idea of living life to the fullest.  I am taking full advantage of being this close to the Canadian Rockies and experiencing all different aspects of Calgary.  So far, I really like it here and everything the city has to offer.

    What do you have planned for the weekend????  Hope it's something amazing.

    Enjoy the weekend!



  • I had a chat with my daughter last night about not eating and everything.  She spends a lot of time at her boyfriends, but has taken her food with her usually.  Sunday there was a concert, and I think she hasn't been feeling good since (probably drank; it was free day and she's 21).  She had a little bit of an injury in her arm, and has some trouble with her hips so workouts haven't been easy for her, so she had slacked off and eaten almost nothing, but also had not been exercising.  I talked to her about jumping back in where she is and that she is NOT back to square one, so I think she's good to go again.  Either way, I want to motivate her by how my challenge turns out so that she will know it works and just to be as consistent as possible and keep making progress (not perfection).

    Flobee, I wish I had that much weight loss already, but I am almost 5 lbs down, so feeling pretty good about that, especially since I'm fitting into my shorts from LAST summer.  Something else I don't have to buy just yet!

    Kat, you must be crazy tall.  I can't possibly see that you have 30 lbs to lose anywhere.  I would aspire to look like you, but I never will because I'm 5'4" with a very short torso and long legs like gumby.

    Glad to see new folks! David, I'm in Dallas area, where are you?  I'm also very glad to see our older folks hanging on and coming out of the woodwork!  David, Hap, J, welcome!  

    Thanks for the helpful words, Sharon and Kat.  I might go to Target this weekend.  I want to get pics before the end of the 8th week just in case stuff starts to really rock.

    Glad you're still with us, too, feels like we're gaining momentum now, eh???  Starting to get really excited, especially with new people coming on!!!

    I'd really like to do something to refocus and recharge this weekend, and start out the last 5 weeks like I started the first one.  Part of my blahs is that I gave my roofer 5300 dollars (from insurance) back in January, and still no roof...I'm beginning to feel like he stole my money!!!  So I've been worried and stressing over that.

    Anyway...everyone hang in there!  ::hugs::


  • Morning Gladiators!!

    Don't know what I did to my lower back, but it was killing me this morning.  Guess it is just being 49.  Had to abandon squats and go to the leg press so I wouldn't aggravate - adjust and improvise.  Good LBWO (Yes, you guys have UBWO today being a week behind).  May need to take a day off.  I have not taken a day off since first free day and body is telling me to get rest.  

    Kat - you really have some great posts!  I really enjoy reading and gain a lot from them. Thank you for posting the daily lessons!  it's amazing what you can take for granted during the process when you get so busy.  I do need to review the goals daily. Just have been letting work and life get in the way. Wow! From 220lbs? What a transformation!  It's one thing if you need to lose 10 - 30lbs, but my respect for you and the others that have transformations of 50+ lbs is utmost.  Appreciate your tips.  I will try and post my most recent which was at 6 weeks.  Somehow I have managed to erase my beginning and 4th week photos from my laptop (impressive - eh?). Fortunately, my best friend who is also doing this, took same photos on his phone and he is going to send them to me.  Gotta have the beginning photo for the contest!

    Sharon - hang in there! Never doubt yourself.  Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I agree with Kat - this is Your Year! I appreciate your spirit!

    Melissa, I am only 120 miles east down I-20 in Longview, TX.  Great to see a fellow Texan!

    I wish I had more time to respond to you guys and hopefully I can later.  Work be so busy right now! Gotta pay for son’s college - only 3 more years - woohoo!

    Have a great weekend fellow Gladiators!!


    What we do in life echoes in eternity.


  • You got me figured out diva!  1979 is my birth year.  I'm a 33 year old Southeastern Missouri man. This challenge has been a tough one for me.  I had the flu during week 2 and 3.  Got better during week 4 and 5, and then got the stomach flu all of week 6 (current week).  I have still done well during all of the sickness.  Been sticking to the diet and exercise except I have missed a few cardio sessions due to not being able to breathe and this week due to the fear of making a big mess in the gym.  I have lost 20lbs so far, and my muscle size and strength is coming along nicely.  I have every intention of doing another challenge as soon as this one is over.  I think I could get my body fat low enough to have a 6 pack in that amount of time so I'm going to go for it.  


  • This is me at the beginning of week 7.  It doesn't mean a whole lot w/o week 0 pics (still trying to locate).

  • Any way to make photos smaller?  

  • Happy Friday Everyone! -

    So I live in Sunny Arizona (think yesterday was in the 80's) and then woke up this morning to the beautiful sound of pouring rain, followed by a hail storm! I had a full day of "to-do's" and instead decided to stay present and just be in the moment. So I just had a lazy movie day in bed with my guy, Matt, and the love of my Life, my Chihuahua Fendi Lol (is that bad to be more in love with my dog hahah). It was sooo great - I LOVED every second of it. Those moments come and go, so cherish every one of them!!!

    Eric - OMG I must have missed seeing your post yesterday. Thank you for always being so loving and positive! I will be forever grateful to YOU for being the one that brought us ALL together... I def get more encouragement and support from this BFL Family than my own blood Family; but hey that is what is so great about Life. We can create our own "wolfpack" aka Family of Choice ;) Bummer about ur injuries - sending you some prayers and healing white light! xo

    Laurie - So glad you are still with us woman!!! Let me know if there is anywhere you need any extra support. ;) xo

    Sharon - Ur still on vacay girl!?! Nice. You missed some carazy weather here in AZ (Hail storm today!) Have a blast Snow Mobiling, it's waaay FUN! If your going through any powder just make sure to keep ur speed up, otherwise you will sink Lol. Glad to hear that you are having a good time Miss Thang! xo

    Melissa - I am only 5'9" so kinda tall I guess. Think my body just hides the weight well, or maybe I have actually lost body fat and replaced it with muscle weight (still being at just over 170 pounds). I'm not stressed about it, just have some pants that would be nice to get back into when I'm a little smaller. My body may also be holding onto water weight due to the meds and detoxing - who knows... it will come off when it's ready. And yes, go to Target - right NOW! Want to see sum pics ;) Muah

    David - Good for you for listening to your body - but OMG give urself a FREE DAY already you NUT! Hah, you are definitely committed just don't want you burning yourself out. Ur pic looks great btw! Def post ur before's when you can... progress pics are by far the most inspiring to me to keep going. Looks like we may have another future Champion on our hands! xo

    Justin - I'm a 33 year old Hollywood girl, now living in Arizona. Well it sounds like you are still kickin some major butt even with the setbacks and all - good for you!!! I think most of us are planning on doing back to back Challenges, so we can take this all the way to the top, so def stick with us... Wanna see that six pack boyee! So glad to have you on the Team! xo

    Kay off to the Gym for an awesome Upper Body Workout! Be back later to post the Daily Lesson-for LIFE...

    xoxo Kat

  • Awesome, David...close to me.  Oh, hey, my Dad lives in Longview off the loop behind a car dealership in Wildwood (Toyota, I think).  My stepmom used to be the editor of the Longview Morning Journal until they started going net.  I was born in Tyler, raised in Lone Star, and lived in Longview and went to Pine Tree for a year before I came to good old Mesquite, TX.  Small world, eh?  My brother is living in Kilgore right now, working around the Longview area.


  • DAY 47 - Body for LIFE daily Lesson-for-LIFE: "Your genetics ensure your success."

    I'm often asked, "Do I have to have a certain kind of genetics to dramatically transform my body in 12 weeks?" My answer is, "Yes! You do have to have a certain kind of genetics - the kind of genetics human beings have!" You see, Body-for-LIFE produces predictable results in virtually every healthy adult human being. Recent scientific discoveries in gene mapping show that you and I are 99% identical in terms of our genetic fingerprint. And while certainly that 1% difference is conspicuous (different height, hair color, eye color, etc.), that does not mean that each person responds completely differently to intense exercise and proper nutrition. As you can clearly see in the success stories throughout this book, that 1% difference makes each of our bodies look unique both before and after. However, you can also clearly see evidence of our "99% similarity" in the way we each transformed ourselves as a result of Body-for-LIFE. ~Bill Phillips~